Blair’s Weekly Update: 2013 Honolulu Marathon Clinic Start

Just a quick note, the Clinic starts off another running season this Sunday, March 10th at our usual meeting spot on Paki Avenue at Kapiolani Park.  Doc’s talk starts promptly at 7:30 with a nice, easy run to follow.  Connect or reconnect with fellow runners on what they’ve been up to recently or since December 9th (the marathon, of course). 

I know many of our members have been participating in other running events locally and throughout worldwide (Women’s 10K, the Rainbow Ekiden, the Tokyo Marathon, to name a few) while others were enjoying a few “leisurely” runs on their own; or, perhaps “couch potato-ing” during the “off- season? (Well deserved by the way).   Anyway, let’s all catch up while enjoying a nice casual run!

Please be aware that a half marathon is going on so getting into the park and the clinic venue might be difficult.  But, the clinic does go on as usual!!

Also, as usual, our annual Shoe Talks are scheduled at the Running Room; there are three Bus Runs planned; our fun filled picnics are always great get-togethers, and of course, Dr. Scaff’s informative and interesting weekly talks are the key to our meetings.

See you all there!

Have a great running year!