Blair’s Weekly Update 07-21-2013

Doc’s Report:

Guest Dr. Fee gave us helpful hints in preparing for the marathon; he mentioned that preparing for marathon day should be a very serious endeavor like any major event one is undertaking.   

Guest Dr. Ando talks to us about asthma and running next week. 

 Table Duty:

Grey group leader Ron and his wife were in charge of the table today; thank you for doing such a great job!  The sandwiches were a very nice addition.  Much mahalo!

 Group Reports:

 Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:

(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Kevin and Jun joined Nancy, Neil, Les and I for a fun inbound run today. After a warm-up, we ran inbound for a varied 8:40 min/mile pace. Arlen joined us outbound. Next week Kawaikui Beach Park (near Hawaii Loa St.) at 6:20 am. We’re still at 14 miles, but are considering increasing to 16 miles in August.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

27 GREYS this Sunday for our “hill run”. Though a hot day, we were grateful for the breeze, as we took the Kilauea Avenue hill. Andy, Nikki, and myself were so proud of: Romeo, Lance, Donna, Dr. Rob, Emily, Mindy, Miki, Dolly, Nicole, Brandon, Janelle, Marisol, Izumi, Kevin, Jon, Theresa, and to Rhonda, and Matt (welcome), my forgetful mind is failing me, please pardon me for those I missed. Thank you Ron and Betty Gail for the table duty. Your son, Jon, as usual, did well, actually, should be leading us, he is a natural.

Everyone did well! How do you keep the mind focused, to keep on keeping on when the hill seems endless? Dr. Larry Fee gave some strategies such as having a mantra, telling yourself “I feel good”, or keeping a rhythm, such as your pacing pattern and counting. I like to focus on my breaths, to remind myself to breath rhythmically. Inhaling through my nose, exhale long through my mouth. George Sheehan in “Running to Win” states, “The rewards of running are not merely physical; training the body leads to training the mind and heart as well.” There is no question that training to run the marathon is an act of heroism. We are all heroes, to wake up early each Sunday, for the Sunday morning clinic, long-run, even when we know we were going to face “da hill”. Congratulations all and welcome home heroes!

Reminder: mind the sidewalks. There are a lot of “lips” and uneven “cracks” in the sidewalk watch your footing, lift your feet, don’t drag. Like practicing defensive driving, 5 car lengths, practice defensive running ample runners distance.

Wednesday mid-week homework run: 5:30 pm, Ala Moana Magic Island for 1 hour.


July 7th – 12 miles – Overall running time: 2 hours 37 minutes, running pace: 9:50 to 11:09, overall pace: 10:15, WOW! with stops: 13:09. Dr. Rob burned 1406 calories! Lance,and Dr. Rob appreciate your data stats.

July 14th – 11.66 miles – Overall running time: 2 hours 22 minutes, Outgoing pace: 10:15, return running pace: 10:01 Overall Pace: 10:09, TOTAL Pace: 12:08. We took a nice long break at mile 6! Cool breeze, shade, and drinks! Thank you Andy for the stats!

July 21th – 12.5 miles taking the Kilauea Ave hill. Overall running pace 10:24. Lance burned 1240 calories!

July 28th – 12.5 miles including Kahala Avenue and marathon finish

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The group was led by Tony and Lynnae today.  We had 22+ Silverados this week including Jun L., Speedy Joe, Irene, Dayna, Sun Hee, Yong Moon, Evelyn, Gavin (fka Darrin, soooo sorry!), Carl (fka Karl), Jimmy, Jun, Dawn, Dinah, Scott, Joe 3, Hiroshi, and newcomer Andrew.  My apologies to the others I’ve missed. Staff leader Bill joined us at the start, and complemented the Silvers for their tight running formation and courteous hand gestures – good job gang.  It was a beautiful summer day, with some steady trade winds that kept us comfortable for most of the run.  Jimmy led the group for the 4th mile to a new rest stop at Kahala Elementary.  The more extensive facilities made bathroom runs a lot quicker, and these public restroom even had a soap dispenser.  This will likely become our regular mile #4 pit stop instead of the gas station.  Thanks Jimmy!  Then the group proceeded to the end of Kilauea Avenue (aka Baby Kilauea) for the first time this season.  It was obvious that this group is strong, since we nearly caught up to the Grey group who welcomed us at the top of the hill.  This ended up being our turnaround point.  On the way back, the group opted to do Kahala Avenue, and we finished up this 12-miler strong by doing a loop around Kapiolani park, taking in the smooth tunes from the ukulele festival.  Carl was the only one with extra energy to also loop around the zoo.  (I wonder which side of the zoo smells more?  We’ll compare notes next week.)

In the end, we did a solid 12 miles (12.04-12.44), in 2:15 moving time (~2:47 including breaks), and about a 10:53 min/mi running pace.  Calories expended: ~997 for women, and ~1600 for men.  I’m sure that many will be experiencing some form of weight loss during this period of training, so get out those scales for your weekly weigh-ins.

There seems to be a growing number of cyclists out on the roads.  Please remember to kokua by giving them adequate space on the roads and advising your fellow runners of any approaching bikes.  Be careful.  The best “A” word to share is “Aloha”.  (Right Jun?)

Mahalo to staffer Ron for the yummy array of snacks, including pb&j sandwiches, and sweet watermelon. It was delicious and much needed after a grueling run.

Homework:  Target 24-26 miles each week.  Each run should be 60-75 minutes.  Remember to also schedule your rest days for proper recovery, and no running on Saturday before clinic.  Although Doc’s month 5 regimen is for 30 miles (see pg 27, “Your First Marathon”), the Silvers will be working their way up to it gradually.

Upcoming:  Next week is our last 12 miler (*sniff*).  Absent major objections, we’ll stick to the same route (Baby Kilauea and Kahala Ave) next week.  Hills are good for our muscles, require less effort cuz you get to cruise downhill, and are guaranteed to make the longer distances easier.  In August we’ll start 14 miles.

Running Tip:  Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!  The brutal Hawaiian sun can do serious damage to our skin if we’re not careful.  The problem is that the sunscreen comes off or wears off, and cannot be reapplied to our sweaty skin.  Other strategies are to use a hat/visor, or wear long sleeve/pants.  With the wicking material long sleeves/pants are still fairly comfortable.  Since we’re now out in the sun 2.5+ hours, take extra precautions and cover up.  Find a sunscreen with the highest SPF you can, with UVA/UVB protection, and make sure you put it on 20 minutes before you run so it can soak into the skin.  I recently returned to using Solrx sunscreen I found at one of the local running stores.  It’s certified 8 hour protection, and works pretty well.  See FMI.


The 33rd Annual Tinman Triathlon is taking place at Kapiolani Park next week from 5:20 am to 11 am.  They expect ~800 athletes, so parking may be slightly challenging.  Arrive early.

The Marathon Readiness Series is going to begin in less than 3 weeks.  It’s a great way to test your training under race conditions, and practice your race preparations.  Deadline to sign up for the series is the end of this month for $130, or by 8/11 for $150.  For 5 races (with shirts) that’s a good deal.

Note:  If there’s anything you’d like to see addressed in the Silvers section (ie. info to share, a training question, or correction), please let any of the Silver staffers know.  This is for you guys, so we want to make it accurate and informative.  Mahalo to those who provided the new intel, and sincerest apologies for the inadvertent errors.  Terrific job Silvers!  Have a great week.

Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

(Pace 11:30 – 12;30 minutes per mile)

Important Message: Teal Group will be parking and meeting in the residential area of Wailupe Circle next weekend.  We will need to leave promptly at our normal time of 6:15am since we’ll be including Kahala Ave.  The Tin Man will be going on, so it might be good to plan to get there earlier in case there’s some traffic.

The Teal Group started with 12 runners at first beach park: Diane, Russ, Gary, Ivan, Emily, Devan, Mindy, Shelley, Grace, Lianne, David, and myself.  On our way to Kapiolani Park, Emily, Devan and Mindy split ahead of us on their Silver Group speed at the gas station, and Marissa, Ben and Hyun (sp? sorry!), who had a late start were able to catch up with us on Farmers Road!  They must have been running pretty fast!  Diane who is recovering from an injury, made it all the way to Triangle Park with us and turned around at that point.  At Kapiolani Park, we picked up Jasmine in our group and Ben moved up to Silver.  We ran back out to first beach park on our normal route, then again overshot it to Wailupe Circle and turned around there to get exactly 12-miles!  Jasmine joined back up with White Group to head back to Kapiolani Park.  There were stretches where our group spread out a bit at different paces, but we all finished strong – great job everyone!

Please remember to do your homework runs, especially since we’re upping our mileage soon.  We’ll be doing one more 12-miler+ this coming Sunday including Kahala Ave. and the following week will be 14-miles!

 White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

The runner count taken at the Diamond Head water stop was up to 28 runners – staffers Guru Sam and Blair led our regulars like Jolene, Bob, Queyn, Elena, Linda, Monica, Eric, Glenda, Clyde, Azusa and son Joshua, 11 year old Sirena and brother Josh (a USC student; both are veteran Jessica’s offspring),Josh’s friend, Nate,  Marc, Mayumi, Kumiko, Christina, and a newcomer, Steve.  Apologies if I missed any members.  Thanks to Bob and Jolene for doing a great job in leading the group back part of the way!!

Sam turned around at the Kahala gas station along with a few members who were recovering from injury or had early commitments.   But, most of the members endured the rest of their 12 mile journey.

Congratulations to all!!!  It was a very hot day!  Ron’s refreshments were a welcome treat after our hard run today.

Our 12 mile runs culminate next week with Kahala Avenue added to our return.  Let’s make sure to hydrate at each and every water stop.   As mentioned, please start experimenting with gels or other supplements to aid you on your long runs.

August marks the start of our 14 milers; please keep up with your “homework”.

Blue Group by Val Ogi:

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

We had returnees David, Mark, Kim, Diana, Ming and new comers J.D. and Mary.
We did our second 12 miler, today I forgot to start my run tracker after the six mile
bathroom stop.  Since we got lost again going through the housing, I’ll say we did
the same as last week, 12 miles at 13:30 – 14 minute miles.
Kim and Diana are going on vacation and Mark is doing the Tin Man triathlon next
Sun.  With just the few of us left we decided that we would meet at KCC bathroom closest
to 18th Ave. @ 7:30am.  We plan to run a 12 miler but try to avoid the Tin Man Course.


Walkers by George Oshiro:

The weather was perfect today as our group was joined by some folks we haven’t seen since last year. Alex, Robin, Richard and others joined our group as we made our way to the phantom phone booth on Kalanianaole. A day like today demanded that everyone stay hydrated as well aware of the traffic around those water stops. We are all gearing up with the homework walks so that we’ll all be ready for August when we get all the way to Wailupe Beach Park. Sorry George had to leave the group for the last 2 miles as he had to rush off somewhere. Keep on Walking.

 Sweet 16’s by Cliff Hand:

The Sweet Sixteens are keeping the training mileage up (we did 11.5 this week, in preparation for our August 4 jump to 12).  However, we’re not in such good shape when it comes to building up heat tolerance.  There were quite a few (mostly good natured) comments about the heat during the latter part of our walk. Nonetheless leader Cliff and other Sixteens are upbeat and optimistic about our training progress. We had our usual dozen or so walkers, and we were glad to welcome back Chien-Wen, coming back from a twisted ankle, and Dat, who allowed job pressure to keep him away. (Some people just can’t seem to get their priorities straight! I mean, what’s more important than HMC on a Sunday morning?)

 Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 was supposed to go out for 11.1 miles today… that was “the plan” when our gang of 10 left the park.   But coming back from BP#1 we co-mingled with a “faster” group at Aloha Gas and some of our folks joined them in their waiting area… so as they departed Lou followed their path toward the 4 way stop…  oops, we were supposed to be returning via Elepaio for our planned shorter route…  fortunately the difference in routes is only 0.2 miles and we had no stragglers today… no complaints re the little extra road work…  Actually, our esteemed navigator, Bailey, was not present today… yeah, blame it on the person who didn’t show up…  Good math lesson to remember: the two legs of a right triangle are longer than the hypotenuse.  We finished the 11.34 miles in 2 hr 46 min overall for a 14.65 min / mile pace.  And that’s after our leader was teased for spending too long at the rest stops… hey, it takes time to eat a meal, drink, refill, use the potty, remove boulders from shoes etc….  Great job by all !   Next Sunday we’ll add another hardly noticeable 1/2 mile.  We’ll have some of our vacationers back and Tish will be off island having fun.  Do homework and try for 30 miles / week [that’s tough on vacation].   Aloha

 Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

We had 12 lively smiling runners lead by myself and assisted by Lisa, Jason, Lehua and Gail.

In my opinion today was the best run so far, all the conditions were great, clear, slightly overcast with a strong stiff breeze.

Everyone did great, which means everyone is doing their homework.

Since we are starting on our firsts leg of K highway (Kalanianaole highway), as a reminder, safety is very important. We are sharing the shoulder of the road with other runners and lots and lots of bikers. We cannot hear the bikers as they approach from behind us. Run in single file while on the K highway.

As we stop at the gas station before heading out to you may see some of us getting a snack before heading on our way. My favorite is “spam musubi”.  This is training gang. You are training yourself to learn to eat something along the route. We are out on the road a long time and you will get hungry. Just half a musubi can go a long way.  Now is the time to figure out what works for you.

Wow next week in the last July run. Sunday will probably be a long 10 miles to help us get ready for August. The plan for August is 12 miles and 2 -3 1 hour homework runs.

We did 10.5 miles and were out on the road 2 hours and 54 minutes, and burned 1015 calories.

 Rainbow Group by Sandra Padua:

The Rainbow Group was lead by Sandra this past Sunday as our leader Norman Uyeda was out with knee problems.  There were about 7 of us altogether as we headed towards Triangle park, where we picked up Melissa who left Dean’s 14s to join us.  We went to Kaimuki Intermediate via 22nd Ave.  On our way back, we back tracked on 22nd Ave and headed to KCC to stop off for the facilities there instead.  We lost a couple of runners as we past Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but all of us made it back to Paki in good time for a 6 mile run.  At this point, some went around Kapiolani Park for another 2 miles while some chose to head on home.  The Rainbow group is a recovery group with a pace of 14-15mins, either walking real fast or jogging.  Our aim is to help those recovering from injuries or those starting their marathon training to get back on track and work up to the recommended  mileage.

 Da Comment Corner:

Loose Laces:

I was speaking with a fellow runner who mentioned that his toes get “needles” during the latter part of a long run.  I mentioned I suffered a similar sensation – my toes used to feel as if it was being “tightly squeezed and ready to burst” at the end of my long runs.  He, like me, initially thought that a larger shoe size might be a remedy.   But after some experimentation, I found that just by loosening my laces I felt a bit of relief.  I noticed his laces seemed very tightly done; I suggested this alternative.   Hopefully, an easy fix and also, something easily overlooked.

 P =VO2/Ff(i)/Rf+Fc(i)/Rc ?????

As many of your staff leaders are mentioning, please start experimenting with gels or other supplements to aid you on your longer runs.  I’m currently attempting to “decipher” an article called “Metabolic Factors Limiting Performance in Marathon Runners” and as soon as I can “determine the relative usage of fat and carbohydrate as fuel substrates as a function of relative aerobic intensity (%VO2 max)”, I will relay this info to everyone.   (Don’t hold your breath.)

 Have a fantastic week and hang loose!

 See you at the water stops,