Blair’s Weekly Update 11-25-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff talked about the Turkey Trot, Game Plans, the Carbo-Loading Party, and Tapering.

Turkey Trot
Thursday, 11/22/12, we had the best Turkey Trot ever.  Anybody that finished within 2 or 3 minutes of their predicted time did well.  That is only a variation of 5 – 10 seconds per mile.  If you can stick with that kind of pace throughout the race you are going to do well.  If you came in way ahead of your predicted time you should think, “Did I get too excited, am I too well trained, or did I make a big mistake?”

Game Plan
Dr. Scaff noted that the marathon is all game plan.  Don’t let anyone push you to go faster or slower than your planed pace.  If someone passes you, applaud them.  They wrote their game plan better than yours, and that’s the way to look at it when we’re out there.  The marathon is an individual, personal goal.  You may enjoy a bit of the spirit of competition, but that’s really all that it is.

You are tapering now, Please!  You’ve done Everything!  You have picked all your clothes, got your shoes, you have run in your socks, and everything is there!  It should all be just as familiar to you as your training schedule.

In tapering, basically you cut back 25% per week for 3 weeks.  So the last week most of you will only be doing about 10 miles, which takes us into next week, and Dr. Scaff will give his 15 – 20 minute talk.  That is an important talk.  Some people have told him it is absolutely invaluable.  If you find it a waste of time, go do your own thing; it is a matter of what is in it for you.

You can find the tapering schedule on page 55 of Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

Carbo-Loading Party
Next Sunday Dr. Scaff will bring the invitations for the Carbo-loading party, the Friday night before the Honolulu Marathon (12/07/2012).  You are all invited along with your significant other, friends from out of town, and while this is an adults-only function, any kid who is running the marathon is an adult as far as running goes, so they are invited too.

The party starts at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m. because the Friday before the Marathon is the most important night to get your sleep.  Saturday you should be able to sleep in to get your 8 – 10 hours of sleep, or whatever it is you normally get.

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Table Duty:

Thanks to Bob and Libby for the great spread at table duty!

 Clinic Volunteers:

This clinic is founded on volunteerism. Members, please thank the many staff volunteers who take time to make sure that the clinic is “running” as smoothly as possible.

Here is a short list:

Founder and leader – Dr. Jack Scaff and his wife, Donna. 

Board – Bruce Millliken  Chair; Peter Garcia, Norm Uyeda, Val Ogi, Luanne Murakami, Muriel Taira, Stephen Zane, B H.

Shirt Sales           – Maile and John Burgey, and Val Ogi

Webmaster        – Bob Lew with help from wife, Libby

Miscellaneous – Cliff Hand

Group Leaders:

Advanced            – Les Young


Red                        -Jeff Beard

Pinks                     -Rosie Adam-Terem,  Bill Berg

Purple                  -Nelson Shigano

Grey                      -Ivie Kumura, Andy Hignite

Sliver                    -Alberto Olivas, Paris Monti, Lynnae Lee

White                   -Dwight Bartolome, Guru Sam Usman, Andy Hirano, Blair Hoashi


Walkers / >14    Louis Crompton, Cliff Hand

14’s                        – Norm Uyeda, Dean Takashige

 Lucky 13’s           – Chris Isham, Medelyn Harkins            

And, much mahalo to the rest of the staff members who help each group remain organized and safe. 

Members, please make sure to thank your staff leaders for their assistance with your training.  Many sacrifice their own training for the sake of the group. 

 *A good way of “giving back to the clinic” is to volunteer to be a staff member next year! 

Group Reports:

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

It was the trooper GREYs, who stuck with me, and ran my OOPs. OOPS too long and OOPs too fast. 4 miles longer than 8 miles. We did 12 miles. We missed Andy, and Warren. About 20 of us, Fumiko, Bill, Lien, Nikki, Brandon, Jillian, Ron, Bud, Lisa, Lisa (repeat), Dr. Rob, Lance, Nobu, Toshi, Jyo, honored to have with us, Yasu, Misako (best marathon time sub 4 hours), Tadashi ( a sub 3 hour marathon). We were happy to have Chris join us for the Turkey Trot, and again for Sunday marathon clinic. I did not lead “smart”. I apologize, guess the new scenery, of the marathon start excites me. Dr. Rob wore his 2007 marathon clinic route shirt that helped us map out our course. So much for my adding up miles. Next week, the marathon clinic START again. We will point out the water stations. Drink at every water station during the marathon. It is very easy to suffer from dehydration for a race running as long as 5 hours for 26 miles. If you start to feel thirsty, it is too late. You can’t catch up once that hits, be ahead of this. We will also practice our pacing. Run smart, which means relaxed, tall, silent, pacing correctly, hydrating, refueling, and being alert. I did run smart and alert enough to avoid the fire hydrants this past Sunday.

November 4th – 16 miles if you want to do an 18 to 20 miler, since PF Chang will NOT reschedule their run, start at 6 am Kapiolani Park same Honolulu Marathon Clinic start, we will run 4 miles, up Monsarrat, around Diamond Head prior to clinic, rest for Dr. Scaff’s talk, then usual route from 7:45 am for 16 miles (to church Holy Trinity)
November 11th – 20 miles – start at 6 am, at KCC (restrooms on Monsarrat), same start as October 21st. Andy will lead
November 18th – 14 miles, some will be doing the Half Marathon (2nd beach park, and around Kapiolani, if you want to do 16 miles)
November 22nd – 10 miles Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving Day
November 25th – 12 miles – 9:20 to 10:50 (yikes, at times 8:50).
December 4th – 10 miles Marathon start

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Two weeks to go and counting…There were 22 Silverados who headed out on a special run for the downtown front portion of the marathon route.  We ran along Waikiki beach past Santa at Ala Moana mall, and paused for a bit at the starting line.  It will look a lot different in 2 short weeks, filled with anxious runners, volunteers and porta-potties.  The group split around Restaurant Row, as some continued on to the Nuuanu Avenue turn with Byron and Lynnae, and the rest went back to home base.  Weather conditions were a tad on the humid side.  The group was led by Alberto, Tony, Byron, and Lynnae.  Back at home base we were glad to see Speedy Joe, who is under strict doctor’s orders to sit out this marathon.  However, Byron is happily dedicating this marathon in his honor.  Take care Joe, we know we’ll be seeing you next season, faster than ever.  Tiantian also stopped by the clinic to say her farewells as she prepares to relocate to Australia.  Congrats Tiantian, on your PhD – we’re so proud of you and will miss you dearly.

HOMEWORK:  (1) Be careful and don’t get injured.  Resist potentially injurious activities until December 10th.  (2) Don’t get sick.  Embrace your inner germaphobe.  None of us have trained all year to be sick on race day.  (3)  Target 24 miles this week, or 60% of your mileage prior to the taper period.  Do 2 homework runs of 6-7 miles each with a REST DAY in between.  At minimum, weekday runs should equal your Sunday long run.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff.

UPCOMING:  For our final long run of the season, we’ll be doing 6-8 miles next week.  This is the last chance for Kahala Avenue before marathon day.  We’ll also be finalizing plans for a meeting spot on race morning for those who want to gather together.  Meeting time will be 4 a.m.  More info to come.

Gobble gobble:  Good job to all who participated in the Turkey Trot.  It was great to see some HMCers get awards.  Special congrats to Silverado Sook who was awarded a pie with a time within 10 seconds from her prediction!

Training Comment:  The marathoner’s motto is “nothing new on race day”, and we’re serious.  Your shoes are properly worn in, you have your favorite socks, gear, and attire.  And of course, you’ve determined which hydration aids work best for you.  (Plan to take ~5 gels on marathon day.)  Oh, and don’t forget the anti-chafe stuff.  Forget the training, it’s all about maintenance and staying healthy at this point.  All your training is done.  The marathon is already in you.  One thing you should do now is make your transportation plans for marathon day.  Whether you’re staying in Waikiki or catching a ride to the start, just make sure everything’s set.  You might also want to plan your meals for the week prior to marathon.  Remember, no alcohol, which may dehydrate you; save that for post-marathon celebrations.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

17 started off with us today; Guru Sam, Dwight Andy and Blair led the group through the second to the last run of the 2012 clinic season. While a few turned around at the Kahala gas station most went on to the first beach park and completed a 12 miler. The dreaded Kahala Avenue stretch was added to make our practice run more “realistic”. Remember to run in the middle of the road as Kahala Avenue has a concave shape – tough on the legs, especially toward the end.

Remember to taper, taper, taper!

Rest of Schedule:

December 4:      8 miles

December 11:    MARATHON!!!


(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

Green 15 by Louis Crompton

OK let’s recap – Lucky 13 does 13 min/mile, the Golden 14 goes out at 14 min/mile… so what pace should the Green 15 do? Did someone say 15 min / mile? Write that down and let’s pretend it’s Turkey Trot Sunday. Led today by Lou, the Green Team jogged along for 9.97 miles and completed the route in 2 hr 32 min…. that’s pretty doggone close to a 15 min / mile… and it WOULD have been exactly 15 min/mile if we hadn’t done our good deed for the day and helped a lost Japanese couple along the route… our “aloha spirit” cost us time, yeah but we’re nice people. Our 2-32 overall time included our quick water pit stops every two miles just like on race day. We had 12 in the group today including Naoko, a young lady visitor from Japan who found us in Kapiolani Park. We were all happy to see our own Bailey back with us for at least today… family takes priority and our collective prayers are with her and her family. Very enjoyable routine run out Kal Hwy and back… oops, almost forgot…. we did take a small detour off the marathon route… something about climbing UP and down Kilauea Ave at KCC…. did not hear any loud panting at the top of Kilauea… Great job – you all are fit! A little hill work is good for the legs, good for stamina, and did wonders for our collective mental outlook… when we went up / down Diamond Head near the finish of today’s run, that little bump in the road was nuthin…. indeed, our pace was quicker than normal over that little slope of the road. Finished almost holding hands as a group – but some ate seconds [or thirds] on Thanksgiving Day and were bringing up the not-too-distant rear… burp. Excellent job by all ! Do your weekday training, stay safe, see you all next Sunday for a final 8 mile clinic training run…. Your “temp” leader really enjoyed staying out in front doing 15 up / down / straight ahead, just trying to avoid getting run over… Green Team is ready for Dec 9… bring it on… do I hear an Amen?

Rainbow Group by Norm Uyeda:

Norm and Dean led the Rainbows and some of the Golden 14s in the much anticipated Malasada run. Although it was a very short run, the outing served to reinforce the tapering process and also included some ono Leonard’s Malasada at the turnaround point. Some of the diehard 14s resisted this call from the Dark Side and chose to do an 8 mile training run led by Sandra. Some of the gang continued the “Turbo Taper” and met later at the Cheesecake Factory for some important carbo loading.

The marathon tents are going up – now is a good time to learn where all the important stuff is located .. t-shirt tent, malasadas tent, cookie tent etc.

Do you have everything you will need for the marathon? Are you sure? Make a list – be safe.

Next week – 2 laps around Kapiolani Park. We will end the same way we started back in March, although 3.6 miles seemed so daunting way back then. Any suggestions for another “Turbo Taper” luncheon?

Taper Taper Taper

Da Comment Corner:

Turkey Trot:

Mahalo to all of the volunteers at the Turkey Trot!   Congrats to all of the participants!  You all looked great!

Dr. Scaff’s Carbo Loading Party:

Friday December 7th; you won’t believe how your fellow runners look in their “normal” clothes – some members are unrecognizable.   Potluck ,so bring your latest creation for everyone to try out.    

 The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters – December 12, 6:00 p.m. 

Please sign up on the board.

Marathon Clinic Picnic:  December 16:

While most members go for a very short run, the volunteers get ready for the potluck picnic.  Chili and rice and drinks provided.

See you at the water stops!