Blair’s Weekly Update 03-17-2013

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence:

Kicking off his 40th year of leading the Honolulu Marathon Clinic, Dr. Jack Scaff welcomed everyone to the 2013 training year and covered the “givens” of the training.

No headphones for listening to music while running.  We need all our senses engaged while running on the busy roads.

Reporting Issues:  If you see something that should be reportedinform a member of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic staffNo pets:  Dogs cannot run a marathon and they should not be amongst the crowd at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic.  “ICE” in the telephone stands for “In Case of Emergency”. Type it on your phone and list your emergency contact.  The Clinic will have a way to identify you. This is something EMTs look for and it’s a good idea, so don’t lock your phone while you are running.

The cornerstone of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic program is:  One hour of running or walking, three times each week. We keep it real simple: 1 hour, 3 times per week for the first 3 months.  When you have to change we will tell you. Running/walking a half hour, six times per week Does Not Work! Later we’ll tell you why. How fast do you go? Never so fast that you cannot talk, and never so slow that you can sing.  Real easy. You do not have to come to the Marathon Clinic every Sunday. You can come down and listen to the talk and leave.  We do the talk on time and do it only once. If you arrive late, you can’t ask what Dr. Scaff covered, otherwise we’d spend all day repeating the same thing.

Your Body Is Like An Engine
Your body is a running machine. The kind of fuel you feed the motor is paramount, but the muscles have to learn to use the fuel. We have two types of fuel in our body:

1) Carbohydrate or sugar:  It is only good for about 20 minutes.

2)  Fat:  The long distance fuel.

We have 2 types of muscle fibers in our body:  Quick twitch and slow twitch.
The quick twitch is the sprinting fibers. The slow twitch is the endurance fibers.

At 40 minutes you are burning 80% of your own fat. Therefore, if you can’t run for an hour, forget it.

As you start running an hour, you’ll notice you don’t feel good. We call that the PTA (Pain, Torture, and Agony). It lasts for about 12 weeks, 36 hours of training then it goes away and you feel good.

For much more running-related information, read Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

Next week:  How to Run an Hour.

To read full, unabridged summaries of the Doc’s Talks:
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 Table Duty:

Thanks to staffer Gail for doing such a great job at table duty! Thanks also to Libby and webmaster Bob for their assistance as well!

Shoe Talk this Sunday, March24:

Shoes are perhaps the most important piece of equipment in running. Attending the Shoe Talks on March 24 (geared for beginners) or April 7(all others) at the Running Room is highly recommended. Listen to the experts on the latest in shoe technology, etc. Attendees get a 20% off shoes coupon.

Group Reports:

 Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

(Pace 10:00 – 11:00 min. per mile)

There were six runners today for our 6.5 – 7 mile run in perfect running conditions. We had guest runner Roxene Kelloway from Alberta, Canada back again this year. Our goal pace is between 9:45 and 10:00 minutes/mile and today we hit the mark with an average pace of 9:55.

For the next two weeks, Staff volunteer Rosie will be away. Some Pink runners plan to meet at the park at 6 a.m. to run before Dr. Scaff’s talk. If you want to join them, look for Carl and Lauren early Sunday morning. For people who want to run at the regular clinic time, please look out for other Pink staffers. For the rest of March and April we will be running 6.5 – 8 miles, and in May we will move our long run up to at least 8 miles, depending on the goals of the group.

Remember to do the homework runs: two one-hour runs during the week, to create the solid base of miles that we’ll build up over the next eight months together.

Happy trails!

 Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal –  sub-5 hour marathon)

Wow 25 runners this Sunday! I have to admit, I was totally “stoked” running with our GREYS!  It is absolutely GR8T to see all of you again (missed you all). It is also so inspiring to have first time marathoners, join us.  Our staffers, Byron, Andy, Ron, and myself eased our  6 miler 9:20 to 10:45 minute/mile pace with Dr. Rob, Aurene (thanks for bringing Janna), Christine x 2, Brandon x 2, Laura, Daniel (Marine), Jesse, John, Lien, Bill, Lisa, Daven (basketball player), Emily, Mindy,  Jillian, Shauna,  and Tom. (may have missed some of you, sorry) Celebrations were: St Patrick’s day dressed in green, Byron donned a green tutu! Lien and Bill’s anniversary, a welcome back Christine and Shauna (so excited) and 1st time marathoners to meet , greet on the street: Janna, Christine, Laura, Daniel and Jillian. 1st timer marathoners, you are in for the time of your life. We do sorely miss Jyo, Toshi , Horacio and Warren. If any of you see Warren please encourage him to join us whenever his schedule will allow.

If you find that you are in your PTS zone, per Dr. Scaff, “pain, torture, and agony”, this may take up to 12 weeks. Bear with us. It will come to pass, just do your homework runs, long Sunday runs, and stay with it.  You, too, will also be stoked over “running”.

We are a big group and cannot stress safety enough. Please adhere to the “single file” rule, as we run the sidewalks. Crossing the streets, please do not run unless our entire group can clear. Give us about 20 seconds clearance. Ron , thank Ron, will be our “Road Guard Post”, but if you are first up, please wait, for ample time for all of us to cross, before running.

Some of us are ready to do more than 6 miles on our Sunday runs. If you want to do more, feel free to join us at 7:00 AM (sharp) for a short 2 mile warm-up before Doc’s talk.

Homework runs:  Wednesdays and Fridays 5:30 pm: Some of us meet at Ala Moana Magic Island (parking lot entrance) for an hour run

March Schedule:

March 10th – 6.1 miles Overall Pace: 12:05 minutes per mile Overall Running Pace: 9:57 minutes per mile
March 17th – 6.2 miles Overall Pace: 12:53 Overall time: 1:17 Running time: 59.56. Running pace: 10:03 Calories: 736
March 24th – 6.1 miles
March 31st – 7 miles (taking marathon finish)

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 mi. per mile)

Irish eyes were certainly smiling down on us as we gathered for our second run of the 2013 season. Many came out showing off their green colors – Mindy, Joe, Evelyn, and Lynnae, to name a few.  We welcomed several newcomers to the group, including Gavin, Jolene, and Irene.  Ex-newbies Scott, Kam, and Jun, were all smiles, glad for the short route and already starting to plot this year’s training strategy to obtain their desired times. Volunteer staff leaders Alberto, Anela, and Lynnae lead the pack of 20 on a 6.5-mile run. Unfortunately, the water fountains at the top of Diamond Head were broken, but that didn’t phase us. We continued on strong to triangle park, just happy to enjoy the company and the sunny conditions, especially after the early morning chill.  On the return to triangle park, volunteer staff leader Byron (former Silverado) was sporting Mindy’s green tutu in celebration (and to avoid getting pinched). We all got a good laugh at that!  As usual, the group was anxious to get back to home base and all the yummy treats that were waiting for us, so we picked up our pace from the top of Diamond Head, lead by Sun Hee and John.

While we get together to have fun each Sunday from now until December, please remember that there is homework. Homework is the key to effective marathon training for the HMC program.  Please make sure to do 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between. Speed and pace to not matter at this point. You just want to get your body used to being in motion for a set duration.  We need to develop the proper discipline early in the year to prevent injury.

Alberto tries his best to maintain a steady pace (with help from the timekeepers). If at any point you feel the pace is too fast, there are two options: (1) shout at Alberto to slow down; or (2) switch groups. It’s important that we finish together. The next couple of months is the time to try out the different pace groups until you find the one that’s right for you.

The first shoe talk is next week at 9am, with another to follow on April 7th. See Blair’s comments for more info.

For the returning Silvers, please make sure to get to know the new runners. The fun has just begun!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

40 runners comprised the combined White/Blue Group today. Led by the “shy and demure” Guru Sam (anyone who’s acquainted with Sam knows this is quite the opposite), all 40 started and finished together – great leadership Sam!  Of course all great leaders have help – the always reliable and conscientious staff leader Dwight assisted in his usual quiet effective manner and  “chopped liver” Blair held up the rear as usual. We were blessed to have quite a few new members who were training for their first marathon  – Dana, Stacey, Atsushi,  two Davids, were a few of the newer members (I shall get to know more of you as time progresses). And of course, the group would not be the same without our regular supporters and friends  – Diane, Norm, Russel, LeAnn and husband Dean, Richard, Carol, Rose, Mayumi, Kumiko, Michelle and Naho to name a few.  (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Rather than the usual 18th avenue to Kilauea route, the Guru always adds a spiritual phase to our run by leading some of the group (always voluntary) for a short, quiet and reflective jaunt through part of the Diamond Head cemetery. “No talking or touching your body, and breathe only through your nose, or you are a loser”, shouts the Guru as he leads us through this “spiritual journey”.  Only the sound of footsteps can be heard during this portion of our run. Often (just from my experience), without the sound of chatter, the air and atmosphere seem “cleaner”.  FYI – for less spiritual minded runners, this route is a short cut to the bathrooms and water located nearby.

Please make sure to do our “homework runs” during the week; it is the foundation for completing the long runs and the marathon. There are groups meeting at Ala Moana Park during the week so please feel free to join them. Perhaps we might have our own White Group week day “homework run group” ; we will keep you apprised if this idea progresses.

Aside from the weekday runs, it is very important that you show up on Sundays to do the “longer runs” and get” acclimated” to the actual marathon route. It is also a great way to socialize and make new friends.

We continue our 5-6 mile treks for the rest of the month. We usually increase our mileage by 2 miles every month.


(All walking/running speeds down to 13-minute per mile running pace.)  

Green Group by Lou Crompton:

Thank you to all who wore green on Sunday – great support for the Green 15 group. Led by Lou, we had 16 who made the 4.1 mile trek around Diamond Head loop in 64 minutes. Excellent initiation. I was afraid to slow down – Bailey was fast walking right behind me and Rika jogging to the left…  a slowdown would mean size 6 footprints on my tee shirt. See you all next Sunday for a similar outing.  Do your homework!


Gold Group 14’s by Dean Takashige:

It’s week number two of the 2013 Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

Welcome to all that have joined us for the first time. We look forward to seeing you every Sunday. And for all our returning runners, I know that you had sooooo much fun last year you couldn’t wait to come back. Welcome back; nice seeing all of your smiling faces.

We had 35 in our Golden 14’s group, WOW that is quite a showing. The group was lead by Dean, (he is the one in the front most of the time) and Norm.. Staff members Lisa, Gail, Sandra, Michael , Lynell, Cindy, Lehua were dispersed throughout the group. Remember don’t run in front of the leader or step on his heels, if you do that they make you group leader.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask myself or any of the staff members, look for the runners with the blue Honolulu Marathon Clinic singlets that say STAFF.

It was a perfect day for running, unlike the previous week. Nice breeze and not to hot. The plan for the rest of March is 4 miles, twice around Kapiolani Park. Remember next week is shoe talk so the run will be cut short maybe one instead of 2 laps around the park allowing enough time to get to the Running room by 9 a.m.

Please be careful when running and be aware of your terrain ahead of you. We had one runner trip and fortunately no injuries. The sidewalks are uneven and it doesn’t take much to cause a fall. Please, we want to return with the same amount of runners we started with.
There may be injuries at times. So we recommend that everyone carry some identification and medical information.

We ran 4 miles in 1 hour and 3 minutes and burned approximately 376 calories. So you ran your first hour of the week. Now for your homework you need to run 2 more times for at least an hour.

See you next Sunday!

 Lucky 13’s by Chris Isham:

What a great day to run!  Chris, Ed, and Fiona led about 34 runners on a two lap run around the park.  Total mileage was 3.85 and our running pace was 12:57. As we start this running program, it’s very important to start drinking more water throughout the week. Please also try to run/walk for an hour 2x during the week with at least one day off between. I recommend Tuesdays and Thursdays.

 Sweet Sixteen’s (Walking group) by Cliff Hand:

The Sweet Sixteen’s doubled the size of the group compared to last week; we lost one (graduated to a faster group) and gained eight or nine. We reached the finish line with about fifteen happy campers. All appreciated the great improvement in the weather and the parking situation, and enthusiasm ran high throughout our two circuits of Kapiolani Park. Kris and Frank will be apprentice leaders next week while leader Cliff catches some spring skiing in Idaho.

 Da Comment Corner:

 Shoe Talks:

Shoes are perhaps the most important piece of equipment in running.  Attending the Shoe Talks on March 24 (geared for beginners) or April 7(all others) at the Running Room is highly recommended. Listen to the experts on the latest in shoe technology, etc. Attendees get a 20% off shoes coupon.

Single file please!

It is very important to have everyone abide by this policy especially when heading up Diamond Head!

Advanced Group Leader needed!

Due to long time Advanced  leader Les Young being on the injured list, a group leader is needed to assist the advanced runners on Sunday and also to contribute a little blurb about its activities for the weekly newsletter. A partnership of leaders might be a good alternative???? Please talk to Peter or Blair.

See you at the water stops,