Blair’s Weekly Update 11-04-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff talked about Tapering, pre-marathon events, and Turkey Trot music.

The Honolulu Marathon is only a month away and if you’re doing 30-miles each week this is about the time to start considering cutting back.

Some runners are doing 22-mile runs and Dr. Scaff cautions that marathon training just doesn’t work that way.  Although the mileage comes out the same if you do 6-8 miles 2 times and then 22 miles in one run, you are better off running 10-12 miles 3 times a week because that’s just the physiology of long-distance running.

If you’re starting to have aches and pains or things aren’t quite going right, you really want to think about running less.  Dr. Scaff does not think that any runs over 16 miles are going to do any great benefit.  Think about it, is running 19 miles (3 additional miles) going to make any real difference (except maybe to slow you down)?  Not at all.  So listen to your body.  Be careful, don’t get talked into doing more than you planned to do.

The Sunday before the Honolulu Marathon (12/02/12) Dr. Scaff gives the final marathon preparations talk.  It’s about 20 minutes and any of your marathon running friends are welcome to come listen.  He’ll tell you what to do from the time he finishes talking on Sunday until the Sunday after the marathon.

The Friday before the Honolulu Marathon (12/07/12), Dr. Scaff and his wife Donna host a carbo-loading party.  You and your significant other are invited.  Please be sure to RSVP.  You are welcome to bring some pupus.  It is an adults-only function, unless you’re with a kid who is running in the marathon, and then by definition that kid is an adult, even if they’re only 7 years old.

Dr. Scaff hopes at this point you know what you are going to wear on race day and hopes it doesn’t break down next week or the week after.  Everything should be in final pre-launch mode.

For the Turkey Trot (Thursday, 11/22/12, let Dr. Scaff know what kind of bagpipe music you like.  His nephew has a whole repertoire including fast march, slow march, ruffles and flourishes, etc.

For more information on tapering, marathon preparations, and other topics, read Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

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Table Duty:

Thank you Donna and her niece (Dr. Rob was not available) for doing such a great job today!  Donna and her husband Dr. Rob are enthusiastic Grey group members who wanted to” give back” to the clinic even though they are not staff members.  (Table duty usually relegated to staff members.) The abundance and array of snacks made it difficult to choose which to snack on first.   All of it was delicious and the ice cold water and Gatorade was just what we needed after our runs. 

 Group Reports:

  Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

17 GREYS on a beautiful Sunday 16 mile run! Andy, Paris, myself, with Warren, Jenny, Nobu, Jyo, Toshi, Takashi, Ron, Bud, Lisa, and anudda Lisa, Nikki, Brandon, and welcome back Robert! It was a nice, comfortable run to Holy Nativity Church, touching Nelson‘s oasis, twice. Ooo-la-la. Thank you, Donna and Dr. Rob for the awesome refreshment table treats and to Sammy for helping out!  Next week, gear-up, our LAST long run, of a 20 miler. The start will be at 6 am, Kapiolani Community College, by the restrooms (on Monsarrat Avenue side) Practice with what you are going to wear / do on marathon day, shoes, running clothes, lubrication, pre-workout, during, and recovery fuel and hydration, ample sleep prior. We all got that marathon in us feeling, feeling so fine! After next week, we will be tapering down. Are you already planning what to do with all the extra time you will have on hand? Warren, Mr. Aloha is our “meet the street greeter.” Ron wonders if there is anyone Warren does not know, but if he doesn’t know them, he soon does. Warren wishes everyone a wonderful day. It was nice to have Robert with us, even if it meant for him to slow down his pace to ours, but he claims he was not doing his training regularly. His marine core values still always with him, honor, courage, commitment, still running, and helping out his fellow friend. He found a runner in need of help, to lend aid. Our journey to our 2012 marathon, has been fine, and we have all been doing our homework, as best we could, no matter what circumstances came up. Till then, keep safe, injury-free, and healthy!

I did my 20 miler this Sunday, starting at 6 am for 4 miles prior to our 16 miler, with Lisa, Lisa, Hana, and Tien-Tien. Thank you for joining me!

November 4th – 16 miles (a few us did an interrupted 21 miler) Overall Running Time: 3 hours 17 minutes Running Pace: 9:50 to 11:33 (we were all over the place, but together, the “gang’s all here”
November 11th – 20 miles – start at 6 am, at KCC (restrooms on Monsarrat), same start as October 21st. Andy  will lead
November 18th – 14 miles, some will be doing the Half Marathon (2nd beach park), and around Kapiolani, if you want to do 16 miles)
November 22nd –  10 miles Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving Day
November 25th – 8 miles – Marathon start route, Love the Taper Down!

  Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

There were 15 Silverados who completed a 16-mile run for the start of this taper period.  Weather conditions were okay with slight breezes, but it was hot.  Alberto, Byron, and Tony led the group, and I joined in for about 10 miles.  Amongst the Silvers in attendance were:  Sun Hee, Jun, Evelyn, Sharoness, Julie, Mindy, Jill, Scott, Kelly (sorry for missing some).  We ran into Tiantian and HaNa along the way who were all smiles.  Good job everyone, and congratulations for making it to the taper period finally.  The marathon is already in you.  Enjoy the taper period, you earned it.

HOMEWORK:  (1) Don’t get injured.  Injuries at this point could severely impact race performance.  Be careful.  (2) Target 30 miles per week.  Do 2-3 homework runs of 60-90 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  Weekday runs should equal your Sunday long run, especially as we start the taper period.  (3) Hydrate Saturday night.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff.

UPCOMING:  As we continue into week #2 of the Taper Period, we will be doing 14 miles next week on Veteran’s Day, and 12 miles the week following.  Mark your calendars for the 10 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s HMC premier event, so please don’t miss it.  Our tour of downtown and the front part of the marathon route will be later this month.  More info to come.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR “Speedy Joe”:  Joe, if you haven’t yet, please contact Byron at 808-381-4994 or, as he wanted to keep in touch with you.  Hope all is well.

Training Comment:  We’re into the home stretch of our marathon training.  Gone are the days of aching muscles…till race day, at least.  I’m so proud of how everyone has come along.  You’re all super strong; I sometimes find it hard to keep up.  Hopefully, everyone has addressed their running issues (ie. attire, gear, foot issues, etc.), otherwise you’ve got to figure those things out pretty soon.  Enjoy the tapering period, when we scale back a bit on the weekly mileage.  It allows the muscles to rest and rebuild in preparation for race day.  Now’s the time to think about goals for your race – are you trying to set a personal best, or just trying to finish without injury?  Reflect on what brought you out to the clinic in the first place.  Keep everything in perspective, and you’re sure to have a great marathon experience.

RECYCLE PLEASE:  I’m collecting empty shoeboxes, school supplies, small games, and toys for needy children this Christmas.  Please deliver donations to Alberto [781-9221] or Lynnae [237-4100] by Nov 11.  Mahalo for your kokua.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

17 members started off with our group led by staffers Guru Sam, Dwight, Andy and Blair.  I was informed that the group last week led by Dwight did an 18 miler, so the group’s “long run of the season” is done.  Therefore, next week’s 16 miler will be our last long run for the season and tapering begins.

Please see the schedule below.

While Guru Sam and a few turned around at the Kahala gas station, 14 members persevered to the Niu Valley church water fountain and completed the round trip which amounted to about 16 miles; Farmers Road was added to our return route.  The weather was a bit muggy but it was cloudy throughout so conditions were not too bad on our return route.  Elena, Monika, Russell U., Mayumi, Francis, Paul, Nicole, Bev, Queon, Janet, Moana, Andy, Dwight, and Blair completed the 16 mile route.  Congrats to all!!

White Group Schedule for the remaining Sundays:

Nov. 11:          16 miles

Nov. 18:          Front part of marathon course (approx. 12 miles)

Nov.  22          Thursday; Turkey Trot (10 miles)

Nov. 25:          10 – 12 miler

Dec.  02           08 miles

Dec. 09           MARATHON!!


(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

 Green Group Report by Louis Crompton:

Green 15 – What a GREAT day for a training run…  sure it was a little warm, a little voggy, and sparse breezes, but we were jogging in HNL instead of NYC !  Every once in a while we would inhale the aroma of, say, a mock orange…  luv it.   Cliff said it was time to start cutting back – so from a 16 miler last week we scaled back to a 14.1 miler today [in 4hr 10 min].  Plan is 13 miles next week, then 12, then 10, 8 miles on Dec 2, and a long run on Dec 9.  Green team started out with 11 participants and dropped to 10 at Aloha Gas when a very painful toe due to ill fitting new shoes curtailed that outing.  In addition to the “usual suspects” out in front of the pack, today we enjoyed following Linda, Yuko, and Scott aternating for some of the distance… excellent to see them up there – what a pleasant surprise.  Continue your endurance training during the week!  Don’t scale back on that.   And kudos to the helpful / cheerful niece who spent all morning assisting her nice auntie at our refreshment tables… thank you, all us old adults appreciated you being there.    See you all next week  [ PS – who was that “Lone Ranger” out climbing over Diamond Head again after we “finished” our run?  We saw you ]

Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige and SandraPadua
This the last few Sundays before we start TAPERING!!  Dean , Sandra, Gail and Mel led a smaller group. The group is getting smaller, because of the multitude of other things going on at this time of the year.

The day started out cool but with very little wind. If we wanted a breeze we had to run faster..
Going out, 4 from Rainbow group joined us.  Mel turned back at Wailupe since she just came back from her trip to Chicago n a safari in South Africa.

Coming back we had  Laura, joy, Lynn, Lori, Sandra, Gail, Sharon, Dean, and  the one in white top, Kathy, and  2 from Rainbow group. . At the 8mile turnaround, Stan went ahead as well as one of the rainbows.  Another stayed at Nelson’s oasis n waited for her husband to come get her.

All in all we did well NO INJURIES! Covered 16.51 mile in 4 hours and 46 minutes and burned 1640 cals.

Keep up the home work and we shall see you on Sunday.  

Da Comment Corner:

 Neh fo’ Real” – (or getting to know some of your group leaders):

 Please make sure to thank your staff/group leaders for their guidance, patience and leadership.  All are volunteers and many sacrifice their own goals so they can assist their members.

 1.  This staff leader has  been mentoring Toastmasters Clubs in Hawaii prisons for over 12 years  And,  once, as a member of the UCLA marching band, played in front of  90,000 screaming fans in the Rose Bowl!   Also, he states he can cook a lot more than mango bread!

Who could it be?

 2.    Prior to retirement, this leader was the “Use of Force” instructor with the Customs Department –   (kinda like Bruce Lee going through your luggage?) 

Who is this speedy staffer?

3. When he was” younger”, he used to race “muscle cars”.  He loved to work on old Camaros.   Recently retired, he and his wife love to travel, especially to Japan.   He did a spectacular crash and burn marathon in 1982 and was so bummed out that he gave up on running for 10 years.  He started running again in 1992 and somehow had the good fortune to come across the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and had Roger Kobayashi as his group leader.  There was also a group leader named Jennifer, who later dropped out of running and somehow came back to the Clinic as his student many years later. The Clinic changed his attitude toward running and made the marathon and the marathon training much more enjoyable.   He enjoys the fellowship of the Clinic and the focused, dedicated, fun loving people who make up the gang.   He looks forward to seeing all the smiling faces on Sunday morning.

He loves:

1.     Having the privilege of being part of the training process.

2.     Seeing the marathon through a newbie’s eyes.

3.     The anticipation and excitement of the start line on marathon morning.

4.     Being able to share the great sense of accomplishment after we cross the finish line.

Sensei who?

4.  Once called a “home run hitter” in soft ball, she’s transitioned to other physical pursuits as she’s gotten” older”.  What started out in 2010 as a faith journey to complete one marathon, has turned into a quest to complete four marathons within 365 days.  She’s done Honolulu 2010 and 2011, North Shore, and Nike Women’s in SF.   She could have never imagined that her initial steps of faith would lead her to such accomplishments.   She’s very grateful to the HMC for the support along the way.

Who is this busy leader and marathon enthusiast?

 5.   This leader was a jet fighter pilot for his native country; claims he never crashed any of his planes.  (We’ll have to check the records.) 

Who is this “charismatic and dashing” staffer?

6.  A self-described COSMOPOLITAN – he is a Certified Teacher of English and Italian as a Foreign Language. While in Japan with the US Department of Defense, he taught English and Italian in his spare time

Who is this man of the world?

7.  Back in the “dark ages”, this staffer was part of a high school “mile relay” team that broke a record (yes, for being fast!).   He along with three teammates broke the Big Island high school mile relay record which must have stood for at least … two weeks.

Who is this staffer who always “lags” behind?

   ***Answers: Q1 – Jeff Beard, Red Group leader; Q2 – Les Young, Advanced Group Leader; Q3 – Norm “Sensei” Uyeda, Green Group(Beginners) leader;  Q4 –Silver Group Leader, Lynnae Lee;  Q5 – White Group Leader, Sam Usman ; Q6 – Grey Group Leader, Paris Monti   ; Q7 – White Group Leader, Blair Hoashi

 Mental Toughness:

Although the long mileage is a daunting physical task, it tests our “mental conditioning” as well.  Unless one is mentally tough, it’s very difficult to be thinking positive thoughts (or even thinking) when running up Kahala Avenue.   Congratulations to all of our members for maintaining your physical as well as mental training throughout the year.   Great job!!!  As Guru Sam always states, you are truly an elite group of individuals – not many have completed a marathon or trained for close to a year to participate in it.  All of you are winners in life!!

Tapering– great job on your training thus far; please take it easy on your homework runs to avoid any injury or lower one’s immune system.  An injury or illness at this point can set back your training for weeks and perhaps for that “ideal” marathon that you were hoping for. 

 Turkey Trot, November 22th.  Please volunteer if you are able. 

See you at the water stops!