Blair’s Weekly Update 03-24-2013

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff talked about the magic of running 1 hour.

We’re built to work on both carbohydrates and fat.  Carbohydrates allow us to sprint, but we don’t have enough carbohydrates in our body to go 26 miles.  Fat, we have enough to go almost anywhere.

In pure carbohydrate metabolism when we take in 1 molecule of oxygen we expel 1 molecule of carbon dioxide and water, in a respiratory quotient of 1.  As we start getting into fat metabolism our respiratory quotient becomes less efficient.  Marathon runners get down to 0.4 – they are extremely efficient fat burners.  So when all these books tell you that you should be on a low fat diet that is like not putting fuel in your tank.  Your body was built to burn fuel and when you are burning it you are not raising your cholesterol or your blood sugar and all the other things you have heard are bad.  The key is eating a mixed balanced diet.

Running for 1 hour, 3 times per week, that’s the magic.

At 20 minutes of running you start switching from burning carbohydrates to burning fat, and after 40 minutes you are burning 80% fat.  So if you don’t run for longer than 40 minutes you are not getting any benefit.  

As you run, your basal metabolic rate goes up and after an hour your temperature is about 101 degrees Fahrenheit.  As long as you are at 101 degrees Fahrenheit you are burning more calories than you would at any other timeand you continue to burn your own fat until you take that first bite of food.  With the increased basal metabolic rate and not eating, you are burning your own fat, almost exclusively.

A lot of people report that they are losing a lot more weight than they would have anticipated. Long distance running is one of the easiest ways to lose weight on a regular basis.

If you measure oxytocinthe cuddle enzyme, oxytocin goes up during a runand it makes you feel good.

Ernest van Aaken, a famous German physiologist characterized running as re-creation of primeval child’s play.  Kids are programmed to run, and that is why Dr. Scaff does not mind properly motivated 8-year-old kids running marathons, because they are running anyhow.

Run 1 hour, 3 times per week, that is all you have to worry about, don’t worry about your speed, just be able to talk the whole time.

For much more running-related information, read Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

Next week:  How to judge if you are going at the right pace.

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Table Duty:

We want to thank staffer Byron for the variety of snacks, drinks, and homemade butter mochi  cake!  Delicious!!!!  I am sure Ivie and the rest of the Grays missed you!

Group Reports:

Red Group by Jeff Beard:

(Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 min. per mile)

The Red group is back! – Sunday, we went out with 5 runners – Red regulars Greg, Rachun and myself, plus JJ (Grays) and Robert (Pinks). We did the Elepaio loop for an easy 6+ miles – average pace was about 9:30 for Greg and JJ, sub-10:00 for Robert & I, & in between for Rachun. Conditions were great for running – cool, breezy and overcast – a little humid at times, but, overall, a great day for running. We’ll probably keep it at 6 for next week, then kick it to 8 for April – gradual increases in our weekly and Sunday runs is the key – hope to see you all next week.


Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

32 GREYS on Sunday, Holy Schmoly! Ron, Andy and myself  led Lien, Bill, Jesse, John, Jillian, Brandon, Emily, Mindy, Christine (x2 ), Laura, Dr. Rob, Lance (welcome back), Davin, Daniel, Aurene, Michael, Janna, Theresa, Trevor and newcomers to GREY: Izumi, Jun, Romeo, I have definitely missed a lot of your names. Overcast weather with very light sprinkles made for a comfortable run of 6.1 miles. We really kept as a group. A HUGE group this Sunday, but, all of you were awesome, remaining responsible, courteous runners, running single file. We did not hog the sidewalks, or stumble over each other. Great job! Thank you!
Start working your 2 x 1 hour homework runs into your weekly routine. This should become part of your schedule, not “if I have time.” Your body will love you for it! You do it because you’re your priority.

Dr. Scaff  talked about how we really are “born to run”. We were designed for this, and do obtain a natural high from the chemicals released from running, endorphins. I’ve always loved running due to the simple nature of this sport. Carry extra change of clothes, and a spare pair of running shoes in your car. Anytime you find a pocket of time, you can go for a homework run! When your order won’t be ready for another 15 to 30 minutes, you’ll never be disappointed, just tell the clerk, “Thank you, I will be back in an hour!” The more we run, the more efficient we get at it. We sink into the natural stride of running, building efficiency. Our hour runs will start to trek in more distance. There are no extra fees with running, no need to rally a team together, no need to find a court, course, or equipment. You can run by yourself and shoes, with a partner, a group, or with a multitude in a race, with tens of thousands. What other sport could be so perfect. Guess for those who are single, you could even go on a running date. You don’t need to go for a drink, running’s a natural high, and a lot of conversation going on and you are finding someone who enjoys what you do. Motherly advice, don’t do this while you are in your “PTA” weeks (pain, torture and agony). Eating after the run, may cost you more, though. You know how famished we get. Running is so pure and simple.

Starting at 7 am for an extra 2.11 mile run around Kapiolani Park and the zoo, were: Andy, Lien, Bill, Emily, Mindy, Jillian, Cody myself, for about a 9 minute/mile pace. Grandpa Norm told us to be “gentle” on Cody,. While running, Cody said, “I like this pace”. I responded to Cody, “Good for you, you’re young! I can’t talk. This is faster than usual.” Those of you who want to do an extra 2 miles next week, may start at 7am: Look for Mindy and Emily

Thank you Byron for the awesome refreshments at table duty. Andy will be on table duty next Sunday. Nikki should be with the clinic next week. She is on her trip to San Diego and LA during her spring break.

Midweek run: for now, Wednesdays are confirmed: 5:30 pm Ala Moana Park, Magic Island front of parking lot. 1 hour run.


March 10th – 6.1 miles Overall Pace: 12:05 minutes per mile Overall Running Pace: 9:57 minutes per mile
March 17th – 6.1 miles Overall time: 1:17 Running time: 59.56. Running pace: 10:03
March 24th – 6.1 miles Overall time: 1:28 (we had a talk story stop) Running time: 62.34 Running pace: 10:22 thanks, Lance (range 8:40 to 10:53 Diamond Head)
March 31st – 6.5 to 7 miles (same route, just taking marathon finish)

April 7th – Shoe Talk we will run to Running Room


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

For Palm Sunday the Silver group was an intimate group of 8 runners mixed of regulars and to-be-regulars, but all were experienced marathoners.  We all missed our faithful group leader Alberto, who has been sidelined by a knee injury (not acquired through running).  As a good athlete he’s listening to his body and taking a rest to allow for healing.  He did pass along his regards, because he just loves to run.  Get better soon, Alberto!  So I ended up leading the group at a slower than normal starting pace to Triangle Park.  This allowed for a good warm up (and for Scott to catch up).  It was fun getting to know Joe, Tavi, and Jasmine, and learn about their past running experiences.  “Speedy Joe” was all smiles, enjoying the endorphins kicking in; we’re so glad to have him back healthy.  It was slightly overcast and very humid until it started drizzling.  By then we were well on our way back to home base, urged to press ahead by the promise of Byron’s butter mochi waiting for us…thanks Byron!  In the end we completed about 6.5-miles, and just in time before the rain drops got bigger.  Water fountains at the top of Diamond Head are still broken…boo.  Leading us back to the park for a strong finish was Sun Hee and Yong Moon.

While we get together to have fun each Sunday from now until December, please remember that there is homework.  Homework is the key to effective marathon training for the HMC program.  Please make sure to do 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between.  Speed and pace to not matter at this point. You just want to get your body used to being in motion for a set duration.  We need to develop the proper discipline early in the year to prevent injury.

We try our best to maintain a steady pace.  If at any point you feel the pace is too fast, there’s two options:  (1) nicely register your objection with the leader; or (2) switch groups.  We can speed up a little if the group is okay with that, but it’s important that we stay together.  Try out the different pace groups now (while we’re on short distances) until you find the one that’s right for you.

The next shoe talk is April 7th at 9am, so please make plans to attend.  There’s always great information, and this year they’re offering a great benefit for HMC attendees.

Thought for the week [Saw this during one of my homework runs this week.]:  Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been. –Mark Twain.


White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

The clinic and Guru Sam, Dwight and Andy’s popularity must be flourishing – we had approximately 50 runners with us today!  The Guru, Blair and webmaster Bob led the huge group today.  When asked as to how many were training for their first marathon, almost one third of the group raised their hands; so, we should have a great mix of runners this marathon season.

The group did the usual 6 miler but Sam utilized some of our “newbies” to lead the group through certain segments of our route.  It gave these runners an opportunity to help set the pace and lead the group.  Not as easy as it looks, huh?  The Guru deserves a lot of credit for keeping such a large group so well coordinated and organized.

Newer members Dana, Stacey, David, Tom, Professor Carmelita, Dr. Lauren and her teacher friend , Scott, a few other teachers from the Ewa Beach area (will get your names next week), Dave, the two ladies rejoining us  from the 2007 White Group, and Mike (to name a few), were joined by our “regulars” Norm, Russel H., Russell U., LeAnn, Michelle, Quen,  Mayumi, Kumiko, Ron, and Naho (sorry if I missed many of you).  Also, nice to have our good friend Gary back after foot surgery!

We continue our 6 mile run next week.  Let’s make sure to keep up with your “homework runs”.

Reminder:  April 7th – Shoe Talk for the Intermediates; for those attending, we will cut our run short (to Triangle Park).  Others who are not attending will do the usual mileage.




(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

Green 15’s by Louis Crompton

Green team grew to 25 today…  made a loop around the park, then headed up to the shoe talk and back for about 4.3 mile outing in the cool drizzle.  Gaston did an excellent job of describing what to look for in a shoe, and did not try to pressure his captive audience to immediately buy from RR…  with the standing offer of a 20% discount, he’ll probably get return customers to buy due to today’s informative briefing…  those who missed it should go Sunday after Easter … listen / learn and get the 20% discount for those marathon shoes you WILL buy this summer.  Hope to see a good number of Green 15s on Easter Sunday… we’ll go sightseeing over Diamond Head, maybe spot some whales still in town?  Please DO your two one hour homework runs during the week… you’re building your foundation for the work ahead.  Aloha


Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda

The Golden 14s had a HUGE showing today, with about 60 runners doing one short lap around Kapiolani Park in order to get to the Running Room in time for the Shoe Talk.  Such a huge group is quite cumbersome at the water stops so we might split the 14s into two groups (Golden and Rainbows) until such time that the numbers get more manageable.  Next week (Easter Sunday) we will do two long laps around Kapiolani Park – these will be our last laps around Kapiolani Park until December when we start to taper.


The Shoe Talk at the Running Room was also heavily attended and I believe Gaston started to hyperventilate when he saw the crowd at the store.  If you are a newbie and missed this Shoe Talk, please attend the next one in two weeks.  The talk provides invaluable information into the how and whys of your shoes as well as insight into some of the accessories that are available.  No obligation to buy anything, but the Running Room does provide a discount for those who sign up.

Don’t forget to do your weekday homework – 2 times / at least one hour of running/walking each time.  You can join Norm’s training runs at Magic Island on Tuesday and Friday at 5:00 PM if you want company while you exercise.

Show up on Sunday – Do your homework.  You need to build a routine and get comfortable with it.  It will get easier.


Walkers 3 by George Ushijima

Returning to beautiful weather (no one got wet, much).   We all had a once around the park. There were a bit more of us this time; Noreen, Abe, Andrea, Phyllis, April, Roger, Liz, John, Dee, Braunson, April, Kaile, Donald, Venus, Becky, Rue are newbies that braved the rainy weather the previous two Sundays. Ira, Lynn, Wendy and Lorraine came back to us from last year and Roger inspired us all to keep that line a single file.  The shoe talk on Sunday was the highlight and a great learning experience. So, keep on walking!


Da Comment Corner:

Homework runs:

The “keys” to you crossing that finish line at the end of the marathon(in fairly good condition), are keeping up with your homework runs and showing up on Sundays!    Starting off with good “running habits” will pay off at the end!  In a few months, a six to eight mile run will be considered a “short run” for many of us.


“Elixir” of Youth

I am so impressed by the number of returning runners year after year.  And, every one of these runners never seems to age.  In fact, many seem to look younger each year!  Perhaps, Dr. Scaff, you’ve unlocked the secret of maintaining youth, vigor and vitality-long, slow distance runningthe elixir of youth!  Sensei Norm, Guru Sam, Ivie, Peter, Les Y, are great examples!  Of course there are many more throughout our group!    Be ready Dr. Scaff, Oprah might be calling soon.  (I’ll be glad to carry your bags to Chicago.)


Have a fantastic week and keep young!


See you at the water stops,