Blair’s Weekly Update 08-19-2012

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff talked about cholesterol.

One of the best books on nutrition is Know Your Fats” by Mary G. Enig, Ph.D., former Chair of the Maryland Department of Nutrition.  She declared that the food pyramid is upside down. If you want “the skinny” on fat or cholesterol, this is the best book there is.

Cholesterol is called an artery clogging fat.  Actually, cholesterol does clog arteries but it is not a fat, it was mislabeled; it is a benzene ring sterol, an alcohol.  Dietary cholesterol is unrelated to serum cholesterol.  You cannot eat enough cholesterol to change the total body load of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is the building block of every cell in our bodies.  Just like anything else, there has got to be a balance.  Cholesterol is so important that the liver manufactures 3 grams each day. We need a lot of cholesterol, we just don’t need too much.

What is the ideal level of cholesterol?  160 to 220 milligrams.  At 240 milligrams deaths from heart attacks double, and from 240 – 280 the rate doubles again.  A person with a cholesterol of 280 is 4 times as likely to die of a heart attack than someone with cholesterol of 220 or less. With cholesterol below 150 the death rate increases again and approximates the death rate of the high cholesterol.

So what you need is a balance of all of cholesterol.  A very simple way to look at it is HDL.  If you have a ratio of less then 4 (total cholesterol 200, HDL 50 = 4) the probability of premature heart disease is negligible, and if reversal of atherosclerosis can occur, it will occur in this milieu. HDL cholesterol ratios worked in Dr. Scaff’s practice for 40 years, and he says nobody dies on his watch.

Statins are very powerful drugs.  We now know of the muscle problems associated with statins, and a new condition called statin dementia, where people become senile with statins. Five percent of people on statins develop diabetes.  So you’ve got to really be careful when you get into this kind of stuff, particularly when there is so much literature available on the market.  And you ought to be reading the literature, don’t just accept everything that is said.

There are many pages of information on cholesterol and nutrition, including Chapter 35 “The Omnivore’s Guide to Perfect Nutrition”, in Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

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Second Bus Run – August 26, 2011.

Approximately 215 runners have signed up for the run.  The farthest drop off point will be the traffic lights past Sandy Beach.   For first timers – no, we do not run back on the dangerous, winding and uphill Kalanianaole Highway but trek through a safer and quieter Kalama Valley, onto Hawaii Kai “town”, and then back onto Kalanianaole Hwy.   Everyone, please check with your group leader as to your drop off point.

For runners being dropped off at Sandy Beach – a strong suggestion would be to bring a water bottle or other liquids because initially, the water fountains are few and far between.  We would like to ask everyone to be at the clinic by 7:15 a.m. so we can leave promptly at 7:30 a.m.  There will be no Doc Talk.  Cost is $3.


Table Duty:

Much mahalo to Rachun and Robert for the delicious and refreshing food and drinks. 


Group Reports:

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 min. per mile)

We had a nice-sized group of runners today, welcoming a couple of new members in for our 14 miler. We are pacing at around 9:30-9:50 minutes/mile, it seems. Some of the group ran from the beachpark starting at 6 and met up with the others at the Park to run back together. The weather was kind to us, rainy early, then cloudy, but it sure was humid! Running these distances in increasing heat will require thought about electrolyte replacement and good hydration.

Congraulations to our Pink runners who turned in really good times in the first of the Marathon Readiness Series races. We continue to be amazed that running long, slow distances can translate into speed on shorter race days!

Next week is the bus run. Our group will run from Sandy Beach, via Kalama Valley and Heartbreak Hill, through Hawaii Kai and back to the park for about a 13 miler. For those who need to get through earlier, there may be a group running independently, starting at 6 from the beachpark. You can contact me for information at Also for Labor Day weekend when there will not be on offical clinic, we will likely organize an early run on the Sunday


Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) 

GR8T running day for the GREYS! There were 16 of us, a lot were doing the BOCA 9 mile Norman Tamanaha run, and it was nice to have a lot of you back! Leaders, Andy and myself trying to keep a steady pace for: Dr. Rob, Donna, Jyo, Toshiaki, Joana, Nikki, Alex, Lance, Warren, Mark, Adele (to name a few, missed names!). Okay, so Jyo did not like my Rock n’Roll singing, so we decided we better come up with our own song. Nikki told me, “Mom, we can’t sing, because if we sing, we are running too slow!” Wow, I think Nikki is learning from Honolulu Marathon Clinic (Training Academy). She’s right, we have to have a talking pace. We better have a “rap”. I found some marathon raps, on You Tube. I think we will either memorize some, or come up with our own. Anyone up for a rap competition? Otherwise, we will enlist Warren and Andy to take over Horacio,  keeping us running in cadence.

By the way, remember, if you purchased a pair of running shoes at the start of clinic in March/April, you may want to start phasing-in, or breaking in another pair of shoes, so it’s not too close to Marathon day by September/October. I am now running with the Barefoot Running type, Vibrams, so am on a different track now. I am breaking these in slowly, since January, and talk about confusing myself. I have yet to fully commit to these for the marathon. Dr. Rob didn’t help me, as he now has a pair of Hokas! Doubly confused.

We did a remarkable run, see “da stats” below.


August 5th – 14 miles Outgoing pace – Held it to 10:30, Returning Pace, just under 10:30 up to the last two miles then the group broke up and pace varied from 9:30 to 12:00.

August 12th – 14 miles Total miles: 13.71, total pace 12:46 Total running pace 10:28 outgoing pace 10:15, return running pace: 10:41

August 19th – 14.04 TOTAL miles, total pace 12:05, Total running pace: 10:13, outgoing pace 10:08, return running pace: 10:17 WE DID GOOD!

August 26th – 14 mile bus run from Sandy Beach Be there by 7:15 am!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silverados had a total of 20 runners today who set out for another grueling 14-mile run to Kawaikui beach park and back.  Our group was led by our strong (and sometimes too fast) leader Alberto, along with Byron, Hao, and Lynnae.  The Silverados in attendance were:  Sharoness, Julie, Kerry, Scott, Evelyn, Cam, Cindy, Jill, Kyotah, Sun Hee, Sook, and “Speedy” Joe, along with some new faces.  Weather conditions were fairly ideal for a long summer run – good cloud cover and breezy to Kawaikui, but then the clouds made way for the sun, a slight sprinkle, and the rest of the run was humid and hot.  We were so glad to reach Nelson’s oasis and see the many happy faces there to greet us.  On the return, we were joined by Jun, who moved up a group, and will perhaps become a regular Silverado.  On the return we had an interesting experience – a Kanye sighting – for those who were observant.  As always, the Silverados did a good job staying together to the end.  This week’s stats:  13.64 miles; 2:27 moving time (2:40 elapsed time); 10:50 moving pace (11:44 overall pace); and the all important calorie count of 1072 (4-digit runs are now normal for us, the weight is peeling off).

HOMEWORK:  (1) Select your fuel for Sunday.  (2) Target 30-miles per week.  2-3 homework runs of 60-90 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  If you’re not there yet, try increasing your weekly mileage by 10%, which should be about 1 mile per run.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff, pgs 27 & 31.

UPCOMING:  Next week is bus run.  Come early (7am) with $3.  We’ll get dropped off near Sandy Beach and take the 13-14 miles back to Kapiolani Park.  Our 4th Tantalus quest will be on Labor Day Sunday, September 2, 6am.

SHOUT OUT CENTRAL:  Good job to all those HMCers who participated in the first run of the Marathon Readiness series, the 15K, on August 12.  Special congrats goes to fellow Silverados: Cindy, Sook, Sun Hee, and Kyotah.  Our training must be working – everyone sounded very satisfied with their race, and we all had similar times.

Training Comment:  Don’t cheat yourself on the replenishment.  Drink plenty of fluids at regular intervals.  The next 2 months of training will be tough, but so integral to your successful completion of the marathon.  Just stick with it.  Training is easy with HMC – just show up and follow.  We’ll get through this together.


White Group by Dwight Bartolome and Guru Sam Usman:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Dwight’s’ Comments:

From the service station a group of 20 make the trek to the 12th and 14th mile beach park turnaround points.  Proud of the group for remaining in single file and hugging the right side of the road through the risky part of the route between the now gone phone booth and the first beach park.   15 members made the run back to base from the 2nd beach park. 

The slight drizzle on the way back help to cool the group but when the sun came out in full force, the humidity challenged the energy of the group.  On the Farmers Road, there was a renewed 2nd wind energy that made the group run below the consistent 12 minute mile pace.  All in all a good 14 mile run for the group and for sure the 13 mile bus run next week will be a piece of cake.

Go White group!!

Sam’s Comments:

37 members ran up Diamond Head and with no Blair in sight.  We sure miss you Bro, hope to see on the bus run.  I have my baby stroller which i plan to bring it in case we need to roll you in.  We had quite a few on newbies on the run.  Kahala was my turning point with 4 newbies.  Dwight and Norman took the rest for 14 miles.


Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte:

Cliff and Rosemary paced the Green-15s out to the Wailupe Beach Park and back, an 11-mile route getting us back to the park for the potluck picnic at 11am.  We are inside four months from the marathon, so our training goal is 30 miles for the week.   It is never too late in the year to come out and join us; all of our routes are out-and-back so we can easily find you a distance and pace to meet your level of readiness.


Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda:

Dean, Sandra, Melanie, Gail and Norm led a small but hungry group of Golden 14s on a shortened 12 mile training run today.  Our run was truncated in order to get back to Kapiolani Park in time for the potluck for Rosemary. But no worries, as we will be hitting our mileage marks and doing our weekday homework in order to be in tip top shape for the marathon in December.

Bus Run next week.  The Bus Run is a very helpful tool for getting everyone familiar with the Hawaii Kai section of the marathon course.  We will be dropped off at Hawaii Kai and will do the loop before heading back to the finish line via Kahala Avenue.  Along the way, we will be picking up landmarks and highlights to help make the course more familiar and friendly.

Pot Luck Lost and Found:  Lost – a Japanese wrapping cloth (furoshiki).  One of our members forgot a wrapping cloth that was used to cover a food dish. If anyone found it, please contact Norm.


Lucky 13’s by Fiona McNeill

We started out with a smaller but energetic group today. I was pleased to come home with 12 hot, sweaty, but happy runners. I believe we did a 12.20 minute run. I cannot believe how well the group did completing our 12 miler. Next week get ready for the bus run. Don’t forget your $3


 Da Comment Corner:

 Farewell Picnic for Rosemary:

Thank you Ro for your excellent service with the Clinic; we shall miss you!  The picnic in your honor was fantastic!  Thanks to Libbey Lew and others for organizing it.


 “Fishy” Running, Fast walking, Date Street, etc.:

As I lament over my continuing calf problem, I try to find other ways of getting some cardiovascular input.   Desperate for some activity, I have been “swim running’ in my pool – basically, running in the shallow end of the pool;  while my feet and legs get some exercise in routine fashion, my arm motion seems to be changing –probably  much to the chagrin of “form masters” Roger Kobayashi and Les Young.  My running form is becoming “fishy” (arms not swinging up and down but sideways for acceleration; might possibly “translate” to a speedier me on the road?  Can you see me doing the breast stroke as I run?  I don’t think so!)


I have also been trying to walk “kinda fast” (a relative term); usually walk at about a 15- 17 minute pace but have gotten as fast as 12 minutes (watch out Sam; it was wind aided and not for long).   The calorie burn is not as great as running.   I notice that the Date street sidewalks have been resurfaced with new asphalt.  Feels good!


 See you at the water stops,