Blair’s Weekly Update 06-10-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff talked about shin splints and side stitches. Both problems usually disappear within a year of training.  If you continue to have them, that’s a real problem.

shin splint is the beginning of a stress fracture on the front of the tibia.  It first appears as soreness in the shin later becomes tender to touch, then swells, and then a stress fracture can occur.
They usually occur when you are doing too much, too often for your level of training. The treatment is rest, stop running until you can walk without pain (see “Doc’s Talk 05-13-2012 The Beginner’s Guide to Injuries”), ice, then aspirin or ibuprofen – but never take aspirin or ibuprofen before a run.  If you do that you hide the pain and can hurt yourself worse. Use ice whenever you want, it’s the most wonderful product there is.  If the shin splint pain persists you might have to see physician.  Just remember, a shin splint is going to primarily take care of itself.

Side stitches are pain, usually in the right upper-quadrant of the abdomen, which occurs when you are running.  If the pain becomes serious it slows you down or you have to stop.

If you get side stitches in the same geographic location along your run, anticipate it.  As you approach that part of your route, relax your abdomen and sphincter, bend over, let your belly relax, then purse your lips as you exhale, and try to work through it.  If you know you always get a side stitch at a particular location (e.g. the back side of a hill) before you get to that site start walking for a few minutes and then start running again before you get the side stitch.

If you understand the physiology of side stitches, 99% of the time you can take care of them without an expensive visit to the doctor’s office.

Next Sunday Dr. Scaff will talk about why shoes cause knee pain and why shoes are bad in general.  

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Reminder:  Next Sunday is a bus run.  Everybody is afraid of the marathon, so the purpose of bus runs is to get you used to your fear of the unknown.  After all, when you are running back along the course 5 or 10 times you get used to it.  For instance, if you run from Kapiolani Park to the gas station and back, that is the same distance as running from Hawaii Kai, …but it SEEMS so far.  So that is the adventure of the bus run.  Make use of it!


Table Duty:

Thank you Advanced Staff leader Les Young for the fantastic array of great baked goods, fruits and drinks.  Much Mahalo!


First Bus Run/Next Week – June 17th:

(Repeat from last week)

Most groups will be getting off at the Maunalua Bay drop point, across from Roy’s HI Kai – approximately 9 miles.  Many of the Intermediates and the Advanced Groups will add the “Loop” which will add two more miles.

For those doing the” loop”,  there is no water fountain at the Hawaii Kai Drive gas station anymore, so please bring a few dollars to get some needed liquid replenishment  at the gas station or bring your own water bottle.  From our start to the next water fountain, the distance is close to 3.5 miles.   On these Bus Runs, I have noticed runners feeling the effects of dehydration more readily.  The consequences of a hot morning sun, the lack of proper hydration (especially during the first few miles), and the excitement of a new experience, can cause dehydration to occur rather quickly.  And, it is not just the newbies; I have seen many seasoned runners “burnt out” at the Kahala gas station.

We will be running on the actual marathon route so it will give many “newbies” a chance to get familiar with the latter section of the marathon.

180 members have signed up on our sheet; thank you!

 The fare is $3 and we need to be there by 7:15 a.m.  We leave promptly at 7:30 a.m.  In the past we had had to leave many latecomers behind so please be on time!   

Group Reports:

 Advanced Group by Korwin Chang:

(Pace < 9:00 min. per mile)

We had four runners today: Beth, Jared, Thomas, and ILes was on the table duty, and the snacks were really great!  Beth and Jared ran about 17 miles.  Beth is doing the Kona marathon in two weeks!  Good luck Beth!  I ran to the second beach park for a 13.5 mile run


GREY Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal –  sub-5 hour marathon)

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

There were about 17 Silverados today ready for another 10-mile run to the “missing phone booth”.  The group was led by Alberto, with Byron as sweeper, and Lynnae as chaser (that’s what happens to those who oversleep).  In one word, weather conditions were BRUTAL.  Sure it looked beautiful, but it was way too hot.  (And summer hasn’t even officially started yet!)  The group consisted of the very faithful Silvers: Sun Hee, Evelyn, Scott, Joe, Tiantian, and Arnold.  We welcomed back Saori from her vacation to Vegas and Japan, and completed her very first 10-mile run today– congrats, you looked like a pro.  Silverado wannabes Andy and Albert joined the group on the return, having started out with the faster group, and we were glad to have them along.  Lynnae finally caught up with the group as they were coming up Diamond Head in the home stretch (gosh, never thought I’d make it).  The stats thanks to Tiantian:  9.88 miles (runners round up); 1:53:44 total time; 11:32 pace; and the all important calorie count of 843 (adjust for weight).

HOMEWORK:  Continue your 2 homework runs of 60 minutes duration with a rest day in between.  It is important to keep up your conditioning as the summer runs get hotter.  This is really good training.

UPCOMING:  Our first bus run of the season is next Sunday.  PLEASE ARRIVE BY 7:15 a.m. with $3.  Buses will leave promptly at 7:30 a.m., and you don’t want to be left behind.  For those who live in East Honolulu or miss the bus, you can meet us out at the Hawaii Kai boat ramp (across Roy’s Restaurant) and go half the distance with us before turning back (not ideal but possible).  Bathroom facilities are questionable at the start, and there will be no water for the first 2 miles, so please plan accordingly.  We will do the Hawaii Kai loop (the marathon turnaround), so newbies will not want to miss this event.  We may even consider taking in Kahala Avenue depending on the group’s preference.

The Venus Transit [June 5]:  A big mahalo to Tiantian for her tip on the Venus Transit viewing.  Many HMCers were spotted at the Waikiki viewing site, taking a break during a midweek training run.  The view of Venus was pretty awesome.

Running Tip:  Today’s heat is a good reminder about the importance of hydration.  Do NOT skip water stops.  Consider hydrating the day prior (good practice for the actual marathon), or bring along supplements (ie. gummies, gel, hydration powder for your water bottle).  Adding honey to your water also works.  Find out what works best for you.  Let’s run smart.

Thought of the Week:  When Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong (and other music greats) said to “direct your feet to the sunny side of the street”, they weren’t singing to Hawaii marathoners.  With all due respect, I’ll stick to the shade


White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Guru Sam led a group of 35 vociferous and lively runners through their first 10 miler.  He was assisted by staffers Dwight, and BlairAndy, the Blue Group leader and his group, have been starting off with us as well.  Devon and Jonathan, a recent transplant from Chicago, also helped lead the group at various times – great job and thank you!  The convivial group maintained a comfortable 12 minutes per mile pace while enjoying each other’s company and, we finished ingood spirits to the high fives given out very generously by the Guru at the end of our journey.   Debbie, Jan, Adele, Russell, Berrie (have a great trip to Europe), Sabu, Tomoko, Bob, My, Lei (welcome back!), Elena, Betsy, Quon, Sook Young and her husband, Pete, Seu  Wei,  Jo and her niece and a host of others.  Slowly but surely, I will get to know more of you.

We were fortunate to have Pete, Sook Young’s husband, a chiropractor talk to us about running posture.  He mentioned that running more upright would help avoid body misalignment and possible injury.    Thank you Pete!

At next week’s Bus Run, we will be doing the loop (Hawaii Kai Drive – adding two more miles) so please bring some extra dollars for drinks or a water bottle.  Fare is $3 and please be there at 7:15.  The bus leaves promptly at 7:30 sharp!  In the past we have had to leave “stragglers” behind.  The route is on the actual marathon route.



 The Green Group – Rosemary Kyte

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

Rosemary demonstrated “belly breathing” versus “chest breathing”; adding to Dr. Jack’s talk about side pain (p. 14 Dr. Jack’s book).  She also showed off her Power Pretzels (p. 194); and cited the health benefits of exercising   at a level to burn 2200-3300 calories in a week (p. 255 Chapter references, Chapter 1, reference #5.).

Cliff and Rosemary extended the route to 8.5 miles today; so, we’ll be more than ready for our 9 mile bus run from Hawaii Kai next Sunday.  We should be done next Sunday about an hour later than today; getting bussed to the start and adding distance will add around that much time.

Remember to arrive early – 0715 buses load – next Sunday Father’s Day.


Golden 14’s    by Norm Uyeda

Sandra, Melanie, Jason and Norm led the 14s on a breezy but hot 8.7 mile run today.  The summer heat is really starting to come on strong, so don’t forget to hydrate at each and every water stop.  Subject for today was (again) shoes and clothing.  You need to start to plan ahead to ensure that you aren’t stuck on marathon morning with a pair of shoes that are just about to go belly up.  The shoes need to have at least a month’s worth of breaking in to avoid those blisters and black toes on marathon day.  Same rules apply to clothing – nothing new on marathon morning.  This seems like a very early warning, but December will be here before you know it.

Next Sunday – Bus Run.  An invaluable training tool used to familiarize the newbies with the actual marathon route.  The more familiar you are, the less anxiety you will feel along the course.  We will be getting dropped off at Hawaii Kai and will follow the exact marathon route all the way to the finish line.  The Bus Run will cost $3.  Try to bring the exact amount and avoid loose change if possible.

 Lucky 13’s by Chris Isham

Chris and Fiona led the Lucky 13s on a 8.4 miler finishing with a 12:35 pace.  We discussed the need to try and increase mid week runs by 15 minutes while shooting for 6, but at least running for 1:15 rather than 1 hour.  We also talked about those anticipating wearing water belts to start wearing them now.

Remember t o arrive next week at 7:15 for the bus run. We will do a “marathon finish”.  Hydrate well this week!


 Da Comment Corner:

 The Absolute Best Breakfast Ever Before a Morning Run:

Last night’s leftovers , cold pizza, nothing,  toast(MOST POPULAR), cereal, bagel, Spam musubi, protein shake, eggs, bacon, plain musubi, coffee(VERY POPULAR), tea, oatmeal, Oreo cookie, Gatorade, protein bar  – these are some of the answers that I have heard throughout the years when I asked what members ate  before Sunday’s morning run.   So take your pick!  Eat what works best for you!  Everyone is different!


HMC Happy Hour – Milk, Pupus and Lively Conversation:

Board member Norm Uyeda is organizing another HMC Happy Hour Get Together soon at P. F. Changs at Ward.  Stay tuned; a quarterly event?


See you at the water stops,