Blair’s Weekly Update 06-30-2013

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff talked about minimalist running and the use of the “toe shoes” that provide very minimal support.   He mentioned the natives in the Philippines have been running long marathon distances barefoot for ages.   


Table Duty:

Thanks to staff member Lehua, husband Simeon and friend Dan for doing such a great job at table duty.  The fruits, pretzels, pastries and drinks were just what we needed after a hot day’s run.


Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:

(Pace < 9 min. per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster.  Les, Donis, Nancy, Neil, and I ran inbound slightly faster than a 8:45min/mile pace. We did some informal intervals outbound from Kapiolani Park, and were joined by Setomi. Next week Kawaikui Beach Park (near Hawaii loa st.) at 6:20 am.


 Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

It was another hot and beautiful day in Hawaii with a few perfectly-timed breezes.  After last week’s bus run, the group was ready for a new route which took us past the tall fire hydrant to the first beach park and back.  Alberto, Tony, and Paris — the Silverado staff leaders – were M.I.A., so we got stuck with Lynnae 😛  Just kidding!  John, fresh from his bus run with the advance group last week, graciously helped lead the (almost-orphaned) group.  We had 15 Silverados.  Amongst the starters were:  Joe & Tavi, Sun Hee, Darrin, Scott, John, Speedy Joe, Irene, Dayna, Dawn, Jun (from Japan) and New Scott.  At the gas station we lost Joe but picked up HMC newbie Michael.  He’s in the middle of training for a marathon in Omaha, and recently completed a marathon in Redwood earlier this year.  He described the beautiful scenery of his running conquests.  The group maintained a good pace throughout, and a good single file line along Kalanianeole.  At the turn around we had completed 6.13 miles in 1:07 running time, 10:56 pace.  On the return we took the shady way back, venturing along Farmers and winding back to the Aukai waterstop where we encountered somewhat of a log jam with 2 other HMC groups.  That’s were our group started to get separated.  From Triangle Park it was evident that most of the group had saved up their energy, as they picked up the pace going up Diamond Head!


Most of us went straight back to the start.  However, a few of the Silverados (Joe, Dayna, and new Scott) ran to the Queen’s statue – those over achievers! – and did a complete 12 miles.  Today’s group did great for a new distance.  In the end we completed 11.7 miles in 2:08 running time, or 10:57 pace, 2:28 total time (including breaks).  Congrats to those first timers who completed their farthest run for the year!


Homework:  We should start increasing our running time to about 75 minutes, up 15 minutes from the usual 1 hour per weekday run.  Target 20-24 miles each week.


Upcoming:  The plan for next month is to hit 12 miles and hold for 12 miles until August rolls in. For extra strength training, we’ll try to fit in baby Kilauea as well.

The HURT (Hawaii Ultra Running Team) Annual Firecracker run at Kaena Point takes place Saturday, July 6, 7am at Kaena Point.  It’s a very flat but extremely beautiful trail run along the coast and around the point.  $15 registration deadline is July 2 via  Don’t forget your water bottle and camera.

Running Tips:  One of the frequently asked questions is how many times should I run per week? Or should I run 4 times a week (including the Sunday run)? More or less, do what your body feels comfortable with. For a lot of us, after the long run on Sunday, we usually rest on Mondays.  However, if you want to try running 4x/week, run Monday afternoon/evening, then Wednesday and Friday.  For newbies, it’s natural to encounter some soreness for the first couple of days after a new distance, so it’s not advisable to run 4x/week.  Again, listen to your body, and if it requires a longer recovery, maybe stick to a Wed/Fri running schedule.

Longer distances mean different body issues.  Chaffing requires a combination of Body Glide, Vaseline, and bandaids.  If you’re feeling drained or cramping after a long run, examine your hydration levels and supplement plan.  Remember that men burn more calories, so may require more frequent replenishment.  Did you skip any water stops?  Hydrate the night before?  What supplements did you use (ie. gummies, gels, pretzels)?  Got sport drink?  Remember, the salt you’re losing during the run must be replenished.  We’re now on the course for 2.5 hours, so experiment now with different supplements to find what works for you.

Note:  Apologies for having skipped the Silver writeup for last Bus Run edition.  It’s nice to know it was missed by some.  😉 We’ll work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  Thanks to John for his contribution to this edition.  Happy Running!


White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

32 members started off with us at the start but as we reached certain turn around points, many with pending activities, turned back.  We ended very strong after our last 10 miler of the season.  Kahala Avenue was added to our route coming back; this stretch added to our attrition rate and so we ended with about 25 members at our finish.  It was a very hot day!  But, as mentioned to our members, for most of us, this is the “precise” time of day (10:00 am – 11:00 am) that we would be running this exact route on marathon morning.   Guru Sam started the group off and staff leaders Richard and Blair led the group back through Kahala Avenue.  We can already see the attrition in our group as we get longer; our homework runs will make all the difference so please keep it up.  We go up to 12 miles next week.  Congratulations to Jolene, Russell, Mayumi, Naho, Kumiko, Queon, Elena, Azusa, Joshua, Eric, Bob, Clyde, Glenda. Jainie, Gary, Tomoe, Julie (welcome back) ,and  Ann,  to mention a few of our members today.

Fourth of July Event:

Guru Sam is having his usual Fourth of July “bash” at his Yacht Harbor Tower venue (which overlooks the fireworks at Ala Moana Beach Park) and inviting all White group members.  Other groups’ members are welcome as well.   The event takes place on July 4th,, Thursday, starting at 7 p.m. to “whenevas”.   For further details call Sam at 521-4581.  It is only for “children” over 21 and parking is on your own.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano:

(Pace 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Andy was back from his trip to Dayton, Ohio.  Val and a couple of Blue Group runners tried out a faster group as some runners should be moving up to the faster groups.  Remember, you can always move up or down to join the group you feel comfortable with their pace.  Today’s Blue Group of Mary, Margret, David, Dianna, and Kim with Andy, took a leisurely run following the marathon route to the five mile mark and back.  We try to follow the marathon route for course familiarity.  However, the route along Kahala Avenue has no sidewalks and the streets are narrow, so we’ll do Kahala Avenue only during the bus runs to know the actual route.  Since there was no water at Operation Red Wing Medal of Honor Park, the group made their way back along Kahala Elementary School to the water fountain by Hunakai Park and the water fountain along Aukai Ave before Triangle Park.  Nice to see the Beginning Group along the same route, with the same idea.  Although a small group the Blue Group’s pace was just right for us.  Joining us in the last mile were Quyen and Elena.  They are considering joining our group next week.



Green 15’s by Lou Crompton: 

I want to start off with an “apology” – there was a typo in last week’s report… typo made by the writer and not the publisher…  time for last week’s 9 miler was 2 hr 15 min and 38 sec, not 48 secs as previously reported…  pace was 15.07 min/mile…  sorry if anyone on the team was offended 🙂      We had a GREAT day skipping around the neighborhood today…   with a few alternative routes, we had the gang of 10 actually vote on whether to go up / down Kilauea Av at KCC or bypass it…  7-2 to do it!   One abstained [due to a residual toe problem and he slowly climbed it anyway.  How super is that when your crew votes to climb Kilauea hill? Fabulous; with a few extra streets, toilets and DF included, Green 15 did 9.48 miles today in 2 hr 21 min.  That computes to 14.95 min / mile so I guess those who used the facilities did take shorter stops, thanks.   We were passed by nice friendly HMC runners who let us know they were coming, passed our single file in their single file, and they kept their faster velocity after passing… doesn’t get much better than that…   Next Sunday is July so we break a new barrier – we will go out for 10 miles or 2.5 hrs whatevah…  do your homework and bring liquids on Sunday.  Aloha


 Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda:

Lisa and Norm led 22 Golden 14s out of the park for the last (for now) 8.5 mile run since we will be cranking up to 10 miles in July.  We might see some 8 mile runs later on in the year during the tapering period – more on this later.  Our planned “long 8” run had to be curtailed a bit due to the lack of water at Triangle / Medal of Honor Park.  The heat and lack of water also pointed out our need to stay hydrated during our runs.  Any nausea, seeing stars, dimness of vision or chills should be reported to the closest staff person so that they can more closely monitor the situation.  Next week – 10 miles.  10 miles is serious.  Homework is of the utmost importance.  Norm’s weekday Ala Moana runs are moving  to Tuesday  / Thursday from July 9th.


  Da Comment Corner:

“The best way to become a mentally tough runner is to believe that you’re a mentally tough runner.”

– Ryan Hall, U.S. Olympic marathon runner

Have a safe and festive week!

 See you at the water stops,