Blair’s Weekly Update 03-10-2013

Dr. Scaff welcomed everyone back for another great season of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

Congratulations to everyone who persevered through the rain and “blockage” of Kapiolani Park to attend the first 2013 Honolulu Marathon Clinic!!  You are truly dedicated and inspirational runners!!

Table Duty:

Thanks to Board member Stephen for “manning” the table today to start off the new season of the clinic!

Group Reports:

Grey Group by Andy Hignite
(Pace 10:00 – 11:00 min. per mile)

The Great Grey’s started our season with an incredible turnout of 11 GREYS including leaders Byron and myself. This was a great turnout considering the rain and the hapalua half marathon.  Our other fearless leaders (Ivie, Ron & Nikki) and some of our other group members represented us at the hapalua half marathon. It will be nice to have them back with us next week.  Our group is really blessed to have 5 great leaders this year to help us mentor all of our runners and each other. Our leaders have youthful exuberance (Nikki) and mature experience (the rest of us) to share with our group.

Don’t forget to do your homework (2 mid week runs – 1 hour each). You are also encouraged to cross train to strengthen your core. Just be careful that you don’t overdo it and hurt yourself.

Some of us are ready to do more than 6 miles on our Sunday runs. If you want to do more, feel free to join us at 7:00 AM (sharp) for a short 2 mile warm-up before Doc’s talk.

November Schedule
March 10th – 6.1 miles

Overall Pace: 12:05 minutes per mile
Overall Running Pace: 9:57 minutes per mile
Outgoing Running Pace: 10:54 minutes per mile
returning Running Pace: 9:53 minutes per mile

March 17th – 6.1 miles
March 24th – 6.1 miles
March 31st – 7 miles

Silver Group Report by Lynnae Lee
(Pace 10:30 to 11:30 min. per mile)

Happy New Year! It’s so exciting to start a brand new season. Welcome back to all the returning Silvers, and a special welcome to all of the new runners. Neither drenching rain nor difficult parking could deter the Silvers from their first official HMC run of the year. For the inaugural 2013 training run, volunteer staff leader Alberto lead the jovial group on a 6.5-mile run. As they were heading to Triangle Park, they ran into fellow Silvers finishing up the Hapalua half marathon – Evelyn, Lynnae, Tony, and Kam. Though drenched, they were very happy to be on the last couple of miles, and encouraged by the Silverados’ cheers…Mahalo!

While we get together to have fun each Sunday from now until December, please remember that there is homework. (Yes, you’re never too old for homework.) Please make sure to do 2 homework runs of approximately 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between. This will ensure that you have the proper conditioning as the Sunday runs get longer. We need to develop the proper discipline early in the year to prevent injury. 

Shoe talks will be coming up in a few weeks. More info to come, so be sure to mark your calendars.

For the returning Silvers, please make sure to get to know the new runners (and tell them all the reasons why the Silvers are da best!). Get ready to have tons of fun this year. 

Thought of the week:

Hawaii was visited by marathon royalty at the Hapalua on SundayPatrick Makau, the marathon world record holder, Jimmy Muindi, Honolulu Marathon course record holder, and Nicholas Manza. All three elite runners are from Kenya, and were present to participate in the Hapalua Chase, racing against Hawaii’s best runners. Patrick Makau recorded his world record time (2:03:38) in Berlin in 2011, and will run the London Marathon next month. Jimmy Muindi has the course record at the Honolulu Marathon (2:11:12, 2004) and has won it 6 times, more than anyone else. All three elite runners have marathon times just over 2 hours. I must say it was a thrill to share the road with these running greats.

White/Blue Group by Blair Hoashi
(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Staff leaders Guru Sam, Dwight, Andy and Blair led a group of 17 up and around Diamond Head for a nice and easy 5.7 mile run. We were blessed with raindrops throughout our run which made it fairly cool. Running in the rain unfortunately has its negative aspects as well – wet and “sloshed” shoes and soaking wet running clothes are very uncomfortable to run in. But everyone persevered and finished in very good form.    

We welcomed newbies as well as our “regulars” back – Diane, Norm, Quen, and Mayumi  were joined by newcomers Tom, Kumiko,  Naho,  two doctoral students from UH (LeAnn and friend), and two more members from the Korean Running Group (thank you Eugene , Rose and Sook for recommending the clinic to fellow runners). I am sure we will see more runners in the upcoming weeks. Let’s make sure to do our “homework runs” (two one hour runs[the “secret” to marathon training success])throughout the weekday.

Shoe Talk:

The Shoe Talk is being presented on March 24 and April 7 starting at 9 a.m. at the Running Room on Kapahulu Avenue. Shoes are an essential  part of our “equipment” and so everyone is  encouraged to attend one of the sessions. Cool max or dry fit shorts, tops, and socks are highly recommended to maximize comfort during our training. But, essential and vital information about these and other topics will be discussed so please be sure to attend these sessions!

We continue our 5-6 mile treks for the rest of the month. We will increase our mileage by 2 miles every month so let’s make sure we maintain our “homework runs”.

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

The Walking Group by George Ushijima:

We all had a nice stroll around Kapiolani Park, twice. There were about a dozen of us. Neo walkers attempting to learn the steps toward a marathon include:
Noreen, Abe, Andrea, Phyllis, April, Liz, Deb, Dee & John. Returning veterans were Bill, Roger and Damien. Everyone had fun despite the wetness. We’ll look forward to seeing all return on the next Sunday.

Da Comment Corner:

Shoe Talks:

Shoes are perhaps the most important piece of equipment in running. Attending the Shoe Talks on March 24 (geared for beginners) or April 7(all others) at the Running Room is highly recommended. Listen to the experts on the latest in shoe technology, etc.

Shirts Sales:

Maile and Val diligently oversee the sales of our beautiful Honolulu Marathon Clinic shirt sales.  Shirts and other items go on sale before Doc’s talk so be there early to take advantage of running attire for you and your friends!

Single file please and watch out for angry on comers!!!

It is very important to have everyone abide by this policy especially when heading up Diamond Head. Once last year, a very disgruntled oncoming runner swore obscenities at the groups and even tried to trip one of our members!  Please be careful!!

Welcome back; let’s have a great 2013 running season!!!

See you at the water stops,