Blair’s Weekly Update 07-28-2013

Doc’s Talk:

Guest speaker Dr. Richard Ando spoke about asthma and running.

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Table Duty:

The R and R Café was open for business again; thanks to staffers Rachun and Robert for a food spread worthy of a five star café.  The egg, tomato, pepper, open faced sandwiches were delicious and blended well with the fresh fruits and refreshing drinks.  Also, thanks for the special Thai coffee!!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Dave FitzPatrick:

(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Neil got a head start today, and Nancy, Kevin, Les and I had a nice run. After a warmup, we ran inbound for a steady 8:45min/mile pace. Outbound, John joined us to regain his 3:27 marathon form and we hope he joins us again. We were faster outbound and approached 8:00/ mile. We need to watch our pace – it’s still early and important to avoid injuries. Next week Kawaikui Beach Park (near Hawaii loa st.) at 6:00 am. We’re starting early to begin 16 mile workouts.

Grey Group by Ron Alford:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Last week was:

  1. The fastest overall running pace that I’ve logged this year and it was very consistent (although too fast).
  2. It was also the slowest overall pace that I’ve logged this year, due to long bathroom breaks and people falling took their toll.

We had 2 falls last week.  Both had road rash on the knee but no serious injuries. None this past Sunday! Yay!

This week Ivie, Andy, and Ron led 19 Grays (including Lance, Dr. Rob, Emily, Marisol, Dolly, Janelle, Nicole, Romeo, Jon, Michael, Miki, Traci, Hao, Max, and Steve – one name is missing, sorry) out of the park with an overcast sky.  We stopped to cheer the Tinman participants at the edge of the park then headed up Diamond Head in an orderly single file (thanks, everyone!). We turned early at 22nd Avenue because we planned to go out to Kawaikui Beach Park (the second one on Kalanianaole Highway). When we got there Nelson was having a party in one of the pavilions so he came over to say Hi.  The trip back was hot but everyone kept moving at a strong pace. Most everyone did the Marathon finish to the Queen so total miles for the day was 13.  Good job everyone!

Mid-Week: Wednesday run Ala Moana Magic Island entrance 5:30 pm (we will try for 90 minutes)

We should be easing into our “step-up” homework run, adding another day, 3 x 1 hour, or 2 x 1.5 hours.

August Schedule
August 4th – 14 miles to 2nd beach park
August 11th – 14 miles (we may include our friend, Kilauea hill)
August 18th – Bus run Sandy Beach to Kapiolani Park
August 25th – 14.5 miles marathon finish

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Today, we had the honor to hear Dr. Ando’s talk about elite athletes who have asthma.  Following his talk, Dr. Ando ran home, passing us along the route.  The group was led by John and Lynnae today.  We had 14 Silverados this week who were not deterred by the parking difficulties due to the Tinman Triathlon.  The group included regulars like Speedy Joe, Dawn, Carl, Jimmy, Joe 3, Dayna, Irene, Moon, Francis, New Scott, and Hiroshi. We also welcomed Ed from “The 13s”, and he fit in nicely with the group.  It started off as an ideal day for a run – some cloud cover and breezes, perfect for us to tackle Baby Kilauea for the second week in a row.  Jimmy “anxiously” led the group on the 4th mile to his special pit stop, which we’ve decided to name in honor of him.  The group did awesome going up Baby Kilauea and left Lynnae in the sweeper position.  Speedy Joe was the big winner of the day, after picking up 4 pennies along the route.  (He’s ready for Vegas next week.)  Eventually the breezes moved the clouds out and we could feel the sun and humidity along Kahala Avenue, where Moon led the Silvers and picked up the pace.  The front end of our group nearly caught up to Red Group leader Jeff, who definitely felt like he was being chased.  Back at the park, Carl finished up his run creating a “red dirt shirt” original.  Hope the stumble didn’t create anything other than a fashion statement.

In the end, we did ~12.5 miles, in 2:17 moving time, and about a 10:51 min/mi running pace.  Calories expended: ~1012 for women, and ~1600+ for men.  I’m sure that many will be experiencing some form of weight loss during this period of training.  As your metabolisms change, be sure to keep some extra snacks (preferably healthy) on hand to address those additional hunger pangs during the day.  Or you may need to eat an additional small meal during the day.

Mahalo to staffers Rachun and Robert for the yummy egg and veggies sandwiches, pretzels, iced coffee, and wide array of fruit.  It was delicious and much needed after our tiring run.

Homework:  No homework! Yay! 😛  No, you’re not getting off that easily, tropical storm Flossie or not.  But do take an extra rest day, and run Wednesday/Friday instead.  Your total weekly mileage should be between 24-30 miles.  If you find it difficult to run alone, run with a friend or run with a group on a weekday.

Upcoming:  We’ve decided to delay the 14 mile runs.  Here’s the tentative plan for August.

  • Next week, August 4:  No more hills for a while. 😉 We’ll go out to Wailupe Beach Park, and back via Farmers. ~ 12 miles flat, except for Diamond Head.
  • August 11: ~ 12+ mile run to Wailupe Beach Park, back via Kahala, to the Queen’s statute and around the zoo.  (need someone to sub and lead Silvers as we are both running 15k 808 race)
  • August 18: Bus run #2 from Maunalua Bay or Sandy Beach. ~13 miles.
  • August 25: To Kawaikui Beach Park, aka Nelson’s Oasis. ~14 miles.


My shoebox collection is growing and I would love to receive your donation.  Mahalo to those who have already contributed.  You can bring your empty shoeboxes to clinic next week since I’ll be at table duty.  They will be filled with school supplies and goodies and distributed to children at Christmas.  Any filler for the boxes would also gladly be accepted.

You’re looking good Silvers!  Have a great week and stay dry.

Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 minutes per mile)

We had 10 Teal Group runners meet bright and early this past Sunday at Wailupe Circle!  Diane, Russ, Gary, Ivan, Emily, Marissa, Ben, Hyurn, David, and myself headed to Kapiolani Park amongst all the Tin Man participants which made for an exciting run.  At the gas station, Emily, Ben, and Hyurn took off at Silver group speed while the rest of us continued on like normal.  Kahala Ave. was included since it was our last run of the month – and we all got pretty soaked along that stretch.  Hopefully everyone avoided the dreaded chafe-age!  We didn’t gain any new runners when we got to Kapiolani Park, our turn-around point so the original group less Ben and Emily headed back to Wailupe Circle.  We got separated from Diane and David at the park on Kilauea and 22nd, but we all ended up finding each other at our end point – Diane actually beat us!  We had to run a bit extra once at Wailupe Circle to clock in exactly 12 miles.  Awesome job everyone!

Next week we’re bumping up our mileage to 14 miles!  We’ll be meeting at the same place – Wailupe Circle at 6:15 a.m.  The plan is to run out to 2nd Beach Park and then to Kapiolani Park.  We may miss a bit of the Doc’s talk, but we’ll avoid standing still for too long getting cold muscles.  See you all next week!

 White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

At our Triangle Park water stop, we assembled to a crowd of approximately 28 runners – there were only about 15 of us at our clinic start?  The Tinman event blocked off some of our usual parking spots so members were relegated to join us further on.  We had the usual cast of characters, Guru Sam, Richard, and Blair who led the large and awesome group – Russell, Queyn, Marc, Azusa, Joshua, 11 year old Sirena, brother , Nate(I think), Eric, May, Nickie, Sean, Dane, Mayumi, Kumiko, Elena, Bob, newcomer Christy, Dave, Marci and Martha? (the two members from the Teal Group) to name a few.  We spotted member Duane in his pickup truck cruising by near Kahala (he said he had done an early run).

Congratulations to all who finished with us after doing our final 12-miler.  Running in unison (all 22 of us) through Kahala Avenue in the heat and humidity was tough!  I am in awe of our group for its patience with their pacing and in being so disciplined especially at the end.   As mentioned previously, it is very easy to have everyone disperse into their own individual finishing pace and “scramble” to the finish.  But, it takes great discipline and patience to stick with our prescribed pace (12 minutes a mile) throughout the entire route, especially at the finish (when we’re dying to “get home” ASAP); these traits will be very important in running a “successful” marathon. 

Please continue your homework – 14 miles beckons us next week!   Let’s sign up for the Bus Run.

Blue Group by Val Ogi

(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 min. per mile)

There were only 3 of us that showed up at KCC for a 12-mile run, but we were glad we had each

other. This is where rain or shine tests our commitment to running a marathon.  We didn’t realize that we decided to meet right at the water stop that was set up for the Tinman Race.  I guess they were the elite leaders, but boy they were very intense, and a little rude, just snatching water from the volunteers and refusing Gatorade and sponges.

This just reminded me ask all to remember to thank the volunteers whenever we run and have aid stations. They spend long hours waiting for us to come through and also spend a good deal of time cleaning up after.

Mary, Kate and I went out to the second park but since we started at KCC it ended up being short, but we’ll use excuses, not enough sleep, didn’t do home work during the week.  We ended up doing a 10-miler at 13-minute-a-mile pace.

Thank you Rachon for finding my bag/w books and sorry I missed out on your wonderful goodies,


Sweet 16’s by Cliff hand

A skeleton crew only for our first shot at breaking the 12-mile barrier.  In addition to Cliff, we had Dan, Dat, Linda, and RoanneLaurel had a birthday celebration to attend, so she turned back at the Arco (sorry, Aloha) station. But because she met Cliff for the 6:00 warm-up walk she also finished 12.  The official mileage was 12-1/4 for the rest of us.  Before joining HMC I ran with a group whose leader, when asked what our mileage had been, often replied, “The distance is whatever I say it is.”  Today, in the Garmin era, I can’t use the same ploy. Auwe!

We are very grateful to Rachun and Robert for holding open the snack table until we straggled in shortly before noon

 Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 had 9 joggers Sunday morn… Tinman, lack of parking and possible rain may have scared some off….  nah, Green 15 are tough… surely it was vacations and personal conflicts…  We welcomed back Miss T – she was off for an educational seminar… even looked smarter today… maybe a person’s aura increases as you gain knowledge…  We did travel over hills and dales out to Wailupe BP and back for 11.8 miles in an overall time of 2 hr 53 min, giving us an overall 14.7 min/mi pace… that’s close to our target of 15 so we can finish the marathon in 6.5 hrs.   Tish was not on vacation and punctuated that fact by leaving our slow hoofers at Triangle Park and zipping over the DH lookout sans Camelback today.  Back in the park – enjoying the ono spread which obviously took quite a bit of labor to make [thanks guys] – first timer Ilana said she’ll be back with the 15s next week – we didn’t scare her off.  TS Flossie will put a damper on outdoor activities for a couple days, but try getting in some homework time later in the week – we will add about 1/2 mile distance and break thru the 12 mile threshold next Sunday.  Great job by the Green team today… aloha

Golden 14s by Dean Takashige:

Sunday was a perfect way to end  the Tin Man, overcast with a breezed with a few light showers to help cool off, at least for the running portion of the race. Since I don’t bike and swim I am not speaking regarding that part of the race.

The nice cool conditions helped us get off to a great start. We started with 7 and by the time we left our first water stop at the Diamond Head lookout we were a group of 12. Lead by myself and assisted by Lisa, Gail and Derby who joined us today from the Lucky 13’s. Heading out on K highway to our 5 mile turnaround we were joined by Tony who kept us company till we turned back at 5 miles. We turned around and headed back 14 strong.

By the time we had left the Hunakai park water stop, most of our cloud cover had dissipated and it was tuning into  a nice clear morning that started to warm up very quickly. Our next water stop was Triangle park since the water drinking spigot at the  Aukai Avenue residence has been removed. As reported the drinking fountains at the Triangle park is working fine.

No major incidences along our route, except for one minor fall. Please be aware of the uneven sidewalks along the way. Although I try to point out the hazards along the way, lots of time these are not the ones that runners trip on.

A reminder, going forward we will spend a lot more time on K highway; I will remind you of bikes and oncoming runners. But weather I say it or not once on K Highway always run in a single file.

We spent 3 hours and 2 minutes on the road, ran 10.95 miles and burned 1,020 cals.

Keep up with your homework and see you on Sunday.

 Da Comment Corner:

 Loose Laces (continued):

We had a few comments about last week’s topic – Ro Kyte, our former director and president mentioned that one should to make sure to wear socks that are not too small. It might not necessarily be the shoes.  Senior staffer Roger Kobayashi sends us this link that illustrates his proven method for lacing up – here is a link to the photos which demonstrate his lacing method –   Talk with Roger if you have any questions.     

More Efficient Homework Runs (repeat):

Let’s make sure to be prudent or “efficient” on these runs, especially during this period of our training.  We might feel a bit more confident as we go longer and have a tendency to “push a little harder”.  This might be a formula for injury.   Take it a bit easier on your training; perhaps run a little longer at a slower pace rather than doing more speed work.

Other types of activities (e.g. basketball, tennis, softball, swimming, surfing, weight training, even golf) take a toll on our bodies (especially for us “older super athletes”), so listen to your body and perhaps incorporate more rest days to recuperate.   As Advanced leader Les Young states, “You don’t need a 4-6 week setback at this stage of the game”.   

Second Bus Run:

August 18; fare – $3; farthest drop off point – traffic lights past Sandy Beach, approximately 13 miles.    Much of the run is on the actual marathon route. (We are running back to the park via Kalama Valley and not climbing up Kalanianaole Highway heading toward Haunama Bay;many have expressed their trepidation about coming back on this route.)  Please sign up on our sheet posted on the bulletin board.  We have over 150 runners signed up so far.

 Stay cool and injury free!

See you at the water stops,