Blair’s Weekly Update 07-15-2012

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff was not available to do his talk today.


Table Duty:

Thank you to Staff leaders Ivie and Korwin for doing such a great job at table duty!  Thanks Ivie for always bringing my, as well as others favorite, peanut butter filled pretzels(the jar went down pretty fast [after I got there])!  The fruits, pastries, and pretzels were delicious and the chilled Gatorade and water were greatly needed in today’s heat.  UDABEST!


Group Reports:

  Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem:

(Pace – 9:45 – 10:30 min. per mile)

We have Pink runners of every shade it seems. The early birds set out at 6 from the first beach park, running around Wailupe Peninsula to make an extra mile, before heading in to the Park to hear the talk and meet the rest of the group. Bill tried to lead a slower subgroup of Pinks at a 10:00 pace, while Rosie‘s group did a 9:45 average. We had a new runner with us today, and it was his first time with the clinic; Sam is on the track team at I`olani and is a senior this year. Jyo is still our youngest runner at the grand age of 8, and has no trouble keeping up a conversation while running 12 miles!

Next week we will plan to run 13 miles again. Those who want to make an early start can meet at the first beach park at 6:00 (that gets you done by about 9:00), and we will meet with other group members at the regular time in the park.

I will be absent for three Sundays, the last one in July and the first two in August. Bill and our other leaders will continue to pace the group through the 14 milers. We are coming up to serious distances now! Try to practice running at your distance pace during the week, at least twice, and maybe add a tempo run on Friday to get your body out of a rut with some faster times.

Have a great week running,


 Grey Group by Andy Hignite:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

12 GREYS on Sunday! Paris and I led the group today.  Dr. Rob, Donna, Shyam, Scott (our returning Navy-man from Australia), two other newbies (Adele and Jenifer) and three others (sorry I missed a few names – Ivie can always remember the names) went out for a fun (but humid) run.  We missed our fearless leader Ivie but were glad to see her providing refreshments at the table after the run.  She will back with us next week.  We held the group together great on the way out and kept our stops short.

Most of our group held strong all the way back but we did break up a bit the last couple of miles.  We surveyed our runners and found that the strong runners are getting their mid week runs in and the weak runners are not.  Is that a surprise? We must get in our training runs if we plan to sustain our improvement.  Next Sunday we are going to change our route a little.  We will still do 12 miles but it will include add in a hill training run up Kilauea Ave, from the Kahala gas station.  Don’t forget to sign up for the upcoming bus run.  They are always a blast.

July 1 – 11.8 miles
July 8 – 11.68 miles, Running time: 2 hours 24 minutes OVERALL PACE: 12:23, Running out: 9:55 (yikes) to 11:15 Returning pace: we held the 10:30 till 9 miles, and those with extra fuel/ energy, picked up the pace
July 15 – 11.57 miles, Running time: 2 hours 19 minutes OVERALL PACE: 11:57, Running out: 10:15 to 10:30 Returning pace: we held the 10:30 till 10 miles, and then the groupd pace ranged from 9:30 to 11:30
July 22 – 12 miles – add in a hill training run up Kilauea Ave, from the Kahala gas station
July 29 – 12 miles including Kahala


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silverados had a total of 23 runners today.  The group continued to work towards the 12-mile distance and set out to Wailupe beach park on Kalanianeole and back.  The group was led by Alberto, Byron, and Lynnae.  The group included:  Ana, Sharoness, Arnold, Cindy, Kelly, Julie, Marissa, Mari, Tiantian, Scott, Evelyn, Saori, Henry, Kyotah, and Sun Hee.  Weather conditions were SUNNY and partially breezy.  The breeze was a tad on the finicky side, disappearing during some stretches of the route.  Sandy started out her run with a good sprint, catching up to us at the gas station, and Andrew joined in on the return, dropping back from the Grey group.  Nikki, Ivie’s daughter, was all smiles, enjoying her last Sunday before starting med school.  The group was strong all the way to the turnaround point and back to the gas station, doing a good job staying together.  We returned via Farmers and cut back to the last quarter of Kahala Avenue, since one of the water fountains was recently removed (*sniff*).  In the last 2 miles the group started spreading apart, and trickled in to the finish at various rates, which was probably due to the morning heat.  Tiantian’s stats:  11.88 miles; 2:20:26 moving time (2:47:11 elapsed time); 11:49 moving pace (14:04 overall pace); and the all important calorie count of 997 (wow, almost 4-digits!).  Great job on a hot day!

HOMEWORK:  Get your supplement ready for Sunday, since it’s been getting hotter.  Please continue your 2 homework runs of 60 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  No skipping homework – or Sunday will bring sore consequences.

UPCOMING:  Next week same turn around, and we’ll have an option to do the marathon finish.  The last Sunday in July will beKahala Avenue.  By popular request, we’ll be scheduling another Tantalus run… stay tuned.

The Marathon Readiness Series will kick-off August 12 with the 15K distance.  Those looking for more race experience should do this series.  It increases by 5K through November over a course of 4 races, and ends with a half marathon.  This is a good way to gauge your HMC training as you prepare for December.  Entry deadline for race #1 is 7/25/12.  See for more details.

Quote of the Week:  “My pace must be good; I didn’t hear you yelling at me to slow down.” – Alberto

Thought of the Week:  Each person’s body reacts differently to training.  Don’t expect to have the same results at the same time as your training buddy.  But at this point, everyone in the HMC program should have noticed some positive physical change from the training – whether better fitting clothes, a faster metabolism, or simply craving healthier foods.  Just because you’re not ready yet to shop for smaller clothes doesn’t mean the training isn’t working.  Stick with it, and the results will naturally follow.


White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

A rather large group formed the White Group at the top of Diamond Head – 39 runners!  Of course, at this time we are a combination of the White and Blue Group.  Staff leaders Guru Sam, Violet, Dwight, Andy, and I led the large contingent through the 12 mile trek.  The group ran through the neighborhood along the golf course going out and took in Farmer’s Road on our way back.  We are always helped by veteran Bob and staffer Dwight at all of our road crossings to assure that everyone is safe.   Thank you!

Welcome back to Diane who returns after a biking injury.   Seasoned runners Russell, Russ, Deb, Julie, Aileen, Gary, Betsy, Jan, and Mike helped stabilize the group and newcomers Queyon, Thau, Sarah, Natassha and many others did a great job of staying with the group at the steady 12 minute pace.

As we go longer and maintain our “regular” pacing throughout our journey, our “homework runs” become increasingly important.  Thau and Sarah are great examples of runners doing their homework (three one hour runs before Sunday); they are right in front with the leaders at the end of our run with seemingly much more energy left in their tanks.   Great job!!

We continue our 12 milers for the rest of the month.  Kahala Avenue is added on the last Sunday of the month.  14 milers will be coming up shortly so please keep up with your “homework”.

Energy replacement will be very important so ask your staff leaders about the various available sources. Li hing mui seedless plums were one runner’s favorite.  Experiment and find out what works best for you.

 Beginners’ Groups:

Green Group by Ro Kyte:

Cliff and Rosemary paced the Green 15s over a 10.7 mile course, under what felt like the hottest sun we’ve had this year.  This week we welcomed first-timer to the clinic, Aphrodite, who is visiting our Islands with the RIMPAC exercises.  Our weekly mileage goals are to work our way up to 30 mile weeks by the end of the month; with mid-week homework sessions totaling 20 miles spread over two or three training days.  Try to take a day off after each training day if you can.   Remember it is never too late in the year to come out and join us.  We’ll find you a pace groups and distance to meet your needs.


Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda:

The Golden 14s, led by Dean and Norm, went on a 10.3 mile run out to the “Phone Booth” and back.   The day started off with some cool light sprinkles but quickly turned into one of those days that you wished you had put on more sunscreen.  It seemed all the more difficult since the Aukai water stop in the residential area has been removed – making for one less watering hole and one less chance to take a breather.

Cautionary note – as the weeks go by and people start to feel stronger and stronger, many make the mistake of trying to always push them to the limit.  Your body can only take so much abuse during this first year of training.  Keep at a comfortable pace – don’t get hurt.

Plans are underway for the Beginners Gang to have a gathering after our run on August 5th to say Aloha to Ro Kyte.  Details to follow…


Lucky 13’s by Chris Isham:

Chris led 21 of the Lucky 13s on an 11.34 run.  Doing the standard route with a Victory Lap added the extra mileage and will help us as we get ready for August and 12.  Despite the heat, everyone finished together on this run.  We talked about increasing the amount of electrolytes during the week as well as bringing snacks to eat on our runs to keep up our energy levels.  We also did a quick inventory of who is getting newsletters.  Everyone was encouraged to sign up for the newsletter as there is often very good info to be passed.  Have a great week, keep up your homework and stay hydrated!


Da Comment Corner:

Milestone for this Newsletter!

We have reached over 1000 (1010) subscribers for this newsletter.    Dr. Scaff’s message is being carried throughout the world and it grows more and more popular.  Thanks to the members for spreading the word about the clinic and this newsletter.    Special thanks to the staff contributors (Andrew Laurence; Les Young, Korwin Chang; Jeff Beard; Rosie Adam-Terem, Bill Berg; Ivie Kumura, Andy Hignite, Darrin Nakagawa; Lynnae Lee, Paris Monti: Sam Usman; Andy Hirano; Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda, Dean Takesato, Chris Isham, Medelyn H. , Fiona McNeill)  and to Webmaster Bob who make it all possible.  Imagine approximately 6 years ago, it started off with only 6 members.


Back to Front (repeat):

I get an “avalanche” of weekly periodicals (mostly from redeeming those expiring airline miles) and to get through it, I read the magazines from back to front.  Weirdo!  Is it because of some “Japanese cultural behavioral disorder”?   What???   (I was born in Japan and Japanese reading starts from right to left.)

Usually, magazines have its “lighter fare” at the end and the “meaty part” in the middle or toward the start.   (Read through Time, Newsweek or Business week and let me know if it isn’t true.) So, to get to the more “serious articles”, I go through the “fluffy stuff” first to “warm up” my diminutive brain.    So how does it relate to running? 

Like my “magazine reading disorder”, I start my runs very slowly and very easily until I get warmed up to run at a faster pace and cruise on to my ideal pace (as recommended by Dr. Scaff).    See the analogy?


  Have a fantastic week!

 See you at the water stops,