Blair’s Weekly Update 10-13-2013

Final Bus Run:

Thanks to everyone for showing up on time and being so orderly. We had 123 runners loaded up on two Robert’s school buses that went out to two different stops. Kawaikui Park (2nd beach park) and the Makapuu Point lookout were the drop off points where everyone started their journey. Thanks to all of the members who generously gave more than the bus fare of $3. The clinic truly appreciates your generosity!

Thanks to Purple staff leader Nelson and his gang for the OASIS at the second beach park; it was much needed and very much appreciated today!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatirck:

(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Les, Nancy, Satomi, Romeo Matt and I were joined by John and Jake for the fifteen mile bus run in very warm conditions. There is no official clinic next week. We’re going to continue 18 mile workouts next week starting at 5:45 a.m. from the Hawaii Kai boat ramp, and will vary the interval work in the upcoming weeks. We shall stop at the parks inbound so if anyone wants to join in they are always welcome. The main effort at this stage is to avoid injury, so be careful to hydrate and not over extend during the week. Thanks again to Nelson and the folks manning the aid station at the Kawaikui beach park.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

Our Last Makapuu Bus Run of 15.5 miles. 3 staffers, Ron, Byron, myself, along with John, Dr. Rob, Donna, Steve, Chris, Emily, Marisol, and Rhonda. We missed Andy. We had quite an eventful run, celebrating Ron’s milestone birthday, of 39 or was it 40 years old? It was a Ron Run for the Greys. Ron said he is the highest paid staffer, since he double duties as steady Pacer, Road Guard Post, and his new role of Shade Patrol. Father of John, Ron also provides us with our rabbit pacer. We had a comfortable run as Ron knew the “shady-side”. Miles 1 to 5 were discretionary wading in the shady. Mile 5 to 6, a tough run in the sun. Dr. Rob and Donna provided a wonderful refreshment stop at our photo-op mile 4, all smiles with drink in hand, including Power Blasts and pretzels. Mile 9 brought us to Nelson’s Oasis, what a welcome of runner’s, what a bunch. We sang “Happy Birthday” at this crowded stop. I finally had a decent run, the extra hydration helped.

Careful of uneven ground. We warn each other of bumps, fire hydrants, poles, benches, trash cans along the way. But sometimes it gets even the best of us. Mile 11 to 12, our Ron, had a gentle trip landing, though his forehead hit the sidewalk hard, which amounted to a gash, with quite a lot of bleeding. Luckily we had enough wipes to apply pressure, and the bleeding finally stopped. Thank you, runner, of Dean;s group, with all the excitement didn’t take note, of who provided the “Man-d-Aids” sized “Band-Aid”. We needed a large one to cover the cut. Update from Ron: after his brunch at the Outrigger Club, Ron went to Urgent Care, to wisely check it all out. He had 11 stitches, no concussion, or other brain injury of high suspicion, so no scans done. Ron confirmed his own diagnosis of “numb-skull” after stitches placed. We all need to be very vigilant. Sorry, Ron, we didn’t catch you to avoid the fall. We got your back next time.

Continue your training runs for building your base and endurance for the eagerly awaiting marathon. Use any hard run as opportunities of learning, “what went wrong” what should I do next time? Also, mile 20 to 26 is a lot of mental strength, start gathering your favorite songs, mantras, thoughts to overcome, reasons for running, etc. With fatigue, it’s going to be hard to think of new things, if you don’t have them already in your back pocket, or tucked in your brain matter.

Mid-Week Run: Wednesday and Fridays – Magic Island parking lot entrance 5:30 pm

October Schedule:

October 6th – 18.4 miles – running pace 10:15 and 10:30 Overall running time 3 hrs 40 minutes

October 13th – Bus run 15.5 miles – running pace: 10:00 to 10:45. Overall running time 3 hrs and 15 to 22 minutes

October 20th – No Marathon Clinic – 10 miles Greys Tantalus 7:30

October 27th – 18 miles (30K HMSA) sign up by October 10 for $35 rate

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

For the last bus run of the year, we had 11 Silverados making the trek from Makapu`u back to home base at Paki. Leading the group were Tony, Lynnae, and Paris. It was hot!!! It felt like we were in the peak of summer instead of October. The humidity was near unbearable for the first 2.5 miles along the coast. Scott, a Hawaii Kai native, surprised the group by hosting a pit stop and leading us on a special detour into the “shady section” of the neighborhood. Mahalo for the hospitality! It was just what we needed to regroup and refresh for the next 12-14 miles. We took on the Hawaii Kai Drive loop with ease, and pointed out some notable landmarks along the way (Hiroshi’s residence and John’s workplace). The group did a good job staying together and encouraging one another to push forward. We were happy to make it to Nelson’s Oasis, where the special of the day was watermelon! We could have used more breezes, but we managed somehow. At the gas station the group split up – Sun Hee, Paris, Scott, Evelyn, and Speedy Joe headed back to base, while John, Hiroshi, Lynnae, Jun L., and Ken took on Baby Kilauea to tack on a couple additional miles. Tony caught up with us at the top of the hill. We all made it back to base safely.

Stats: Total mileage for the hill trainers was 18.33 in 3:27 running time (4:06 total time), while burning ~1469 calories (2000+ for guys)! The rest of the group did 16+ miles. Awesome job everyone! Just finishing is an accomplishment on such a brutally hot day.

Homework: Total weekly mileage should be between 36-40 miles, or more if you’re feeling good. At minimum, do two 9-mile runs or three runs of shorter distance if you’re injured. Hydrate on Saturday and no running. Keep experimenting with your prospective race day gear and supplements. Remember the marathoners’ rule – NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY.

Upcoming: October 20 – No official clinic due to Race for the Cure. The Silvers will run Tantalus instead. 6:30 a.m. start. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, please wear something pink. All HMCers are welcome. Meet at the bottom of the Makiki pumping station, where Makiki Street, Makiki Heights Drive and Round Top Drive intersect. Parking is on either side of the park and is limited. There are no water fountains along the way, so please make sure to bring enough water, 20 oz. minimum. It is also important to note that there are no bathroom facilities (but plenty of bushes), so plan accordingly. We plan to include the lookout point on the return. Estimated time is 2.5 hours. Have fun and enjoy the views from the top!

October 27 – Marathon Readiness Series 30K. This is the longest race before marathon and should not be missed, especially for those who need race practice. Marathon should not be your first race. Sign up at; $35 till 10/15, then $45, $60 race day. For the racers, please remember to: scale back your homework runs in the week prior, with Thursday being your last run (1 hour max, easy & no hills); sleep early Friday and carbo load, avoid alcohol; hydrate Saturday and avoid strenuous activity, watch your diet. For the non-racers, 18 miles, but parking may be tough due to 30K.

ongratulations everyone for completing this tough bus run. Fortunately, marathon day should not be nearly as hot. Continue to do your homework runs and remain injury-free. Remember to listen to your body and scale back your training if there’s any pain. Injuries at this point may hamper marathon performance, especially if you have to discontinue training for a while, so don’t take unnecessary risks. At this point, you already have the marathon in you. Keep up the good work!

White Group by Blair Hoashi and Bob Choate:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

A group of 26 members started off at the Makapuu Point Lookout. The Blues also joined in at the start which brought our count up to 30 runners. Everyone seemed enthusiastic and full of spirit.

Guru Sam led us through the initial phase of our route (up to the second beach park); then Bob, our Jr. Guru and seasoned staffer Dwight, took over for the rest of the way. Thank you Bob and Dwight for doing such a great job!! While a few of us(Sam, Blair, Ming and Mayumi) had to stop at the second beach park to take advantage of Purple group member Henry’s generosity, an air conditioned car ride back to the clinic start, the rest of the dedicated group persevered and finished the tough 15-miler. Congrats to all finishers; it was a very tough run – the heat and humidity were relentless. Much accolades to members Gin, Jainey, Sara, Anje, Azusa, Joshua, Jessica, Lisa, Lisa 2, Quen, Joy, Sherry, Chad, Elena, Ming, Mayumi, Leanne, Lynn, and a few others I cannot recall. Apologies!

Since there is no official clinic next week, Bob and Blair (if injury is healed) will lead a group from Triangle Park to Hi Kai and back – roughly 18 miles (Hi Kai Loop included). Start time 6:30 a.m.; start location – Triangle Park (due to Komen run at the park). Please join us if you are able. If Blair is not able to participate, he promises to set up “mini bars” along the route at various points. The run is on the actual marathon route and will give members familiarity on the actual day! Join us!!!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:

We will be meeting @Magic Island @6:30 and doing the Marathon start route.

This last Sun we had Mark, Jason, Joy and Sherri that finished the 15 miles @14 min pace; this includes our water stops. It was extremely hot and I took a fall coming up Kahala, luckily I was running on the grass and not on the road!


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

The last bus run; eight of us made the trip out to Makapu`u. Making our way to the Hawaii Kai neighborhood we all noticed how hot, hot ,hot it was. We even made a quick pit stop at McDonald’s. Roger, Sherry, Venus, Lorraine, Connie, Liz, Susan and George all made it through this day. We were treated to the sight of the Molokai Hoe coming in from crossing the channel. When we reached Kapiolani park, Roger had some ice cold PowerAde to refresh us all. MAHALO!!! Next week is the Susan G. Komen run, so we’ll be meeting at Triangle Park at 7:30 a.m. We plan on going all the way to Hawaii Kai, making the loop and coming back. It should be 16 miles. See you there.

Keep on walking.

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15, 10 strong, got off the bus at Makapuu Lookout and started the 15.1-mile trek back to our origin. Did someone say it was hot? And no trades? Brutal! We scooted thru the valley and soon were on the marathon course… down Keahole to Maunalua Bay and straight back home following the path we plan to use on Dec 8. We were in a close knit group and about 3 minutes ahead of schedule until we hit a RECORD red light… what was that about? What a way to kill a 3 minute lead! It was a pleasant surprise to see Nelson and the oasis open for business even on a bus run! Going into triangle park we were running a minute behind our overall 15 m/m target… ah, but then the story gets complicated… the guy with the fancy watch signaled the team to go ahead. Best guess that majority of the team finished at pace in 3 hr 44.5 min for an overall 15 time. Well done! Mega kudos to Miss T who through karma had decided she too would take a leisurely walk back for 2 miles; when our leader had difficulty, she changed hats from marathon student to her day job and immediately started stroke / TIA checks on our downed runner. “The Plan” is for us to have an informal run on Saturday Oct 19 … meet 0730 at our usual start point and we’ll go out for a 16-miler – let’s hope for better weather. So why didn’t the leader know when his team finished? Read more.

One of our HMC runners had to be taken by ambulance to an ER Sunday… despite being a runner since the mid 1960s and a marathoner since 1997 with times a little over 4 hrs. NEVER think that your years of running make you invincible – our long time runner had his comeuppance Sunday. Along his 13-mile distance he drank two 20 oz containers of Gatorade plus about 10 oz of water – 50 oz in 13 miles. NOT ENOUGH in the heat & no trades we experienced Sunday. Coming up mile 14 at DH Lookout was the end of his run. Slow responses and ashen complexion warranted a 911 call. EMT determined he had a BP of 85/53 – turn the siren on. Take away lesson? Drink til ya float…

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Sunday was our final bus run. The 14’s dropped off at Kawaikui beach park. We headed out to the Hawaii Kai loop, which is the turnaround point of the marathon then headed back to Kapiolani Park. We ended our run at the official finish line of the marathon.

Remember next weekend they is no official clinic. We will meet at 7:30AM at the figure eight parking just Ewa or south side of the tennis courts. (The downtown side of the tennis courts…)

We will be having a guest speaker, sensei Norm, to explain what’s happening marathon morning, then we will run the start portion of the Marathon.

Everyone is welcome to join the group, valuable information if you have not done a previous Honolulu Marathon.

Da Comment Corner:

Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning:

The event is a great way to start off your holiday celebration – a ten-mile “watchless” early morning run sponsored by the Clinic to practice one’s pacing for the marathon. Entry fee is $5 and lots of prizes for participants. Also, volunteers needed! Please sign up on the bulletin board! Certain volunteers can even do the run after their task!

Post Marathon Dinner:

Monday after the marathon

$30 cash

Dave and Busters – Ward

See you at the water stops!