Blair’s Weekly Update 07-07-2013

Table Duty:

Thank you staff leader George for doing such a great job at the table!  The fruits, pretzels, pastries and drinks were awesome!  Thanks also to staff leader Jeff for the great mango bread!


Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick

(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. We ran with some new friends today. Donis, Nancy, Les and I were joined by Shelly and Nichole inbound for a steady 8:45min/mile pace. Next week Kawaikui Beach Park (near Hawaii loa st.) at 6:20 am. We’re still at 14 miles, but are considering increasing to 16 miles, and our main focus at this stage is to build endurance and avoid injury. Don’t forget that rest is an important part of training, and nutrition is important. Check out Dr. Alan Titchenal’s “Got Nutrients? web site:

 Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

It sure was a HOT Sunday for our repeater 12 miles. Andy, Ron, and myself tried to hold a steady pace for 17 of us, Lance, Izumi, Dr. Rob, Donna, Mindy, Emily, Kevin, Marisol, Jon, Miki, Michael, Janelle, Nicole, Dolly. Welcome all of you newcomers! Your presence inspire us. Congratulations to Jon (Ron‘s son) on doing Bali’s marathon 2 weeks a ago. We broke up in groups as those who did 8 miles and 12 miles. We struggled for various reasons the weather, days off of running (due to vacations, some admitting to just no motivation), or illness. Life happens, so don’t beat ourselves up with guilt. It will continue to be HOT throughout the summer months, so let’s utilize this opportunity to train to run in the scorching sun. Tips, hydrate well, every water stop, and carry hydration with you. I appreciate Dr. Rob’s tips,  “Wade in the shade. Run in the sun.” Did you notice how we recovered walking in the shade at mile 9 on Kealaolu Street? Due to the heat, and many absences, we will “Delve at Twelve” this month. We’ll adjust continue running in the heat, also getting some “hill work” and move up to 14 miles in August. We don’t want to burn ourselves out, so soon in our training. We have 5 months more till marathon, lot’s of time. Let’s enjoy it. 

I just returned from our family trip to Okinawa, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Yanagawa. Managed to run once with my nephews and Nikki in Okinawa. It was hot and humid, but a great way to see Okinawa, up close.Tips to remain motivated to do homework runs, and long runs. Theresa few weeks ago suggested “destination” runs or races also help motivation, to keep things exciting and new. I can see how this works.  Marisolsaid a great motivator for the long runs is to run with others, such as the GREYS (hey, hey). She said with the heat, if she were running by herself, she would have stopped. Same with me! Conversations pass the miles quickly. Accountability to each other helps. I find running for a “cause” helps me keep focused, and motivated. I have another motivation to start all over after my vacation, weight loss! We will have a destination training run this Friday, to the Koreanfest, join us!
Let’s never give up. This is the journey to look back on to pat ourselves on our back.

Homework weekday runs this week 1 hour run: Wednesday 5:30 pm Ala Moana Magic Island. Friday 5:30 pm Kapiolani Community College (restroom on Monsarrat/Diamond Head) run for an hour, 7 pm movie for Koreanfest titled “Masquerade” Supposedly a box office hit based on the reign of Gwahnghae during the Joseon Dynasty of the 17th Century.

July 7th – 12 miles – Overall running time: 2 hours 37 minutes, running pace: 9:50 to 11:09, overall pace: 10:15, WOW! with stops: 13:09. Dr. Rob burned 1406 calories! Lance,and Dr. Rob appreciate your data stats.
July 14th – 12 miles
July 21th – 12 including Kilauea Ave
July 28th – 12.5 miles including Kahala Avenue and marathon finish


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Prepared by Lynnae Lee, and special contributor John Lau

“No rest for the weary.” – That’s John’s motto, as he led the Silvers a day after taking in a 10-mile trail run.  We took it nice and slow up the hill toward Diamond Head today as the heat of summer was out again today.  The water fountains are finally working again at Triangle Park. (Yippee!) We welcomed some new faces today; amongst them were Darren and Hiroshi.  Hiroshi just came from Japan last week and ran with us today.  Silverados in attendance included:  Dayna, Irene, Speedy Joe, Jun, Hiroshi, Sun Hee, Mr. Moon, Darrin, Scott & Shane, Dawn, Jimmy, and Karl (sorry to those missed).  There was a large group today with 21, including special appearances by Evelyn & Kam, New Scott, and leader Tony, all of whom are dealing with body ailments and wisely making the appropriate adjustments (please heal well).  Alberto’s back from Cuba, and though he’s not ready to run yet, he sends a fond aloha to all of the Silverados.

Lynnae caught up with us at Wailupe park as she was catching up on much deserved sleep from yesterday’s hot and spectacular 10-mile trail run out at Kaena Point.  She wimped out and departed from the group at Triangle Park, claiming recovery.

Our group stayed together despite the faster-than-advertised pace as we were returning back to the Kahala gas station.  As we regrouped for the final 4 miles, we realized that most recognized the faster pace, but no one was willing to say anything!  Remember, if the leader does not have a watch, then he/she must defer to those who do (sorry John).  Please do not hesitate to ask the leader to slow down.  With the more extreme weather conditions, we will adjust the pace and route so it’s more comfortable.  A good measure is for each person to have enough energy to attack Diamond Head in the last 2 miles.

On the return we took as many shady routes as we could since most of us were very anxious to get out of the heat and back to home base.  Some Silverados went straight back to base camp.  Speedy Joe led the rest of the pack back to the Queen’s statue near the Kapiolani Park bandstand, which is also the Honolulu Marathon finish line. (Too bad we can’t pick up our finisher t-shirts today.)  But, there was Jeff’s mango bread today along with all the refreshments. Mahalo!  In the end we completed 12 miles in good time.

We are fast approaching the 18 week mark before this year’s Honolulu Marathon. The hardest part is sticking to the program and putting in your weekly mileage. Keep up the good work, and remember, it’s not nearly this hot in December.  Good job everyone!

Homework:  We should start increasing our running time to about 75 minutes, up 15 minutes from the usual 1 hour per weekday run.  Target 24 miles each week.  This is very important, as we will continue to increase.  Remember to also schedule your rest days.

Upcoming:  The plan for July is to stick to 12 miles for the rest of the month.

Running Tip:  A question that came up was when to replace your running shoes.  The answer depends a lot on how many miles you put in a week. It also depends on whether you rotate more than one pair of shoes. The experts at Runner’s World suggest in the range of 300 to 500 miles.  If you are running about 30 miles a week, then typically about 4-5 months but if you notice that you are starting to feel more pain as the shoe is worn out, I suggest replacing the shoe sooner than later.  It’s also very helpful to take your worn out pair of shoes with you when you go shopping for new ones, and best to try on shoes after you’ve gone on a run, since you want shoes that will fit your expanded feet.  Before running a marathon, you want to make sure that your shoes have about 200 miles on them, so start a new pair in September/October.

Note:  Mahalo to John for his contribution to this edition, and stepping up to lead the Silvers.  In this sense, running is a team sport.  J


Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

(Pace 11:30 – 12;30 minutes per mile)

Teal Group Important Announcement!  Since it’s been getting hot and we’ve been talking about  starting earlier, we’re meeting at Wailupe Beach Park aka “First Beach Park” and will start running at 6:15am.  We’re planning to leave promptly to make it in time for the Doc’s talk so please be sure to be early since parking is limited.  If it’s full, you can go past the park, make the first right (Wailupe Circle), park in the residential area and run to first beach park.  If you would like start at the normal time, we’ll see you at Kapiolani Park – and hopefully you can join forces with White Group on the run back.

I’m sorry I missed last week’s write up!  I think as punishment, Diane had me lead this week’s run.  We started with 12 runners – Diane, Gary, Russ, Marissa, Ivan, Lianne, Jasmine, Devan, Staci, and we welcomed newcomers Martha (who moved up from Blue group) and Christy!  We made our way to the first beach park, but took a shortcut by leaving out the residential area in Kahala (both ways).  Gary was super nice and greeted us with some icy cold Gatorade – thank you!  Gary ended his run there, but we gained 3 runners from the White Group – 2 high school cross country runners and Joe!  On the way to Farmers Rd. we had a minor injury with one of our new guys, and Devan stayed back to make sure he got back to the park safely – thanks Devan!  Our group got a bit separated on the last stretch from Triangle Park, but we all finished – even our guy who rolled his ankle.  Great job everyone!  We ran just over 11 mi. so next week we’ll be sure to include the Kahala residential area to get us closer to 12 miles.  See most/all of you next Sunday bright and early!


 White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Staff leaders Guru Sam, Richard and Blair led 30 members up Diamond Head en route to the groups’ first 12 miler The heat bore down on us from the start but we were fortunate to have some trade winds on our way back.  While the normal attrition took place at various “half way points”, most stayed with the group and finished in unison- approximately 25 members were recipients of Guru Sam’s exuberant High Fives at the end.  Congratulations on finishing our first 12 miler but also for being so patient and disciplined as a group till the end.  While it would be easy for individuals to finish their last mile or two at their own pace (mainly much faster), running patiently and smartly while maintaining a comfortable pace throughout is crucial during the marathon and our longer treks.  Russell, Mayumi, Naho, Kumiko, Jolene, Eric, Bob, Queyn, Linda, Jessica and her 12 year old daughter, Sirena, Clyde, Glenda, Mabel, Jin, Janey, were a few of the runners who accompanied us.  Great job to all!

We will continue the 12 milers for the rest of the month.  As you are well aware, our “homework runs” are critical to running “comfortably” on the longer distances.  Also, experimenting with energy drinks and supplements (like gels, jelly beans, crack seed, pretzels, etc.) during your run will be important.   Please check with your group leaders if you have any questions on this subject.

Thank you Teal Group member Gary for providing  Gatorade for everyone at the first beach park!  UDABEST!  (A beer at the “after the marathon dinner” is coming!)


 Blue Group by Val Ogi:

(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

This week we had a small Blue Group with David, Mark, Kim and Diane.  We decided to stick with  10 miles this week due to lack of homework, the heat, and late start.  We did the 10 mile trek out to phone booth @ 13:38 pace. We really appreciated the refreshments at the end, special thanks to George!  Mahalo!.



Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 had a GREAT day Sunday, despite the heat and lack of trades… we were happy to get passed by buses just for the wind gust.  Left the park [and returned] with 10 and did our uneventful / quick pace out to check on persons rumored to be on the lawn of Kalani HS… team member Bailey may be in charge of keeping trespassers away during summer break so we may have to swing by KHS again… no bad guys there so we returned via our familiar gas station – 4 way stop – Kahala Av route to the park and refreshments [thanks George].  Good news is The Green Machine did its FIRST 10 miler of the training season… didn’t feel like it tho… very similar to what we’ve been doing… just an extra neighborhood.  More good news – finished after 2 hr 29 min on the road for a 14.9 min/mile pace over our simple out and back route, except for speedy Scott who affixed JATO tubes and zoomed over the DH hill faster than us slow folks.  Great job by you all.  We did hear bad news from Tish –  our team’s young effervescent Eliza managed to get a stress fracture in her foot – maybe doing a run on vacation in a hilly city on the mainland – we all hope she will be able to rejoin us, but there’s always next year, no one should risk permanently injuring your bod for a tee shirt.  See you all next Sunday when we add another hardly noticeable 1/2 mile to our route.  Do homework!  Aloha



Da Comment Corner:

 “One of America’s Premier Sporting Events” (updated)

After a late morning Fourth of July run (it was hot), I got home in time to catch highlights “one of America’s Premier Sporting Events” (according to the announcers on ESPN).

With great fanfare, all of the contestants were announced and then finally, the current champ with all of his accolades was heralded onto the “battleground”.    The Champ looked relaxed and confident.

And as the horn blew to start the contest, the battle began; it wasn’t’ a pretty sight but the current champ retained his title, yet another year.

 Joey Chestnut of California, “chomped down” 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes to break the record and retain the crown of Nathan’s Hot Dog eating champion for another year!

*According to the Nathan’s website, one of its natural casing hot dogs contains 290 calories (150 from fat), 17 grams of fat, 6 grams of saturated fat and 710 milligrams of sodium. The 29-year-old Chestnut in ten minutes ate 26,816 calories, nearly 1700% of his recommended daily fat intake and 2300% of his recommended sodium.

Wonder if Joey Chestnut runs?

 Have a healthy and enjoyable week!  Chew slowly!

 See you at the water stops,