Blair’s Weekly Update 06-17-2012

First Bus Run:

198 runners boarded three Robert’s school buses and got dropped off at two different locales – Kawaikui Beach Park (second Beach Park) and at Maunalua Bay.  Thanks to everyone for being so prompt so we could leave on time.   Thanks also to all of our members who generously donated funds which were much more than the usual fare.  The clinic is very appreciative!  Special thanks go to Mr. Ching , Derrick and Hal our Robert’s bus drivers for getting us there on time and safely.  Mr. Ching has been driving us to our destinations for many, many years and has always helped us in these excursions.

Special Table Duty:

Much mahalos to Staff Leader Jeff Beard, who, by the way drives in every Sunday from Makaha, for providing us with the great array of food and drinks.  As usual, your mango bread was delicious!   Normally, on Bus Runs we do not have anyone manning the table, but Jeff felt our runners would appreciate having some food and drink after a hot, long run and so decided to forego his run to take care of all of us!


Group Reports: Advanced Group by Les Young: (Pace – < 9 min. per mile)

 The AG had 12-14 runners for the Bus Run.  Two runners did a 12.5-13 miler.  The rest did a straight 9 miler back to Paki.  Beth is ready for the Kona Marathon next week.  Her idea of a taper is a 9 mile run at 8:00-8:15 pace!  Three other runners hung with her for the distance.  Mark, Korwin and I are dealing with injuries so we took time to “smell the roses” at a comfortable 8:30 pace.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam Terem: (Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 min. per mile)

We had a great group of about 18 runners at the start of our first bus run. Cloudy skies and a brisk wind helped a lot as we ran our 11.22 miles back to the marathon finish line. Some of us stopped off at the beach at the end to dip in the lovely ocean water and get some rapid muscle cooling effects from floating for a few minutes in water 20 degrees or more cooler than our finishing body temperatures. It feels so good!

Our average speed today was 9:39 minutes/mile, and we worked hard to keep it slow! As our distances increase, the pace will matter more and more.

We checked out landmarks for the actual marathon on our route today, noting that the Hawai`i Kai loop comes at miles 15-16, and spotting the subtle but little killer hills that appear in this stretch. On the way back, down Kalanianaole Highway, some runners noted how dull it is! We thought of psychological ways to break it up and make it interesting, looking for landmarks, interesting gardens, or geographical sites to help it along. One suggestion on these long, flat, straight, concrete stretches is to plug in some music (one ear only to preserve awareness of ambient environment and avoid “attention blindness” from running in your own world, unaware of sounds and sights around you); another is to engage someone in conversation – it helps the time go by and lets you get to know someone better. We have such a wonderful group of people; it’s neat to be able to deepen these friendships while running.

Please keep up the homework runs during the week: two runs of at least one hour each time. It’s OK to increase the time/mileage at this time if you’re not too tired. Remember: we’re building the base miles now. We should be running about a marathon a week in total miles. This will build up over the next few months.

Remember also to hydrate, not only while running but in the days before and after

Grey Group by Darren Nakagawa: (Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

The Grey Group did an 11 mile run on the first bus run which started off at Maunalua Bay Beach Park and included the Hawaii Kai Drive loop.  Andy led the 14 Greys which included BLT (Bill & LT), Aaron, Warren, Lance, the Lululemon Trio (Sheryl, Aurene & Mike), Mark, Rob and Donna.  Other staffers included Paris and DarinParis led the group to the “Official” Honolulu Marathon finish line.  The group started at a 10:15 pace and ended at a 10:40 pace.  The pace ranged from 9:55 to 11:15.  Overall great job by pace leaders Andy and ParisGroup Leader Ivie would be proud of her group as she is on a well deserved vacation on the mainland.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee: (Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silverados were 22 strong today on the first bus run of the season.  We started our trek back to home base today by taking the Hawaii Kai drive loop (in reverse direction) before getting onto Kalanianeole and back to familiar territory.  The group was led by Alberto, Byron, Tony, and Lynnae.  Weather conditions were quite the opposite from last week – we enjoyed windy and overcast conditions for the first half of the run before the sun’s heat started bearing down on us.  The group consisted of the very faithful Silvers: Ana, Sun Hee, Evelyn, Scott, Joe, Tiantian, Arnold, Henry and Saori.  We welcomed veteran runner Cindy who was on her very first HMC run, and training for her 12th Honolulu marathon.  Rose, Andrew, and Albert also joined us today, and we were glad to have them along.  The group did a good job keeping together, and everyone was glad to get back to home base and the wonderful snacks by Jeff and Andy.  The stats:  10.74 miles (min 10.5); 1:58 running only time; 11:03-11:14 pace; and the all important calorie count of 844 (adjust for weight).

HOMEWORK:  Continue your 2 homework runs of 60 minutes duration with a rest day in between.  All of this will pay off on race day.

UPCOMING:  Next week is another 10-miler to the imaginary phone booth on Kalanianeole.  We will return via Kahala Avenue to practice our marathon finish.  In July we start doing 12-milers.

Happy Hour:  And for some summer fun…a pau hana event is being planned at PF Chang’s.  The first one was such a hit, we thought we’d do it again.  Details to be announced in the coming weeks.

Running Tip:  Listen to your body.  If you’re sick or injured, take time out to recover and fully heal.  Don’t make it worse.  There’s plenty of time to catch up on training.  When you come back, go a shorter distance and/or a slower pace.  Try one of the slower HMC groups before rejoining your group.

Community:  The Friends of the Library of Hawaii is holding its 65th Annual booksale at McKinley High School Cafeteria starting Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 8:30 a.m.  This is one of the best recycling projects in the state, and all proceeds go back to support our local public libraries.  Please stop by for great deals on used (and new) books, CDs, DVDs and more.

And finally, happy Father’s Day to all of the HMC fathers and grandfathers.  Hope everyone was able to honor the fathers in their lives.

White Group by Blair Hoashi: (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Staffer Violet counted 28 runners with our group on our Bus Run todayWhile we were tempted to do the Hawaii Kai loop, the group consensus was to do an easy 9 miler back to base.  And if members wanted to go a few more miles, a lap around the park would be included.  Our Guru led the group for most of the way with Blair, Dwight, Devon and Jonathan occasionally taking the helm.    Members included Debbie, Gary (welcome back), Russell, Elena, Shelly, Shen, Sook Young, Pete, Na, My, Mike, Bob, Quan, Betsy, Lisa, Jo, Lauren, and a few newbies whose names shall be remembered shortly.

Toward the end, members were given the opportunity to finish up at their own speed and many members had an abundance of reserves and finished very strong.  It seems that one of the lessons touted by the group leaders is working – take it easy in the beginning, perhaps 30 seconds to a minute slower, then use one’s reserves to finish strong at the end – a very good rule to remember for the marathon.

Thank you group members for your promptness!

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte:

Cliff and Rosemary paced the Green 15s through their first bus run; a short 9-miler (8.7 miles).  We were blessed with cool breezes through the run, and welcome overcast skies at least until we got to the gas station. Our weekly mileage goals remain 20-24 miles for the month of June.  We’ll plan a long 9-miler for next Sunday, our last of the month, to help prepare us for 10-mile Sundays in July. It is never too late in the year to come join the clinic; we’ll find a pace group and distance to meet your needs.   Golden 14’s

Sandra, Melanie and Norm led 25 Golden Warriors on the first Bus Run of 2012.  Important landmarks were pointed out to familiarize the newbies with the marathon course.  Knowing where you are on the course and knowing what comes next makes a lot of difference in keeping you loose and anxiety free on marathon morning.  The pace and distance are subject to dispute since Norm forgot his GPS Garmin, but it would be safe to say that we ran a “long” 8 at a bit slower than our 14 minute/mile target.

The problem with out and back training is that you often don’t realize how far you are travelling.  Seeing Diamond Head in the distance as we got off the Bus at Hawaii Kai brought home the realization of just how far we are actually running.

Norm will be on vacation for several weeks.  The group will be in good hands with Dean, Melanie, Jason and Sandra Lucky 13s

Chris and Medelyn led the Lucky 13’s on the final 8.8 leg of the Marathon route to include a Marathon finish.  Average pace was 12:35 and we burned 1252 calories.  Everyone kept up well and finished strong.  We talked about “motivational markers” or M&Ms to help us keep our bearings during the route.  Next week, Chris will have table duty.  Medelyn will lead the group on their 8+ miler.  Have a great week, do your homework and hydrate!

Da Comment Corner: Olympic Runners in Mogadishu:

“We should replace our running shoes frequently.  Instead, we wash them.”  Quote attributed to Mohamed Hassan Mohamed, one of four Somali athletes vying for their country’s two guaranteed spots at the London Olympics, on the difficulties of training in impoverished war torn Mogadishu.  (From Time magazine)

Clinic Happy Hour Social:

Sensei Norm and his most efficient crew are coming up with a plan for a summer HMC social – meet new friends, enjoy “old” friends, renew acquaintances, meet the Guru Sam for the first time (you won’t be disappointed), check out the Blair behind Blair’s Update and also some of the other staff leaders who contribute to the updates.  Anyway, the event promises to be a fun filled social “can’t miss”.

A Father’s Wish:

Before my dad had his stroke many years ago, he and my mother (both in their seventies at the time) attended the clinic periodically and walked with Board Member Luanne Murakami’s walking groupHis stroke partially paralyzed the left side of his body – he has great difficulty walking.   To this day, one of his fondest wishes is to attend the clinic again and be able to walk with Luanne and her group.

A  Belated Happy Father’s Day!  Have a great week!

 See you at the water stops,