Blair’s Weekly Update 06-09-2013

Table Duty:

A very special mahalo to Grey Group leader Ivie and daughter Nicky who after preparing for table duty early this morning had to go home again to bring their own tables, etc.  Apparently, the inner door to our storage room was locked so they could not get to any of our supplies or tables to set up. Ivie and Nickie and I am sure dad, Dennis took the initiative to go back home to Niu Valley to retrieve tables, etc. so that all of us (overheated, tired and parched members) would be happily and fully rehydrated and, properly and plentifully replenished with their bounty. Thank you so much!  You truly represent what the clinic is all about! We are so blessed to have such a caring family!

First Bus Run:

June 23 is slated for this Bus Run; most groups will be getting off at the Maunalua Bay drop point, across from Roy’s HI Kai – approximately 9 miles. Many of the Intermediates and the Advanced Groups will add the “Loop” which will add two more miles.

We will be running on the actual marathon route so it will give many “newbies” a chance to get familiar with the latter section of the marathon.

Please sign up on the posted sheet so we can order the number of buses accordingly. The fare is $3.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:

(Pace < 9:00 min. per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. We ran with some new friends today. Crystal joined Jean, Nancy, Donis, Neil, Les, and I inbound for a steady 8:45min/mile pace. Outbound from Kapiolani Park we were joined by Noreen, a very experienced marathoner from California and Eugene, another strong runner. Next week Kawaikui Beach Park (near Hawaii Loa St.) at 6:20 am. Remember the bus run is in two weeks

Red Group by Jeff Beard

(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 min per mile)

The Red Group went out for its first 10-mile run on Sunday. The morning started off great – cool, breezy and overcast, but as usual, once the clouds parted and the breeze died down a little, it was hot and muggy. Since there are several water fountains that don’t work or have limited flow, it’s especially important to drink plenty of water whenever you can – more than you think you “need”.

Rachun and I set out at a slow pace, then gradually picked it up – we averaged under 10 minutes a mile for our running pace. Rachun had already done 2, so he turned around at the gas station, while went out to the “tall fire hydrant” (the old telephone booth location). I thought 10 would be pushing it (it was a little tough coming up Kahala), but I’d gone out at the right pace, and was able to run around 9:30 the last couple of miles. It’s important to practice running negative splits even on these shorter runs – that way, it comes easier on those 16-18 mile runs.

To all the Dads in the clinic, I hope you have a great week! See you all next Sunday.

 Grey Group by Andy Hignite:

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal – sub-5 hour marathon)
21 Greys for the second Sunday in June, we did our first 12 miler and it went great.
Byron” Nikki and I (Andy)
lead our Grey Group on a fun run.  This was a new record for three of our runners that had never run 12 miles before.  They did very good and will set many more records this year.  Our group is really going strong and keeping a great formation.  Even the leaders kept up this week. Nikki turned around at Triangle Park to go back and help mom (Ivie) with the great snacks. Ivie (the resourceful) went home to get her own tables since we couldn’t get into the storage room. The small sandwiches really hit the spot at the end of a hard run.
One of our runners had a small trip gong up Diamond Head.  She aimed for a soft spot to land (a fellow runner) so she wasn’t hurt.  Make sure that you leave space between yourself and the runner in front of you.  If you are too close, you never see that little bump in the road.
We missed Ron this week. He had a sore leg, calf strain last week and we hope that he will be back with us soon. Remember: Goal #1 – No injuries. Goal #2 – If you don’t succeed at Goal #1, get the injury over soon, an injury late in your training will impact your marathon big time.

Midweek run opportunity: Wednesday: Ala Moana Magic Island 1 hour 5:30 pm

Upcoming Runs:

6/15 – 12 miles with Kilauea Hill – bring water
6/23 – bus run with marathon finish ~ 11 miles – bring water
6/29 – 12 miles with Kahala Ave. & marathon finish

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 mi. per mile)

Teal Group by Jann  Kadowaki:

(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 pace)

We had 11 Runners in the Teal Group this past Sunday.  Group leader Norm led the group on an attempted negative split – which we did! We had Russ, Gary, Ivan, Carolyn, Lianne, David, Jasmine, Francis and a newcomer to our group, Betsy (?). We ran just about 10-miles averaging between our normal 11:30-12 min per mile pace – although for our slight negative split we ran a bit slower for the first half and then faster for the 2nd. We lost a few people along the way, but the remaining 6 of us finished the last stretch as a group!  Next week we’ll be doing another 10-miler including Kahala Ave. Following that will be the bus run.  Norm and Francis both have talked about the importance of strengthening other muscles in the hips, legs, and rear areas by doing other exercises other than running to help prevent injury.  Hopefully we can all find the time to fit it in with all the running training! See you all next week!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace 12:00 – 13:00 per mile)
Another large group assembled this morning and comprised the White Group – 39 runners were part of this group led by Guru Sam, Rich and Blair today.  Most of the members went on to do the prescribed 10 miler while some returned after the Kahala gas station (8 miles). Stalwarts Russell, Mayumi, Sue, Joy, Duane, Azusa, 15 year old, Joshua , Quen, Monica, Jolene, Glenda, Clyde, Mark, Gary, Elena, Bob, Lisa, the two nurses, Daniel and Rosie (visiting  from Switzerland) were a few in the group with us today.

The water fountain was not working at Triangle Park today so we bypassed it and continued on to the Kaimuki Middle School stop.  The 10 mile group remained intact throughout and finished in excellent form.   Thanks to all of our members for being so flexible and cooperative- going up Diamond Head and along Kalanianaole in single file, essential for everyone’s safety, was done with ease and with a sense of cooperation by all of our members. Great job everyone!

We continue our ten milers for the rest of the month.

Blue Group by Val Ogi

(Pace 12:30 -13:30 per mile)

Blue group, today we had a very small group Jeanette, Ming, Nathan, Nicole,
and Tamara.
We started out counter clockwise around Kapiolani Park and around the zoo to add in a couple of miles, last week we found that we were short and had to run around Kapiolani Park to make 8 miles. Then we headed up Monsarrat Ave. (very humbling uphill), out to the gas station and back, this tracked a total of 8.15 miles at an average of 12:06 miles per minute.
We missed our regulars Martha and Sandra, hope you make it next Sunday.


Walkers by George Ushijima:

The clear weather made for a very warm stroll this Sunday. This is June, so we went 4 miles out to the gas station and 4 miles back. Coming back to Kapiolani Park, we took the route through the neighborhood passing the Kahala District Park and a couple of residential water stops along the way. We had to take advantage of those stops, as triangle park water was under repair. It seems that we are all prepared for the bus run (walk) on the 23rd. Keep on walking.

Sweet 16’s by Cliff Hand:

A much smaller group today -leader Cliff, together with veterans Isaac, Dat, Dan, and Phyllis, welcomed newbies Lynn-2 and Olivia to the Sweet Sixteens. Lynn gets the suffix -2 to distinguish her from Lynn-1, who has been with us since opening day. Lynn-2 comes to us from a different pace group, but Olivia is new to HMC. It’s good to remember (and tell your friends) that it’s not too late to join us. Good conditions today for our longest distance yet, 9 miles. Now that we’re up to three weekday walks, plan to meet us at 5:45 pm Wednesdays at Kapi`olani Park to get that third hour in. Whether or not you join the group – Tuesday morning, Wednesday evening, and Friday morning is an excellent schedule for three weekday walks. Using Monday as a day of rest is advisable, considering we’re almost into double-digit Sunday walks.

The Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 did it again… we advertise 15 min / mile, and that’s we deliver… small group of 11 enjoyed a gorgeous / breezy day for an 8.50 mile loop around the aina… pace leader Lou forecasted we’d be back in 2 hrs 7 min…. didn’t even bother us to have no water at triangle / MOH park… with some folks carrying 4 bottles around their waist, we shared an extra flask with 2 people who didn’t bring water… lesson is for each person to bring water… came back in 2 hr 6 min 27 sec… that’s 14.9 min / mile…. guess we should a slowed down a tad… 3 boys and girls decided to start their quicker pace on Kahala Avenue back by the statues or 3 miles from the finish… and 2 saw that wasn’t a good distance to “sprint”… maybe continue the group 15 pace to the bottom of DH hill before doing your quicker return. Next Sunday is the Big 9-0… very similar to today’s circuit but no doubt beloved leader will think of some method to increase distance… yeah, today we turned right at 18 and Kilauea… that gave us 8.5. Do your homework – maybe hill work.

Golden 14’s by Sandra Padua:

Firstly, we want to welcome the new people who have joined us in the Beginners’ Group this month, from the 13 min jogger to our walkers who are out there for quite a while as we put on the miles. We may not know all your names yet but we are very glad to have you with us. We sincerely hope to get to know you.  Please feel free to move between the different pace groups to find the one that fits you. If you lose your group at any water stop, there is always another group close behind who will be happy to assist you.

Our Golden 14 group was once again lead by Lisa, who set out with about 17 runners. Gail and Maile were assisting as Norm and Dean are still away. We really had to improvise today due to no available bathrooms at base and no water available at Triangle Park: we stop off at the first available bathroom going out so we can be comfortable heading to Kaimuki Intermediate School. We still stop at Triangle Park just to give a little breather even if there was no water.  At 22nd Ave, the group turned down here for a bathroom and water break on the way to the Aloha Gas station. Sandra, still recovering from a strained hamstring bid the group farewell and headed back to Kapiolani Park with Melissa (sore foot) by way of KCC and Monsarrat.

The group made it to the Aloha Gas station and back in 2Hrs and 17mins.  We showed both the newbies and returnees the joy of cooling off in the beer café. We did 8.12 miles and burned 523 calories only because we had to cut short the route by skipping 18th Ave. Please remember to do your homework as this will help with your Sunday runs. Next week, Sensei Norm will be back.

Da Comment Corner:

A Father’s wish:

My dad had a stroke nearly 10 years ago and it greatly affected his walking ability. Just after his stroke, at a Father’s Day brunch, he mentioned that one of his favorite memories was a brisk walk on Sunday morning at Kapiolani Park with Staff leader Luanne and her walking group with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic; his dire wish was to be able to rejoin them.  Unfortunately his condition has deteriorated but he still maintains his desire to walk with the clinic again.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

See you at the water stops,