Blair’s Weekly Update 10-06-2013

Doc’s Talk:

Doc spoke about nutrition and vitamins.

Table Duty:

Special thanks to Staff leaders Byron and Paris for taking care of our table today! The assortment of goodies was fantastic and the drinks were ice cold and fabulous. Everything was delizioso!. Byron’s butter mochi was perfect – smooth and buttery!

Third and Final Bus Run:

The furthest drop off point will be at Makapuu Point – roughly 15 miles back to Kapiolani Park. Please bring water bottles and some extra dollars for drinks along the way. The water stops are few and far in between. Please check with your group leader as to where you will be dropped off. The fare is $3. Please be at the clinic start at 7:15; buses depart promptly at 7:30 a.m. Currently 117 runners are signed up.

Group reports:

Advanced Group by Nancy Poon:

(Pace <9 minutes per mile)

The Advanced Group which included Les, Satomi, Nancy and Romeo went out for a 18 miler, starting at the Hawaii Kai Boat ramp. We missed our leader, David today, as he was busy doing the Ka Iwi Coast Race. Congrats go out to David for earning a 3rd place metal for his age category. Actually, he mentioned he won a few yoga sessions as his reward and probably other goodies! Our race wasn’t as eventful, but we have a nice run to the Park, pacing at about 8:45-9 min/mile, with a faster pace on the way back (8:30-8:45). It sure was nice to have the clouds and cool breeze, and as always thanks to Nelson’s wonderful oasis – serving the coldest drinks on the island. We realize we only have about 1 more month of hard training, then we can start tapering, so work hard but stay injury free in our last weeks together before the big day. Next week, we will meet at the Clinic for the Bus Run, approximately 15 miles. Good luck to John W. on the Chicago Marathon next week!

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

Stepped up another 2 miles to 18, this Sunday! WOW! What a group! Lone Staffer, Ivie for a group of 12: Emily, Steve, Chris, Tracie, Sandy, Bill, Marisol, Hao, Nobu, and newcomers: Olivia and Andrea. Thank you all, for reeling me in! It was great weather, overcast, windy for us to go another 2. Also helping us was hitting Nelson‘s oasis, not twice but thrice! Nelson and Kara met us again at the gas station! That was super special!

Those who did the 25K Marathon Readiness Series, hope you had a good race.
These long runs are so important as going the distance unfolds a lot of other issues that may creep up on us for the marathon. Knowing how to confront them now, gives us the confidence to do the 26.2! Cramping both muscle, or stomach, dehydration, heat exhaustion blistering, chaffing, clothing and footwear. So many have asked me, “how do you like those barefoot running shoes?” My answer has been, ask me after I do an 18 miler, as my longest run prior has been the last 16 miles. Okay, lose the barefoot shoes now. My feet were aching at mile 16.5 this past Sunday. 30K will be in Nike Frees. Hopefully my feet and legs will remember the prior training and still run in different pair. Nelson said I run like a duck with the barefoot shoes. I sure felt like the ugly mother duck, who proudly let go of her entire GREY group ducklings. So proud of you all, running so strong. Keep it up, keep up the homework, we are almost there!
Thank you Byron and Paris for table duty. Byron, we missed your spirit and tempo. We also missed Ron and John doing the Ragnar race in Virginia and also Andy.

October Schedule:
October 6th – 18.4 miles – running pace 10:15 and 10:30 Overall running time 3 hrs 40 minuts
October 13th – Bus run 15 miles Be there by 7:30 $3.00
October 20th – No Marathon Clinic – 10 miles GREYS Tantalus 7:30
October 27th – 18 miles (30K HMSA) sign up by October 10 for $35 rate

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

This week the Silvers were spotted in many different areas on the island. The non-racing group ran with the Greys for 18 miles. Awesome! Congrats to Tony for his successful finish in the Ka Iwi Coast run.

The remaining Silverados participated in the Marathon Readiness Series 25K race at Kailua, including Evelyn & Kam, Gavin, Jimmy, Joe3, Jun, John, Lynnae, and Dayna. Conditions were idyllic – overcast and breezy, with just a touch of mist. The route included Lanikai and the picturesque coastal areas of the Marine Corps base. Hill training paid off for this race as we faced Baby Kilauea’s big brother. Big smiles and laughs were shared at the finish line by all. Dayna used this race as her reintroduction to running after recovering from an injury, and was very careful to listen to her body. Other HMCers spotted there were: Sandra, Mindy, Satomi, and Willie.

Special congratulations to awardees Satomi and Tomo. Satomi placed 2nd in her age group. Tomo finished 3rd overall, after making the trip from his new home in Copenhagen. He shared about how he has continued running in Denmark, despite the much colder conditions, by joining a fast group of advanced runners.

Finally, belated congratulations to dear friend and former Silverado Tiantian for her recent finish in the Sydney Marathon at 4:32 (a personal best)! After relocating to Sydney last year just days before the 2012 Honolulu Marathon, this was Tiantian’s first non-Hawaii marathon. She reported that the route had some beautiful scenery (similar to Hawaii Kai), with the finish line at the Sydney Opera house that had lots of tourists to cheer on the runners. As extra inspiration, and to keep her mind distracted from the pain that set in at 38km, she thought about her fond days of running in Hawaii with the clinic and all of her friends. Although happy at the finish, Tiantian missed her post-marathon malasada. J Hard to believe I used to run with these fast individuals; no way can I keep up with them now!!!

Homework: We’re stepping it up…Total weekly mileage should be between 36-40 miles. At minimum, homework runs should equal Sunday mileage, so two 9-mile runs should suffice. If you’re injured, do shorter but more frequent runs, or try biking or swimming. Hydrate on Saturday. Pack extra supplements for Sunday. You have a few more weeks to test out any new supplements (ie. gummies, gels, pills, salt tablets). Remember the main rule for marathoners – NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY.

Upcoming: New month – new mileage. October 13 – last bus run of the year (715am + $3) for 18 miles to include Baby Kilauea. This will be the last chance to take on Hawaii Kai Drive before marathon day. October 20 – No official clinic due to Race for the Cure …Tantalus perhaps? We will finalize plans at the bus run and post it here next week.

However you chose to get your mileage in this week, hope you had fun and stayed injury-free. Remain disciplined in this last month of increased training, and remember to listen to your body!!! Keep working hard (and smart).

Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

(Pace 11:30-12:00 minutes per mile)

Notice for Bus Run next weekend 10/13 – a few members of Teal Group (Ivan and Devan) plan to meet at our normal time of 6am at Wailupe, will run to Kapiolani to meet everyone to catch the bus, and then will end their run back at Wailupe if anyone wants to join them. I will be missing that run and the next, hopefully I’ll be able to keep up when I return!

This past Sunday we started with Devan, Ivan, Emily and I. We bumped into Russ who had a head start on us and we would try to catch up with him later as he said he was “taking it easy.” We ran to 2nd Beach Park then turned around and headed back to Kapiolani Park. We included our longer residential loop and Kahala Ave. Emily picked up her pace after the gas station, while the rest of us maintained our 11:30 min/mile speed. Russ was definitely maintaining his normal pace/was going speedier because we didn’t catch up with him until the Park! At Kapiolani, we gained a new runner Melanie! Devan wasn’t feeling his normal energetic and chipper self, so he took his pace down a slight notch and joined up with White Group for the run back out. Ivan, Russ, Melanie and I set out on our course back to 2nd Beach Park. Along Kilauea, we gained another runner, Julia who is starting her training super early for next year’s marathon! We had a fall on Kilauea – but Russ came to the rescue with a stash of antiseptic wipes, napkins and Band-Aids! Thanks Russ! We all need to remember to try and be careful along that stretch. Julia turned around at the gas station to complete an 8-miler while the rest of us continued out. We included our longer residential Kahala loop again and then Russ left us when we hit Wailupe. I believe he finished his run with 18-miles! When we passed 2nd Beach Park, Melanie left us to join the White Group so she would have buddies for the rest of the run back. Ivan and I were planning to run 17…but he felt inspired to step it up so we ran out to the church water fountain, then back to Wailupe to complete 18.2-miles! Thanks again Nelson for the Gatorade and snacks! It’s always something to look forward to when we’re at the tail end of our run and are pooped. Our average pace for the entire run (including walking) was 12:04. Awesome job everyone! Please remember to keep up with your homework runs since we’re running our farthest distances now!

White Group report by Blair Hoashi and Bob Choate:

Guru Sam counted 28 runners in our group heading toward the Triangle Park water stop. The Guru, Dwight, and Blair helped lead the group through various distances on another 16 miler. Thanks to Bob, our jovial and spirited pace setter for always stepping up to lead our enthusiastic members through the latter part of our runs – UDABEST! Bob reported that White Group regular, Elena also led part of the way. Thank you Elena!! While many turned around at different points for various reasons, 12 members finished the full 16 miler in unison! Congratulations!

We had a few runners trip and fall today so please be careful on the sidewalks – let’s lift our legs a little bit higher on the uneven areas. Those scrapes and scratches, although superficial, still hurt and require recovery time. As Bob mentions, no surfing or swimming for at least a week so the wounds have time to heal.

Great job to members Russell, Jainey, Jin, Azusa, Joshua, David, Joy, Sherry, Chad, Christina, Julia, Lisa, Ming, Anje, Sara, Naho, Mayumi, Bill, Jolene, Quen, and other runners who were part of our group!

The Bus Run is scheduled for next week, October 13th, so please be prompt and show up at 7:15 a.m. or sooner. Fee is $3.

Special Sunday Run – October 20th:

Since there is no “official clinic” on the following week, October 20 (due to the Susan Koman Run), the group will be meeting at 6:30 a.m. to attempt an 18 miler. Since parking might be a problem, we will be meeting at Triangle Park at 6:30 a.m. We will do the Hi Kai Loop to “compensate” for the “missing two miles“ from our clinic start. The route takes us on the actual marathon course (if we decide to finish up through the Kahala Avenue stretch). The three B’s promise to be thereBob, Bill and Blair; Russell and Elena, and Mayumi gave “tentative looking “affirmative nods when asked about that Sunday’s attendance (or were you just stretching your necks?). Please join us if you are able. This will probably be one of only two 18 milers our group will do this season.

Happy 29th (again) to our Guru Sam who recently celebrated his birthday! UDABEST!

Blue Group by Val Ogi:

(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Today we were happy to have Andy back with us. Started out with Mark, Chad, Sherry, and I didn’t get the last gals name, and me. Jason was in Kauai and I think others were doing the race on the windward side? It was a beautiful overcast day out to Holy Trinity for our 16 mile turnaround. The sun came out and we were thankful for Nelson and the gang at the second park and even happier to see him again at the Aloha Gas station in Kahala, thank you, thank you for the pretzel’s crackers and Gatorade! We ran back the Kahala Marathon route, trying to get our minds used to the torture-haha. I just mentioned that if we get used to it, on Marathon day it will just be another Sunday run. We did the 16 miles at a 14 minute pace which included our water stops.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

There was very little sunshine, all overcast with great breezes throughout the day. There were eight of us who started today, joined by Fumiko, who felt like walking today. We made it out to Holy Trinity church to complete our max of 16 miles. Next week is our bus run. We plan on going out all the way to Makapuu lookout to get our 16 miles in as we trek back to Kapiolani Park. Please be there at the park at 7:15, as we’ll need time to board the busses to get out there.
Keep on walking.

Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

Regulars Linda, Roanne, Isaac, Dat, John and Jim joined Cliff in welcoming first-timer Aria and second-timer Sue to the Sweet Sixteens for our first over-the-top 16 mile walk. (We tried for 16+ last week, but only got 15.7.) Today we did 16.3 miles under near-perfect conditions of low temperature and overcast skies. We could have used a little more rain than we got, but that little bit was pleasant. Anyway they say we should be careful what we wish for because we might get it. So on second thought the amount of rain was just right! Thanks to Byron and Paris for keeping the Gatorade and Snack Center open for us slowpokes, and as always thanks to Nelson for the Kawaikui Park oasis.

Green Fifteens by Lou Crompton:

Green 15 enjoyed a GREAT day skipping and whistling over the aina… what could be better than overcast, cool, and some trades? We can only hope for such a similar day on Dec 8. We were missing some of our regulars, but happy to have Professor “Sue” return from China – she hadn’t slowed a beat during her absence – great job! We went out to Trinity Church today for a 15.7 mile RT, and did that – including breaks – in 3 hr 48 min overall for a 14.3 min / mile pace. We luv overcast days… Consider last week we did 15.0 miles in 3-47, today 15.7 in 3-48… that’s more than enough mileage for a little old marathon and our average pace was 14.8 min / mi. And we’re not even talking about Sep 22d when Miss T led the group at a 14.0 pace – we lovingly call her our “fast woman”… Hope none of our team will be upset if we don’t finish the marathon at our target 6 hrs 35 min… 6 hr 2X min could happen. Beloved Leader encouraged us to stand up straight but lean forward as we topped the peak of DH Lookout twice today… just slightly fall forward… pick up speed with no additional effort… that may have accounted for a few seconds shaved off our overall time on the road. Wonder if that would work on other downward slopes? Next Sunday is the Bus Run – bring $3 [or more] and be at the starting point by 0715. We get off da bus @ Makapuu Light House and hope to find our way back. Following Sunday, 20th, will be no HMC meeting. Masochists have opted to meet on Saturday, Oct 19 at 0730 and go out for a typical “Sunday” run… Bus Run on Sunday, homework during the week, and Saturday long run again. Members from other groups are welcome at our informal run Saturday morning… remember our overall pace is 14+ min / mile. Aloha

Golden Fourteens by Dean Takashige:

We had excellent running weather on Sunday – overcast which has been a nice change from the hot sunny Sundays. We had 11 in our group at the eight point five mile turn around. Thanks to Lisa Derby and Cindy for assisting with the group and congratulations to all for completing 16.4 miles. Reminders- this Sunday is the bus run; be at the park by 7:15 a.m. The following Sunday October 20th we will meet at Ala Moana tennis courts by the figure eight parking lot. Our plan start time is 7:30 am. If you have any questions contact one of your staff leaders.

Have a great week and see you next Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

Broken in, comfy and “how many dabs”?

Although Andy H. has discovered the GT 2150’s as his new shoe of choice, perhaps, it might not be the best shoe for you. By this time we should have chosen our marathon shoes; made up our minds about the “best looking as well as best functioning” shorts, tops, headgear, sunglasses; found our most comfy socks; and, selected the “perfect” energy booster. Also, how many “dabs” of the Vaseline are enough “over there”? As mentioned by many of the staff leaders, we should be familiar and be comfortable with many of the tangible details that we are able to control. The marathon is only 2 months away!

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,