Blair’s Weekly Update 12-12-2012

Congratulations – you did it!!!

 As the fireworks drowned out the Mayor Carlisle’s starting gun, our members joined the 30,000+ runners in the 2012 marathon.  Cool breezes helped make our run very “runner friendly”.  While many saw the “elite” runners returning on the opposite side of the road and set records, clinic members forged their own “personal bests” as we crossed the finish line.  Great Job!!!

White group member Berrie completed his second Honolulu Marathon – Berrie, age 70+, still maintains his kidney dialysis treatment three times a week.    Grey group leader Ivie again tantalized us with another 4:59 finish (like last year), even though her training was not ideal.  Silver Group leader Alberto and his son, Albert, both ran in under 4:30.  Fantastic!!  First timer to the clinic and the marathon, Jonathon V. (a Guru Sam recruit), finished in an incredible 3:27!   I am sure there are many more inspiring stories which will amaze us at the picnic on Sunday, so be sure to attend!!   To everyone who completed the marathon, great job!!  UDABEST!! 

 The “Monday-After” Dinner:

Over 100 runners and friends gathered at Dave and Buster’s to celebrate the completion of their marathon.  Spirits were high and the room was abuzz with lots of chatter and warm, positive emotions.  The venue was perfect-we had a private theatre-like room with great food and service.   As usual, Peter was a great emcee who acknowledged the various contributors to the clinic and welcomed our annual guests.   We had guests from Japan, Guam, the neighbor islands and of course the mainland!

Dr. Scaff extended his regrets as he and Donna could not attend.

Special thanks go to Board Member and Beginner’s Group Leader Norm Uyeda for organizing the great evening!

Da Comment Corner:

 Da Stairs:

Climbing up no problem; going down, a bit of a problem!  As we face going down the stairwell, one’s aching thighs scream out, “eh, take it easy; hold the railing, step sideways and one leg at a time!”

 Special Thanks to Group Members meeting at the Ward Center:

A great mahalo to all of the runners who assembled at our designated meeting place – you were so prompt and organized and efficient!   Everything went very smoothly and the transition to the start line was incredibly easy!   Thanks to staff leaders Nelson, Alberto, Ivie and other clinic members for getting everyone ready.  A great start to a great marathon!!!!

Clinic’s “After the Marathon” Picnic Dec. 16th

It is a great time to compare notes about one’s marathon and bid farewell to your fellow group members till next year.  Also, good time to thank your staff leaders for their help throughout the year.

Chili and rice and drinks served but welcome other potluck items. Desserts, salads, and main dishes would be very much be appreciated.  Clinic starts at 7:30 as usual.  Doc has a short talk then most members go for a short ‘recovery run or walk” while the staff gets ready for the picnic.  Picnic starts when everyone gets back – around 9:00 a.m.

Cost $1.


The updates will be on “leave” until the clinic starts up in March next year!  Thanks to all for your  very nice comments about the newsletter and see you all next year!

Happy Holidays and see you all next year!

See you at the water stops,