Blair’s Weekly Update 09-22-2013

Doc’s Talk:

Dr Scaff spoke about nutrition and some of the myths associated with it. Eggs, beer, butter and whole milk are good for you? Listen to this talk as well as others on our website in the near future. Apologies about my earlier instruction stating that all of the talks were available on the website; it needs to be downloaded and assimilated onto our site.

The next Bus Run is scheduled for October 13. Please sign-up on the sheet posted on the bulletin board so we know how many busses to provide. This is the final Bus Run of 2011.

Table Duty:

Thanks to Derby and Cindy for taking good care of us today at table duty! The ice cold Gatorade and water plus the delicious food and fruits were perfect fuel sources to rejuvenate us after our long runs.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:

(Pace – <9:00 per mile pace)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Nancy, John W., Joon, Romeo and I did an easy pace long slow distance (9:20 ish) 18 miles, with faster intervals of about 1 mile each at 8:30 or better. Les is on a cruise and we miss him :0) John W. is running Chicago, will start tapering soon, and we wish him the best :0) Hoping Donis will be back soon. Tom joined us for part of the outbound leg last week. We’re going to continue 18 mile workouts next week starting at 5:45 am from the Hawaii Kai boat ramp, and will vary the interval work in the upcoming weeks. We shall stop at the parks inbound so if anyone wants to join in they are always welcome. The main effort at this stage is to avoid injury, so be careful to hydrate and not over extend during the week. Doc Scaff’s book discusses intervals and injury prevention on pages 31-8. Remember that rest is an important part of the training cycle. We’re starting to get our patterns set for the marathon for what we wear, what we eat, and how we mentally assess our condition. Thanks again to the folks manning the aid station at the Kawaikui beach park.

Grey Group by Andy Hignite:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

Andy & Byron led 22 Grays, out on a humid 16 miles. We missed Ivie who is on her trip and Ron who was resting a bruised heel. Ron did encourage us as we passed his house on the way back. He was swimming in the pool. Boy did he look cool. I was jealous and ready to jump in too. The group stayed together well on the way out but broke up a bit on the way back. Fortunately, the cloud cover moved back in for the last few miles which helped us to get to the finish.

While preparing for our running, we all need to remember the “law of conservation of energy” which states energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This means you better be prepared for these long runs by building up your energy reserves and bringing proper fuel. You also need to focus on running efficiently to conserve your energy.

Many of us have been too busy to complete all our mid week runs. Perhaps we should ponder the following quote.

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.” Lao Tzu

If we really want to, we will make the time.

Garmin Stats: Distance: 16 miles

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Tony and Lynnae led the Silverados for a “true” 16-miler to the church and back. The group included regulars like Dawn, Evelyn (the self-proclaimed “Tortoise”), Gavin, Hiroshi, Jimmy, Joe3, John, Jun, Jun L., Speedy Joe, Sun Hee, Moon, and Ken. Weather was just about perfect – steady breezes and good cloud cover made for intermittent sunshine. We could only hope to have similar conditions come marathon day. Honorary Silvers-for-a-day included Sandra, Martha, and Ivan from the Teal group, who joined us for the second half of their run. Finally, there was a guest appearance by Paris, who rounded out the group at a total of 19.

We maintained a steady “as advertised” pace for the first 4.5 miles, but sped up once we hit Kalanianeole and were all warmed up. As always, the company was great and there was much laughter and support! Nelson’s Oasis was a very welcoming sight/site. Mahalo Nelson, Kara, and team for the wonderful snacks and hospitality!

Moon passed on some sagely advise about the secret to preserving one’s youthful appearance — low stress and active meditation either through running or hiking. He practices what he preaches, as he went on a 4-hour hike on Saturday before completing a 16+ mile run on Sunday. It’s evident that his prescription is working, as he looks great. And of course smiling and laughing a lot helps too.

On the return, several of us stopped at a limeade stand on our way back to the Kahala gas station. The three young entrepreneurs were doing a terrific job in servicing their thirsty customers while raising money for a worthy charity. We learned that the Silvers are “money magnets”, as Speedy Joe, Moon, and Hiroshi, all picked up coins along the route. The extra loot will be donated to the limeade stand next week. The group returned via Kahala Avenue, and most completed the Honolulu Marathon finish line.

Stats: Total mileage was 16.79 in 3:08 running time (3:46 total time), while burning ~1346 calories (2000+ for guys)!

Homework: Total weekly mileage should be between 32-40 miles. PLEASE, PLEASE, do your homework or be prepared for an uncomfortable Sunday run. The additional miles will help prevent hitting the wall come race day. At minimum, homework runs should equal our Sunday mileage, so two 8-mile runs should suffice. If needed, take an extra rest day to recover from Sunday, or run short on Tuesday to allow for more recovery time. Watch your diet and hydrate on Saturday. Pack extra supplements for Sunday, and finely tune your replenishment regimen.

Upcoming: 16 mile runs throughout September. October 6 – due to other races by staff, the Silvers are encouraged to run with the Greys. October 13 – last bus run of the year (please sign up + $3). October 20 – No official clinic due to Race for the Cure at Kapiolani Park…Tantalus anyone?

You’re looking good Silvers! Enjoy your week.

White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

The combined White/Blue group started off with over 34 runners! While a few turned around at various points, 24 members completed the total 16 miles! The vibrant group was led by Jr. Guru Bob, who kept the group together with his steady pace, positive energy and enthusiastic leadership! He was ably assisted by Elena along with a few of our regulars. Staffers Dwight, Richard, Val, and Blair also assisted in supporting the diligent and dedicated members. Guru Sam is still on the mainland but returns next week! We missed you!

Azusa, son Joshua, Skyler, Jessica and 11 year old daughter, Sirena, Quen, Jainey, Jin, Sarah, Mayumi, Christina, Joy, Sherry, Chad, Ming, Lisa and her friend, Matt, Richard, Al, Mark, Dave, Eric and his lovely wife, May, Kelly, Brianna, Ryan, Angela, Betsy, and Jolene were part of this large group.

Congratulations to all of our members who finished our first 16 miler – you are all incredible runners!!

We were fortunate with the weather this morning – the skies were cloudy for most of our run and the trade winds blew intermittently. Just at the end, the sun shined through and its heat prevailed.

We took advantage of Nelson’s Oasis twice this morning and owe Nelson and his group much gratitude. Thank you!!

Please continue with your homework runs; we continue our 16 milers for the next few weeks.

Please sign up for out third and final Bus Run on October 13th – approximate distance 15 miles.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

This should the last 14 mile trek because we’d like to do the 16 miles to Holy Trinity Church and back next time. Very small group, only 4 – Liz, Doyle, George and Roger went out today. The breeze was great, but it was still hot. Got to remember to hydrate; we even stopped by that lemonade stand off of Kalanianaole hwy. near the golf course. Next week we’ll start the 16 milers; on our way to tapering back in a few weeks. There’s also the bus run on 10/13 (Hawaii Kai loop). The following week, there will be the Susan G. Komen activities at the park, so we’ll be going downtown.
Keep on walking.

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

We had overcast skies and slight breezes along out route.I was assisted by Lisa, Lehua, Jason, Maile on our trek out to Kawaikui park and back. We had a few nee comers join us at least for the first half. Our run was incident free, which is always a good thing.

Remember that October 13 is our final bus run and the following week October 20′ we will be meeting at Ala Moana park in the figure 8 parking lot. Times will be announced. For now, 7:30am unless we announce otherwise. We will be doing the beginning part off the marathon route. We will also be discussing our meeting point marathon morning. We ran 14 miles in about,4 hours and 15 minutes and burned about 1720 calories.

Do your 2 days of homework and we will see you on Sunday.

Note, parking may be challenging next week due to the century bike ride

Green 15’s by Tigist Mammo:

The Green 15 stepped back for a little breather today after continuously adding a half mile each week. Last week it was 14.6 miles but today we went out for a “1/2 marathon”; actually we did 13.4 miles. Due to a few vacations, our group was down to 8 this morning and led by Tigist. We were glad to have Bailey back. The weather was wonderful and we made good time and finished in 3 hrs and 7 min which was about 14 min/mile overall pace. Next week our schedule is to go out for a 15 miler so everyone be sure to practice during the week. If you haven’t done so, sign up for the bus run. Lou should be back next week, he was missed by all and we will be glad to have him back out front. Others returning next week include Ben and Tish IF she didn’t win a HUGE jackpot.

Green 15 addendum by Lou Crompton: Missing Man Lou did his scheduled half marathon on Sunday, but 5,000 miles away. He received not only a handsome finisher’s medal, but a 2d place trophy in age group. Time was 2:46 or 12.0 min/mi. AND, as a bonus, had his photo taken at finish with Miss Texas.

Da Comment Corner:

A very pertinent quote from Grey Group leader Andy Hignite’s comments:

Many of us have been too busy to complete all our mid week runs. Perhaps we should ponder the following quote.
“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.” Lao Tzu

Turkey Trot:

The Annual Turkey Trot is coming up on Thanksgiving morning! Runners and volunteers needed. A sign up sheet will be posted soon.

See you at the water stops,