Blair’s Weekly Update 10-14-2012

Scaffter Thoughts

On July 23, 2012, The New York Times reported on a recent survey that was done on the performance-enhancing claims made for dozens of fitness products.  In this survey, the researchers found not a single claim of performance-enhancement that could be supported by rigorous scientific research. Moreover, the few fitness products that have been thoroughly evaluated appear to have no effect on strength, endurance, speed or reduced muscle fatigue.

Highlights from the article:
A professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who was not involved in this study expressed some doubts about the methods used by the authors of the study because the authors did not conduct a systematic review for every topic, and thus noted that the authors’ conclusions, that there is no evidence to support the claims of the fitness products, could be too strong. There may be evidence out there supporting the companies’ claims, however, she did go on to say that she suspects that the claims of the fitness product manufacturers are stronger than they should be and that there is not a lot data backing them up.

Another expert, an assistant professor of health policy and management at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, was impressed with the authors’ diligence and gave them a lot credit for their work on this survey.

The authors themselves concede that given more time, some of the companies may have been able to provide more scientifically-based references, but the bottom line is that there appears to be no substantial evidence to support the claims of the benefits that fitness products are said to bestow.

Dr. Eric B. Bass, a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins who was not involved in the study said, “As an amateur athlete I realize how powerful that urge is to want to take something that promises to help improve your performance without having to practice harder. But I’m always amazed at how many products are available, and as someone who does evidence-based medicine, I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of the benefits they provide.”

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Final Bus Run:

Thanks to everyone for showing up on time and being so orderly.  We had 156 runners loaded up on two Robert’s school buses that went out to four different stops.   Thanks also to all of the members who generously gave more than the bus fare of $3.  The clinic truly appreciates your generosity!

A special mahalo to Mr. Ching our Robert’s bus driver for being so flexible with us; Mr. Ching has been driving the clinic runners on our bus runs for many years.   Thanks also to Angie of Roberts who always gets our bus orders correct.

 Purple staff leader Nelson – your OASIS at the second beach park was much needed and very much appreciated today!

Group Reports:

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

18 runners from Makapuu for the bus run! Andy, myself, Warren, Gia, Fumiko, Lance, Lisa, Dr. Rob, Donna, Jenny, Jyo, Toshi, Bill, Shirley, Satomi, first timers to the GREYs, Lisa and Leo, (welcome!) It was a great day for running, not too hot, and lots of opportunities to hydrate, and fuel up! A great stop by Dr. Rob and Donna, many thanks, and Nelson! Star perfomers, this week, Warren and Fumiko. They greeted Queen Kapiolani before the rest of us. I managed to have a good run, without being dehydrated this week, a boost to my confidence. Several of us went over to Waiola Shaved Ice. It was ono, and refreshing!
Are we managing no injuries? Let’s continue on, as Dr. Scaff said, we have the marathon in us already, just maintain, don’t over train, and don’t get injured. Our training runs should be fun. We will do a 20 miler, “walk in the park” in November, will keep you posted.

October schedule:
October 7. 16.5 miles, we took our grueling Kilauea Avenue (introduced to us by Lynnae) overall running time average 3:30 running pace 9:45 to 12:20 (hills). Average overall pace 12:70
October 14th – 15.72 miles, marathon route (Kahala and Kapiolani Park finish) Overall running time: 3:03  running pace 9:35 to 11:00, Average overall pace: 11:45 to 11:57
October 21 – no official clinic run – Silverados are doing Tantalus at 6 am -10 miles, Greys meeeting at KCC (Kapiolani Community College parking lot, by restrooms) 6:30 am 12 to 14 miles (not too long, since 18 miler the following Sunday)
October 28th PF Chang’s 30K

White Group by Dwight Bartolome:

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

The white group started at the Makapuu Point parking area with close to 20 anxious runners.

More than half had started at the Beach Park so after running to Kapiolani park and then the long bus ride to Makapuu Point. They took off on the last leg of their run.  The rest could only envision the long run back to Kapiolani Park and ran at a slower pace.  The group was down to six runners going down to Kahala Avenue from the service station.  So all in all, a complete experience of the marathon return route. 

Beginners by Louis Crompton, DeanTakashige, Norm Uyeda, and Chris Isham:

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

Green 15 by Louis Crompton: 

Small group of 8 was led by Cliff from the pounding surf at Makapuu Lighthouse, through the valleys and down the highways until we finally recognized Kapiolani Park again….  overall 15.6 miles for us in 4 hr 18 min.     And a special MAHALO to Jenni who planned ahead … figuring there would be no refreshments awaiting us after a bus run, Jenni had loaded her car with bottles of Gatorade and ono cookies….  really appreciated by her team members.     Remember, Sunday Oct 21, meet at 7:30 at Ala Moana Beach Park by the tennis courts and figure 8 parking area….  run will be thru the downtown start of the marathon.

Rainbow Group by Norm Uyeda and Blair Hoashi:

The purity of the Rainbow hue got tainted a bit when two “vagabond” staff leaders joined the group on Sunday –  Guru Sam and Blair joined Norm and his merry runners for a trek from Maunalua Bay back to home base – roughly 9 miles.   There were 18 runners who started together and most ended at the actual marathon finish.  Kahala Avenue was also added to the route to give runners a “feel” for the actual route.  The group is very fortunate in having Rie, a nurse, running with the group who helped a few runners in need.   (Hey, Sam, I think we should recruit her for the White Group; just kidding Norm).  Trish, Saori, Masami, Eileen, Jo, Fiona, Paul, Debbie, and others (apologies to the others) made up this incredibly energetic group.   Thank you for letting us run with your group, Norm.  It was fun!

Gold Group by Dean Takashige:

Today was our final Bus Run for this year.  Dean, Sandra, Gail, Jason lead a group of 20 from the first drop off point, Kawaikui Park, out towards the Hawaii Kai loop and Marathon turn around.

As the group rounded the loop we ran into a cooling light shower. This didn’t last long but everyone enjoyed the cooling off. The weather remained cooler than the previous week with occasional breezes.
Today we chose the Kahala avenue route, acquainting the new runners with the four straight sections of road to allow them to gauge their progress toward reaching the Medal of Honor Park.

We completed the run by doing the official Marathon finish. We covered 13.64 miles in 3 hours and 53 minutes and expended 1281 calories.

Lucky 13’s by Chris Isham:

Chris and 15 of Lucky 13s ran the final Bus Run, keeping to the Marathon Route the whole way. We added a “Victory ” lap at the end to complete 14 miles total at a 12:29 pace.  We had a variety of weather conditions throughout the run; sun, rain, wind, etc which is fairly typical and most likely to occur on Marathon Day.   Reminder that next week, Norm is leading a combined group of beginners on a downtown run to show the downtown portion of the route.

Da Comment Corner:

 October 24th, Wednesday – 4:30 pm to whenever:

 A Clinic Mixer – get to know your fellow runners and the staff as well.  Get familiar with the venue while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow runners and friends.  $15 for pupu buffet; drinks on your own.   Guru Sam is promising to wear his sari!  Please let your staff leaders know of your attendance!  We’d like to get an informal headcount.t

 Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning:

The event is a great way to start off your holiday celebration – a ten mile “watchless” early morning run sponsored by the Clinic to practice one’s pacing for the marathon. Entry fee is $5 and lots of prizes for participants.    Also, volunteers needed!  Please sign up on the bulletin board!  Certain volunteers can even do the run after their task!

  See you at the water stops!