Blair’s Weekly Update 08-12-2012

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence( from last year; yesterday’s talk not available):

Dr. Scaff spoke more on Nutrition. He noted that in the effort to control cholesterol, if you are just taking medications alone without exercising you aren’t doing any good.  Exercise is essential.  Also, we need fats.  The heart is a fat burning organ.  Deny it fat and it stops working.  Athletes need more fat in their diets than sedentary people. 


So what kinds of fats should we eat?  The fats we’ve been told are the “good” fats (the trans omega 3s found in flax seed and sunflower extract) are not what we need.  The “bad” fats – animal fats – are actually the fats we need.  The skin from fish and chicken are better sources of trans omega 3s than what you find available in the pill form. 


Dr. Scaff advised we not be afraid to ask questions and/or challenge the common wisdom on nutrition, which was established long before most anyone knew what they were doing in the field of nutrition. 


For further reading on nutrition, Dr. Scaff recommends everyone check out the daily postings on Dr. Alan Titchenal’s “Got Nutrients?” web site:



Table Duty:

Made to order peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches – yummy!  Thanks to Jeanelle (for the sandwiches) and Darrin for the great treats at table duty. 


Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace – <9:00 per mile pace)

Four Raptors did the Tamanaha 15K and posted times of 1:07-1:14.  The six true diehards ran another 16 miler.  We were at the Aloha gas station where we mingled in with the racers making their turn around.  The crowd pushed us to run a faster 8:20-8:30 pace all the way back to Paki.  Donis continued to the race finish line and paid homage to the Queen before heading back to Paki.  Great run, but the speed took it’s toll on the way back to Kawaikui Park.  I felt like I was at the 20 mile mark in a marathon.  “Speed Kills”.  The heat and humidity was no help either.  Keep hydrated, pee clear, pray for rain, run Sub4!!


 Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Only 6 GREYS plus 2 (8 at the end) this past Sunday; nice weather run, some were running the BOCA Tamanaha run. Our small group was: Andy, Shaym, Donna, Dr. Rob, Lance, Warren and I. We were later joined at mile 11 by Jyo and Toshi . Dr. Rob said he has resigned to the fact, he will not make the qualifying for the marathon olympics, so we are looking at what other sport we will try for. Jyo wanted us to “light our fire” to run pass Andy going up Diamond Head. To help us, I started singing, “Come on baby light my fire…” Jyo said he never heard that song, he only listens to Rock n’ Roll. I told Jyo, it IS Rock n’Roll. Guess I have to give-up being a rock star, or back up in the Doors.
Slow and easy, will just keep running.
Andy said we will be practicing SHORTER water breaks; note our time this past Sunday. We were doing a very good running pace, though overall pace is where we fell behind.

August 5th – 14 miles Outgoing pace – Held it to 10:30, Returning Pace, just under 10:30 up to the last two miles then the group broke up and pace varied from 9:30 to 12:00.
August 12th – 14 miles Total miles: 13.71, total pace 12:46 Total running pace 10:28 outgoing pace 10:15, return running pace: 10:41
August 19th – 14 miles with hill training run up Kilauea Ave, from the Kahala gas station
August 26th – 14 mile bus run from Sandy Beach



White Group by Guru Sam Usman and Dwight Bartolome:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

 Sam’s Comments:

Andy’s group (Grey’s), Norm’s group (Teal’s), and our group all merged into one and 32 went up the Diamond Head hill.  My fellow friends Debbie, Diane, Raquel, Russ, Gary, Aileen, and many others were with us today.    I met 6 newbies on the way to Kahala.  Dwight, Norm and Andy took over for 14 miles. I took 5 back with me and 4 of them were newbies. Raquel, just back from Brazil, is ready to do more next week.

Daniel, my Swiss friend joined me for breakfast after our run with 5 other clinic friends and we were all from different parts of the world;  Mexico-Alfredo, Raquel –  Brazil, Daniel –  Switzerland , Andrea –  America, Paris – Italy, and  me,  India.   I am so blessed with so many wonderful people in my life and its all due to marathon clinic.   Dr. Scaff and Donna thank you for who you are.

Blair, if you miss next week, your services will no longer be required – Final Notice Shape up or Ship out.  (Brother Sam, thank you for your usual, kind words of encouragement…   I felt my left calf being pulled very tightly even as I walked yesterday, so decided not to join in;  my “running spirit” was with all of you;  I was  envious  and in awe of all of you who ran like gazelles and kept it going for 14 miles!  And, thanks for everyone’s concern!)


Dwight’s Comments:

The group started with about 25 members.    A good number turned around at the service station; about 15 members went on to the 12 mile turnaround.  10 hearty members went on to complete the 14 mile trek.  It was a quiet run.  Don’t know if everyone was concentrating on their run but I think mostly, our fearless leader was missing.  Blair hope you get better soon … we all missed you.


Green Groups / Beginners (All walking speeds and up to a 13-minute mile running pace):  Rosemary’s

No overcast **at all** today, so it was a hot one despite steady cooling breezes.   Cliff and Rosemary led the group on a full 12-mile route (12.16), out to  Wailupe Beach Park and back; returning on the marathon course (Kealaolu to Kahala Ave).  We shared the roads with racers doing the MPRRC Norman Tamanaha Memorial 15km; which led to the question “Who was Norman Tamanaha?”.  Find the answer source at; “Father of long distance running in Hawaii”, 1907-1977. In 1952, at 45-years of age, Tamanaha participated in his fifth marathon in Boston and finished in fifth place (2:52:10).  Since 1978, the Hawaii running community has honored his memory with an annual 15-kilometer run.  And for extra credit, “Who was Val Nolasco?”, the second of two named runs in the five-run marathon readiness series.  From page iv of Dr. Jack’s book, [in December 1973] Nolasco became the first American heart-attack patient to complete a marathon, having done his training under Dr. Jack’s supervision.  We are inside four months from the marathon, so our training goal is 30 miles for the week.   Remember it is never too late in the year to come out and join us; we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs.


Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda:

Because of the heat today, the Golden 14s took some shortcuts and ended up with an 11.8 mile run – another “short” 12 miler.  Next week should a full 12 if the weather gives us a bit of a break.  The longer mileage on Sunday and the accompanying heat is starting to take a toll and the emphasis remains on the necessity of doing your weekday homework runs. As much as possible, try to get in those longer runs rather than summing up a couple of shorter runs but don’t forget to give your body a chance to rest between training sessions.

Don’t forget the pot luck picnic for Rosemary on Sunday.


Lucky 13’s by Chris Isam:

Chris and Fiona took out about 18 of the Lucky 13s and completed 12.3 miles at a 12:22 pace.  While the weather was hot, we were able to maintain our pace and add a bit more mileage in the middle of the route.  Outstanding job by everyone in the group.  Please continue to hydrate and keep up with your mid week homework.  It might be time to consider buying new shoes for the marathon as well.  Quick reminder, Chris will not be there next week, Fiona will lead the 13s.



 Da Comment Corner:

Farewell Get Together for Rosemary Kyte

As you may have heard, our fearless leader Rosemary Kyte is will be relocating to the Mainland soon. The beginner group leaders is having an Aloha and Mahalo potluck to wish her well and to thank her for her years of training and leading the beginner group. The potluck for Rosemary will be on Sunday, August 19, immediately after the clinic run. Your families and anyone that may have been touched by Rosemary are welcome to come as well.


Nelson’s Oasis:

Much mahalos again to Staff leader Nelson S. for the pretzels, etc., and Gatorade at the 14 mile turn around point.  Your “oasis” is a lifesaver!  I am not sure if you are aware, but Nelson does it voluntarily just to make sure our clinic members are refreshed! (And, he doesn’t want his good deeds publicized so let’s keep it our little secret.) 


Second Bus Run August 26th:

Please sign up on our sheet posted on the bulletin board so we can order the proper number of buses.

Cost – $3.  Mileage – approximately 13 miles from the furthest drop off point, Sandy Beach back to Kapiolani Park.  No Doc Talk so we will be leaving at 7:30 sharp.  Please be at the clinic start by 7:15 a.m.  We currently have 175 runners signed up.


 Keep cool and injury free!


See you at the water stops,