Blair’s Weekly Update 10-07-2012

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff talked about marathon readiness and supplements.

Month 8 Marathon Readiness
At this point you either have the marathon in your body or you don’t.  Any panic about getting ready is a psychologic problem.  Reacting to those feelings is what leads people to push too hard and get hurt.  You should take care of any problems as they arise.

If today were the day of the marathon you’d do as well or better than on Marathon Sunday.  Your weight today is the weight you are going to be for the marathon, maybe 2 pounds heavier.  Consider gaining a little.  For every 3 pounds you lose, 2 pounds are fat, 1 is bone, blood, and muscle; so you get injured.

At this point you should have picked your marathon clothes, shoes, and socks and practiced in them.  If your shoes are too old to make it through the Marathon, get a pair, but you want to have 100 – 200 miles on them before you run the marathon, so they’re very comfortable.

Everything now is tapering or preserving what you have.  Next week’s bus run should be your long run of the year, after that no more long runs.  More than 18 miles is a long run.  Don’t be afraid to back off.  The studies that have been done have shown that people who start backing off tend to do better.

“How do I run better?”  Jack Wilmore, one of the best exercise physiologists in the world, said, “You want to run better, you run more. Nothing else.”  A lot of runners get up to 50, 60, 70 miles a week, and that is probably the ideal for doing best performance, but that is not a good idea for the first year, because it takes too much out of you.  The Honolulu Marathon Clinic wants you to get to is 30 – 40 miles per week, but they’re not saying you shouldn’t do more.

In Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running Dr. Scaff says you do not need supplements.  Just eat a well-balanced diet.  An omnivorous diet, with 35% fat, is a good, good diet.  But if you are going to take supplements, what does Dr. Scaff recommend you take?

Potassium, but remember, potassium is one of the 3 drugs used for lethal injection.  Too much is lethal.  Also take magnesium, a multivitamin, vitamin C (but not more than a gram a day or 500 mg a day),  and vitamin B1 is a good choice.  Selenium is good for your bones and everything else.  And take vitamin D.  Dr. Scaff believes 1,000 units per day is enough, even in the sunshine of Hawaii.

Of note:  The iron in meat is best absorbed (for menstruating women this is important) in meat, rather than from a pill because on meat the iron is on the trans-heme molecule which the body recognizes and takes it right in.

Age and Weight Gain:  After the age of 75 or 80 the heavier you are the longer you live.  You should gain 6 pounds every decade.

Table Duty:

Thanks to Pink staff leader Bill Berg and Clinic alumnus Jewels for taking such good care of us at table duty today.  The pastries and fruits along with the Gatorade and water were great!  Thank you for your efforts!  Did you know that Jewels is one of the very, very few runners who came in at the exact time (to the second) that she predicted on her Turkey Trot result?  Great pacing!!!  Turkey Trot coming up soon and volunteers needed.

Third and Final Bus Run – Oct.14th:

We ask everyone to show up at 7:15 a.m. and board the buses promptly and leave accordingly.  Fare is $3.  The furthest stop will be at Makapuu Point – approximately 15 miles.  Water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few a far between.  Also bringing some extra cash for drinks or energy bars might be recommended.  Please check with your group leader as to your start location.  Currently 120 runners have signed up.

 *****No Clinic on October 21st due to the Komen Race.

Please check with your group on where everyone will be meeting.  (see comments below)

Clinic Mixer:

Ever wanted to talk with a fellow runner about one’s training regimen or lack of it; or, how about what is the best breakfast to eat before a long run; or, what works better, Vaseline or Body glide.  Well on  October 24th , Wednesday,  4:30 – ?, ( Location:  PF changes at Ward; cost $15 for “all you can eat” pupus;  drinks on your own) you will be able to commiserate with fellow runners, talk about training or lack of; discuss injuries, or, just  get to know fellow runners and  your staff members better!  “Runners in spirit “are welcome as well.    (Might be our last bash before the carbo loading party at Dr. Scaff’s.)

Please let Norm Uyeda or Blair know of your interest.  We’d like to get about 50 people there.

Group Reports:

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

14 brave, and determined GREYS ran another 16 miler on a most hot and humid day. I actually totally crashed from dehydration. Andy, Brandon, Jillian, Alden, Jenny, Lance, Ron, Dr. Rob, Donna, Warren, and welcome Shirley (from UK, originally UK). We thought Sunday’s run was extreme weather, but Shirley actually ran a marathon with hail! I can’t imagine running against hail, and wondered what strategy runner’s have for that. Ron said “You run like hail!” I think I was the only one laughing. My Achilles heel for long runs is my tendency for dehydration. I somehow fall victim of this, when I don’t plan properly. From the day before, hydrate continuously, stay out of the hot sun, wear proper attire, and drink lots of fluids! A terrible symptom of dehydration is runners trot, costly minutes! I need to be serious about working this into my training plan.

Reminder: Wednesday October 24th, join the Honolulu Marathon Clinic Happy Hour at PF Chang 4:30 p to 7:30 p, in appreciation for their support with our marathon runners!

October schedule:
October 7. 16.5 miles, we took our grueling Kilauea Avenue (introduced to us by Lynnae) overall running time average 3:30 running pace 9:45 to 12:20 (hills). Average overall pace 12:70
October 14th – bus run be there by 7:15 am – no refreshment table, want to take a Waiola Shave Ice stop in Kapahulu?
October 21 – no official clinic run – Silverados are doing Tantalus
October 28th PF Chang’s 30K

White Group by Guru Sam Usman and Dwight Bartolome:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Sam’s comments:

Small group of 17 started for the 16 miler led by Dwight, Andy and myself.
Wind was not supportive on the way up and we all held our self as one strong group.

Dwight’s Comments:

This Sunday weather was one of hardest days to run. It was hot, humid, and the SO2 (sulfur dioxide) level in the air was high enough to affect breathing.  Group was advised to gulp down a lot of water especially the first  10 miles.  On the way back the Lucky 7 had some breeze to provide some relief.

Completing  the 16 miles has  prepared the group for the 15 mile bus run next week.  Depending on the weather, we will consider running Kahala Avenue on the way back.

PowerBar energy gels on sale at Longs for $.89/pack. Regular price:  $1,25 – $1,69 per pack

Better stock up now for the marathon.

Bus Run next week – approximately 15 miles; drop off point – Makapuu Point.

The following week – Sam and I(Blair) will be at the clinic start at 7 a.m. and do a short run (approximately 8 miles).  Runners are free to go on to longer distances on their own.  Dwight will not be available.    

  Beginners by Louis Crompton, Dean Takashige, Norm Uyeda and Chris Isham:

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

 Green 15’s -Louis Crompton:

Staff pace leader Cliff returned from his 2 week sabbatical and led the small [7] Green 15 team on its first 16 miler [out Kal Hwy to the church and a practice pass of the marathon finish line at the end].  Total distance was 16.2 miles and time on road was 4 hrs 59 min.   If we had a “most improved person over the last few weeks” surely Linda would be an excellent nominee – hung right in there the entire distance…  it pays to do homework.   Next week the Green 15 will get off the bus at Makapuu and return to the park assembly point – bring $3 and extra liquid if possible.  Do your homework endurance training!   And a final word of caution – anyone stopping to pick up a coin risks many many footprints all over his body…

Golden 14’s – Dean Takashige:

Dean,Sandra,Gail,Jason led the beginners group on their first 16 miler. Today we started with lots of vog and no wind and high humidity. By the time we started up Diamond Head road everyone looked as if they had been running an hour. When we reached Wailupe park the on shore winds picked up and blew most of the vog away. The winds also blew any cloud cover, so our return trip was very hot.  Coments from the group, were that the additional mile out from Kawaikui park to the 8 mile turn around seemed very very long.

Congratulations to Sandra,Gail, Jason, Laurie,Kali, Jane, Lynn, Kathy, Mel, Eunice, Riki and Stan. We ran 16.31 miles.was out on the road 4hrs 36 mins,and bunred 1458 cals.

Keep up with your homework and see before 7:15am for the bus run next week.

 Rainbows – Norm Uyeda:

Norm led a small bunch of new / recovering runners on a short 8 mile run (14 minute pace) out to the gas station and back.  The Rainbow group  is for those who are recovering from an injury and don’t want to press too hard or for those who have just joined the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and don’t want to bite off too big a training chunk since the normal Sunday run is now 16 miles for the beginners.   Today we had 5 first timers who wanted to ease into the longer training runs.  Next week – Bus Run.  Please come early and bring $3 (no loose change please).  Next next week – Oct 21st – no Clinic at Kapiolani Park.  The Beginners will meet on the 21st at 7:30AM at Ala Moana Park Tennis Courts in the figure 8 parking lot.  We will cover logistics, timelines and points of interest pertaining to the morning portion of the marathon

The Lucky 13’s by Chris Isham:

Chris and Medelyn led the 13s on their first 16 miler, finishing 16.2 miles at a 12:50 pace and burning 2381 calories.  Because it was so hot and there was very little breeze, we took advantage of the “Beer Cave” going out.  While everyone seemed a bit nervous for the 16 miler, in the end it was not so tough after all.  Outstanding job by all of the 13s!

Next week’s bus run will be a marathon finish. Be ready to board by 7:15.

Keep up your homework, these next 6 weeks are crucial.  Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

 Da Comment Corner:

 Almost back but…:

Weight gain; numerous body aches from slight exertion (I played golf and my body ached like never before); calf and other tendons ached after a short run; a friendly game of tennis with Guru Sam and his friends required extra nap time afterward, and, chaperoning over my son’s birthday sleepover with 7 of his “best buds” in one room (surprisingly, all of the boys went to bed at 1 a.m.) was taxing on the brain and body (to put it mildly) and not prescribed treatment for recovery.   But, overall my calf feels better and I feel I will be back soon!  Thanks for everyone’s well wishes! 

Running  Wisdom:

Every runner should pick up a copy of Dr. Scaff’s latest book, Your First Marathon.  It is a “marathon training ‘bible’ ” for all runners.

See you at the water stops!