Blair’s Weekly Update 07-14-2013

Doc’s Report:

Doc spoke about “Number two (BM) and you” and how running affects it.  While he is gone for the next two weeks, Dr. Lee speaks about nutrition and marathon/running tips next week and our own Dr. Ando speaks to us about asthma and running the following week. 

Table Duty:

Thanks to Red Group staff Jeff for all of the drinks and food and superb mango bread!  Also, Jeff (who drives in from Makaha!!!) made delicious tuna sandwiches and even coffee!!  UDABEST, Jeff!!

Group Reports:

 Advanced Runners by David Fitzpatrick:

(Pace <9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. Donis, Nancy, Les and I had a nice run today. After a warm-up, we ran inbound for a steady 8:45min/mile pace. Next week we meet at Kawaikui Beach Park (near Hawaii Loa st.) at 6:20 am. We’re still at 14 miles, but are considering increasing to 16 miles in August.

 Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

15 GR8FUL GREYS this Sunday, repeater 12 miles, much more comfortable! Are we getting better at “Running in the Sun”? Andy, Byron, Ron  and myself  holding the pace for: Dr. Rob, Romeo, Izumi, Mindy, Emily, Christine, Marisol, Dolly, Miki, Michael, Pierriere?  Thank you Purple Michael  for bringing to the attention of councilman Stanley Ching, the Triangle Park water fountain. Thank you Purple Nelson for the surprise Gatorade and pretzels and mile 6! Wow, are these the reasons we survived? GREYS, you all looked strong. Are we doing more homework runs? We have a couple more motivational reasons to keep running. Summer means “swimsuit season”. Christine, have you seen her in a swimsuit? She surely has a 6-pack! Another reason, to train consistently, and correctly, is to have a great marathon, without PAIN. Let’s go for it, be the determined mind! Let’s prove how disciplined and determined we are to keep with this! Strong mind, strong body, means a strong finish.
Dr. Scaff’s talk reminds us to also consider the “Potty Factor”, what, when, to eat, etc, and we don’t mean a problem with constipation. We have the time to experiment with what foods to eat prior to running. Friday, we had our destination run to the Korean Festival and watched the movie “Masquerade”. We learned how they do this, and another name for the king’s potty, “royal-wise” is the Plum Blossom Pot. Doesn’t that sound better than a “porta-potty”?

Mid-Week Run: Wednesday, 5:30 pm Ala Moana Magic Island parking lot entrance. 1 hour.

July 7th – 12 miles – Overall running time: 2 hours 37 minutes, running pace: 9:50 to 11:09, overall pace: 10:15, WOW! with stops: 13:09. Dr. Rob burned 1406 calories! Lance,and Dr. Rob appreciate your data stats.
July 14th – 11.66 miles – Overall running time: 2 hours 22 minutes, Outgoing pace: 10:15, return running pace: 10:01 Overall Pace: 10:09, TOTAL Pace: 12:08. We took a nice long break at mile 6! Cool breeze, shade, and drinks! Thank you Andy for the stats!
July 21th – 12 including Kilauea Ave, this will probably be a little over 12 miles.
July 28th – 12.5 miles including Kahala Avenue and marathon finish

 Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Prepared by special contributor John Lau

We had 22+ Silverados this week including Jun L., Speedy Joe, Tavi, Lance, Irene, Dayna, Sun Hee, Evelyn, Darrin, Kevin, Karl, New Scott (aka Scott H.), Karl, Jimmy, Jun, (Dawn, Abbey was there, right?) and others I’ve missed. We also have another runner named Joe join us today. Let’s just call him “Joe 3”. 🙂 We were also joined by a couple of gals from the Teal group.  Lynnae joined up with the group near the baseball field. After running the Coconut Chase 8k, she ran with us for another 8 miles or so. Tony who is recovering from an injury also showed up. We have so many dedicated runners in the clinic.

We were pleasantly surprised by Nelson and Kara who were waiting for us at Wailupe Beach park with snacks and Gatorade.  Is it that time of year already? 🙂 Overall, today, we had a bit more trade winds to cool us off. On our way back, I had Speedy Joe lead those who wanted to finish our 12 mile run at the Queen’s statue.  Nice job everyone!

Homework:  Target 24-26 miles each week.  Each run should be 60-75 minutes.  Remember to also schedule your rest days for proper recovery, and no running on Saturday before clinic.  Although Doc’s month 5 regimen is for 30 miles (see pg 27, “Your First Marathon”), the Silvers will be working their way up to it gradually.

Upcoming:  We’re sticking to 12 miles but will mix it up a bit.  For the remaining 2 Sundays of July, we will throw in baby Kilauea next week and/or Kahala Avenue.

Running Tip:  Dr. Scaff talked about about gas, diarrhea, and how running improves bowel movements. John briefly mentioned that he doesn’t recommend bean burritos for lunch and running in the evening that same day. The two items do not mix. It’s going to hamper running performance.


The first of the 808 races (aka Marathon Readiness Series) the Norman Tamanaha 15k is on August 11 at Kapiolani Park.  The Silver group will be represented in that race.  Parking for the clinic may be limited that day so please plan accordingly.

The Maunawili Relay Run on August 3rd — your choice of 11 miles or 22 miles on open trail.  There were about 28 spots left last I checked on The trail run is sponsored by the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (H.U.R.T).

Thank you Jeff and staff for the tuna sandwiches and ono mango bread. We run to eat too. See you next week!  Note:  Mahalo to John for stepping up to lead the Silvers, and adjusting his pace ever so slightly so those of us in the back can keep up.  You’re awesome!

Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

(PACE 11;30 – 12;30 minutes per mile)

Today we had our first early run!  We left first beach park at 6:15am with 8 runners:  Russ, Gary, Ivan, Emily, Lianne, Marissa, myself, and we welcomed newcomer Ben!  We headed to Kapiolani Park on our normal route, including the Kahala residential area and Farmer’s Road and made it just in time for the Doc’s talk!  At the park we lost Emily to a speedier group, but gained Staci, David (who ran from 2nd beach park), Martha and Sandra.  From there we headed back to First Beach Park.  At the gas station, Martha and Sandra ran ahead to catch up with the Silver group so they’d have friends to run with back to the park and Ben did too to try out a quicker pace.  The remainder of us ran a bit past the first beach park and turned around at Wailupe Circle to up our mileage as we were going to be under 12miles.  We finished just shy of our mileage goal.  The groups were really lucky this week and got a special treat from Purple Group Members Nelson and Kara!  They greeted the groups with some cold Gatorade and snacks – thank you!  This was a special/lucky occurrence (it won’t be happening all the time – don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up).  Staci joined the White group for the run back to Kapiolani Park while the rest of us finished there.

We plan to meet early again next Sunday and leave First Beach Park by 6:15am.  To group leader Norm – it was good to see you out on a run, we miss you!  And to our other group leader, Diane – we all wish you a quick recovery and will send healing vibes your way!

 White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Guru Sam counted 30 runners at the Diamond Head Lookout water stop; but as usual, with attrition from runners starting earlier, some having earlier commitments or others recuperating from injury or illness, our twelve mile group ended up with 22 dedicated runners.   We all finished in unison – a bit weathered and hot, but still enthusiastic.  Staff leaders Richard and Blair took the group to the first beach park then back (through Farmer’s Road).   We expended approximately 1216 calories over the course of our run.   Great job to members Kimmie, Nicky, Sean, May, Eric, Russell, Qeyn, Mayumi, Kumiko, Monica, Jolene, Bob (who is trying zone running; great job), Azusa and Joshua, 12 year old Sirena and her brother (mother Jessica is member who is out with an injury but wanted to make sure her children were running) , Ewa teachers Glenda and Clyde, Janey, and Duane were some of the members.  Great job to all!!!

Special thanks to Purple Group leader Nelson and member Kara for their “traveling Oasis”; the Gatorade at the first beach park was just what we needed on this very hot day!  Nelson and his group usually graciously set up their Oasis at the second beach park; thanks for being so considerate!!

Earlier above, I mentioned recuperating or injured runners – well Staff Leader Norm Uyeda has formed the Rainbow group just for you.  Join leader Normand his Rainbow Group if recovering from injury or getting back into running after some absence.


Rainbow Group by Norm Uyeda:

Norm led the Rainbow Group on their first run of the year today.  What is the Rainbow Group?  The Rainbow Group is a support group for those runners who are either coming back from an injury and want a shorter, slower run to ease back into training, or for runners who have just joined the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and are not ready to attempt a 10 or 12 mile run.  Our run will consist of a 14 minute per mile, 5.5 mile base run to Kilauea Avenue followed by however many laps of Kapiolani Park that are suitable.  This way, runners can try the longer mileages without the worry of not being able to get back to base in case an injury starts to hurt.  Your car will always be close by.  Our first group consisted of Jess, Joanie, Cindy, Duane,Sandy, and later Riki and Eileen.

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

We had a small group of 10 including myself. I was assisted by staffers Lisa, Jason and Gail.

Today was a nice day if you wanted to go the beach, for running not so. It was very clear no clouds with a slight breeze, lucky for us, but true hot summer weather.

The most important things to remember in this type of weather; 1) Wear sunscreen, if you forget there is some available on the tables. 2) Very important to hydrate, this is training so practice drinking water at every water stop.

We are starting our long runs and now is the time to start experimenting with items to eat along the route, like a couple of pretzels every mile to replenish salt and give you a little carbs.

Other items are gels and energy chews or bars. Ask your fellow runners in the group and then figure out what works for you. Now is the time to start.

The plan for July is 10 miles and building up to 12 miles for August In addition 2-3 homework runs during the week of at least 1 hour.

Today we ran 11.01 miles, since the distance was a little longer we took it easy on the way back.

Everyone did great; we were on the road 3 hours 20 minutes and burned 1015 cals.

 Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 greeted Miss Lisa today – first time with the HMC and joined the good guys.  At onset, Lou explained he fell Wednesday while checking a Sept route [at 10 m/m] and wasn’t feeling 100% – may not be able to maintain a 15 walking pace or finish our planned 10.5 mile outing.  We left with 11 persons and made a circuitous route [including 2 toilet visits, a meal break, and joined a wedding party – wow] to cover 10.4 miles in 2 hr 34 min… that comes out to 14.8 min / mile overall … as Wendy said – not bad for being injured.   OK, I promise to really try not to fall again and we’ll keep the pace on / about 15.  Green 15 members remain on track for a marathon finish of 6.5 hrs.  We look forward to getting a couple of our vacationers back, and hope Eliza recovers / rejoins us – we miss each of you when you don’t attend on Sunday – including those who are MIA – hope you return to the HMC.  Did someone really give friendly advice to the pending bride and tell her “Don’t” ?  No, I don’t think so 🙂   Suggestion to those of you who wish to have a quicker return time / negative split –  WAIT  until we get to triangle park before increasing your pace… starting by the “statues” only means you are expending energy on flat Kahala Ave and we can see you run out of steam on DH hill…  that’s why us steady paced people catch you before you finish.  Try wait, then “zip” up the hill.  Everyone needs to do your homework… should be aiming for 30 miles per week now.  Next Sunday we go 11 miles.  Aloha

 Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

Cliff apologizes for missing the deadline on submission to Blair’s Updates the past few weeks – no excuse, just didn’t get around to it in time.  Last Sunday, on our 10-1/4 miler, we were treated to the rare sight of Haleakala as we topped Diamond Head.  This Sunday was not quite so clear, but Lana`I was visible – also not so common in the summer. Today we rounded up the usual suspects; Laurel, Sheila, Dan, Jim, Eva, Rouen, Linda, and Jim (Lynn was playing hookey on Kaua`i).  Joined by newbies Sarah  and Caitlin, we set off for our 11-mile walk.  Yes, it was hot.  But all finished in good spirits, and more than ready for the challenges that lie ahead.  Many thanks to Jeff, who kept the snacks and Gatorade available for the Sweet Sixteens – as usual the last group in.

Da Comment Corner:

Did you lose “something” on Sunday?

From Jeff Beard

Big thanks to all the people who helped me set up (at table duty) and break down on Sunday – it made my day a whole lot easier!

Shortly after all the runners had gone out, a guy came up and said he had found “something” on the rock wall in front of the bathrooms. He was reluctant to say what it was, lest someone dishonest just say that they lost “that”.   So, if you went home without “something” on Sunday, you can call Glenn at 310-663-1195.

 “Back to front” (Repeat):

I get an “avalanche” of weekly periodicals (most from redeeming those expiring airline miles) and to get through it, I read the magazines from “back to front”.  But why, one might ask?  (It’s not just because I’m weird, I don’t think…; there is a fairly logical explanation).  Usually, magazines have its “lighter fare” at the end and the “meaty part” in the middle or toward the start.   (Read through Time, Newsweek or Businessweek and let me know if it isn’t true.) So, to get to the more “serious articles”, I go through the “fluffy stuff” first to “warm up” my diminutive brain.    So how does it relate to running?

Like my “magazine reading ‘disorder’”, I start my runs very, very slowly and very easily (“fluff” running) until I get warmed up to run at a faster pace and cruise on to my ideal pace.    See the analogy?

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,