Blair’s Weekly Update 09-30-2012

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff talked about alcohol and beer

Studies show that individuals who drank 1 – 3 drinks per day live longer than those who don’t drink at all.  How can we prove that?  There are groups that don’t drink at all and they buy life insurance like everybody else, and you can measure the results in different groups.  Drinkers of white wine live as long as drinkers of red wine.  Studies also found that skid row, alcoholics live as long as anybody else, if they don’t smoke, die in other ways.  But alcohol, like cocaine is a drug.  No drug, when used in substance abuse, is good for us.

The bottom line is the studies then found that all alcohol in moderation IS beneficial. Moderation is 1 – 3 drinks for a large grown man, 1 – 2 for women.  People who drink highly hops beers which are ales, have 37% less Alzheimer’s disease, do not develop osteopenia or osteoporosis.  And are 50% less likely to develop cataracts.

So it is the hops.  Vegemite, from Australia, is made out of the same thing.  Aussies love it!  It is healthful.  You can take beer and you can make beer bread out of it, and there are a bunch of things you can do so you don’t have to drink the alcohol, because it is the hops that is in it.

So to Dr. Scaff it makes sense to consider all this as part of a diet if you are going to drink.

Next Sunday Dr. Scaff will talk about supplements.

Announcement:  Turkey Trot 

The Turkey Trot is drawing near and it will be different this year.  Studies done by the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and Brian Clark that shows that if we can get the people to run the 2nd half of the Marathon a little slower, they finish 4% faster.  The Turkey Trot is a good experience.  It may be bigger this year with as many as 500 – 1600 people.

The Honolulu Marathon Clinic needs volunteers to help with the Turkey Trot this year.  We have a signup list of various things you can do to help, and with some of the volunteer tasks you are still able to participate in the run.

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Table Duty:

Thanks to staffers Jason and Gail for taking care of table duty today.  The pastries and fruits along with the Gatorade and water were great!  Thank you for your efforts!


Third and Final Bus Run – Oct. 14th:

We ask everyone to show up at 7:15 a.m. and board the buses promptly and leave accordingly.  Fare is $3.  The furthest stop will be at Makapuu Point – approximately 15 miles.  Water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few a far between.  Also bringing some extra cash for drinks or energy bars might be recommended.  Other scheduled stops are the traffic lights past Sandy Beach – 13 miles and the second beach Park (Kawaikui Park) – mileage varied.  Please check with your group leader as to your start location.  . 


Group Reports:

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)


16 GREYS this HOT Sunday, -off the Century Bike Race. Those running this Sunday – Andy, Paris, Darin, Mark, Brandon, Jillian, Nikki, Jenny, Lance, Dr. Rob, Shannon, Ian, Jyo Toshi, and Ron. Ron has just returned from the Ragnar 200 mile relay, starting at Cumberland, MD ending at Washington, DC. Awesome! Century Bikers we saw this Sunday, Gannon, Satomi, Benika (missed Warren). We had a great run. We were able to snap a picture with the 93 year old marathoner, Gladys the Gladiator, along with whom we think is the youngest, Jyo. This is a picture we will treasure for a long time!
October, we will continue to maintain the gain, train in the sun on the run. Now who was it that showed me their bloody singlet? We are also training in our gear at longer mileage. I chaffed on my inner arms last week. Let’s have a perfect run, next week.

September 30th 15.6 miles – Kahala Avenue and Marathon finish. Total time: 3:19, overall pace 12:45, total Calories 1,833 – I enjoyed my family reunion brunch, yum!

October 7th – 16 miles – including Kilauea incline
October 14th – 15 miles – bus run
October 21st – 16 to 17 miles
October 28th – 18 miles – PF Chang’s 30K


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

The Silverados did another 16-mile run to the church on an extremely humid day.  It seemed like summer.  We can only hope that marathon day won’t be similar.  Congrats to all Silvers for completing a really tough run!

HOMEWORK:  (1) Continue to experiment with different fuels.  If you’re cramping, bring more or different fuel. (2) Target 30-33 miles per week minimum; 40 is even better, but don’t get too ahead of yourself.  Listen to your body.  Do 2-3 homework runs of 60-90 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  A good rule of thumb is to have your weekday runs equal your Sunday long run.  If you’re not there yet, try increasing your weekly mileage by 10%.  (3) Hydrate Saturday night.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff – page 41.

UPCOMING:  Good luck to all those running in the Marathon Readiness Series 25K race – you’re more than ready for it.  Make sure to sign up for the last bus run on 10/14.  P.F. Chang 30K (18 mi) race is on 10/28.  It’s a great way to get some race experience prior to marathon.  Early registration deadline is 10/10.  See for more info.

Training Comment:  Tough training days can wear on the body and mind.  Remember that race day is mostly about the mental aspect.  The training you’ve been putting in has gotten your body ready for the marathon.  So don’t let a tough outing deflate your confidence.  You’re gonna pass that finish line; the training runs just determine your time and post-race recovery.  At this point you may want to cut back on other cross-training type of activity.  Be very careful not to get injured, so hiking should be curtailed till after marathon.  And most importantly, listen to your body.  Any aches or pains should be addressed through adjustments to your training schedule – it’s okay to take an extra rest day or cut back on mileage if that’s what your body needs.  Health above all else!

RECYCLE PLEASE:  I’m collecting empty shoeboxes to fill with goodies and school supplies for needy children this Christmas.  Please turn those in to Alberto or Lynnae.  Mahalo for your kokua.


 White Group by Dwight Bartolome:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

23 runners according to Sam and Raquel were accounted for at the top of Diamond Head.  A good number of runners ( started at the beach park and made it back in excellent time. The remaining 11 had to endure the heat and humidity of the mid-morning sun running back to Kapiolani Park. Was definitely a long run but we all got back before noon with time to spare.

Next week the group will be doing another 16 miler. For sure the group will be ready the following week for the bus run which will ONLY be 15 miles.  We talked about what supplements (Gels, Power Bars, pretzels, gummy bears, mustard packs, , etc.) to take during the marathon.

The quick answer:

Whatever you take that others have said helped them and you believe will help you, will work for you.

But make sure you start using whatever you choose during training runs so your body can learn to adapt to it.

Debbie and her daughter, Jeannelle will be running in the next San Francisco Marathon on Oct 14; go get um girls.


  Beginners by Louis Compton, Dean Takashige and Chris Isham:

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  


Green 15 by Louis Compton:

Greens hoped / prayed / did a little dance for overcast cool weather – to no avail, we got the opposite.   We all assumed our positions – Scott out on flank, Linda protecting our rear, Lou in the lead with Woo-Woo [AKA Jenni] goading him on. Our group of 10 went up and down hills, and straight ahead, at a 15 min / mile pace, and tried to curtail times at water stops – all had a fun time doing it.  We jogged a true 15 Sunday [actually Mr Garmin said 15.01] and showed up for liquids and goodies in 4 hr 06 min, not too shabby for the Green Team…  Next Sunday 15+ again, or maybe 16, we’ll see what the group DEMANDS…


 Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige:

Dean, Norm and Sandra started with 16 on our final training run for September. This morning was clear so we could tell today would be a hot one. At the Kahala gas station Norm took the Rainbows and turned back.

The remaining 12 continued on Kawaikui Park. At the park I informed the group that we would be easing into October by running  a 15 miler. Anyone not interested in doing the additional half mile out and back could decide to wait or turn and go back. Four decided that 14miles should be enough for today and turned back.

The remaining 8, Dean, Sandra, Kali, Kathy,laura, Laurie,Emmie and Norma, decided to take on the challenge, the hardest part was to try to decide how to leave our cups with Nelson so we could re-use it when on our return.

Despite the lack of wind to cool off, the group ran strong. We were on the road 4 hours and 18 minutes covered 15.27 miles and burned and average of 1477 cals. On the average we were running at a 13min 30 sec min/mile pace

 Lucky 13s by Chris Isham:

Chris and Medelyn led 17 of the Lucky 13s on a 14 miler with a Marathon Finish.  Our average pace was 12:35. Outstanding job by all of you.  We reflected on how far we had progressed, essentially running “half marathons” throughout the month and how ready everyone was for 16 miles.  We will run 16 milers till the Sunday before Thanksgiving when we start tapering with the exception of the “downtown run.”  Bus run is Oct 14, downtown run is Oct 21.  Keep up the great work and make sure you have gotten new shoes now


 Da Comment Corner:

 Marathon Morning Haven:

Good news forthcoming.


Oct. 24th; after work:

There might be another PF Chang’s” Pre Marathon Mixer” (chance to commiserate and get to know fellow runners); Sensei Norm and Blair looking into details; stay tuned.


Running  Wisdom:

Every runner should pick up a copy of Dr. Scaff’s latest book, Your First Marathon.  It is a “marathon training ‘bible’ ” for all runners.


See you at the water stops!