Blair’s Weekly Update 08-04-2013

Doc’s Report can be viewed in its entirety on our website

Table Duty:

Staff leaders of the Silver Group Albert, James, and Lynnae illustrated their usual generosity by putting on a great spread at table duty.

Group Reports:

Grey Group by Ron Alford:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Ivie, Byron, and Ron led about 20 Grays on their first 14 miler of the year. Running in fine form all the way, were: Jon, Marisol, Mindy, Rhonda, Donna, Dr.Rob, Ben, Traci, Max, Matt, Emily, Jillian, Izumi. We had two first-timers, Sarah, visiting from Charlotte, NC, and Skylar, who was recovering from a twisted ankle a couple of weeks ago.  Everyone did a great job of staying together and getting into single file, as needed!  Sarah turned back at the 5 mile mark as she only needed 10 miles for the day.  Everyone else headed for Kawaikui Beach Park and Nelson‘s wonderful refreshment stop. On the way back everyone seemed to be flagging a bit in the heat but we all got back to the park OK.
Ron warned us of the single file police being on duty, and we thank you for all adhering to our safety first policy. Thank you Ron and Byron double duty as Road Guard Post. Fine form, running, and single file. No one got pulled over. In place, in case any of you are out of line, Rhonda‘s husband is detention officer, no wonder we are in good behavior.
Good luck to all of you who have signed up for the Marathon Readiness Series, first event next Sunday. If you have an ankle band instead of a chip, Mindy said the term is you are under house arrest, and must finish the race. Do us proud!
We also thank Ron for bringing on the “breeze” our last 3 miles. Also reminding us of Drew Brees, also known as “Cool Brees” and to “Finish Strong”. That’s the name of the game.
Garmin Stats:  Distance: 13.6 miles
Run time: 2:25:59  Total elapsed time: 2:53:51  Pace: 10:44, Overall average pace: 12:40 Calories burned: 1620!

Mid-Week: Wednesday run Ala Moana Magic Island entrance 5:30 pm (we will try for 90 minutes)

We should be easing into our “step-up” homework run, adding another day, 3 x 1 hour, or 2 x 1.5 hrs.

August Schedule
August 11th – 14 miles (we may include our friend, Kilauea hill)
August 18th – Bus run Sandy Beach to Kapiolani Park
August 25th – 14.5 miles marathon finish

Reminder: A good way to see your progress is to keep a training log.  Ron has set up an on-line user group at for Gray Group (or anyone in the Honolulu Marathon Clinic) to log their runs.  The user group name is ‘HMC Gray Group’ and the password is ‘Aloha’.  There is also a feature for posting questions and comments for the group. If you need help with the site, see Ron.

 Silver Group by Lynnae Lee and John Lau:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Fully recovered staff leader Tony led the Silver group this week as he charged up Diamond Hill at a solid pace.  Don’t know the official pace for that first mile, but it was definitely under 10:30.  Silverados present included Jun L., John, Joe 3, Carl, Dawn, Yong Moon, Sun Hee, Hiroshi, Sun Hee, Jimmy, Scott, Shane, new Scott, Ed, Evelyn, and a few others (sorry to miss names).  We missed regulars like Jun who is vacationing in Japan for a second week, and Speedy Joe who is having fun in Vegas.  Before we left for our trip to the second park, Tony emphasized how important it is to run single file on Kalanianaole Hwy.  The person at the back was tasked with checking for bikes and letting the group know.  Safety is important and a shared responsibility amongst group members. Tony led the Silvers to Nelson’s oasis at Kawaikui Park.

In the true spirit of teamwork, Joe 3 and Jun led the group on the second half along the Kahala Avenue return trip.  Jimmy, Evelyn, and John took the shorter route through Farmers instead to get a break from Kahala Avenue this week and John needed some shade and a few more water stops to recover from yesterday’s rough 22-mile trail run at Maunawili.  (Who runs 38 miles in 2 days???  CRAZY?!?!)

In the end, the group did ~13.8 miles, at a run pace of 10:30-11 (guesstimate).  It was a tough run on a hot day.  Congratulations to those who completed their furthest distance ever!  Anticipate some soreness the next couple of days, and allow yourself an extra rest day if needed.

Thank you Alberto, Lynnae and James for the snacks and refreshments.  For those of you who were wondering, the extra sweet pineapple came from the KCC farmers market, and the yummy Greek yogurt covered strawberry granola balls in the trail mix came from Sam’s club.

Homework:  Your total weekly mileage should be between 24-30 miles.  Those who are racing next Sunday, you’ll have to do a modified running plan this week, and this may be one circumstance where missing homework may be good for you.  It depends on what your goal is for the race – PR or training run?  If you want to PR, then plan for Thursday to be your last run before race day, and make it a shorter one, maybe 5 miles.  Don’t worry about the race’s lower mileage.  It won’t disrupt marathon training, as race conditions are different from training.  You may end up expending just as much energy and you run faster.  Don’t forget your supplement, if you plan to take one, but you can leave the water bottle at home.

Upcoming:  August means 14 mile runs +/-.

  • August 11: Norman Tamanaha 15k race at 6 am.  Please be aware that parking may be limited in the area.  Tony will be leading the Silver group next week.
  • August 18: Bus Run #2 from Maunalua Bay or Sandy Beach. ~13 miles.  Please make sure to sign up.
  • August 25: To Kawaikui Beach Park, aka Nelson’s Oasis ~14 miles.
  • September 1: Runner’s HI 20k, Sunday, 6 am. Run starts at Barber’s Point.
  • September 2 (Labor Day): Tantalus 10 Miler. Starting time likely 6:30 am.


Congratulations to John who has now attained official “pig status” with his completion of the H.U.R.T. Maunawili 22-mile trail run on Saturday.  You make it all look easy.  J

A big mahalo to those HMCers who donated shoeboxes and school supplies.  A total of 27 boxes were collected this week.  Donations will continue to be accepted through October, then the boxes will be wrapped, packed and distributed to children for Christmas.  Any filler for the boxes (ie. school supplies, games, toys) and Christmas wrapping paper will also gladly be accepted.

Good job everyone!  We hope to see you either at next week’s race or at the clinic.

Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

Next Sunday Teal Group will be starting our run at 6:00 a.m. from Wailupe Circle. I’m sorry if there were members at Kapiolani Park waiting for us!  We were a bit delinquent and didn’t make it to the park in time for the Doc’s talk and everyone splitting into their groups.  Next weekend we’ll make it with our 6am start time!

For this past Sunday’s 13.5-14-mile run, we started with Marissa, Ben, Hyurn, Emily, Ivan, Lianne, Shelley, Grace, and myself at Wailupe Circle and headed to the 2nd Beach Park before making our way to Kapiolani Park.  A few of our group members got a head start on us so we met up with them at First Beach Park – Gary, Russ, Jasmine, and Diane.  Once at the gas station, Emily, Ben and Huyrn broke off from us at a quicker pace.  The rest of us continued on our normal route of Farmers Rd. to get back to Kapiolani.  As we neared the turnaround point, we got to see all the other groups starting their runs – everyone was super awesome and stayed single file so running traffic both ways was really smooth, thanks!  Majority of us finished our run at 13.5 miles, but Marissa, Ivan, and Hyurn added an extra loop once back at Wailupe Circle to clock in a full 14 miles.  Great job everyone!  Please try hard to get in your homework runs – it definitely helps make Sunday a lot easier.  Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Bus Run happening on August 18th.   See you all next weekend at 6 a.m.!

 White Group by Sam Usman:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Richard, Joe and I led a “long train” of 39 runners going up Diamond Head.  At the Kahala gas station, I let Richard, Joe and Eric our new Rookie, lead the group and prove their worth.   I made them make me a promise to hold the whole Group together until the finish.    Blair, we are both are no longer needed as they took over the reins and finished the 12 miler as one team, all 28 of them!  Fantastic!!
Blair, you will be very proud of us and come back soon. (Staff leader Blair was out ill on Sunday.)

 Blue Group by Val Ogi:

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We started out with lucky 7, but ended up with 4 of us braving our first 14 miler. (Mary, Kim, David and myself)

Nelson and crew were offering us Gatorade at the second park, many mahalos for letting us fill up our bottles with Gatorade.  The sun came out on our way back and boy did it zap our energy, but we managed to finish our first 14-miler at a 14-minute pace.

Many thanks to Alberto and Lynnae for the great fresh fruits and refreshments, we really appreciate you being there at the finish line.


Walkers by George Ushijima:

Another wonderful day to start the month of August; this means we go all the way to Wailupe Beach Park to mark the halfway point of going 12 miles. We took the usual route to the gas station, but then we crossed the highway to walk on the Mauka side. There is a sidewalk all the way. You also get walk a little above the traffic, not at the same level as you do on the Makai side. After a restroom break there, we headed back to Kapiolani by 11:30. It’s still morning and the refreshments were wonderful as they greeted when we arrived. Thank you for waiting for the walkers to come back. Keep on walking.

 Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

The Sweet Sixteens turned in a respectable 12 miles today.  Stalwarts Dan, Dat, Chien-Wen, Laurel, Linda, and Roanne joined Cliff in welcoming newcomer Liz to the group.  We were also glad to see delinquents Isaac and Lynn 2 back after long absences.

We’re entering that time of year when we can expect some challenges from the climate.  It’s time to pay heed to Cliff’s Marathon Maxim #1, “Drink before you’re thirsty!”  All ten of us today were carrying water bottles, some containing water and some containing sports drink of one kind or another.  Good idea.

Grumbling about the heat is encouraged, but grumbling should always be accompanied by lots of water ingestion.

Lana`i on view from Diamond Head today – ghostly and barely visible, but a confirmed sighting nonetheless.

 Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 had a smaller head count to start – 8 today.  We know a few are on something called “vacation”  [one went on vacation to Japan for a week and never came back – Kaori-san wa doko desuka?], two have medical permission slips and a few are AWOL… come back, we miss you.   Newcomer Joyce joined us today… she is not a tourist off the street, but a marathoner with 68 tee shirts in her collection and currently a 15 pace leader for another training group.  At a rest stop she noted not all 15 pace groups are the same…  that’s true… even in our clinic some numbers published are the moving speed and water stop times are not counted; in other groups – such as Green 15 – the number is the overall pace from when we leave the park until we return… easy to do – keep the pace near 15 moving and make quick water stops – we know we’ll do 4 miles in 1 hr, 12 mi in 3 hrs, 16 in 4 etc;  just like the running clock at the marathon, your time starts with the launch of fireworks and keeps clicking whether you are jogging or stopped at an aid station or waiting in line at a porta potty.  Just to demonstrate this Green 15 pace time philosophy works… we went out to Wailupe BP#1 and back [using the marathon route & a side trip past nice permanent potties] with Lou up front – walking – for a distance of 12.1 miles and finished in 3 hours 2 minutes total time or 15.04 min / mile pace overall… and Joyce stayed with our gang – great job by all.  That’s 22 consecutive weeks at 15 m/m overall pace!  Green 15 team members can tell family / friends / nonbelievers to be at the finish line with their cameras at 1130 AM on Dec 8 because you are coming down the home stretch at your 15 pace smiling and waving.   Next Sunday we go out for 12.5 miles… gee, how do we add 0.4 mile?  Ah yes… someplace we haven’t been since June 16 and is not scheduled again until Sep 8… did someone say THE HILL?  Do your homework – hills are nice.  Aloha

 Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Today was our typical Hawaiian summer day.

Cool and breezy with overcast skies, you could feel the humidity in the air as we started our run.

This being our first Sunday in August, our goal was to run a long 11 miles.

I led a group of 16 assisted by Lisa,Lehua, Jason.
Welcome to the few new faces in the group; we have two rules to start with, 1) Run behind the leader.. that would be me;  and 2) enjoy yourselves.

We did have a couple falls today but luckily with very minor injuries. Be aware of your road conditions directly ahead of you.

Our Schedule for the week is run at least 3 times a week, today counts a 1 of the 3 days. Your homework is 2 additional days in which your runs should be no shorter than an hour with a day of rest between runs.

Reminder the bus run is on the 18th so sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board if you intend to run so we know how many buses to order.

We did great today; we ran 12.07 mile in 3 hours and thirty minutes and burned 1,126 cals.

Have a good week and we will see you next Sunday.

 Rainbow  Group by Sandy Padua:

The Rainbow group went out as part of the Golden 14s.  At the Aloha Gas station, we turned back for a 8 miler instead.  Some of us went towards the finish line and around the park to get back to our meeting point to increase the mileage.  We greatly appreciate the wonderful refreshment that Lynnae and Alberto provided.

Please remember to do your homework of 1-1.5hours, 2x per week.   We are a recovery group for those that are coming back from injuries, like me, or for those who have yet to work up to the current mileage.   However, our goal is still the marathon at the end of the year, so it is necessary to do your homework as well as to try to increase your mileage each week.  We need to work towards joining the Golden 14s for the full run.

 Da Comment Corner:

Second Bus Run:

August 28; fare – $3; farthest drop off point – traffic lights past Sandy Beach, approximately 13.5 miles.    Much of the run is on the actual marathon route. (We are running back to the park via Kalama Valley and not climbing up Kalanianaole Hwy toward Haunama Bay.)  Please sign up on our sheet posted on the bulletin board.

 Keep cool and injury free.  Also, try not to get your resistance too low and get ill.  Get lots of rest!

See you at the water stops,