Blair’s Weekly Update 10-27-2013

Doc’s Talk:

While Dr. Scaff is on the mend, Guest speaker Dr. Alan Tichenal spoke about nutrition.

Table Duty:

Thank you to Libby, Gail and Ann for manning the table today! Your icy libations and tasty morsels were greatly appreciated on this very hot and humid day.

Group reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:

(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Les, Satomi, and I had a nice easy run in cool conditions. Congratulations to John W. for an awesome sub-4 Chicago marathon finish. We’re going to continue 18-mile workouts next week starting at 5:45 am from the Hawaii Kai boat ramp. We shall stop at the parks inbound so if anyone wants to join in they are always welcome. Did everyone see the story about Dave Brewer? He ran a 5:48 at the Kansas City marathon while knitting a 12 ft scarf! The main effort at this stage is to avoid injury, so be careful to hydrate and not over extend during the week. Thanks again to Nelson and the folks manning the aid station at the Kawaikui beach park. I also found a handy marathon comparison sit called I’m not sure what methodology they use but it is interesting to see that they consider temperature differences more significant than course variation. Stay safe and injury free :0)

Grey Group by Ron Alford:

(Pace 10:30-11:30 minutes per mile)

Byron, Ron, and Andy started a hot day’s run with about a dozen chromes – the Gray group with the Silvers mixed in. It was great seeing cheering all the HMC participants in the 30K as we ran up and over Diamond Head Road. Congratulations to all the finishers! Our plan was to cover 18 miles but some opted for a shorter run and turned back at Nelson’s Oasis. A core group of six finished the 18 miles at the Queen’s statue. A couple of important things to remember: We are close enough to the Marathon that you should make sure you are keeping up your homework runs during the week and now is time to be extra cautious about injuries. You have invested a lot of training time and the payoff is the race. Don’t let an injury sideline you this close to the race date – be careful!


11/3 – 16 miles
11/10 – 14 miles
11/11 – Veterans Day (8 miles + Picnic Evening)
11/17 – 20 miles (Early start in Kahala + Pool Party at Ron’s House)
11/24 – 10 miles (Front part of the marathon route)
11/28 – Turkey Trot 10 miles
12/1 – 8 miles (Front part)
12/8 – Marathon

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

( Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

Many of the Silverados pted to run in the 30K race to test out their training. Happy finishers included: John, Evelyn, Kam, Jun, Gavin, Jimmy, Sun Hee, and Speedy Joe. Tony did a solo run, and Paris joined the Grey group. Scott & Shane were spotted along their course doing a reverse run, and Robert joined us at the finish after doing his own 22-miler. It was great to see the clinic folks upon returning to the park – it was like having a personal cheering section! Thanks for the extra encouragement; it was very much needed in the crucial last miles. Thanks also to Jun (at the gas station) and Blair (at triangle park) who were there to cheer on their HMC running buddies. It’s so nice to see friendly familiar faces. Other HMC racers included: Mindy, Henry, Rosie (pink group, who placed in her age group) and Satomi (another age winner). Congrats to all!

October 20 Recap– There were 8 Silvers for the fun run at Tantalus. The group included: John, Lynnae, Speedy Joe, Tracy, Tavi, Sun Hee, Jun L., and Ken. We enjoyed the views at the top, and this time included the park/lookout spot too. The views are quite special and made the grueling uphills well worth it. Congrats to Tavi and Ken for completing Tantalus for the first time. They were presented with special handmade items courtesy of Jun L. We had a close call with a vehicle going uphill that did not make room for our tight single-file line and came within arm’s length of hitting us! Caution, must be alert at all times. In the end, we ran a total of 11 miles and had a wonderful snack buffet at the end. Thanks to those who came out sporting their pink attire!

Homework: Total weekly mileage should be between 36-40 miles, or more if you’re feeling good. At minimum, do two 9-mile runs or three runs of shorter distance if you’re injured. Hydrate on Saturday and no running. Keep experimenting with your prospective race day gear and supplements. Remember the marathoners’ rule – NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY.

Upcoming: We’re in the last few weeks of high mileage training before the tapering period begins. We need to hone our performance by formulating a good strategy for race day. Please talk with your running buddies to see if there’s anything you might want to consider adding to your plan.

November 3 & 10 – 16-18 miles.

November 17 – Marathon Readiness Series half marathon. Sign up at

November 28 – Turkey Trot. Sign up online and at clinic if you want to volunteer.

Keep sticking with the program, you’re doing well and it shows. Discipline is the key during these last weeks. Continue to do your homework runs and remain injury-free. Remember to listen to your body and scale back your training if there’s any pain. Injuries at this point may hamper marathon performance, so DO NOT take unnecessary risks. At this point, you already have the marathon in you. Keep going, marathon’s going to be great!

White Group report by Sam Usman, Dwight Bartolome, and Russell Uchida:

(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

The humidity took a toll on the group but a small group of determined runners mostly women except for Russell and Staffer Dwight made it through the whole 14 miles. Good job group and thank you Bob for finding the group on the route and providing a most welcome ice cold water break. Guru Sam did his usual “spiritual run” and turned back at the Kahala gas station with a few others. Welcome back Saya! Hope we see you next week!

Russell’s Comments:

A big thanks to Bob – at the last residential water stop just before going up the hill to triangle park, Bob and Anja stopped by in their car after finishing the 30k race. Bob had a cooler filled with iced water bottles that he so generously shared with the group of remaining joggers. It was a welcome relief and one that rejuvenated us to finish the run.

We were informed that member Jolene just received her doctorate in biology. I guess we can now address her as the new Dr. J.

Thanks to Elena for taking the impromptu leader position during most of the run. Rich also helped guide the group to the half way point; he then broke-off from the group and extended his run a few additional miles.

While on the run, at different points, we saw Bob and Jaynie participating in the 30K run and cheered on both of them.

Moana made her quarterly appearance and joined the group. It was nice to see her. She shared her (June?) Seattle Marathon experience with us.

Blair’s Comments:

Congratulations to Jainey, Gin, Anja, Bob, Russell, Jessica, Sirena, Mayumi, Elena, Christina, Jolene, Quen, Sherry, Chad, Devon, Russel, Gary, (sorry if I missed anyone)who joined staffer Blair last Sunday at Triangle Park and completed an 18-miler by taking in the Hawaii Kai Loop and back! There was no official clinic last week and so the 6:30 a.m. start time and cool weather helped to make our run very comfortable. We held a steady pace throughout and everyone finished in great form! Great job!!! We might plan another 18-miler in early November then we start tapering.

Congrats to member Anja who finished the 30K Race in approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes(!!!) and finished fourth in her division!


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

There it was… The last 16-mile session of the year, YAY!!! 7 of us trekked our way to Holy Trinity Church. To say today was humid, would be a huge understatement. It was Kona wind (very little of it) bringing in vog and humidity. There was the racers from the HMSA 30K race. We even saw Susan and Liz in the race. Nelson’s oasis was a very welcomed relief that everyone appreciated. The sunshine came out and stayed with us for the rest of the day. We now get to taper down. Only 14 miles next week. George will be gone for the next 2 Sundays and Roger promises that all will have fun doing the walk. Keep up the weekday homework and the payoff will come on Marathon Sunday December 8.
Keep on walking!

Green 15’s by Lou Crompton:

Green 15 had a small informal group led by “Ironman” Lou go out on Saturday Oct 19 for a 16.1-mile tour of familiar countryside… did that in 4 hr 4 min or a 15.1 m/m overall time. On Sun Oct 27 we had 10 members go out for an HMC run of 17.2 miles in an overall time of 4 hr 21 min for an overall pace of 15.1 m/m. Would have been a quicker time except for our 2 stops at the Oasis… how can you pass by such friendly people? Great comaraderie – thanks to Nelson for being there, we really appreciate it. We were happy to see some gray cloud cover ease its way overhead on our trip back… certanly better than doing all 17 miles under the sun with 0 trades – yuck – enough already. We vote for some overcast and cooler weather to practice for our December big day. Congratulations to Tish and Ilana who we spotted smiling and waving as they entered the park to finish their 30K… our lovely ladies obviously didn’t finish with a 15 m/m pace – lucky they didn’t get a speeding ticket by the traffic cops along the route. Good job, ladies, we’re proud of ya! We all wish Dr Scaff a quick recovery from his surgery. Next Sunday will be a little respite for the Green Team- a shorter distance- and Nov 10 we’ll go out for our longest run of the training season… then begin our tapering process. And – we had 2 members who saw firsthand today how l-o-n-g a Sunday run is when you have a busy week and skip homework runs… remember to do your homework runs during the week. Aloha

Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

Regulars Lynn-2, Dan, Dat, Roanne, Joanne, Isaac, Chien-Wen, and Suyako joined Cliff for 16.3 miles on the regular route to Trinity Church and back. Some complaints about heat and humidity, but the cloud cover for most of the way saved us from severe misery. But we bore up well, in good spirits, while also hoping for an early return of the Trades. This will be our last 16-miler, and we’ll begin tapering off next week. So far and keeping fingers crossed while also being sensible, we have experienced no injuries that could threaten Marathon performance.

Sometimes I report our pace information in this blog, but I won’t be doing so for the rest of the year. The reason? Our goal is not to set records, but to cross the finish line. And we will!

Our thanks to Nelson et al. for the Oasis, and to Libby for keeping the snack table open for us latecomers.

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

This was the last Sunday in October. it turned out to be very humid and hot.

We had 14 at the 8.6 Mile turnaround. I was assisted by Lisa, Derby,Cindy,andGail. We had a couple of runners that were overcome by the heat and humidity. They are ok, thanks to the help of our staff members. Next week we start or tapering. We completed 16.38 miles in 5 hours and 3 minutes.

Do your normal midweek runs and we will see you on Sunday

Da Comment Corner:

Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving morning:

A tradition for the last 20+ years, the clinic has sponsored the annual Turkey Trot, a ten-mile run that tests a runner’s ability to stick to a pace without the benefit of any timing devices. Runners’ predict a finishing time for the ten-miler and the closest to their predicted time wins a prize. Aside from participants, volunteers are needed. Please sign up on the board if you are available.

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,