Blair’s Weekly Update 06-02-2013

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff talked about how running uphill and downhill affects our legs.   More at

Table Duty:

Staffers Jason and Gail did a great job in putting together a great table duty spread!  Much mahalo!

First Bus Run – June 23:

Most groups will be getting off at the Maunalua Bay drop point, across from Roy’s HI Kai – approximately 9 miles.  Many of the Intermediates and the Advanced Groups will add the “Loop” which will add two more miles.

For those doing the” loop”,  there is no water fountain at the Hawaii Kai Drive gas station anymore, so please bring a few dollars to get some needed liquid replenishment  at the gas station or bringyour own water bottle.  From our start to the next water fountain the distance is close to 3.5 miles.   On these Bus Runs I have noticed runners feeling the effects of dehydration more readily.  The consequences of a hot, morning sun, the lack of proper hydration (especially during the first few miles), and the excitement of a new experience, can cause dehydration to occur rather quickly.  And, it is not just the newbies, I have seen many seasoned runners “burnt out” at the Kahala gas station.

We will be running on the actual marathon route so it will give many “newbies” a chance to get familiar with the latter section of the marathon.

Please sign up on the posted sheet so we can order the number of buses accordingly.   The fare is $3.

 Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:

(Pace < 9:00 min. per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. The advanced group met at Kapiolani Park at 6:20 and ran about 14 miles in slightly rainy conditions. Neil and Donis joined Les, Nancy and I for a fun run. We were ahead of pace inbound and about 8/mile returning. Next week Kawaikui Beach Park at 6:20 am. 

 Red Group by Jeff Beard

(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 min per mile)

The Red Group set out for an easy 8 mile run this Sunday (all 3 of us, Rachun, Tim and myself are “recovering” from various injuries/inactivity). Rachun got us side tracked by taking us up the side of Diamond Head to check out the new walking path – it’s really nice! We ran a small loop up to the main vehicle entrance, then back down to 18th Ave. With the Kahala Ave. leg, we ran just under 9 miles, averaging under 10 minutes running time. It was a strange day to run – for a mile or so it was overcast, breezy and a little misty – perfect! – Then the clouds would part, the wind would die down, and it was hot! Throughout the run, it was HUMID. Especially important to drink plenty of fluids on days like this. June is where we start adding miles to our Sunday runs – as I said to the group, we should also start doing our “homework” runs 3 times a week, to build up the endurance needed to do increasingly long runs. The Reds will do 9-10 miles throughout June, and then kick it up to 12 in July.

 Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal –  sub-5 hour marathon)

20 GREYS for the first Sunday in June, we did our usual last Sunday course. Does that make sense? Unofficial run on Sunday, May 26th, 7am start for a slight hill challenge, up Kilauea Avenue. Monday, May 27th a real challenge, some did Tantalus!
This past Sunday, the official Honolulu Marathon Clinic, did 10.3 miles taking in the marathon finish. We sure are a together group, all in sync,  what an impressive group. Andy, Ron, myself along with our GREY Pack: Dr. Rob, Donna, Emily, Mindy, Dan, Matt, Lance, Romeo,  Brandon x 2, Christine, Izumi, Jun, Laura, Kara, missed our Kaiser cross-country runner’s name, oops along with others, my apologies. The only time our group started to split up was the last ¾ of a mile. Going by our stats, maybe we did a little faster for our going out pace.
The GREYS must be doing their homework runs. Everyone seems to be keeping up with the long Sunday miles, despite the very hot, and humid weather. Are you all on track on your weight loss and “eating right” goals? I have lost 3 pounds, so hopefully I will be reach my goal by September. All of you seem to be doing much better than myself, looking a lot “leaner”. Running “tall” and “leaner: we still need to run single file, we share the sidewalks and roads.
Approaching Triangle Park, Ron felt some pain in his right calf muscle. During the stop at the park he tried to “walk it off” hoping the pain would subside. However, as soon as he started running again, acute pain returned. Ron stopped his run and walked back to the start and then home to rest and ice what is most likely a strained calf muscle. While it is not unusual to feel some soreness or discomfort after running, especially with increased mileage or intensity, experiencing acute pain during your run is not normal.  The lesson here is: as much as we runners hate being unable to run or keep up with our running group, no training run or race is worth an injury.  Continuing to run through acute pain is risky business.  It is much better to stop and take a few days or a week off to heal than it is to “run through the pain” and sustain a more serious problem that could sideline you for weeks or even months.
Stay safe, longer mileage, make us a little more tired, especially the 2nd half, home stretch, continue to remain alert, avoid falls. Andy of course had to remind us of how dangerous a fall can be, if clip a fire hydrant, it may mean a bad bruises and a black eye.

Midweek run WEDNESDAY: Ala Moana Magic Island 1hour 5:30 pm


June 2: 10.3 miles, Total time: 2:02:42, Average running pace: 9:47, Average pace: 11:52 Total Calories: 1,211

June 9: 12 miles

June 16: 12 miles

June 23: 10 to 11 miles (Kilauea Ave?) for variety, hill work)

June 30: 12.5 miles Marathon Finish

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 mi. per mile)

For this first run of June, Paris, Tony, and Lynnae led a group of 16 Silverados for a 10-mile run to the tall fire hydrant on Kalanianeole and back.  Amongst the starters were:  Joe & Tavi, Yong Moon, Darren, Kevin, Jun, John, Speedy Joe, Francis, Karl, Kerry, Dayna and Jimmy.  There were a variety of weather conditions this morning — slightly overcast with good cloud cover, with intermittent breezes and some early drizzling rain in the first half – but we ended with strong sun.  We met up with Daniel at the fire hydrant, followed by Irene, and then Scott, who was running with his son for the first time.  He joined us for the return (9 miles total).  Paris led the group along a special short cut, joining up with Farmers, and then proceeded along a new part of Aukai Street, giving us a different view of the neighborhood.  At the Farmers park we joined the big dog club to sing happy birthday to a few special individuals (or dogs).  Once at Triangle Park, some tried to pick up the pace with the promise of yummy treats at the finish.  Kerry, Kevin, Jun, & John led the pack.  The many shades of ocean blue looked so inviting heading back over Diamond Head.  In the end we completed about 10.31 miles in just over 2 hours total, or 1:50 running only time.

Homework keeps us fit and focused as we push along towards marathon day.  Please continue to do 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between.  This discipline will pay off in the end.

By now you should have found your ideal pace group.  If not, keep trying out the different groups, but try to settle on your group by the end of this month.  It will be tougher as most groups are now in double digits.

Congrats to the many HMCers who raced in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Hibiscus Half Marathon on Memorial Day Sunday.  Running for a cause…what a great combination.  Good job also to the 8 Silvers who took on the challenge and completed a 10-mile Tantalus run on Memorial Day.  Amongst the hard core runners were:  Tony, John, Jun, Speedy Joe, Dayna, Kevin, and Sharoness (Leo too?)I heard the views were amazing.  Next Tantalus trek will be Labor Day weekend (if not sooner).

UPCOMING:  The first bus run is June 23.  Please don’t forget to sign up and come 15 minutes earlier than regular clinic time, or you will be left behind.

Other Races:  Early registration for the Marathon Readiness Series ends June 5.  First race is August 11th.  This is a prime opportunity for first time marathoners to get some race experience in preparation for marathon day.  Two of the 5 races are non-marathon route, for those who like variety.  If you cannot do the whole series, pick a few, including the 30K.  See for more info.

 White Group by Blair Hoashi

.(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

An enthusiastic and jovial group of 40(!) runners started off with us today; while Guru Sam took some of our members back after the Kahala gas station (8 miles), many continued on for the full ten miler (our first).  Staffers Richard and Blair led the way onward to the “phone booth” (the 10 mile turnaround point) and back.  The weather at the start was perfect –nice cooling winds, cloudy skies, and even a trickle of drizzle.  But as our run progressed, the heat and humidity “appeared” to make our return a bit more challenging.

At the Kahala gas station, the 40 + group dispersed onto the roadway and segmented into subgroups, each with their own agenda.  But the majority stuck with the program and endured the group’s first ten miler – Russell, Mayumi, Quen, Jaynie and her friend from the Korean Running Club, Tamara, Eric, Joy, Duane, mom Azusa and son, Joshua, Jolene ,Larry, and Rosie(from Switzerland) were some of members who made it to the “phone booth” and back.  Congratulations!

 We continue our ten milers for the rest of the month with the “lovely” Kahala Avenue route added on the last Sunday of the month.  As discussed, without doing our “homework”, the longer runs are going to be very difficult.  Also, water bottles and energy replacements are highly recommended.


 Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

Nice day, sunny and breezy.  Walking the slow walkers joined us, bringing our total up to 18 starters.  As usual, leader Cliff released everyone from group cohesion for the final leg in from Triangle Park , so the number of finishers is unknown.  At least some of the slow walkers stayed with us, and were glad for the experience.  We went to the Arco station and back and back along Keala`olu/Kahala, for 8.6 miles under ideal conditions.

We’re done with the PTA and ready to ramp up the training.  Beginning in June we step up to three midweek one-hour walks to keep us in shape for the long Sundays.  Remember our goal for the end of the training phase is 30-mile weeks, and at our pace that’s going to require 90 minutes midweek rather than 60.  Not yet, but that’s where we want to be in October.  So four times a week plus four recovery days in between – do the math and you’ll see that it’s going to take eight-day weeks.  Rather than wait for this to happen, Cliff solves the math problem with Tuesday and Friday morning walks, plus Wednesday evening. That’s cheating a little on the day of rest, but hey, works for me!  Cliff meets some of the 16’s Wednesday evenings, 5:45 at the Clinic meeting place in Kapiolani Park. Y’all come!

 Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:  

Before the start of our session it was great to see Bailey return wearing her bright neon green cast…  in May she took a down / up tumble in the blink of an eye… people thought she lost traction and hit the ground with her hand to regain balance… no cut / pain, until the evening… Dr.  visit and diagnosis was broken bones – plural – thus the cast.  No one plans to fall, but we see that even an “instantaneous” dip can have substantial effects… all should try their best to be careful in their training.  One cast per training year is one too many.  We all wish her a quick & complete recovery.   An excellent training day – overcast, then rain, then sunshine… good practice for whatever the weather will be on marathon day.  Green 15 had 12 members who did 8.03 miles today in 1 hr 59 min and 34 sec…   that’s 14.9 min / mile.  Even faster for the SHOW OFFS who RACED back from MOH Park to the finish to grab some ono goodies – good for you – nice strong finish.  Unofficially, last week we did 7.6 miles in 1-54 which was exactly 15 min per mile.    For 13 weeks the Green 15 team has consistently stayed on track to finish the Dec 2013 marathon at a 15 min / mile pace – great job you all.  Welcome to Professor Xu Dong who joined us Sunday and plans to continue at the 15 pace.    Next Sunday is almost the same route, but we’ll bump the distance up to 8.5 miles.  Question is will Miss T bring a guest?  Do your 3 hrs of practice during the week.  Aloha

Golden 14’s by Sandra Padua:

Today’s run was led by first time leader Lisa Valderueda as Sensei Norm was on vacation in SF and Dean Takashige is away at work in Guam.  We were in good hands as Lisa led 18 runners in a very even 14min pace up our usual route of Diamond Head going towards the Aloha Gas Station for a 8 mile run.  A few people mentioned that they found the pace to be very easy to follow, so great job Lisa.

We stopped at all the water stops to encourage everyone to get into the habit of drinking water as well as to give the newcomers a little rest time(very little) as they learn to add 2 more miles to their route.  By the time we got to the gas station, we were down to 13 runners.  Please remember to do your 2 homework runs of 6-8miles so that the Sunday runs will become easier.

Everyone did a great job keeping to a single file even when we were on our return route.  Also, we were able to introduce our new runners to the 2 Kahala neighborhood water fountains between the baseball field and triangle park.

We came back to the park in good time but once again the 15s have beaten us back to the park to enjoy the goodies that Gail and Jason has prepared for us.  Thanks to both of them for taking the time to bake these goodies.  We really appreciate the generous donation:  your time as well as the wonderful food.

We ran 8.4 miles and expended about 600 calories.

 Da Comment Corner:

 Mugged in Manila:

First, I would like to apologize for all of the inconvenience and confusion that was created when an email, purportedly sent by me mentioned that I was in trouble in the Philippines a few weeks ago.   My Yahoo mail account was “hacked into” and these “internet hoodlums” sent out an email that stated that I was mugged and in dire need of funds in the Philippines.

I appreciated the numerous emails and phone calls expressing concern.  I quickly contacted Yahoo who remedied the situation.  The “hackers” are not able to access or send any more fictitious emails from my account and I have been assured that the situation has been “secured”.

Again, thank you for your worry and concern!

 Promises, promises (repeat):

Skechers USA , whose Shape-Ups shoes advertised that it would help customers  easily lose weight and tone their butt, leg and stomach muscles, must pay a  $40 million settlement for false promises via its ads.    (From a Time magazine excerpt)

(I guess there are no short cuts to getting in “shape”.  Homework runs?)

 See you at the water stops,