Blair’s Weekly Update 07-08-2012

Doc’s Report:

Dr. Scaff talked about cross training.  Cross training by definition means doing things other than running.  It became very popular with the advent of the triathlon, but remember, in the true Ironman Triathlon, the marathon is the hardest part of the whole race.  A few years ago, Runner’s World and the “mavens of education” started saying cross training prevents injuries.  And they were right! … but for the wrong reason.  Cross training is good because it keeps you away from running and hurting yourself, which results when people overwork themselves in training.   The bottom line is NOTHING improves running … other than running.  Running is the base sport for all other sports.

So, if you want to run the marathon, there is no substitute for running.  That said, Dr. Scaff thinks you should cross train anyway.  It’s fun, and there are no problems with engaging in other sports.  But if you are doing these activities to enhance your running performance, forget it.  Running is good for all other sports.

We’re imprinted to survive.  We enjoy food, sex, and running, and running becomes the base for everything else.  Running and throwing are the origin of all sports.  If we measure the oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) levels in the brain, the level goes up during sex, and goes up in men A LOT watching football games.  The things that are physically pleasing we are naturally attracted to.  Now you know the whole background of running, sports, and cross training.

Next Sunday Dr. Scaff will talk about intervals, speed work, and more.

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Table Duty:

Thank you staff leader George for doing such a great job at the table!  The fruits, pretzels, pastries and drinks were awesome!  Thanks also to staff leader Jeff for the great mango bread!


 Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young:

The AG had 13 runners today.  Most of them ran in from the second beach park and a few from the last beach park.  After the clinic talks they completed their 14 and 16 mile runs.  I had intended to do my first 14 miler but caught a cold and was down and out for the past week.  Did a 12 miler with some difficulty due to my itchy throat.  Should have stayed home sedated.  Everyone else is running strong.  Donis did a 52 mile week to include a Tantalus run.  The rest are still trying to keep up with Beth.


Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) 

G8T GREYS on Sunday! Andy, Paris, Darin, and myself. Dr. Rob, Donna, Rob, Mike, Cheryl, Nikki, Gannon, Warren, Tomoko, Nobu, Lance, Dustin, Scott (newbie, Navy-man from Australia), Bill, Lianne. Paris took us down a scenic run down Farmer’s road through Kahala. A few started out at 6 am, due to other commitment, thus, led us at a faster start. We did try to hold the pace, to go the distance. We are building our base of miles. For our Sunday long runs, we don’t need to go for speed. Our goal is endurance and pace-setting, and injury proofing ourselves. Mid-week runs could be faster, tempo, and speedwork could be incorporated. Dr. Scaff’s promotes crosstraining as a way prevent injury. Resistance or weight training such as bands, leg curls, squats, lunges, abductor, hip extensions, all strengthen our legs, and help prevent injury. As Warren (Barnabas), says, “practice makes perfect” and are perfecting our pace, form, and defining our own goals. Each of us are visualizing what would be our own perfect marathon, and goal-setting for that. Scott will be doing his first marathon, an Ultra Marathon, a 68k in Gaines, Australia in August. For first time marathoners, consider the Honolulu Marathon Readiness series. Deadline for early entry rate for the 5 race series is July 10th. First race is a 15k (9 miler) August. Anxious to hear what would make your perfect marathon! Donna and I are anxious to share the London Olympic stories, as we trek in our miles.

July 1 – 11.8 miles
July 8  – 11.68 miles, Running time: 2 hours 24 minutes OVERALL PACE: 12:23, Running out: 9:55 (yikes) to 11:15 Returning pace: we held the 10:30 till 9 miles, and those with extra fuel/ energy, picked up the pace
July 15 – 12 miles
July 22 – 12 miles
July 29 – 12 miles including Kahala

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silverados were out in full force with a record 27 runners!  The group continued to work towards the 12-mile distance and set out to the first beach park on Kalanianaole and back.  The group was led by Alberto and his favorite Silver peeps.  Weather conditions were breezy and made for an enjoyable run.  Tiantian’s stats:  11.63 miles; 2:15:19 moving time (2:34:30 elapsed time); 11:38 moving pace (13:17 overall pace); and the all important calorie count of 987 (adjust for weight).  Keep up the good work!

HOMEWORK:  We’ll be doing 12-mile runs for all of July, so please continue your 2 homework runs of 60 minutes duration with a REST DAY in between.  No skipping homework – there are no shortcuts for the endurance athlete.

UPCOMING:  The Marathon Readiness Series will kick-off August 12 with the 15K distance.  Those looking for more race experience should do this series.  It increases by 5K through November over a course of 4 races, and ends with a half marathon.  This is a good way to gauge your HMC training as you prepare for December.  Entry deadline for race #1 is 7/25/12.  See for more details.

SHOUT OUT CENTRAL:  We had 11 runners at Tantalus for our Independence Day run.  Alberto, Tiantian, Andy H., Satomi and Lynnae, escorted first time Tantalus trekkers Evelyn, Andy (Evelyn’s brother-in-law), Scott, Hana, Henry, and Tony, along the winding road.  Special awards go to Evelyn and Scott for wearing their patriotic attire [I’ve got your prizes].  The weather was cool and the views fantastic!  It was a great start to the holiday.  Hooray we’re in the USA!

Congratulations to all HMCers who competed in the Kona marathon last month.  The “Awesome Finish Award” goes to Satomi for this, her second marathon of 2012.  She had a personal record of 4:26:09 after running several miles with a pesky cramp (yikes!).  Looks like Guru Sam taught her well.  What an inspiration!

Thought of the Week:  There are so many beautiful spots on Oahu, some of which can best be explored on foot.  “Foot explorations” enable one to pause and recognize the surrounding details that would otherwise go unnoticed.  This is true of Tantalus and Kaena Point, where I got to run this week.  Such breathtaking scenery makes the training worth it.  So if you get a chance, try a new route every once in a while (and don’t forget to take your camera).  You’re sure not to regret it.


 White Group by Blair Hoashi:

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Staff leaders Guru Sam, Dwight and I counted 23 runners starting off with us this morning.   Our “regulars” like Devon, Julie, Aileen, Russ, Russell, Gary, Debbie, Jo, Bob, Thau, Sarah, Betsy, Mike, Kathy, Quon, joined some newer faces today.    Apologies if I missed a few members.

The first beach park was our turn around point – six miles.  We will continue the 12 milers at our 12 minutes per mile pace for the rest of the month.  As you are all well aware, our “homework runs” are critical to running “comfortably” on the longer distances.  Also, experimenting with energy drinks and supplements (like gels, jelly beans, crack seed, pretzels, etc.) during your run will be important.   Please check with your group leaders if you have any questions on this subject.  At this point in our training and according to Dr. Scaff’s training schedule, three homework runs are recommended.


 Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte, Dean Takeshita and Chris Isham:

The Green 15s completed 10.2 miles under a hot sun but with steady cool breezes for most of the course.  We welcomed first-timers to the clinic, Sara and Nana, who were ready for six-miles at this point in their training, so they turned around a little early in the course.  Remember it is never too late in the year to come out and join us.  We’ll find you a pace groups and distance to meet your needs.  Cliff shared his three marathon maxims:  (1) drink before you want too, (2) walk before you need to, and (3) finish faster than you start.

 Golden 14’s:

Dean, Sandra and Jason led a group of 16 out of Kapiolani Park up Diamond Head road. Today was very clear and sunny but it felt cooler than last week’s run.
This was probably due to scatter clouds partially obscuring the sun. Once at the lookout we were blessed by cool onshore breezes.
Today’s game plan was to run closer to 10 miles since last week’s run was closer to 11. After the Medal of Honor park we took a shorter route passing the Variety school and on to Puu Panini Ave to finally get back on Kilauea Ave.  We had  our Spam musubi and water break at the Kahala Service station then continued out to the 1669 fire hydrant, we were right on schedule at 5.19 miles.
On our return through Kahala we found that the water fountain on Aukai Street just before getting back on Kahala Ave has been removed.
Just to change things a bit and to guarantee our 10 mile goal we decided to head for the official finish.  Opposite the Natatorium we made our 10 mile goal so we officially ended the run and the group dispersed, most went back to the start. Dean, Sandra and Melissa headed for the beach to cool off their tired dogs (feet).

Overall the group ran strong, the results of doing your midweek runs, constantly hydrating and taking electrolytes is showing positive results. We were on the road 2 hours and 48 minutes, ran 10 miles and burned 955 calories.

Welcome back Sensei Norm.


Lucky 13s:

Chris and Fiona led about 25 of the Lucky 13s on a 10.6 miler.  Nice breezes but still pretty hot out there. Special thanks to Estella for sharing her Garmin. Almost everyone felt stronger this week than last week due to keeping up on their homework.  Things to consider are to increase your daily intake of water as well as electrolytes.  My personal favorite is Ultima, which can be purchased at the Running Room.  Ultima is sugar free and works well for me.  Looking forward to next week, we might add a “victory lap” as we start to get ready for August and 12 milers.  Have a great week and keep up on the homework!


 Da Comment Corner:

 I Almost Missed “One of America’s Premier Sporting Events”…

After a nice Fourth of July early morning run with fellow White Group members Russell and Debbie, I got home just in time to catch “one of America’s Premier Sporting Events”(according to the announcers on ESPN ).

With great fanfare, all of the contestants were announced and then finally, the current champ with all of his accolades was heralded onto the “battleground”.    The Champ looked relaxed and confident.

And as the horn blew to start the contest, the battle began; it wasn’t’ a pretty sight but the current champ retained his title, yet another year.

  Joey Chestnut of California, “chomped down” 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes to retain the crown of Nathan’s Hot Dog eating champion for another year!

*According to the Nathan’s website, one of its natural casing hot dogs contains 290 calories (150 from fat), 17 grams of fat, 6 grams of saturated fat and 710 milligrams of sodium. That means the 28-year-old Chestnut in ten minutes took in nearly 20,000 calories, more than 1,150 grams of fat, over 400 grams of saturated fat and 48,300 milligrams of sodium.


 Have a healthy and enjoyable week!  Chew slowly!

  See you at the water stops,