Blair’s Weekly Update 08-26-2012

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence

No talk this week due to the Bus Run.

Second Bus Run:

146 runners boarded four school buses for the second Bus Run of the year.  Most Beginners were dropped off at the second beach park while Intermediate and Advanced runners departed from the traffic lights just past Sandy Beach.  Thank you all for being so prompt and organized!  Also, thanks to many of you for your generous donations beyond the required $3 bus fare – much mahalos!!!

Our third and final bus run is scheduled in October.   The furthest drop off point will be at Makapuu Point (very close to Sea Life Park – mileage approximately 15 miles).  It gives runners a chance to run along the eastern coastline (a route not normally run) and also become more familiar with the second half of the actual marathon route.   Again, water bottles are recommended as the water stops are few and far in between.   A signup sheet will be posted so please sign up ASAP.


Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Mark Admiral:

(Pace – <9:00 per mile pace)

Advanced Group – Ride the BUS with us! Most of the group, hard core early birds all, opted for an early 0600 run starting from Maunalua Beach Park around Koko Crater for a planned 11-12 miles.  We did get a sighting of these early birds at the beach park as we went by on the BUS – they looked quite content with their “alternative” to the BUS run.   However, a small minority of us, myself included, embrace the BUS and consider BUSLESSNESS… well, just sad.   Korwin, Satomi, and Albert (son of Alberto of running clinic staff fame) joined me for a 13 mile run back after being deposited at Sandy Beach by the BUS.  Despite the heat and higher than average humidity, we kept a solid pace of about 08:15 to 8:30 minutes per mile, with all running superbly.  Albert was in particular very impressive in his first run with the Advanced Team; we hope to see more of him in the future.  The highlight of the run was encountering Nelson’s glittering oasis of rehydration and replenishment at the Second Beach Park.  Thanks Nelson, you rock! …. And the BUS rocks too.  Les was unfortunately out with an injury this week, and we all look forward to his quick recovery.


 Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

What a bus run, about 18 of us, the drop-off at Sandy’s taking Kahala Avenue, and the marathon finish. Fearless Andy didn’t hold back on the pacing, along were: myself, Bill, Nikki, Warren, Joana, Donna, Dr. Rob, Lance, Takio, Toshiaki, Jyo, Shaym, Marc. (Missed some again, sorry)This was a great training run for sun, and heat acclimation. How did you all do, and how did you feel Monday morning? I think Shaym described the bus run beautifully. He said, do you know the first hill? I was feeling it, until I got to the top, and as I started running down, the momentum and stride just took over, and I felt I could run on forever, I felt the euphoria, and the runner’s high thought, this is what everyone must be experiencing. It kept on like that, until we were heading to our next water stop, and reality sank in. When did reality sink for you, or were you euphoric throughout the run?
Thank you to Donna and Dr. Rob for supplying refreshments at mile 4. Nelson, thank you for your oasis! What a turn out of the entire clinic, and Nelson you helped sustain us all.
Running gear, we are upping the ante on miles. How are you all doing with your footwear? I felt the discomfort, heat and pavement on the balls of my feet with my Vibrams. I love the running feel of these shoes, so natural, like I was “Born to Run”. I am not so sure with the longer distance, and have yet to commit to the marathon in these. Remember wearing and breaking in, not only your shoes, but running wear. You want to know whether you chafe or blister. Bodyglide, Vaseline are great prevention measures. Of course, I am not an expert at this, but for men, there is a product called NipGuard, or sme men say they just use band-aids. Satomi said, they could also use a bra.
Those of you who will be doing the Marathon Readiness Series, Sept 2nd, Runner’s HI 20k at 6 am, have a great race! Others: Join the Silver group, with leader Alberto Sunday September 2nd Tantalus 6am, or Ivie Kapiolani Park 7am.

We had a great run on Sunday!
August 5th – 14 miles Outgoing pace – Held it to 10:30, Returning Pace, just under 10:30 up to the last two miles then the group broke up and pace varied from 9:30 to 12:00.
August 12th – 14 miles Total miles: 13.71, total pace 12:46 Total running pace 10:28 outgoing pace 10:15, return running pace: 10:41
August 19th – 14.04 TOTAL miles, total pace 12:05, Total running pace: 10:13, outgoing pace 10:08, return running pace: 10:17 WE DID GOOD!
August 26th – 14.41 miles Total Pace: 11:38, total Running Pace 10:18 (HUH?) Andy, you really pushed the pace!

1.    Join SILVERS, Alberto – 6 am Tantalus Run (10 miles) with refreshments at 5 mile (top)
OR   2.    Join Ivie – 7 am Kapiolani Park 12 miles (recovery run)


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silverados had a total of 21 runners today for this season’s 2nd bus run from Sandy Beach.  The toughest part of the run was the start, with the extremely HOT conditions heading out from Kalama Valley in the first 1.5 miles.  Then we enjoyed the shady side of Lunalilo Home Road all the way to Koko Marina.  Our group was led by (always accelerating) Alberto, Byron, Lynnae, and Tony as sweeper.  The Silverados in attendance were:  Sharoness, Julie, Kerry, Scott, Evelyn, Cam, Cindy, Kyotah, Sun Hee, Sook (+ hubby), Joe, Jun, Tiantian, Jonathan, and Daniel (sorry to those skipped).  Once we got back on Kalanianaole, the weather conditions got better – more breezes, though more clouds were desirable.  As usual, Nelson’s oasis was a welcome break – thank you, Nelson!  We were in hot pursuit of the Grey group throughout.  On this particular run the group started separating, which was either due to missing the light cycles or running different paces.  We’ll try to keep to the established pace for our group, and allow the faster Silvers to perhaps join the Grey group.  A fond aloha to Daniel as he returns to Switzerland for work.  We look forward to running with you again on your next trip home, take care.  This week’s stats:  13.14 miles; 2:22 moving time (2:40 elapsed time); 10:48 moving pace (12:11 overall pace); and calorie count of 1017.

HOMEWORK:  (1) Continue to experiment with different fuels (Joe’s tip: gummi bears work!); (2) No clinic does NOT mean no training.  Be sure to get a long run in during the Labor Day weekend.  If you’re running on flat ground, run 12-14 miles, as we’ll continue to increase our mileage.  Target 30-33 miles per week.  Do 2-3 homework runs of 60-90 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  A good rule of thumb is to have your weekday runs equal your Sunday long run, at minimum.  If you’re not there yet, try increasing your weekly mileage by 10%, which should be about 1 mile per run.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff.

UPCOMING [Labor Day weekend]:  No official clinic next week.  Our 4th Tantalus quest will be on Labor Day Sunday, September 2, 6am.  This will be good training to strengthen our muscles.  All HMCers are welcome to join.  Meet at the park where Makiki Street, Makiki Heights Drive and Round Top Drive meet.  For those unfamiliar with the location, turn up (mauka) on Makiki Street from Nehoa, and the park is one block in at the fork in the road.  Parking is on either side of the park and is limited.  There are no water fountains along the way, so please make sure to bring enough water, 12 oz minimum.  There will be a pit stop at the top to refill and replenish.  It is also important to note that there are no bathroom facilities (but plenty of bushes), so plan accordingly.  The run should take a little over 2 hours.  Please call or text Alberto [781-9221] if you have any questions.  Have fun and enjoy the views from the top!

Wishing all the HMCers in the Marathon Readiness series a good race next week.  You’re in peak condition for this race.  Be sure to say “hi” as you pass me on the course.

Training Comment:  At this point, cheaters in endurance training will get caught on Sundays.  The extreme summer conditions and long distances take a toll on the body, and if not properly conditioned during the week, the body will have a negative reaction.  In that sense, a lot of endurance training is discipline, plain and simple.  Training takes a lot of time, but if you log a sufficient number of miles each week, you’ll be able to finish the marathon with ease.  Find ways to fit training into your regular routine, before or after work, or find a running buddy to keep you motivated and encouraged.  Keep up the training, and you’re sure to shine on race day pain-free.


 White Group by Guru Sam Usman and Dwight Bartolome:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Sam’s Comments:

We started with 29 and about half were newbies in our ever happy group. We had awesome weather and great view of the Hawaii Kai area.  We had a “stalker” watching our group- or maybe somebody checking to see if we are all running in harmony (Blair was following our tracks in his car.)  At the Hawaii Kai loop gas station, Blair was waiting for us with Gatorade and snacks.  You do not need to bribe us, as we know how bad you feel for not being able to run with us.  Dwight and Andy took over from 2nd beach park.


Dwight’s Comments:

From Wailupe (Second Beach) Beach Park, the group maintained a steady 12 minute mile pace all the way back to Triangle Park.  There was some rain to cool the runners but once the sun came out, it really beat down on the group.  At Triangle Park we talked about training to beat the psychological barriers.

“We all are tired and as long as we are not suffering from cramps, nausea, dizziness,  there’s no reason why each one of us couldn’t run all the way back to base without walking.  Don’t get mentality beat by walking because that’s going to be key to a good finishing time.”

The group took off up Diamond Head each setting his/her own pace back to base.  From what I saw, I didn’t see any white group walkers……  All Right WG!!

Next Sunday – Labor Day Sunday (no official clinic):

Our group will be meeting at the clinic start location at 6:30 a.m. and do a 12 to 14 mile run.  Please join us – we will start our 16 milers soon!


Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte:

We enjoyed perfect weather for our second bus run, overcast nearly all the way and with steady cool breezes.  Cliff and Rosemary paced our group for 11.5 miles of the Marathon course starting with the Hawaii Kai loop and finishing  at back Kapiolani Park.  We are inside four months from the marathon, so our training goal is 30 miles for the week.  No formal clinic next Sunday, but we’ll still meet a 0730 for our first run of September, going the short route out to Kaiwaikui Beach Park and back for about 13 miles.    It is never too late in the year to come out and join us; all of our routes are out-and-back so we can easily find you a distance and pace to meet your level of readiness. 


 Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda:

The Golden 14s took in the Hawaii Kai loop for their second bus run while gaining valuable exposure to the actual marathon course.  We did a shortened Kahala Avenue so that we could get the extra water stop at the Kahala baseball field due to the warm but breezy conditions.

Next week is a three day holiday, but most of the Golden group leaders should be at the park at 7:30AM for a short 14 miler.  Don’t forget to bring spending money since the Okinawan Festival will also be taking place. Andagi!  Yakisoba!  mmmmm …


Lucky 13s by Chris Isham:

Chris, Medelyn, and Fiona led the Lucky 13s back from Hawaii Kai finishing right at 12 miles which included a “victory lap”.  Great job by all!  We basically have 12 weeks left of good training before we start to taper.  It is imperative now that we get in all our homework and keep hydrating.  Chris will lead the 13s on their first 14 miler next Sunday, 0730.



Da Comment Corner:

 Congrats to all of the finishers of our second Bus Run!   Our third and final Bus Run is scheduled in October.

No formal clinic next Sunday so please check your group reports to find out if you are meeting on Sunday.

 Stay injury free!

See you at the water stops,