Drug Doping

July 01, 2012

Many people have been asking lately about drug doping.  Like Lance Armstrong, did he drug dope?  Yes.  He had access to erythropoietin when he had chemotherapy for his cancer.  He had a legal prescription, easy to get once you have cancer.  In fact ALL such athletes are on it.

The funny thing is, everybody in the athletic world wants to be better, so they take anabolic steroids and other substances, and we keep coming up with new designer molecules that testing cannot detect.  And don’t you find it interesting that when we get close to the Olympics, all the Olympic athletes living in the United States go back to their home country to train, “because the weather is better,” like Jamaica and places like that, …or maybe because they are not under the same degree of supervision that they are in the United States.

So just think about it:  Drug doping is ubiquitous.
Is it good?  No.
Why don’t we make it legal?  Well, then we might as well we have people use machines, pacemakers, and other artificial devices.

We want human beings who have trained competing against each other on a level field, …but the problem of drug doping is never going to go away.

This is pretty much where the data leads us.