Blair’s Weekly Update 09-15-2013

Doc’s Report:

Dr.Alan Titchenal was our guest speaker who spoke about glutens. See and hear his entire talk at our website Thank you Dr. Titchenal for a very informative talk!

Table Duty:

Thanks to staffer Kozo Y. for the great spread at the table! The fruits and the rest of the goodies were awesome!!!

Group Reports:

 Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:

(Pace – <9:00 per mile pace)

Hi folks! The advanced group’s goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Nancy, Les, John W., Romeo and I did an easy pace long slow distance (9:20 ish) 18 miles. Hoping Donis will be back soon as well. We’re going to continue 18-mile workouts next week starting at 5:45 am from the Hawaii Kai boat ramp, and hope to mix in some interval work in the upcoming weeks. We shall stop at the parks inbound so if anyone wants to join in they are always welcome. The main effort at this stage is to avoid injury, so be careful to hydrate and not over extend during the week. Thanks to the folks manning the aid station at the Kawaikui beach park.

Grey Group by Ron Alford

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

Andy, Byron, and Ron led 22 Grays, including John, Rob, Donna, Emily, Sandy, Lance, Christine, Tracie, Miki, Marisol, Bill, Lien, Colter, and newcomer Chris, into the humid Sunday morning. Thanks to everyone for staying in single file from the very beginning to allow participants in the Na Wahine Triathlon to pass unobstructed on the park pathway! At Waiiki St (just off Kalanianaole Hwy) we stopped at a lemonade stand where Bill plunked down $$ for everyone to have some. Hurray for Bill – it really hit the spot! The children who set up the stand are apparently raising money for sick kids being treated at Kapiolani Medical Center.  When we came back out on the highway, newcomer Chris turned back for a 10-mile total and with a promise to be back again. At Nelson’s Oasis, a few Gray’s headed back for 14 miles and everyone else went on out to Holy Trinity for their turnaround. Of course on the way back we could not pass up the lemonade stand so, yes, we stopped and had some more! As we started to really bake in the ever present sun, some of us discussed having a post run pool party at Ron’s house on a future run. We will make plans over the next couple of weeks and let everyone know the details.

Garmin Stats: Distance: 15.5 miles  Average Pace: 10:35 min/mi

Running Time: 2:44:15  Total Elapsed Time: 3:24:01

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Tony lead the Silverados for their second 16-miler on a “modified course”. The plan was to run out to Nelson’s Oasis and back, then finish up with a loop around the park in the shade. The group included regulars like Dawn, Gavin, Hiroshi, Jimmy, Sun Hee, Moon, John, Jun, Scott, and Speedy Joe.

Dr. Titchnal spoke about nutrition for runners, that our main source of fuel is carbohydrates and fat. We would all love to train our bodies to burn more fat for fuel versus carbs. He also mentioned that there is a small portion of the population who have problems with gluten found in wheat and barley (bread, pasta).

It may be Fall, but the Summertime heat and humidity is still with us (toughening us up for upcoming runs and the 2013 Honolulu Marathon). Thus, we were thankful for comforting breezes during the run heading out. Heading up Diamond Head we paused briefly as some bicycles raced down toward Kapiolani Park for the Na Wahine Triathlon. As always, the company was great and very supportive of each other! Our route took us through Jimmy’s pit stop before reaching Nelson’s Oasis.

On the return, a few of us stopped at a lime / lemonade stand as we made our way to the Kahala gas station. The long distance, heat, and charitable cause made for an easy pit stop choice. The group returned via our favorite Farmers before our last push toward the Honolulu Marathon finish line. I hope everyone is getting into the habit of picturing that welcoming finish line on race day (complete with the sprinkler showers at the end). As usual, the group went ahead, leaving their leader in dust. However, John accompanied Tony on the final loop at Kapiolani Park, making sure he didn’t take secret shortcuts through the grass.  😉

Stats [courtesy of Dawn]: Total mileage 15.1 in 3:15:35, while burning ~1843 calories (2000+ for guys)! No worries, this shorter run won’t hurt our training. It’s still crazy mileage.

Homework: Total weekly mileage should be between 32-40 miles. At minimum, homework runs should equal our Sunday mileage, so two 8-mile runs should suffice. If needed, take an extra rest day to recover from Sunday, or run short on Tuesday to allow for more recovery time. It can make a big difference. Watch your diet and hydrate on Saturday. Pack extra supplements for Sunday, just in case.

Upcoming: 16-mile runs throughout September. Regular route next week to the church and back, and perhaps with Kahala Avenue, depending on the weather. Early registration for Marathon Readiness Series 25K @ Kailua is September 24, then it goes up by $10.

Job well done, Silverados! Enjoy your week.

Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

(Pace-11:30 – 12:30 min. per mile)

Hi Teal Group! I’m sorry about last, last Sunday (9/8) if some people showed up and a bunch of others didn’t! This last Sunday, there were 6 of us who did about 16-miles – some a bit more and some a bit less. We started our first half of the run in different groups.  Russ started earlier and ran to the water fountain in front of the church, Carolyn and Devan started on time with Emily (from Grey Group) and headed out to 2nd Beach Park but turned around early to run with the Purple Group, and Ivan and I started a bit late and ran to 2nd Beach Park. I’m not sure about Russ, Carolyn, and Devan’s routes, but Ivan and I added a bigger loop in the residential area to get us to 16-mi since we were shy of that last time. Just before the gas station, Hyurn caught up with us! Like Russ, Hyurn had run to the water fountain after 2nd Beach Park. The 3 of us took Farmers Rd. and made our way back to Kapiolani Park amongst all of the Women’s Triathalon participants. There we joined up with Russ, Carolyn, and Devan to finish the 2nd half of our run together! We took our normal route back out to Kalanianaole. We added in the bigger Kahala residential loop after the gas station to gain more mileage.  At that point, Hyurn broke off from us since he already got in his extra mileage and finished with at least 16-miles. Russ left us at our starting point (Wailupe Circle) and finished at 17-miles! The remaining 4 of us caught up with the White Group made our way to 2nd Beach Park and got to enjoy Nelson’s Gatorade and snacks, thank you! Devan left us there to run out to the water fountain to get in the mileage he had to make up, and Carolyn, Ivan, and I headed back to Wailupe Circle to end our 16-miles there. Great job everyone!

I believe most of our Teal Group will be meeting up at 6am next Sunday at Wailupe Circle. I won’t be able to make next week’s run, but I hope you all have an awesome one!

White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

“Junior Gurus” Bob and Elena helped staffers Dwight, Richard and Blair lead a group of 22 diligent and determined members through the groups’ final 14 miler! All but one member continued on to the second beach park (14 mile turnaround), ran back through the always tough Kahala Avenue and finished at our starting point. We are always grateful for Nelson’s Oasis at the second beach park but today, we had an extra ‘water stop angel” – regular White group member Russell U. had parked his truck along our Kahala Avenue route and had a jug full of ice cold water ready for us! We are very grateful for Russell’s thoughtfulness; much mahalo!!!

Congratulations to Lisa, Ming, newcomers, Anja and Sarah (Guru Sam’s recruits), Quen, Michael, Masa, Gin, Jainey, Clay, Joy, Sherry, Azusa, Lance, Russell of course, Helen, and Mayumi for doing such an incredible job in persevering through the heat and Kahala Avenue.  Special thanks go to Bob and Elena for doing a great job in leading the group throughout our route. We all missed our Guru Sam who is having a great time in Las Vegas and San Diego. Hurry back!!

The “Young Punks” (Dwight, Russell, and Blair) previously known as the “Ole Buggas”, wondered how newbies Sarah and Anja, who are “mercilessly aged” in their early twenties (in comparison to the “Young Punks” who are a “few years” older) and who confessed to running only about 6 miles as their longest mileage so far, could run so easily and effortlessly through 14 miles? The “Punks” concluded that there was a need for more training (after we get off the couch and hide the remote), more Advil afterward, and lastly, finding the Fountain of Youth.

Please continue your homework as we move up to 16 miles next week.


Buff Walkers by George Ushijima:

It’s still September and we’re all enjoying ourselves during the weekday walk homework and going another 14 miles this fine Sunday morning Today our crowd included Roger, George, Connie Wendy & Lorraine. We were joined by a returning member Susan from last year and Sherry who is walking her second marathon, first Honolulu Marathon. We went merrily on our way to the 2nd beach park (Kawaikui) where Nelson has such wonderful refreshments for all. (Thank you very much, Nelson) It was such a gorgeous day with the sun shining so bright. We made it back to Kapiolani just after noon. We are looking forward to the coming weeks. There’s going 16 miles, one more bus run, a start at Ala Moana Park going through downtown, and then there’s the tapering…
Keep on walking

Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

Wanda joined us for her first HMC experience. Today we showed her how to get to Nelson’s Oasis and quoted Cliff’s Marathon Maxims to her. Our distance was 14.7 miles, creeping steadily up to our mid-October goal of sixteen. All of us (Lynns-1 and 2, Roanne and Joanne, Linda, Dan, Dat, and Isaac) were worried about the heat, because of the high humidity caused by last night’s rain, but in the end it turned out to be not so bad. Many thanks to life-saver Nelson and his wonderful Oasis

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 is under [temporary] new management… did anyone notice? Do you remember Mr T, the physically fit athletic member on the A-Team? Well, we are so lucky to have Miss T, a physically fit athletic member on the 15-Team. Our usual pace leader, Lou, was nursing an injury and could not lead the group today so he asked Tigist to drive the train while he chugged along in the caboose slot. She led the 10 member team out on a 14.6 mile journey, returning in 3 hr 35 min for an overall pace of 14.72 min / mile. Now that’s the hallmark of an excellent group when the leader is out [temporarily or permanently] and a new leader takes over without the organization missing a beat. Kudos to Tigist and great job by the entire Green 15 crew – evidently you all really want to finish the marathon in 6.5 hours… And to show that no good-deed goes unpunished, she’s been asked to take the gang out again next week on a relaxing 1/2 marathon while our old leader is on the mainland playing with his newborn grandson [congrats] and running in a 1/2 marathon on Sunday a few time zones away. Everyone do your homework runs regardless if you are on island or off… our distances are getting serious and you can’t afford to skip weekday training.

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Sunday was another hot day. We had a group of 15 at the 7-mile turn around, I was assisted by Lehua, Derby, Cindy, and Jason to make sure we maintained our single file on K hwy and avoided any accidents along the uneven sidewalks. Thank folks, great job, and no falls!

Today we concentrated on our working on our strategy that we will be using come Marathon day.

We slowed the pace down in the first half and increased a little on the return. We need to fight the urge to run to running faster in the beginning because we are feeling good and energetic. You will hear this more and more as we get closer to December, “The mistakes you make in the first 10 miles will haunt you in the last 6 miles of the run”.  We ran 14.09 miles in 4 hours and 15 minutes (including the water stops) and burned 1271 calories. Keep up your homework of at least one to 1.5 hours 2 times during the week and we will see you on Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

Our third and final bus run is scheduled for October 13th.

The furthest drop off point will be at Makapuu Point (very close to Sea Life Park – mileage approximately 15 miles). It gives runners a chance to run along the eastern coastline (a route not normally run) and also become more familiar with the second half of the actual marathon route. Again, water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few and far between. A signup sheet will be posted so please sign up ASAP.

Young Punks/Ole Buggas and the Fountain of Youth:

(An excerpt from the White Group’s comments; I’m sure many other “Young Punks” can relate):

The “Young Punks” (Dwight, Russell, and Blair) previously known as the “Ole Buggas”, wondered how newbies Sarah and Anja, who are “mercilessly aged” in their early twenties (in comparison to the “Young Punks” who are a “few years” older) and who confessed to only running about 6 miles as their longest mileage so far, could run so easily and effortlessly through 14 miles? The “Punks” concluded that there was a need for more training (after we get off the couch and hide the remote), more Advil afterward, and lastly, finding the Fountain of Youth.

See you at the water stops,