Scaffter Thoughts 11-04-2012

This week the New York Marathon was canceled (due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy, October 26 – 29, 2012) and it created a big hub-bub.  The politics of the thing is sort of interesting because the New York Nicks played their basketball game today (November 04, 2012) and the New York Giants played their football game.

Whether the New York Marathon should have been run or not is a question of debate.  Dr. Scaff does not think it should have been run; if it was next week he thinks they should have run it.  But if they had run it this week and set up a booth for the Red Cross they would have probably raised a hundred million dollars for hurricane relief because everybody had flown in for the marathon.

One issue arising from the cancellation of the New York Marathon is that the poor people that came from foreign countries, or came from Hawaii, to qualify for Boston, spent two or three thousand dollars.  So, will big races eventually come with trip cancellation insurance?  Dr. Scaff thinks it is an idea worth thinking about, because there is such a big financial concern for everybody.