Blair’s Weekly Update 09-09-2012

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff was not available this morning.

Peter’s Announcements:

I unfortunately caught only a bit of Peter’s announcements but the part I did hear was very pertinent and important – most runners are doing at least 12 miles and, to keep up with their respective  groups and maintain consistency, doing our “homework  runs” are not just important but necessary.   Let’s keep up our good “work habits” so our Sunday runs are fun and not too “stressful”. Also, our weekday runs give us mental confidence which helps tremendously when doing our longer runs. There are many of us who are injured or otherwise incapacitated that cannot do the “homework” (myself included) and in envy of those who are able to run consistently during the week. Enjoy your runs!  

Table Duty:

Thanks to Advanced staff leader Mark A. and wife Laura for doing such a great job at table duty!  I believe this is their second go around.  Much mahalos!!!
Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace – <9:00 per mile pace)

The AG had 14 runners on a beautiful, but humid running day.  The Raptors did their usual 16 miler running 9 miles in and 7 miles back out.  We picked up a new runner name Chris at Paki.  He is retired Navy running his first marathon.  He has been doing approximately 40 miles per week and runs an easy 8:30 pace.  Another Raptor joins the herd.  Back from two weeks off and did an easy 14 miler.  The Raptors will be ramping up to 18 miles next Sunday.  Hope to be right on their tails soon.



Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

What a humid Sunday, to have stepped our miles to 16, (Holy Trinity Church). Those on our run: Darin, Andy, myself, Mark, Nikki, Nga, Jon, Ryan, Lance, Nehoa, Ron, Jenny, Dr. Rob, Warren.  Warren feels confident for our group, saying our marathon will be a “walk in the park.” Last week we had an unofficial run of 12 miles, and thank you Warren for the refreshments. We took off right after the advanced group, as we didn’t see any Pinks, or Purple. We ran shades of grey this Sunday. Dr. Rob said since it wasn’t “50 Shades of Grey”, we weren’t quite as racy. Andy kept our pace fast going out, but realized donating blood this past week, makes it hard to run a long run. Be careful, after donating blood!
Thank you Nelson for your oasis.  Sure was sweet this Sunday. We hit it twice! I just completed a book, “Running for My Life” by Lopez Lomong. Such an inspirational book for runners. We do the marathon for our own reasons, goals. We run for our physical fitness, goals, run for a cause, dedication for someone, etc. Lopez (Lopepe means fast) runs for a cause bigger than himself. 
Doing your homework runs? Other homework – have you been composing our rap? Thought I forgot? (I run for dementia prevention). Here is one written by an “Andrew” to the beat of M&M. He wrote it for the Chicago 10-10-10 marathon. Running makes your creative juices flow, your mind is sharpened, we stay alert, so we won’t get hurt. I am sure we can make this first verse more relevant to our Honolulu Marathon December 9, 2012. I will add the next verse, another week.  See below:

I was born to do 10-10-10

Running it with 45,000 friends

You only get one shot at these moments

Guess what, it’s our time to own it

All the blood, the sweat, the tears

I can’t believe that we’re finally here

So close I can taste the finish line

It’s our race, our dream, our time

September 2nd – Unofficial run 12 miles (taking incline of Kilauea Avenue)
September 9th – 15.8 miles  11.08 Total pace (the faster shade of GREY) -WOW!, next bunch: 11.39 Total pace
September 16th 16 miles
September 23rd 16 miles
September 30th 16.5 miles – Kahala avenue and Marathon finish



Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silverados had a total of 20 runners today for our 14 mile run to Kawaikui beach park.  Our group was led by Alberto, Byron, Hao, and Lynnae.  Running conditions were actually pretty pleasant, and we needed that extra encouragement – overcast for the most part, with mild but consistent breezes.  The Silverados in attendance were:  Sharoness, Kerry, Scott, Evelyn & Cam, Kohya, SunHee, Sook & Pete, Joe, Jun, Arnold, Jill, and L.T. (sorry to those skipped).  The camaraderie of the group was very much appreciated as we trudged along the course.  We ran into early birds Tiantian and Ana on their way back to the gas station as we started out on Kalanianaole.  The group returned viaKahala Avenue, where everyone looked in fine form.  This week’s stats:  13.7 miles; 2:25 moving time (2:47 elapsed time); 10:39 moving pace (12:11 overall pace); and calorie count of 1077.  Please share your weight loss stories – I bet we’ve got some good ones.


HOMEWORK:  (1) Continue to experiment with different fuels; (2) Target 30-33 miles per week.  Do 2-3 homework runs of 60-90 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  A good rule of thumb is to have your weekday runs equal your Sunday long run, at minimum.  If you’re not there yet, try increasing your weekly mileage by 10%, which should be about 1 mile per run.  (3) Hydrate Saturday night.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff.


UPCOMING:  A new mileage next week – the big 16!  Come well rested for this new distance.  Marathon Readiness Series 25K in Kailua is October 7, and early registration ends Sept 19.  All runners get a tech shirt.  See for more info.


SHOUT OUT CENTRAL:  Good job to the Silverados who survived the rain Labor Day Sunday and trekked up Tantalus [Alberto, Tiantain, HaNa, Scott, Jun, Sharonness, and more].  Running in the rain is definitely good training.  At the same time, there were a number of HMCers who took part in the 20K Marathon Readiness series race [Korwin, Nikki, Lisa, SunHee, Sook, Pete, Kohya, and Shirley, to name a few].  Congrats to all racers – there was a lot of good energy and many smiles at the finish line.  Special congrats to Satomi and Jyo for winning in their age groups!   


Comment:  I was humbled last week during the 20K race at Barber’s Point when I was passed by a dog, yes, a D-O-G.  Fido was happily trotting beside his owner and didn’t even appear to be panting hard. (Must be nice to have 4 legs.)  So now I am officially slower than 8-year-olds (thanks to Jyo) and dogs.  But I had to look on the bright side – I had a chance to chat with some running friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and the weather conditions were a lot cooler than last year.  A couple of minutes off target, but all in all, a good outing. 


I know training is getting tough, but just keep at it.  We’re really at a maintenance point.  We won’t be increasing that much more.  You’ve done a sufficient amount where you can finish a marathon.  We do more so we don’t hit “The Wall” during the race.  So keep up with the training, and don’t necessarily worry about increasing overall mileage.  That’s what Sundays are for.  Find ways to fit homework runs into your regular routine, before or after work, or find a running buddy to keep you motivated and encouraged.  Training must be intentionally scheduled as we get closer to race day. 


 White Group by Guru Sam Usman and Dwight Bartolome:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)


Staff leaders Andy, Dwight, and I led 27 runners on the way up the hill and enjoyed the friendship of all the fellow runners.  After Triangle Park, Andy and Dwight took over the gang for 14 mile hike. Debbie, Diane and others started from the 2nd beach park at 6.00 a.m.  Next week I am out of town but will be back week after that.



From the Kahala Service Station 15 members went on to the first beach park. Two turned back and 13 members went on to the 2nd beach park – 14 mile turnaround.  Six members had started at the beach park so they completed their run at that point.  The remaining lucky 7 got to run back to include Kahala Avenue.

Without our fearless leader (Blair) in the front, the group dynamics took on a self-leading role to set a steady pace throughout the run.  No matter who was in front, the pace remained the same and the group stayed in a tight cluster.  The WG has become a self-reliant, self-supporting, and self-regulating entity.  Blair, we all still miss you and anxious to know when you will be coming back and we are doing the best we can in your absence. (Dwight, the check is in the mail; just kidding; thanks for the nice words – I miss running with you guys terribly; but I think the group already has a few great, fearless staffers leading the way – namely, you, Sam and Andy.  I shall return soon!  [Blair])

On the way back we talked about drinking strategy for long runs as well as the marathon.  Between the 10-12 miles two organs start to shut down:  Kidneys and Stomach.  That is why because of the kidneys, one does not need to take a bathroom break after 12 mile and if one is needed, most likely It’s bladder sweat.  After 10-12 miles, the stomach does not absorb as much water into the system as it could the first 10-12 miles.  So being thirsty at the 20 mile mark and drinking a lot of water will spell problems on the last six miles.

Rule of thumb:  Remember the negative split for water drinking..   “The amount of water you drink in the first half of the marathon should be more than the second half of the marathon”.

Now is the time to practice this during our long run.

So happy drinking……  (in the beginning of a run…)



The Green Group – Beginners by Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda, and Chris Isham:

 (all walking speeds and  13-minute mile  > running pace.)  

After a short (13 mile) route out to Kaiwaikui Beach Park last week on our Holiday run, Cliff and Rosemary today paced the Green 15s over the full 14-mile version of the course.   We were helped by overcast and light breezes for nearly the entire day.  Our weekly mileage goals remain at least 30-miles for the rest of the year; ideally take a day off from training after each training day, train at least three days a week and not more than five days.   It is never too late in the year to come out and join us; all of our routes are out-and-back so we can easily find you a distance and pace to meet your level of readiness.


Rainbow Runners by Norm Uyeda:

Norm led the Rainbow group to a short 8 mile run out to the gas station and back.  The Rainbows are a 14 minute per mile subset of the Beginner’s group, consisting of those on an injury recovery program and also those runners who have just joined the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and are not ready for the “whole shibang” of 14+ miles.


Lucky 13s by Chris Isham:

Chris, Medelyn and Fiona took out 17 of the Lucky 13s on a 14.1 miler.  Pace was 12:49 on a somewhat overcast and breezy day.  Outstanding job by everyone!   3 months left till the Marathon with only about 9 weeks of effective training time available.  It is imperative that runners are doing their mid week homework and staying hydrated.  Keep up the great work team!



Da Comment Corner:

Running with Friends and Solitude Runs:

I have not been able to run for close to a month.  I certainly miss the camaraderie of my running friends – the jovial, friendly, supportive group of people- unrelated, yet connected by the “love” of long distance running.

I also miss my morning  “alone runs” which give me a chance to be in my own “space” –  to think, scream, sing, find solace, etc. while my legs churn and  my heart beats rapidly in sync.  My mind becomes less cluttered and when the positive endorphins start kicking in, it flows richly through my brain and my “foggy thoughts” become clearer and creativity kicks in.    A whole gamut of thoughts and ideas pass through my diminutive brain for reflection–world peace (no, I am not running for Mr. Hawaii [just kidding]), beautiful music (smooth jazz on FM 101.5), great films (the Intouchables @ Kahala; highly recommended), child rearing (how much I love my son), relationships, great friendships,  love of life,  work, etc. , etc., etc. …      


Our third and final bus run is scheduled for October 14th.  

The furthest drop off point will be at Makapuu Point (very close to Sea Life Park – mileage approximately 15 miles).  It gives runners a chance to run along the eastern coastline (a route not normally run) and also become more familiar with the second half of the actual marathon route.   Again, water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few and far between.  

A signup sheet will be posted so please sign up ASAP.  We ask the signees who commit to attend; on the last bus run we had over 50+ runners not showing up which caused us to order an extra bus that was not needed.   The clinic is a nonprofit organization and need to keep our costs in check; so, appreciate your assistance.    Thanks for your consideration. 


 See you at the water stops,