Blair’s Weekly Update 05-12-2013

What Parking?

Congrats to all of our members who made it to the clinic despite the difficulty in getting there then finding parking near our meeting place due to the relay race!   Clinic runners ROCK!


 Table Duty:

Many of the Purple Group, wearing purple tops and adorned with beautiful purple leis provided the fabulous spread of food and drinks!  Much thanks to Marsha, Melissa, Lorna, Bennie, and Tim for doing such an awesome job!    No wonder Nelson’s Oasis (graciously provided by leader Nelson and his Purple Gang) at the second beach park is so well organized!


Happy Mother’s Day!


Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David FitzPatrick:

(Pace – < 9:00 min. per mile)

Hi folks! The advanced group goal is to run the marathon under 4 hours which is a 9 min/mile pace or faster. The advanced group met at Kawaikui Beach Park at 6:20 and ran 14 miles in nice conditions. We enjoyed cheering on the marathon relay participants. Donis should return next week and we’re looking forward to some great stories. Next week we meet at Kawaikui Beach Park at 6:20 am.


Red Group by Jeff Beard:

(Pace – 9:00 – 10:00 min. per mile)

The Red Group went out to the Kahala gas station and back on a hot, MUGGY day – thankfully there was a light, constant breeze and an occasional mist, but it was still a grueling run. Rachun, Greg (just back from Guam) and I started out at an easy pace, but Rachun and Greg quickly picked it up (they were keeping up with the Advanced Group). Rachun kept at it (I believe he averaged around 9:30 per mile), but Greg and I kept up with the back of the Gray Group. I lagged pretty badly the first few miles, but got a second wind coming up Kahala (of all places), and was able to charge up Diamond Head hill and cruise back down to the park. Not a great run for me, but I was still able to average around 10 minutes per mile for the 8 mile run. I looks like it will be muggy for a while, so drink plenty of water, Gatorade, whatever – just drink.

Big mahalos to the Purples for the great spread of food – Benny, Marsha, Lorna and Melissa – you are awesome!


Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Perfect weather day, for our dedication run the 20 running were, staffers: Andy  (he’s ba-a-ack), Byron, Nikki and myself  leading the GR8T GREYS for our first 10 miler! Running to the telephone pole and back were Henry, Dan, Laura, Christine, Lina, Marisol, Tom, Kevin, Jess, Dr.Rob, Romeo, Brandon, Emily, Izumi, Jun, and Colter (welcome!). What made us so GR8T? We all stayed together, and endured it strong!  Thank you Nikki, for the consistent pace you set to start off the first half.  We ran for Coach Ron’s father in-law, Professor Robert “Papa” Potter, in celebration of his life; he lived larger than himself. You may remember “Papa”, who was wheeled over the Honolulu Marathon 2012 finish line with the Alford/Potter family, a sight to be seen!  Papa, a professor of education for UH, an educator, author, orator, was truly an inspiration, a man of integrity. The lives “Papa” has touched and impacted span across all 7 continents and the many states he toured with his wife on race bike tours. He served in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor for WWII and vowed to return to Hawaii, loving the beauty of the islands, and the people here. Everyone here was “accepted” unlike the segregation issues he experienced in the South.
Well, in appreciation for all of the military, being Military Appreciation month, we honor all of you. To all of you serving, have served, hat’s off to you, we salute you! In our GREYS alone, we have Andy, Byron, Daniel, Rob (photographer), and let us know, if anyone else I missed. Also, to future generations, like up and coming, Pete‘s grandson, who graduated in engineering at Georgia Tech.
We also honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Recently we lost Reid Nishizuka , a pilot in the Air Force, whose  MC-12  aircraft was gunned down in Afghanistan; he was the son of a classmate of mine.
Hope all you mother’s had a great Mother’s Day! The last 6 miles of my 2012 Honolulu Marathon was dedicated to my mother, then 94, who was in the hospital. Today, we are bringing her home! My last 6 miles I ran for her recovery (it was going to take all heart, gut and whatever she had left in her to make it through, we didn’t even know if she would ever walk again). So, those 6 miles was for 6 years for her to make it to 100. She had a birthday, is now 95, and has progressed to the walking with a walker. Cleaning her room, I was moved to find my father’s WWII combat jacket; I also honor my dad’s service in the 100th battalion.

I gave my Honolulu Marathon 2012 medal to my mother and my mother’s response, “You’re crazy to run 26 miles!  Aren’t you tired?” My response, “Yes, mom, I am tired.”

My sister’s comment, “Wow!  40th!  Ivie, you did well!” Savoring that feeling for a split second, I had to then tell my sister, the 40th meant it was Honolulu’s 40th marathon”.

We all have our own goals for the Honolulu Marathon, and each of our goals, when we cross that finish line, will make us all larger than ourselves! Don’t forget to double knot those shoelaces. Stay safe.

Wednesday :  Midweek run 5:30 pm Ala Moana Magic Island entrance/ parking lot. 1 hour (run 2 x 1hr runs plus your long run on Sunday)


May 5     – 8 miles
May 12th – 10.44 miles Thank you for our stats: Emily and Dr. Rob. running time: 1hr 39 minutes 9:58 to 10:00 minute running pace. Overall time: 2 hr 6 minutes overall pace: 12:29, 1,187 calories. We earned mother’s day brunch.
May 19th – 10 miles
May 26 th 10 miles (if there is no official marathon clinic, we will meet at 7am, stay-tuned)



Silver Group by Paris Monti:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

A small, but strong, group of seven Silver runners took off from Kapiolani Park this morning on their official 8-mile training run; it turned out to be over 9.5 miles by the will of  the running members, who at the Aloha Station wished to continue on to Kalanianaole and to the 10-mile turn-around mark, skipping the neighborhood streets. Making up this exceptional group were Kevin, Dawn, Jolie, Carl, Darryl and I. Weather conditions were kind of hot, but punctuated briefly by some cool breezes which helped a lot. Also, at a certain point, we were blessed by some drizzling out of the blue, as there were no rain clouds above; we must be running truly in Paradise. Our average running pace was 10:30 and our stops were brief. On the way back, about the Aloha Gas station, we met our indomitable Lynnae, in the process of making a positive difference to her Ekiden team showing. Great job, everyone! Keep up the homework runs.


The Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 minutes per mile)

Teal Group – I’m sorry I missed last week’s write up!  This Sunday we were back to our warm sunny weather.  Group leaders Diane and Norm lead about 13 of us on just under an 8-mile run.  We had Russ, Marissa, Ivan, David, Katie, Jasmine, Shelley, and newcomers – Shelley’s friend, Grace, and Staci and Dana who were testing out a slightly faster pace from the White Group.  Lianne and Michelle joined up with us at the gas station to finish up the last half of the run.  We averaged between an 11:30-12min mile pace – right on track!  Some items discussed during the run: Norm talked about how our Sunday runs are probably going to be a slightly slower pace than what we’re normally capable of.  We slow things down a bit since we’re increasing distance.  David shared his new Garmin – the Forerunner 10.  It’s a lot smaller than the previous styles and comes in fun colors!  After last week’s rainy run, it sounded like most people escaped without any chafe-age.  For those of us who didn’t fare as well, don’t forget to lube up with some Body Glide anti-chafe on the rainy days, or extra long sweaty runs!  See you all next week for another 8-miler!


White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

We did our first 8 miler today and will continue at this distance till the end of the month.

A “snowball effect” takes place with our group every so often – we started off as 24 members strong but as we went through our route, our member count got gradually larger; we eventually ended up with 30 runners.   It could be the “Pied Piper Effect “of Guru Sam and his merry band of runners of the White Group –friendly banter, joking, games, and (oh, yeah) some running, usually make up the agenda for a White Group run.   In the coming months, as our Sunday runs get longer and our mornings hotter, our banter (especially on the return route) becomes minimal and perhaps we get a tad more serious (and tired), but rest assured the conviviality of the group remains.  So for those whose running inclinations are geared more toward the “serious side”, don’t worry, your time is coming.  Be patient- we need to build up a good “foundation” first.

Staff leaders Guru Sam and “sweeper” Blair were accompanied by a very jovial and friendly group of runners today – Lisa, Azusa and son, Joshua, Bob (Happy Belated Birthday!), Quen, Kumiko, Mayumi, Glenda, Clyde, Agnes, Russell, Sue, Janie (who made it up Diamond Head today),  newcomer Misa, Daniel and wife, Rose, from Switzerland, just to name a few.  I will get to many more of you as our training progresses.

Please try and keep up with your homework runs as our distances with get longer and our mornings hotter.

Please sign for the Bus Run – a good change of venue and we run on the actual marathon route. 



Walkers by George Ushijima:

Mother’s Day greeted us with awesome weather – that’s sunshine and a slight breeze. A very small group of us did our 6 miles, returning via Puu Panini St. The routes just keep on changing every week. We saw the Honolulu Ekiden event and had a pleasant day.
Keep on walking!


Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

MAHALO to the table duty crew on Mother’s Day… You super ladies laid out a banquet!

Hot, hot, hot… but that didn’t slow the Green 15 team of 9 today…    heavy rain one Sunday followed by hot temps the next Sunday…  the good news is all our clinic participants will be ready for the December marathon no matter what the weather is like… bring it on.   Green 15 welcomed Abe and Andrea who decided to pick up their pace somewhat and join our group [we didn’t ask if they had been in the 14 or 16 group previously, chuckle chuckle]  …surprise…   Abe was smiling and sweating when he told our pace leader: `You’ve got a quick walking pace.’   We all stayed very close today as we did a 6.5 mile loop including Elepaio, returning to the park in 97 minutes for an overall pace of 14.92 min / mile today.  Our water “stops” are getting pretty close to a NASCAR pit stop in choreography and speed… most folks slow down and drink from their bottles and a couple drink from the fountain or refill their bottle – in and out just like water “stops” on marathon day.   Two months into training and we remain on track to finish the marathon at a 15 min / mile pace … aim to be under the Finish banner in 6 hr 33 min.   We suffered one mishap on the trail when an experienced jogger tripped on an uneven sidewalk…  her double fabric slacks prevented what could have been a nasty cut to the knee.  Suffice to say we all must be careful out there… streets and sidewalks are dangerous places.   Next Sunday it’s 7 miles … that’s 1 hr 45 min if you’re scheduling an appt.  Do 2 one- hour training sessions during the coming week.  Bonus question to see how observant Green 15 members are… as we passed 608 Elepaio St there was a BMW and Mercedes Benz in the gated driveway… from what State were the license plates?


Sweet Sixteens by Cliff Hand:

The combination for Mother’s Day and the threats of parking difficulties cut the 16’s down to about half size today.  We started out with eleven walkers, expecting to suffer from the heat.  But it turned out OK, and there were no complaints about the heat.  There were a few complaints about the pace, which was slightly faster than 16 mpm. However after we finished the complainers were glad to have been challenged.  There’s some evidence for this: with 2.2 to go at Triangle Park we followed our custom and released everyone to finish at their own pace.  All but two finished before leader Cliff, which seems to indicate that two months of training is beginning to show.  For further evidence, we had two members, Andrea and Abe, who left us to join a faster group.  We’ll miss them, but we don’t want to hold anyone back.  We wanted to go seven miles today, working our way up to eight next month, but Cliff miscalculated and took the group for 7.5 miles.  Again, no complaints – an unscientific poll indicated a clear majority of members who were glad of the challenge. We’re rockin’, man!


Green 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Mothers Day Sunday- it most likely caused the low turnout of members.

Dean led a group that started out with about 12, assisted by Lisa, Gail and Sandra, who already completed the first leg of the Ekiden relay.

Summer is here; it was a hot morning but luckily we had a breeze to help cool us off. As a reminder –  as the days are heating up and are runs  get longer, you need to practice drinking water at every water stop to avoid dehydrating.

One runner did trip and fall; luckily there was no major injury. Please be careful on the sidewalks because there are lots of uneven sections that can cause a fall. If you do fall don’t be in such a hurry to jump back up. That’s the normal reaction, and if we didn’t see you fall we probably heard you so don’t worry about standing back up so soon. More importantly stop to make sure you are ok, no pain, besides the obvious skinned knees etc. Make sure you don’t have a sprained or even worse a fractured ankle or the like.

If you are not feeling well let me or one of the staff members know how you are doing. You may need to sit and rest and drink more water or just slow down and walk. Keep us informed so we can help you.

We ran 6.19 miles in one hour and 43 minutes and burned about 571 calories.

Do your two 1 hour runs and we will see you next Sunday.


Da Comment Corner:

Bus Run June 23:

Please sign up on the bulletin board – it gives us an idea as to the number of buses needed which is very helpful in keeping the clinic’s costs down.  Most of the runners will be dropped off at Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s restaurant in Hawaii Kai – about 9 miles).


Belated Happy Mothers’ Day!


See you at the water stops,