Blair’s Weekly Update 08-11-2013

Doc’s Talk:

 Dr. Scaff spoke about cholesterol this morning. Please go our website ( to check out the complete talk.

Table Duty:

Staff leader Chris set up a fantastic “spread” at table duty! The fruits and pretzels were great! Much Mahalo! Thanks also to White Group member Jessica who donated homemade muffins and brownies in honor of her son Taylor, who is heading back to USC to study medicine.

Second Bus Run:

This Sunday, August 18; please be at the clinic start by 7:15 so we can board the buses efficiently. Fare is $3; farthest drop off point – traffic lights past Sandy Beach, approximately 13.0 miles. Much of the run is on the actual marathon route and we are running back to the park via Kalama Valley and not climbing up Kalanianaole Highway toward Hanauma Bay. Water stops are few and far between so please be prepared.

Please check with your group leader as to your drop off location. There are 130 runners signed up.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:

(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Setomi, Kevin, Nancy, Kevin, Les and I had a nice run inbound. After a warm-up, we ran 16 miles at about a 8:30 min/mile pace. Outbound, John joined us. Bus run next week and then returning to the second beach park to resume the 16 mile workouts.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Ivie, Andy, Byron, and Ron led about 18 Grays including John, Rob, Marisol, Rhonda, Jeanette, Emily, Donna, Lien, Bill, Steve, Max, Matt, Dolly, Hao, Sol for an orderly  ascent of Diamond Head. At Triangle Park, Jenny introduced herself as a new member – Welcome Jenny and Christina!  We had one fall along the way – please be careful! Ron reminded everyone to signal hazards for those behind you. Ron kept us at our pace averaging 10:30 to 10:45 going out, and returning 10:00 to 10:00, exceptional.  When we got to Nelson’s Oasis, no one seemed to want to get going again – Thanks Nelson!  The Grays are GR8 law-abiding runners! We didn’t get ticketed by the single file police, watched out for each other, crossing streets, and stayed together on pace! We even managed to avoid Sam our Man’s cussing! The way back was hot but everyone stayed on pace for a strong finish.

We’ll miss Nicole, who has been deployed to Afghanistan for 6 to 7 months.

August Schedule
August 11th – 14 miles (we did not include Kilauea Ave Hill)
Garmin Stats:

Distance: 13.5 miles

Running Time: 2:22:26, Elapsed Time: 2:57:15

Average Pace: 10:33, overall pace 12:18 1,665 calories

August 18th – Sandy Beach to Kapiolani Park Bus Run next week at 7:15 – don’t forget to bring $3 in cash.

August 25th – 14.5 miles marathon finish

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

First off, congratulations to Silverados Jimmy, Dayna, New Scott, Joe3, Lynnae, John, and Jun L. for completing the Norman Tamanaha 15K run for the Marathon Readiness series! Other happy HMCers at the finish line include: Satomi, Kohya, Debbie, Dinah, and former-Silverado Mindy. Congratulations for finishing the first run in the 2013 Marathon Readiness series!

After finishing the Tamanaha 15K, Silverados John and Jun showed up bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to run another 14 miles with today’s Silver group! Talk about inspiring! Many of us were amazed with their pluck at wanting to finish a Sunday run on top of finishing a 15K (for a total mileage of 23, just 3 shy of a full marathon)! Actually, many of us called them Crazy – but it’s good to keep any training done with HMC in positive light! Not a task we’d recommend – but you gotta admire their stamina!  As Red group leader Jeff says, “The term ‘crazy runner’ is an oxymoron.”

The forecast this past Saturday and Sunday was for rain. Rain was to be found in selected areas like Hawaii Kai, but you wouldn’t have known it – the weather was sunny, clear, and with pleasant cooling trade winds all throughout the run. The times it did rain felt nice – until the drizzle turned to steam upon hitting the hot street!

There were 13 Silverados in attendance today. It was really good running with the faithful Silvers like Dawn, Carl, Hiroshi-san, Jun-san, Speedy Joe, Sun Hee, Moon, and Ed!  From the start, The Silverados (led by Tony) maintained our assigned pace, with an occasional sub-11 minute run, spreckled with a few slower recovery runs. Scott and Shane joined up with us at Wailupe Beach Park as we made our way to Nelson’s Oasis. A few of us made use of the cold beer cave at the Kahala gas station. Our return route took us through Kilauea Ave, along Hunakai street passing Hunakai district park, and then back along Kahala Ave. From Mile 11 in residential Kahala, Sun Hee and Moon broke from the group to run ahead while John, Carl, and Dawn led the Silver group back to base. Stiffness was setting in for Jun, and like Tony, eased up a little to walk back to base (with an occasional bolt of running inspiration).

Here are the splits based on my Endomondo GPS:

Mile 1 – 11:17, Mile 2 – 10:58, Mile 3 – 10:46, Mile 4 – 11:01, Mile 5 – 12:14 (Restroom/water break), Mile 6 – 10:36, Mile 7 – 10:54, Mile 8 – 10:48, Mile 9 – 12:12, Mile 10 – 13:59, Mile 11 – 12:30, Mile 12 -17:53, Mile 13 – 14:50, and I didn’t note the time on the Final .94 of the last mile back to base. Great finishing a hot total mileage of 13.84 miles! Big thanks to Chris Isham for having plenty of good stuff at his table duty upon our return.

Please think about what shoes you will want to train and run in for the upcoming Honolulu Marathon. Shop early for best selection! And you’ll need time to put about 200 miles on it prior to marathon day, so plan appropriately. New shoes should hit the pavement around September/October.

Homework: Your total weekly mileage should be between 28-30 miles, split between 2-3 weekday runs, with a full day of rest in between. Do what works for you. However, Saturday should be a non-running day.

Upcoming: August 18th – Bus Run #2: Park early and get to HMC base by 7:15 am as we will begin loading up the buses starting at 7:20. The bus run costs $3, so EXACT change is very helpful, unless you’re planning to make a donation to HMC which is always greatly appreciated. (Example “Here’s $10, Peter. Keep the change for HMC!”) No matter which bus you ride, get off at the Sandy Beach stop to run 14 miles with your fellow Silverados on the return home. IMPORTANT: bring water or sport drink as neighborhood fountains may be unusable.

Thanks for a great run – looking forward to hitting the streets with you next week!

Teal Group by Jan Kadowaki:

(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 min. per mile.)

Next Sunday is the bus run. Please be on time at 7:15am at Kapiolani Park – we can sleep in a bit since we’re meeting later than our normal time!

This past Sunday, we started at 6am at Wailupe Circle and made our way out to 2nd Beach Park. Diane, Emily, Ivan, Devan and I headed back in and met Gary, Russ, and Lianne at 1st Beach Park since they got a head start on us.  Once at the gas station, we ran into the race participants and got to cheer on Teal Group’s Marissa and Ben! It was perfect timing. We ran along with the runners until Farmers Rd., met back up with them on Kahala Ave. and followed them to Kapiolani Park. We all must have been inspired since we sped up each time we crossed paths with them!  This week we made it back in time for the Doc’s Talk, great job! Skyler joined our group there while Emily moved up to Grey Group and we headed back out for the second half of our run. At the gas station, Val from Blue Group joined up with us for the stretch to 1st Beach Park.  From there she and Skyler headed to 2nd Beach Park to hit their 14-mile turn around point, while the rest of our group finished at Wailupe Circle.  Most of us finished at just about 13.5-miles. Russ and I ran back and forth for a bit to clock in just over 14-miles. Great job everyone, especially to our Teal Group members who participated in the race – sorry we didn’t get to see you Jasmin! See you all next week for the Bus Run!

White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

We started with 22 members as we climbed Diamond Head; Guru Sam, long absent staff leader Dwight (recovering from injury; welcome back) and Blair (back after his illness last week) led this active group.  Russell, Quen, Michael, May, Jaynie, Jin, David, Elena, Francis, Azusa, Joshua, Monica, Ming, Moana (welcome back), 11 year old Sirena, and brother Taylor were members of our illustrious group! Apologies if I missed anyone! All of our members were awesome!  While a few turned around at the Kahala gas station, the majority headed for another 12 miler(not 14 miles as scheduled) since the staff leaders were still in recovery mode.

The second Bus Run is scheduled for next week – we get dropped off at the traffic signal past Sandy Beach, start by running  into Kalama Valley, through to Hawaii Kai Drive, then reconnect with Kalanianaole Highway back to Kapiolani Park –  mileage, approximately 13 miles. Please bring a water bottle or some extra change to purchase drinks along the way.

Blue Group by Val Ogi:

We started 4 strong, Mary, Kim,David and me, but everyone had plans so they turned back@ the gas station w/Sam. I ventured out with teal group led by Jan. They were turning back@the 12 mile mark, because they did a loop around the park before the clinic started. I met Travis who was determined to do his second 14 miler so we went on to the second park. Thank you Nelson and Dean for the gatorade and pretzels. We managed to make it back at 16 minute a mile pace, the humidity was a factor today. Thank you Chris for the fruits, Gatorade, chips, pretzels and mango bread, I used you as an incentive to get back to the park.


Walkers by George Ushijima:

Today we had a small group of trekkers as we plied along for the 12 miles to Wailupe Park. It was hot, breezy but not that uncomfortable. We’re all looking forward to the bus run next week. Roger will lead us as George can’t make that week. Keep up the week day practices as this will help in the long run. Keep hydrated. And, keep on walking.

Rainbow Group by Sandra Padua:

The Rainbow group went out with the Golden 14s again this past Sunday and turned around at the Aloha Gas station for an 8 miler. We had 8 who joined us. 2 left us at Triangle Park and headed home. On the way back from Triangle Park, we were pretty spread out. The heat was really getting to us by then. Some of us went straight back while some of us went around by the bandstand area to get more mileage.

Next week for the bus run, please make sure you have the $3 ready. The Rainbow group will get off at the first stop and head straight back to Kapiolani Park. For those not ready for bus run, you can meet Maile at 7:30 am for the usual run to Aloha Gas station and back. Please do your homework as the Rainbow group will be increasing our mileage to 10 miles after the bus run.

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 was joined by a newbie today, Miss Vicky who is training to run a 1/2 marathon and wanted to try out our clinic… not too excited to do our scheduled 12.5, she hitched up with some other clinic members at Aloha Gas and headed back… she’ll have no problem with the 1/2… always welcome to come with us again. Our first time visitor from last week returned to the clinic Sunday, but elected to join a slower group…  that’s a lesson for all clinic participants – try a group and if it’s too fast or too slow for you, move to a different group – same price. You need to find that group whose pace you are comfortable following. I, as pace leader of Green 15 team, believe our group of 9 had its BEST outing today. Granted at 12.5 miles it was our longest distance to date, and our time was good, but neither of these separately are special. What set this run apart was the fact we INCLUDED Mount Kilauea in our mileage, visited Wailupe BP#1, came back via marathon route, finished the entire distance in 3 hr 4 min for an overall pace of 14.73 min / mile, AND we finished in a nice tight group… that is a hard way to do 12.5 miles and the results were noteworthy. Green 15 participants did an excellent job today and remain locked on our very tangible goal of finishing the December marathon at a 15 min/mi pace or about 6.5 hr finish time. Next week – 18th – is our second Bus Run… be at the starting station at or before 0715. Green 15 will exit the bus at the same stop as our first Bus Run – the HK lot at HK Drive. Plan is to do the 2 mile HK Dr loop and return via the marathon finish route for about 11+ miles. That’s easy, compared to doing THE HILL and 12.5 in 3 hrs today.

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Tropical Storm Gil provided us with a cool start for our Sunday run. We had a stiff breeze and sprinkles while on K hwy. It ended up being warm at the end but overall was very pleasant conditions to run in.

As we started our trek up Diamond Head road we greeted all the incoming runners for the Tamanaha 15k.

The run was great except for a near miss (phew it missed my head) by a foul ball which careened of the top of the fence about a foot in front of me. We are making a route change for the next time we pass this way on Pueo street by the Kahala park, we will run on the opposite side of the street.

We were 12 strong at the 6 mile turnaround at Wailupe Park. I was assisted by Lisa, Gail and Lehua.

Remember next week is the bus run, be at the park early before 7:15, have your $3.00. The 14’s will doing 12 miles which will start at Maunalua Bay , then around the Hawaii Kai loop and back to Kapiolani. This is the official turn around point of the Marathon.

Have a great week do your homework and see you on Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

Reminiscing at Bogarts:

As Sam and I sipped our Kona coffees at Bogarts after our Sunday run, we reminisced about the number of years that we had been leading the White Group.

“Over ten years”, we exclaimed proudly to May and Michael, marathon newbies who had joined us for breakfast.

In our “caffeinated stupor”, we boasted about how some of our “graduates” – like Ivie, Lynnae, Alberto, Rosie, to name a few, were now such outstanding group leaders, and of course, how we were “responsible for their success”. As mentioned, we were in a “caffeinated stupor” so of course, gave no credit to these outstanding leaders for their individual fortitude, intelligence, diligence and dedication. We never mentioned Ivie’s dedication in leading her group in November and December a few years ago even though she was badly injured (she wanted to make sure she helped the group through to marathon day).  Or, Lynnae and Alberto’s leadership in making sure all of their group members are kept up to date with their latest running schedule   – Tantalus anyone? And Rosie, undoubtedly the mentally toughest runner that I have ever come across, always looks out for her Pink Group members no matter how focused she is.

No, it is not because of their awesome individual skills, awesome talents, huge heart, awesome kindness, an awesome sense of caring, and a tremendous sense of empathy. Nah, it must be because of our “excellent tutelage”. Gotta be!

Keep cool and injury free!

See you at the water stops,