Blair’s Weekly Update 10-28-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff talked about your longest training run, the Great Aloha RunScaffter Thoughts, wrap-up on nutrition, and energy drinks.

This weekend, with 6 weeks to go before the Marathon, some people do an 18-mile run.  Whatever you do, THIS should be the longest run.  At this point you’ve got to start backing off and recovering.  Dr. Scaff can’t stress enough, particularly to the first time marathoners, the importance of backing off.  Some people can do an 18-mile run, some can’t.  If this is your first marathon, Dr. Scaff does not strongly recommend it.  This advice is based on hard-core experience.

The Great Aloha Run is coming up. It’s a good thing we do for the community.  Dr. Scaff hopes you all enter.  Read about it at

We are starting to put a lot of things on the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site called “Scaffter Thoughts” on different topics.  They just came out and said again fat is bad and carbohydrates are good.  Dr. Scaff has 2 articles that will be on Scaffter Thoughts that say the heavier a Type 2 diabetic is at the onset of diabetes, the longer s/he lives.  You can read about that and it just puts everything into perspective.

Nutrution Wrap-Up
1)  The amino acid Lysine may or may not prevent cold sores.  Go ahead and try it.

2)  Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate:  There are no studies showing any real benefits to taking these substances.  The best place to get it is gristle, like at the end of the wishbone on chicken or the end of spareribs.  It‘s not harmful if you buy the tabletsjust expensive.

3)  Power supplementsnot the gels, but the energy drinks like Red Bull:  There have been deaths reported in people using energy drinks in running.  Dr. Scaff thinks the use of any of these caffeine supplemented sports drinks with 0 calories is dangerousthey do not have Any place in running at all.  So forget All such drinks and substances as a group, they are just an absolute no-no as far as Dr. Scaff is concerned.

Next Sunday
 we are going to start talking about preparing for the marathon.

For more information on your longest training run, nutrition, and other topics, read Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

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Table Duty:

Thanks to Carol and Dean for doing such a great job at table duty!  The fantastic array of goodies along with the ice cold Gatorade and water were the best!  We really needed the extra hydration today.  And, thanks for staying “open” so late!!

 Purple staff leader Nelson and gang – your OASIS at the second beach park is always very much appreciated!

Group Reports:

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

GREYS are flexible! Sunday, October 28th; we had GREYS plans to all meet together and run our PF Chang’s 30K (18 miler) at 5 am. However, who would guess a Tsunami alert uprooted our good intentions. Responsibly deciding to cancel the 30K PF Chang, placed our dedicated GREYS in regroup mode. 7 GREYs still showed up for the usual Honolulu Marathon Clinic at 7:30 am. Myself, Bill, Lien, Shirley, Warren, Jyo, and Toshi. Along the way, we met up with Gannon, Henry, and Dr. Rob. Everyone improvised and came up with their own long run training. Well, some of us, decided to take a rest day, and went back to sleep. Which group were you? Doesn’t matter, you have all got the marathon in you, already!
What I learned, is, it’s hard to run at 7:45 am when you have prepared to run at 5:00 am.
Thank you, Nelson for your oasis!

November 4th – 16 miles if you want to do an 18 to 20 miler, since PF Chang will NOT reschedule their run, start at 6 am Kapiolani Park same Honolulu Marathon Clinic start, we will run 4 miles, up Monsarrat, around Diamond Head prior to clinic, rest for Dr. Scaff’s talk, then usual route from 7:45 am for 16 miles (to church Holy Trinity)
November 11th – 20 miles – start at 6 am, at KCC (restrooms on Monsarrat), same start as October 21st. Andy  will lead
November 18th – 14 miles, some will be doing the Half Marathon (2nd beach park, and around Kapiolani, if you want to do 16 miles)
November 22nd –  10 miles Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving Day
November 25th – 8 miles – Marathon start route, Love the Taper Down!

 Silver Group by Lynnae Lee::

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

There were 11 Silverados who did the one and only 18-mile run for this season.  Weather conditions were pretty good, as there was a fair amount of trade winds and early cloud cover.  Alberto, Byron, and Tony continue to do a good job leading the Silver group.  The group met up with newcomer Jess along the way who was training on her own for her first marathon.  James and I also joined after the 30K race got cancelled due to the tsunami warning.  Nothing could stop us from getting our mileage in.  Congratulations to all for completing 18 miles!!!  You are totally ready for the marathon.

HOMEWORK:  (1) Don’t get injured.  Injuries at this point could severely impact race performance.  Be careful.  (2) Target 32-40 miles per week, but listen to your body.  Do 2-3 homework runs of 60-90 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  Weekday runs should equal your Sunday long run, especially as we start the taper period.  (3) Hydrate Saturday night.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff – page 41.

UPCOMING:  Alberto has officially declared this the Taper Period.  So next week we’ll be doing a 16-miler.  Please note, it is not advisable for first time marathoners to do more than 18 miles for a training run.  For those who have not done their 18-miler yet, there is still time to do one next week.  We’ll be decreasing our long runs each week as we get closer to marathon day.  And we’ll do a tour of downtown to try out the front part of the marathon route.  More info to come.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR “Speedy Joe”:  Joe, we missed you this week and hope all is well.  Please contact Byron at 808-381-4994 or, as he wanted to keep in touch with you.

Training Comment:  I just returned from vacationing in Athens, Greece.  Visiting the home of the marathon as a marathoner is so inspiring.  I actually passed by the area where the first marathon was held and the old stadium that is made of marble.  It made me wonder what it was like for the early runners to compete when they had very different footwear and tech shirts were not even a figment of the imagination.  I saw some runners around the city, and wonder if they appreciate the significance of training there.  Athens would be a great place to do a marathon…(sigh) maybe one day.  Hard to believe, but we’re less than 6 weeks away from race day.   That’s when we’ll know that all the rigorous training was worth it.  At this point you should hone in on the best running fuel for your body.  And also start thinking about your race day attire.  The golden rule is:  “Nothing new on race day”, so if you’re thinking of changing shoes, running belt, or getting a cute new race day outfit, please allow time to test it out on a training run.  Race day is not the time to discover that your new piece of running gear chaffs or produces blisters.  Please plan ahead.

RECYCLE PLEASE:  I’m collecting empty shoeboxes, school supplies, games, and toys for needy children this Christmas.  Please deliver donations to Alberto [781-9221] or Lynnae [237-4100] by Nov 11.  Mahalo for your kokua.

 White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

 A hearty group of 14 stated from Kapiolani Park; some of our members (about 8 -the “off white” group) met at Ala Moana Park at an earlier time.    Guru Sam, Dwight and Blair helped lead the group to various distances.  While Sam and a few members turned around at the Kahala Gas station due to prior commitments, Dwight and Blair took the group further.  Blair, Russell U. and new member Mayumi returned after the second beach park (14 miles), while Dwight led Elena, Monica, Queon, Moana, Richard, Rose, and others(apologies for my lousy memory) to do the entire 16 mile trek.

Congrats to all for a great run!

 The Beginners (All walking speeds and 13-minute mile running pace):  

 Green Team by Louis Crompton:

Cliff and Laurel were at the start line this morning – surprising since they were signed up for the 30K  …  that run being cancelled, they did a pre dawn soiree of 12 miles and were present for Dr Jack’s talk and to send the Green Team on its way toward Diamond Head.  Both Dr Jack and Cliff suggested 16 miles was a sufficient “long run” for beginners, thus we shifted from a planned 17 miler to a 16 mile Plan B…  The Green 15 Magnificent Seven [Lou, Jenni, Yuko, Karen, Phyllis, Linda and Chen Wei] “only” did a true 16 miles with minimal times at water stops – returning to Kapiolani Park in 4 hr 15 min – they were humping!  Looks like our “goal” of 17 miles in 4:30 was well within reach.  Great job to all.   Actually, Green 15 was paced today by Jenni and Yuko, with Lou out in front only trying to avoid being run over !   We missed Bailey and Scott – our good thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.  All participants SHOULD do your homework runs, and we’ll see you next Sunday.  Green Team thanks Nelson for being at BP#2 and to our excellent table duty staffers who stayed open for us late arrivals… we really appreciate the refreshments after noon – thanks for being there for us.

Golden 14’s by Sandra Padua:

Yesterday’s run for the Golden 14s were plagued by falls and injuries.   Dean, Sandra and Gail led a much smaller group of about 14-16 runners going out.  This smaller group was probably due to the tsunami or the cancelled PF Chang.  We were not even to the first water stop when one of our members, Mel, took a spill.  Thankfully she just skimmed her knees, nothing major.  She carried wipes and band aids just for this purpose. Norm advised her to take it easy and not push.  As we head towards, the doggie park by 18th Ave,  another runner, Azure,  tripped on the uneven sidewalk and also skimmed her knees a little.   Later on, Laura also tripped but fortunately did not fall.  All of this happened before the Aloha Gas station in Kahala.   We split up at this point, with only eight runners heading out with Dean for the scheduled 16 miles.  As we were passing the fence of the golf course, heading out on Kalanianaole Hwy, Dean reached up for some Neem leaves and cut his finger.  He had to turn back and now we are 8.  Norm was able to meet Dean at the Kahala Gas station.  They headed back and Dean went off to Queen’s ER and ended up with 5 stitches.

We tried hard to stay focus and encourage the group to stay at our 14 min pace instead of pulling ahead.  We made it out to the 8 mile turnaround and back.  We were able to enjoy the much appreciated refreshments at Nelson’s  Oasis twice.   As we headed back, we passed a fire truck.  We found out later that Luann had a fall and was also taken to Queen’s ER.  From Dean, we were able to get a favorable report that Luann was OK.  By the time we got back to the Kahala gas station, most of us were shaken by the day’s events and decided to take it slow and stay safe.   Joy, Laura and another runner went on ahead while Sandra, Gail, Robin, Melissa and Stan stayed together.  We went at a much slower pace but we did do 16.13 miles.

Thoughts:  Stay Safe, better to be slower than to get injured at this point.   Please make sure you have cell phone numbers of some of the leaders in the clinic so you can contact them in case of an emergency.

 Lucky 13’s by Medelyn Harkins:

Medelyn led 10 runners out on a 16.4 miler.  The day was breezy and we took advantage of all the water stops.  Nevertheless, we all finished approximately 3:55 with water stops and in a 12:20 pace which was a comfortable pace and burned approximately 1840 calories.

The  Lucky 13s did an awesome job this week and I’m so proud of each and one of them for starting and finishing all together. Remember do your homework this week and we will see you next Sunday.

Great job!!!!

 Da Comment Corner:

Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning:

The event is a great way to start off your holiday celebration – a ten mile “watchless” early morning run sponsored by the Clinic to practice one’s pacing for the marathon. Entry fee is $5 and lots of prizes for participants.    Also, volunteers needed!  Please sign up on the bulletin board!  Certain volunteers can even do the run after their task!  In addition, Team HMC members needed to challenge other running clubs.

P F Chang’s Pre Marathon Bash

A festive crowd of about 40 HMC runners and friends joined in to celebrate “Holy Moly It’s Almost the Marathon Gathering” at the PF Chang’s restaurant at Ward center.  Runners from the various groups mingled and shared information and advice on running (of course) but ancillary topics as well – general health, healthy recipes, marital bliss, “blue pills”, favorite restaurants, yoga, cross fit, etc.    Thanks to Pf Chang’s Manager, Ron for setting everything up for us.

Member Betsy brought a friend, Kathy, who won silver and bronze medals in the women’s 400 meter races in the Munich Olympics!   Silver Group leader Lynnae, just back from Italy, Turkey and Greece joined us as well.   Grey group leader Ivie, flew back from a business trip on Maui just to make the event.   And she even brought back some omiyage.  The Purple were well represented-leader Nelson, with Tim his wife and baby, Marsha and Lorna were in attendance.   The Greys with Ivie, Andy, Warren, Fumiko, husband Ron, and others enjoyed the delicious pupus.  And,the “angelic”White Group with Devan, Russ, Gary, Aileen, Debbie (who just completed the SF Marathon last week), Diane, Emily, and of course Guru  Sam and Trish, a friend from S.F.  were leading the “prayers and hymns”. Sake flowed aplenty.

The Beginners were well represented as well with Sensei Norm, Lynn, Eileen, Min, Gail, Lianne, Dean, Chris, and a few others who I might have over looked (apologies)!

Thank you Sensei Norm, Ivie and Guru Sam for organizing the event!

See you at the water stops!