Blair’s Weekly Update 08-05-2012

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff was not available today.


Table Duty:

The Awesome Kawamotos!!

Staff leaders Norm and Susan did a great job in improvising at table duty today!  The inner door to our storage area was locked and so they could not get to our supplies.  Fortunately, Norm had taken the water containers home to be cleaned so at least we had that available. (Thanks for taking the initiative to clean it in the first place!)  No cups either so Norm went out to buy some cups or whatever was needed to get all of our runners hydrated and nourished while Susan made sure the table was ready!  Susan’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were delicious!  Mucho mahalos for going beyond our normal table duties; you truly exemplify the Aloha Spirit and what the clinic stands for!



Group Reports:


Advanced Group by Les Young:

(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The AG had 12 runners today.  We ran in from 9 miles out to Paki for clinic talk.  The Raptors set a fast pace averaging 8:30/mile.  We picked up a guest runner and finished the 7 mile run back for a 16 miles total run.  A little warm, but everyone was properly hydrated and handled the humidity well.  Feel myself getting stronger but not quite up to Raptor speed.  Gotta work at “owning” 16.  Stay healthy and pee clear.


  Grey Group by Andy Hignite:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Darren and I lead 19 Great GREYS out for our first 14 miler.  It was nice making it to Nelson’s Oasis, thanks Nelson.  We missed our fearless leader (Ivie) who was taking her daughter to school in Washington.  We held the group together great on the way out and kept our stops short.  Most of our group held strong all the way back but we did break up a bit the last couple of miles.  It was very humid and we reminded everyone to take in plenty liquids and test out their favorite nutritional supplements.  We picked up 1 new runner (Joanne) and she ran very strong.  New runners will be joining us as we get closer to the marathon.  Remind them to take it easy if they aren’t ready for our distances. 
August 5th – 14 miles Outgoing pace – Held it to 10:30, Returning Pace, just under 10:30 up to the last two miles then the group broke up and pace varied from 9:30 to 12:00.
August 12th – 14 miles
August 19th – 14 miles with hill training run up Kilauea Ave, from the Kahala gas station
August 26th – 14 mile bus run from Sandy Beach


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

It’s a new month, and that means a new distance.  The Silverados had a total of 14 runners today for their inaugural 14-mile run to Kawaikui beach park and back.  Our faithful leader Alberto led the group on this very tough run.  The Silverados in attendance were:  Ana, Jennifer, Scott, Evelyn, HaNa, and Jonathan, along with some new faces.  Unfortunately, Tiantian had to turn around at Triangle Park because she wasn’t feeling well (get better soon!).  Weather conditions were BRUTAL — very humid and hot, so the group had to carefully manage their pace and replenishment levels.  This is a critical part of training for the endurance athlete, knowing how to function under different types of conditions.  The group was strong all the way to the turnaround point where Nelson was waiting – his oasis is now open for business, and everyone was certainly glad to see him and his variety of replenishment goodies.  Thank you!  As always, the Silverados did a good job staying together, but started to separate as they neared home base.  A big mahalo to HaNa for keeping this week’s stats:  2:35:25 moving time (2:55:25 elapsed time); 11:26 moving pace (11:33 overall pace); and the all important calorie count of 1081 (4-digit runs are now normal for us, so watch the weight peel off, and enjoy those extra desserts). 

 HOMEWORK:  (1) Select your fuel for Sunday.  (2) Target 30-miles per week.  2-3 homework runs of 60-90 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  If you’re not there yet, try increasing your weekly mileage by 10%, which should be about 1 mile per run.  For more information, please see “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff, pgs 27 & 31.

 UPCOMING:  Next week we will do another 14-mile run.  Good luck to those racing in the 15K.  Don’t forget to pick up your packet and get to the park early for the facilities.  Our 3rd Tantalus quest will be on Admission’s Day, August 17.

 Training Comment:  Summer seems to be ramping up in grand style, so I thought I’d keep the focus on hydration and replenishment.  The importance of this was underscored for me yesterday when I went swimming at the North Shore.  While I was only in the morning sun for an hour, the effects of insufficient hydration lasted the entire day.  I had a lingering headache that food and water didn’t immediately cure.  So, the lesson here is not to do what I did, and to maintain proper hydration levels BEFORE you feel thirsty or hot.  By the time you feel thirsty, dehydration has already set in.  By now everyone should be in a good habit of maintaining proper hydration levels.  But be careful when the conditions shift – make sure your hydration levels shift appropriately.  For example, a humid day means more water needs to go through your sweat machine.  Also consider hydrating the night prior.  As a general rule, you should drink half of your weight in ounces daily.  Replenishment is now a necessity for our long runs, and fortunately there are plenty of yummy options to choose from (ie. gels, gummies, pretzels, fruit, or honey).  Let’s develop good habits so our time on the road can be enjoyable.


 White Group by Blair Hoashi, Guru Sam Usman, and Dwight Bartolome:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Staff leaders Guru Sam, Violet, Dwight and Blair led the group today.  Blair dropped out at the top of Diamond Head  due to his recurring calf injury (testing out new shoes again) while the rest of the group headed toward the second beach park for their first 14 miler – scary yet exciting.

The Guru turned back at the Kahala gas station with a few members while the others, led by Dwight, Violet and others continued on until Nelson’s Oasis (second beach park) then back “home” – 14 miles. 


Guru Sam:

I counted 33 members going up the hill before the first water stop; looked behind me and as usual, Blair was way back. I barked at him and he got so afraid he decided to turn back.  Reports are a muscle cramp or sleeping late.  Missed you bro!

We all went strong towards Kahala and I handed the group over to DWIGHT, VIOLET, and DIANE to do 14 miles. I took eight members of the group and headed back “home”.  Our leaders did an awesome job!  Violet is looking for early retirement due to other activities.  And, where is Debbie?
Welcome back to Raquel from Brazil after 2 months of vacation.  Daniel our yearly visitor from Switzerland is back in town for one month.



Sam took as to the service station.  We used two of our younger members to set the pace from the service station to the 14 mile turnaround and back to Triangle Park – Violet and Devon? (I’m bad with names).  They did a great job setting the pace.  Since this was our first 14 miler, we decided to take the shorter route back on Puupanini Ave off Kilauea Avenue.   We then connected to Kaimanehila Street then to Triangle Park.  The route was shorter but couple of hills on the route tested our stamina.   Of course the hot sun and lack of shade didn’t help either.

We stayed together in a tight knit group going out and all the way back to Triangle Park at an 11:30 to 12 minute pace.  Going up Diamond Head, our tight knit group stretched out with those that have been doing their homework taking off back to our base and those that needed to do their homework lagging behind.


Green Group by Rosemary Kyte:

For our first August run, we had mixed conditions, hot sun with frequent cooling breezes.   Cliff and Rosemary paced the group out to the 12-mile turn-around point, our first time at Wailupe Beach Park this year.  We took all the short cuts for our first time at this distance, so we covered about 11.5 miles.  We’ll add back 18th Ave next week to bring us up to a full 12 miles.   This week, we should try to reach a total of 30 miles for the week; 12 miles today leaves us (only) 18 miles to work in mid-week.  Train for sessions of at least one-hour continuous and try to take a day off after each training day, training between three to five days each week.  Remember it is never too late in the year to come out and join us.  We’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs.


Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda:

Nineteen of the Golden 14s were escorted by Dean, Jason, Gail, Melanie, Sandra and Norm for a “short 12” training run to Wailupe Park and back.  The main purpose of the run was to familiarize everyone with the new destination and to relieve any anxiety that comes with a new, extended running route.  Soon, the “first park” will be like an old friend that we will look forward to – waiting for us with a water break and restroom facilities.

Next week we will return to the 18th Avenue / Kilauea route and get our mileage up to a true 12 miler. 

Summer is making itself felt.  Heat and humidity!  Take care during your weekday AND Sunday runs.  Hydrate and reduce your training level a notch if you start to feel “funny”. 


Lucky 13’s by Chris Isam:

Chris, Medeline and Fiona took out 16 of the Lucky 13s on our first 12 miler.  We stuck to a slower pace and finished 12.04 miles at a 13:09 pace.  We did have one member take a nasty fall, it’s very important to beware of the uneven sidewalks.  Nevertheless, Great job by everyone!  As it is August, it will be getting even hotter, please keep up your hydration and also your homework.  Even on vacation, try to keep up with your mileage. Marathon is 4 months away, tapering starts in 3 months.  Cramming will do us no good so keep up with the homework!


Da Comment Corner:

Dimwit (again):

Calf injury “pops up” again.  Tried new shoes; loved them after the first run even though I felt some calf tightness during the run- thought it was just an “adjustment” issue;   in the middle of the second run, my calf is very tight but I just keep on running – still thinking that I can run “through it”.   My third run is stopped short as my left calf throbs; I am walking home on Kalakaua – I feel a little embarrassed because I should be running.  No running for few days until Sunday; on Sunday, after my initial “hobble” up to Diamond Head, my calf is throbbing and I have to walk.   Guru Sam calls out to me from the distance with his usual motivational banter, “come on you loser”, but I cannot continue so I walk; I feel frustrated!   I say good bye to the White Group who are heading for their first 14 miler.  How I envied them!


Second Bus Run:

August 28; fare – $3; farthest drop off point – traffic lights past Sandy Beach, approximately 13.5 miles.    Much of the run is on the actual marathon route. (We are running back to the park via Kalama Valley and not climbing up Kalanianaole Hwy.  toward Haunama Bay.)  Please sign up on our sheet posted on the bulletin board.

  Keep cool and injury free (easier said than done)!

 See you at the water stops,