Blair’s Weekly Update 11-11-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff talked about Tapering and the Turkey Trot.

This week some people are running 18 – 22 miles, …but if you think going 18 vs. 21 miles for one day is going to make much difference, it won’t!  It may, however, hurt you.

Now is the time to start running less.  Follow the tapering schedule.  It starts 3 weeks before the marathon.  Basically it is a 25% reduction 3-week plan.  These are very good well-established guidelines, not made up by Dr. Scaff.  The Honolulu Marathon Clinic just observes what other people do and then try to absorb it into the protocol.

You can find the tapering schedule on page 55 of Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

The Turkey Trot is shaping up beautifully.  It’s going to be a good time, so be prepared to be present when the event starts at the Kapiolani Park Band Stand around 6:30 a.m.

Online registration begins this Monday, 11/12/12.  You will be able to register at:

There is no charge for registering online, and it greatly simplifies your race experience.  All you will have to do the morning of the race is bring your $5.  We will have a separate table where online registrants can pay their $5 and the staff will check off your name, making your registration considerably faster.

This year’s Turkey Trot is a bigger event, with a Turkey Trot flag, the Turkey Trot Anthem, a barbershop quartet, and a 13-piece boys choir.

The Turkey Trot conveys one of the key lessons in marathon training:  The mistakes you make in the first 10 miles of the marathon will haunt you in the last 6.  In the Turkey Trot you develop your sense of pace by predicting your completion time before the race, running without any time keeping devices, and attempting to run your marathon pace through the 10 miles, even when you are surrounded by a big excited crowd.

The Turkey Trot is open to everyone, except bandits.  The Honolulu Marathon Clinic has to pay for everything, including security along the course, so we don’t want bandit runners that don’t pay their $5 but run with everyone else in the race.

Registration is approximately 6:30 a.m.  When you sign in you will be given a tongue depressor to write your predicted time.  Put your name on the backside of the tongue depressor.  We have random drawings and your name may be drawn for a prize.

For more information on the Turkey Trot see:

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Table Duty

Thanks to staffers Lisa and her husband for the great food and drink at the table today.

 Group Reports

Grey Group by Andy Hignite
(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

Nearly 20 GREYS set off today to complete what many of them have never done before … Run more than 20 miles. A few short months ago many of them came to the Honolulu Marathon with a dream that someday they could do a Marathon. Many of them didn’t think that they could achieve it. Over these months they evolved from … “There is no way that I can do this” … to … “Maybe I can”. Today was their proof that “I can do it!” It was a great day for the run. We started early at Kapiolani Park. Regretfully, we missed Jack’s talk but it was great to meet so many runners and walkers from the other groups and see the look in their eye. They are ready too.

We were blessed with many rest stops on the way back. The first was Nelson’s Oasis, the second was Ron’s house in Kahala and at the final stop was at KCC hosted by Warren. Each rest stop had water, gatorade and snacks ranging from banana bread to Malasadas. Yes we were totally spoiled.

We missed our leader (Ivie) who is out on a trip. But the family was well represented by daughter Niki. I know that I’m speaking for Ivie as well when I say how proud of our group we are. Each year they train with us and exceed everyone’s expectations. It looks like we will be looking for new runners next year to replace all of them that can run away from us.

November Schedule
November 4th – 16 miles (a few us did an interrupted 21 miler) Overall Running Time: 3 hours 17 minutes Running Pace: 9:50 to 11:33 (We were all over the place, but together, the “gang’s all here.”
November 11th – 20.5 miles – Time: 4 hours 19 minutes Running Pace: 10:22 to 11:08
November 18th – 14 miles, some will be doing the Half Marathon (2nd beach park), and around Kapiolani, if you want to do 16 miles)
November 22nd – 10 miles Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving Day
November 25th – 11 miles – Marathon start route, Love the Taper Down!
November 25th – 9 miles – Marathon start route, Love the Taper Down!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee
(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Happy Veterans Day! To all of our brave men and women who have or still serve in the armed forces, and their families, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

There were 18 Silverados who continued their taper by completing a 14-mile run.  This will be the last time they see Kawaikui Beach Park until marathon day.  Weather conditions were not bad with trade winds and intermittent cloud cover.  It was a very welcome change to the heat and humidity of prior weeks.  The group was led by the forever faithful Alberto.  Everyone appreciated Nelson’s oasis at the turnaround.  Our runs could be miserable without the fuel and replenishment he provides – thanks Nelson!  Upon returning to the park, part of the group opted to take the long way back to home base past the bandstand and the zoo, adding another mile to their run.  Whether you completed 14 or 15 miles, great job!  Isn’t tapering wonderful?

Homework:  (1) Be careful and don’t get injured.  Injuries at this point could severely impact race performance.  (2) Don’t get sick.  Many runners turn into germaphobes in the weeks leading up to the marathon.  After all, you don’t train all year to be sick on race day.  (3)  Target 28-31 miles per week.  Do 2-3 homework runs of 60-90 minutes duration with a Rest Day in between.  At minimum, weekday runs should equal your Sunday long run, especially as we start the taper period.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff.

Upcoming:  As we continue into week #3 of the Taper Period, we will be doing 12 miles next week.  Good luck to the HMCers who will be doing the half marathon event – it’s gonna be a piece of cake!  Mark your calendars for the 10 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s HMC premier event, so please don’t miss it.  Our tour of downtown and the front part of the marathon route will be Sunday, 11/25.

Training Comment:  It’s wonderful to see the camaraderie that has developed amongst this year’s group.  Over the last 8 months of this marathon journey, there’s been some struggles with the mileage, heat, and pace, but we’ve overcome much, and everyone appears to be in fine shape for race day.  Everyone should have their shoes and gear picked out already.  Excitement (and anxious nerves) will likely increase as we get closer to December 9, and for the 1st-timers, just enjoy every minute of it.  Sure race day is the culmination of months of hard work and sacrifice, but you’re not defined by the time on the clock.  So just be sure to smile and have fun.

Over the last week I was reminded that runners must be alert at all times.  Last Sunday, while starting my long run along Kalanianaole Highway, I witnessed a van start weaving as it was coming towards me.  The driver and his female passenger were in the midst of a fist-throwing fight.  The van came to a stop just past me.  Without skipping a beat, the guy who was running in front of me did a heroically started chasing the van as it sped away.  He jumped into the car of a fellow good Samaritan driver who was behind the van, and took chase to try to intercede.  I found out later that they stopped the van and waited until HPD arrived.  Then during my weekly run, we passed an upset/crazy/drugged out man yelling as he walked through the streets of Kahala.  I made sure to give him lots of room as I passed.  HPD stopped us later, as they were combing the area looking for the guy, and when we happened upon him near Triangle Park, we called HPD who returned to our location rather quickly to apprehend their suspect.  Runners looking out for each other.  Be alert and vigilant out on the roads.  Have a running buddy, or stay in heavily frequented areas.

White Group by Blair Hoashi
 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

An “astounding” 34 runners started off with the White Group but as the group approached Triangle Park, the large group disbursed (for pursuits of different goals and objectives) and we became our 17 runners as usual.   Guru Sam, Dwight, Andy and Blair led Elena, Nicole, Dave, Bob, Francis, Russell, Mayumi, Quen, Moana, Janet, Bev, Richard, Glen, and a few others who I might have missed.  Most of the group did the 14 miler led by Dwight; Blair held up the rear as usual.   Guru Sam and a few others were tapering early.  We saw member Julie heading up to the second beach park on our way back (remember to take it easy Julie; tapering is important too!)

The Garmin stats indicated mileage slightly less than 14 miles but we burnt off close to 1600 calories!  Great job!!

The “front part of the marathon” or the Guru Sam’s Wild Waikiki/Downtown Adventure Run (no sand running though) is scheduled for this coming Sunday – a very relaxed 12 miler through Waikiki, Ala Moana, and Downtown.  We promise that it will be informative as well as fun!  And yes, we start from our clinic start area.

Group Schedule for the remaining Sundays:
Nov. 18:  The Start/Front part of marathon course (approx. 12 miles)
Nov. 25:  10-12 miles
Dec.  02:  08 miles
Dec. 09:  MARATHON!!

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

 Green 15 by Louis Crompton

Led by Cliff, the green team of 11 went for a 13.1 mile route today taking some shortcuts to visit Nelson at BP#2 and return. Two first timers joined us at the park, but only wanted to do an 8 mile route and went back at Aloha Gas Sta. Time on the road was 3 hrs. 44 min for our “half marathon”. Keep up the homework training and avoid those missteps, we want everyone to be healthy for the marathon which is rapidly approaching. Next Sunday the Green Team will go out for a 12 mile jaunt. We all miss you Bailey

Rainbow Group by Norm Uyeda

Norm led the Rainbow Group (Cindy, Derby, Rie, Masami, Maile, Ricky, Manami, Kana, Asuka and Iris) to an easy 10 mile run which included the KCC Craft Fair, touring the finish line and a “Victory Lap” around the Honolulu Zoo. The Rainbow Group consists of runners who are recovering from injuries and those who started a bit too late to be attempting the longer 16 mile runs. Next Sunday’s distance will be the same with following reduced mileage on the following Sundays.

Tapering is just around the corner! While it might seem counterproductive to our training, tapering is an essential part of getting our bodies ready to withstand the 26.2 miles. Tapering works! Trust me…

 Golden 14’s By Dean Takashige and Sandra Padua

Dean, Sandra, Gail, and Mel lead a group of 16 runners.  We had a constant breeze to keep us relatively cool throughout our run. Most commented thethat they hoped Marathon day would be like this. Along with having our running outfits selected, (well we should if we don’t already) everyone has a good idea of what type of weather conditions we are hoping for.

From the gas station we ran straight out to Nelson’s Oasis and back, totally injury free.  Going out from the gas station with Dean was Gail, Mel, Sandra, Laura, Joy, Lori, Randi, Jane, Robin, Melissa, Gladys, Lehua, Sharon, Kathy, and Al.
We were on the road 3 hours and 59 minutes covered 14.04 miles and 1,333 cals.

The plan for the week is at least and hour 2 times with enough miles to total 30 miles total. Don’t overdo it and run safe to avoid getting hurt. There is not plan for the month since we only have 3 weeks to Go. We are Tapering gang. Next Sunday will be 12 miles.

 Lucky 13’s by Chris Isham

Chris and Medelyn led 14 of the Lucky 13s on a 17.4 mile run which included a “Victory Lap”. Pace was 12:29. Outstanding job! Next week will be our last long run with a Marathon Finish. We will start to taper after Sunday the 18th. Proposed taper schedule should be 2x 5-6 miles and a 8-10 miler on the 25th. Following week will be the same with a short run on Dec 2. In the home stretch now, stay healthy, hydrate, eat, and rest!

Da Comment Corner

Louisiana Marathon in Baton Rouge, LA – January 20, 2013

The Louisiana Marathon is hoping to have entrants from all 50 states, but doesn’t have anyone entered from Hawaii yet. If you’re a Hawaii resident and interested in running in that marathon, please send a note via the Honolulu Marathon Clinic Contact Us page.

Super Staff!

As mentioned last week, please thank your staff leaders for their great leadership, sacrifice of time and all of their selfless efforts in assisting us throughout the 9 months.  Without their support and sacrifice, all of us would not be as prepared or have as much fun in running 26.2 miles (kind of a contradiction – having fun and running 26.2 miles)!

Did you know that Intermediate group leader Jeff Beard drives all the way in from Makaha every Sunday?  Or that White Group leader Dwight Bartolome comes in from Ewa Beach?  Sensei Norm Uyeda and Advanced Leader Les Young commute from Kaneohe.   And, Beginning leader Cliff Hand loops in from Hawaii Kai.

Please thank all of your staff leaders for doing such an incredible job!

 Just a special Mahalo to Staff Leader George who takes care of the walking group each Sunday; although a small group, they persevere with patience and fortitude and finish up those long 14 -16 milers just like the rest of us.    George also acts unselfishly as a “safety net” in many instances and always helps stranded runners in need!  Thank you staff leader George!!!

Turkey Trot, November 24th.
Volunteers are still needed.

The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters!! – December 10, 6:00 p.m.
You finished and are alive!!   Enjoy the company of fellow marathoners at the After the Marathon Dinner held on the Monday night (6 p.m. start) after the marathon!  A great venue at Dave and Buster’s (thanks to organizer Norm Uyeda); lots of free flowing conversation and drinks (of course, drinks are on your own).    Cost $25 for all you can eat and all the stories you can conjure up!  Free parking!!!

Please sign up on our sheet ASAP-spaces limited!

See you at the water stops!