Blair’s Weekly Update 04-28-2013


Table Duty:

Much mahalo to staffers Tony and Sandy P. for all of the great goodies today!  It was very much appreciatedboy, it was hot today!   They wanted to thank Thomas P. for donating the wonderful oranges and strawberries; Bob for the great sweetbread rolls; and Carl for the crunchy pretzels.  Special thanks to Blair’s son, Zach for providing a container of his “special recipe” lemonade; he participated in a lemonade making/sales contest (for charity) yesterday and had a few ingredients left over so decided to share it with our members.

Thanks as usual to Jeff, Red Group leader who always shares his great mango bread with us!

Apologies for missing first time staff member Lisa, who assisted Dean at last week’s table.


Next Sunday’s Picnic:   

Enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow runners and share your latest gastronomic creation with fellow runners.  Friends and family invited; a $1 fee per person; soft drinks and Zippy’s chili and rice provided.   Groups do their usual run then enjoy the picnic afterward.  Start time around 9:45 a.m.


Group Reports:

Advanced Group by David Fitzpatrick:

(Pace < 9:00 min. per mile)

The advanced group met at Kawaikui Beach Park at 6:15 am, ran about seven miles too quickly to hear Doc’s talk. Les said we aren’t respecting our elders! We ran back to the beach park for a total of about fourteen miles. Les, Nancy, and I were joined by Neil who is a great guy. We met Mark at the beach park, and joined a great birthday party at the finish :0) Parking is scare at Kawaikui beach park, so one recommendation is to park on Hawaii Loa street. Next week we are starting at Kawaikui beach park and sticking to 8:30 min per mile and don’t forget the picnic at Kapiolani park.


Red Group by Jeff Beard:

(Pace 9:00 -10:00 min. per mile)

This Sunday’s run was hot and MUGGY! I didn’t realize just how humid it was until I got back to the park – I was soaked, and so was pretty much everybody who came in. The Reds (Tim, Rachun and I) opted for an “easy” 5½ mile run, up Monsarrat around the back side of Diamond Head, down to Elepaio and through the neighborhood. Even that was tough – I think we barely even averaged 11 minutes per mile. On days such as this, it’s especially important to drink plenty of water, Gatorade, etc. Next week, the Reds will probably go out 7-8 miles – whatever it takes to get back in time for the picnic!


GREY Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal-sub-5 hour marathon)

Nikki and I started with 26 groaning GREYs on a super HUMID Sunday. At mile 2, volunteer runners stepped up to lead the pace: Mindy (mile 2 to 4) and Emily (mile 4 to 6, the Kahala Avenue stretch). Ron met us at mile 3, and led us mile 6 to marathon finish. Gr8 Pacers, thank you, thank you! G8ful runners were: Tom, Marisol, Lina, Laura, Christine, Lance, Romeo, Peter (wow, of Hungary), Afsheen, Prashad (So.India, UC-San Diego, and UC-Berkeley), Brandon, Izumi, Kevin (congrats on North Shore marathon), Bill, Jason, Lien, Dr.Rob, Donna, Daniel, and welcome to: Ross and Jaci.
Thank you Ron-even being so busy taking care of Papa,(father-in-law) a recent hospitalization, he still met up with us. At mile 6, Ron shared tips of tying our shoelaces to avoid having to stop or trip over them. He showed us the double knotting technique! Ron comes to us with great coaching experience, training runners in Atlanta, GA, and D.C.
Some tidbits in the recent Runner’s World: Do not slip off still-tied running shoes. Day after day, week after week, month after month, ankle twisting damage ankle ligaments. Ron showed us how easy it is to untie those shoelaces. During our low mileage early in training, use your workout time to build and strengthen your muscles. This will help prevent injury, and strengthen our whole body. The marathon is the total body (mind/soul) training!  Dr. Scaff talked about weight. Yep, I need to be losing my weight during this time. 5 to 10 pounds, anyone else share the same agenda as me? Boston qualifying time: our group will qualify- Men age 80, Women age 70 (for 5 hours). We’re in this for life! The “Over the Hill Gang”, one of America’s oldest and most dedicated running groups, from Oahu, share the secret to longevity – show up, start talking, and keep moving.  The average age of group is 85.2 years. Tom Knoll age 80 comes to our clinic often.
Mid-Week Run: Wednesday, 5:30 pm Ala Moana Magic Island parking lot entrance. 1 hour run

April 7 – 7 miles: Shoe Talk Total time: 2:37, Running Time: 1:13 Running Pace 10:25

April 14 – 8.3 miles the Aloha Gas Station. Total time: 1:42 Overall pace: 12:14 Running pace: 9:50 to 10:45

April 21 – 8 miles

April 28 – 8.6 miles (Kahala Avenue and Marathon Finish, greeted Queen Kapiolani) 1:40 total time. 11:38 minute/mile, Running Pace ranged: 9:10 to 11:06 Calories: 1010 (male)


May 5th – 8 miles Picnic (you may come at 7 am to get in 2 miles prior to clinic), that would give you 10 miles for May 5th

***Add PIX***


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 mi. per mile)

Volunteer staff leaders Paris and Lynnae led 16 Silvers on another 8-mile run to the gas station and back.  We missed Tony today, but he was hard at work preparing the delicious treats for table duty – the popcorn and trail mix were yummy!  Silvers in attendance included:  John, Joe, Scott, Sun Hee, and Yong MoonJoe proudly showed off his new Nike+ running watch, and some looked on with envy.  We also welcomed some runners from other groups, like Eunice and Jen – the more the merrier.  The Silvers did a great job today signaling to one another.  Today there seemed to be a lot of obstacles, both moving and stationary, so the hand signals were appreciated.

Weather conditions were extreme again… summer has arrived early.  The haze and humidity got to near unbearable conditions.  (Felt like jumping into the ocean after the first couple of miles.)  This was a good opportunity to check our hydration levels.  It was imperative not to miss any water stops, and to take in more fluid than normal.  Fortunately, many of us brought our supplements to help with replenishment.  And of course the gas station’s a/c was a welcome break.

On the return, Paris led most of the group along Kahala Avenue.  Those guys are tough.  They attacked Kahala Avenue in warrior-like fashion, just like the experienced marathoners they are.  In the meantime, Lynnae, Scott, Eunice, and Jen, in desperate need of cooler conditions, enjoyed the shady side of Farmers road and the extra water stops along the way.  As we neared the park after coming over Diamond Head, Scott was a good Samaritan to a couple of stranded Japanese tourists, and pushed their little pink rental buggy-scooter out from the stuck position it was in.  Those girls were fortunate; they could have been easily hit by an unsuspecting vehicle coming down the road, unaware of what’s around the bend.  All in a day’s work for the HMC runner, right?

Next week we’ll do another 8 miles to the gas station and back.

HOMEWORK:  Continue to do 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between.  Remember that rest days are important to the marathon training regimen.  As the forecast shows similar hazy conditions next week, consider packing a supplement or bring a water bottle with a sport drink, and try hydrating the night before.


 Teal Group by Jann Kadowaki:

(Pace 11:30 – 12:30 min. per mile)

The Teal Group started with 17 runners – group leaders Diane and Norm, Russ, Gary, Marissa, Janet, Lianne, Michelle, Desiree, Jasmine, Ivan, David, Steven, Katie, Carolyn, and Tamra. We stopped at Triangle Park and had a brief discussion on salt tabs and another product I forgot the name of (sorry!) to help us stay hydrated – in addition to water on hot and sweaty days like this past Sunday. Russ and Gary had an earlier start to their run so they left us at the doggie park. We continued on our normal route but added in a bit extra by stopping by the house that so kindly puts out a water jug with icy water for runners. We’ll do one more 6.5ish mile run next week for the potluck and will start doing 8 miles after that. We all had a slightly speedier finish and ended the run together as a group. Another awesome run, see you all next week!


White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Guru Sam counted 37 members comprising the group today.  We welcomed our annual returnee Daniel from Switzerland who was accompanied by his beautiful wife Rose this time.   We also welcomed Linda who is moving up from the beginners ‘Lucky 13’s.  Yuji and her son, Joshua, Lisa, Russell, Kumiko, Mayumi, nurses Jennifer and Agnes (whose husbands [brothers] are also running with the clinic), Dana (without Stacy, this time), Quen, Bob, Judy, Eric, Debbie, two members of the Korean Running Group  and a host of others made up our festive and celebratory group!   Dwight, Richard and I assisted the Guru with the large group.   I actually ran with three different groups today – due to my “sweeper duties” with the White Group which set me back a bit from the group,  I got to run with Val’s Blues and also, Diane and Jann’s Teal Group  which was circling back to add an extra mile to their run.  I truly enjoyed my time with all of the groups and the camaraderie of each of the groups was invigorating and motivating!  Great leadership by all of the staff leaders – no wonder the clinic gets more and more popular every year!

See you all at the picnic next week!  We start our 8 milers the week after!


Blue Group:

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 min. per mile)

Approximately six staunch members were with the group today.  Staff leader Val took the group through the six mile route at a pace of approximately 12:30 minutes per mile.  The group will plan to up its mileage to 8 miles after next week’s picnic.  So, please continue with your homework.



(All walking speeds and 13-minute > running pace.)  

Walkers by George Ushijima:

The weather was again great, but you have to ignore the vog. We were joined this week by Alec and Jeanette, who came to the clinic for the first time. With the weather like this, we really have to remember to keep hydrated. Road safety was observed all the way, with a great single file passing others. It’s almost May, so we did a little more by going down 18th Avenue and back to Diamond Head Road. We’re all looking forward to the pot luck next week.
Keep on walking!


Sweet 16’s by Cliff Hand:

We’re growing – 23 fast walkers today! Some grumbling about the heat, but most of us realize that we’re building up tolerance that will be needed as the season progresses. We’ve completed our ramping up to next week’s jump to a six-mile distance. Today we did 5.9 miles, so next week’s six will be a piece of cake. Or, as easy as pie. Either is appropriate for next week, because after we finish our piece-of-cake mileage we’re all looking forward to the pot-luck. An informal survey revealed that not one of us has decided what food to bring. Oh well, we have another six days to come up with an idea. Our Wednesday evening homework walk has been changed to meet at 5:45 pm at Kapiolani Park. Y’all come!


Green 15’s by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 had another great outing Sunday… Leader Lou had arranged a surprise meeting for us atop DH lookout with his neighbor, none other than Gladys Burrill who is in the Guinness Book of Records as the eldest female marathon finisher in the world [Honolulu in 2010, age 92]. She was as charming and gracious as always… a real inspiration and motivator for our beginner group… Since she is not training for the 2013 marathon, she “only” walks about 30-35 miles a week currently… and she’s 94! One of our ladies said that the clinic is challenging, but having met Gladys, she WILL complete this 2013 marathon. Green Team had 11 in tow and went out for 5.6 miles today, returning in 1 hr 27 min.,  about 15.5 min / mile, but the chat and hugs with Gladys was well worth the brief time standing still.  If we combine last week’s 5 miler at 14.85 min / mile, then our average for the 2 weeks is 15.1 min / mile… that’s close enough to our advertised 15 min / mile.  Doncha luv math?  Next week will be our first 1.5 hr Sunday training session – we will go out 6 miles and get in some appreciation for the arts – sculptures particularly.   Please DO your two one-hour training runs during the week… we don’t want you to be tired or have shin splints on Sundays.  And if you wear new shoes for the first time on our Sunday runs, try putting a band aid across your heel at home to avoid those potential new shoes blisters. See you next Sunday; aloha!


 Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda

Staff leaders Jason, Gail, Maile and Norm led about 20 Golden 14ers on a “long” 4 mile run out to Medal of Honor Park and beyond. We cut the pace back to about 14.5 minutes per mile because of the high heat, humidity and vog but increased the length of the run to 5.4 miles in order to prepare for next week’s increase in mileage. Everyone looked strong at the finish and next week’s 6 mile run (only .6 mile increase) should not be any problem. Topics and questions today included: “what to eat before and during the run”. Answer; eat whatever doesn’t upset your stomach. Treat your long runs as practice marathons in order to find your perfect food. You have seven months to experiment on your diet.  And, during the run? I prefer Li Hing orange peel pellets or pretzels. These will provide salt and sugar without the mess of gels or other foods. Don’t miss the picnic this Sunday. Good chance to sit and talk without huffing and puffing.


Lucky 13’s by Ed Chu:

Kali and Ed led an unusually small 13s group this week. We ran 6.55 miles at an average pace of about 12:30/mile. We talked about the importance of hydrating. We also encouraged the runners to start bringing their own water/sports drink with them on the run as sometimes the water fountains are out of service. We also encouraged the runners, if they haven’t already, to purchase their new pair of running shoes. This will allow them time to find a shoe they like, and break it in, without enough time to get another new pair (with time to break in) before the Marathon.


Da Comment Corner:

 Special Discount Cards from the Runners’ Route:

Tomo, manager of Runner’s Route on Kapiolani near Piikoi Street, provided us with specially printed Honolulu Marathon Clinic 20% off discount cards to use at their establishment for all purchases except for Garmin products. Cards can be picked up at the table. Mahalo, Runners’ Route!!


Runner’s World quote:

“I don’t have a runner’s body, but I have a runner’s heart – and that is all you need”.

 Jennifer Morris, Runner’s World Challenger


“Training of the mind and body leads to awareness of the soul.”
– B.K.S. Iyengar


See you at the picnic and at the water stops,