Blair’s Weekly Update 06-03-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence:

Dr. Scaff talked about stretching and how it contributes to injuries.

Running injuries are cumulative.  So you’ve got to be constantly aware of the “cumulative effect”,  such as that which occurs with stretching.   In 1978, Dr. Scaff observed a higher incidence of injury in runners who did stretching.

To learn more, the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and the University of Hawaii Department of Physiology developed a questionnaire for a study.  Everyone entering the Honolulu Marathon that year had to complete the questionnaire.  The data showed that no matter WHY runners may stretch, those who stretch have a higher percentage of injuries.  Period.  The New York Times published a story on these findings.  Three more studies came to the same conclusion. Flexibility and long distance running don’t really coexist.  Study results also show that the less flexible the knee is, the less likely it is to get injured.

A tight hamstring increases your running power up to 5%.  So being fairly tight, particularly in the hamstrings, is good.  Thus, hamstring stretches might not be helping you much.  Dr. Scaff is not against passive stretching.  If you are going to stretch, you should warm up first.  (You’re warmed up when the first sign of perspiration appears on your forehead.  As a warm-up, the Honolulu Marathon Clinic recommends running very slow for the first 10 minutes of your run).  So, with regard to stretching, you do as you want, but that is the data as it has been published thus far.

There are several pages with useful information on stretching in Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

Next Sunday, Dr. Scaff will continue on injuries, shin splits, and side stitches.

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Table Duty:

Staffers Jason and Gail did a great job in putting together a great table duty spread!


First Bus Run:

June 17th is slated for this Bus Run; most groups will be getting off at the Maunalua Bay drop point, across from Roy’s HI Kai – approximately 9 miles.  Many of the Intermediates and the Advanced Groups will add the “Loop” which will add two more miles.

For those doing the” loop”,  there is no water fountain at the Hawaii Kai Drive gas station anymore, so please bring a few dollars to get some needed liquid replenishment  at the gas station or bring your own water bottle.  From our start to the next water fountain, the distance is close to 3.5 miles.   On these Bus Runs, I have noticed runners feeling the effects of dehydration more readily.  The consequences of a hot morning sun, the lack of proper hydration (especially during the first few miles), and the excitement of a new experience, can cause dehydration to occur rather quickly.  And, it is not just the newbies; I have seen many seasoned runners “burnt out” at the Kahala gas station.

We will be running on the actual marathon route so it will give many “newbies” a chance to get familiar with the latter section of the marathon.

Please sign up on the posted sheet so we can order the number of buses accordingly.    The fare is $3.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young and Korwin Chang:

(Pace < 9:00 min. per mile)

Glad to be back after six weeks out with a pulled hamstring injury.  The rest of the group carried on with their individual training goals covering various distances.  Most of the group start at the second beach park and run in seven miles in time for the start of the HMC.  Beth ran in from the nine mile mark preparing for the Kona Marathon.  Thanks to Mark and Korwin for leading the runners.  I managed to do eight miles today running with Rosie’s group at a 9:40-9:30 pace.  I ran back in holding a 9:30 pace.  Felt great being back in the saddle again

 Korwin’s Comments:

There were seven advanced group runners today – Beth, Fred, Joe, John, Mark, and Randy.  Les gave us an important talk about staying healthy before our run.  We need to be careful, because the injury may appear out of nowhere.  Some runners ran 14 miles.  I ran about 11.5.  I’m “planning” on running 14 miles, next week.  It was very hot today.  After the run, I had to drink a lot more to get hydrated.


 Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

(Pace 9:45 – 10:45 min per mile)

We had a smaller group today (8-10 people) and mostly ran together for 10.4 nicely breezy and shaded miles out to where the phone booth used to be(!) Les of the advanced group joined us for part of his 8 mile run. He is carefully coming back from injury, not increasing his distance too rapidly.

The conditions were perfect for our first official 10 miler and everyone was running strong. Again, we ran too fast for our stated pace, averaging about 9:30. An average of 9:45-10:00 is better for us for the long runs. This will become apparent as the distances increase. Many Pinks took it easy last weekend, and some took Sunday off altogether. Rosie ran a 9 mile trail race on the North Shore and got wet and muddy but had a great time. Congratulations to Bill who ran a fantastic Hibiscus Half-Marathon in just 2 hours 2 minutes! Rosie did the 10K for the Red Hot Ladies triathlon team the week before, and they were pleased to advance to second place in the women’s open team division (third last year) in spite of their cumulative age of 171. The winning women’s team also contained HMC members!

We are looking forward to the first bus run on Fathers’ Day, June 17th. We’ll run from the last stop (Maunalua Bay) back to the park, and maybe take in the Hawaii Kai loop, so we can get an idea of the last part of the marathon route.

Homework is still two hour-long runs during the week. Incorporating hills and trying some downhills, as well as a little speed work (e.g. running short stretches at a 10k pace) will help our overall training.


GREY Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal –  sub-5 hour marathon)

The 1st Sunday in June finds a large group of 26 GREYs! Horacio and Andy were not with us. Horacio headed off to San Diego, May 21st.  We wish him well, and thank him for his service with the Army and sergeant for the Greys. We’ll keep in touch with you, Horacio. Thank you, Darin and Paris for joining the GREYs to assist Lawrence and myself. We had: Dr. Rob, Donna, Lisa, Mike, Toshi, Jyo, Lily, Bill, Liane, Shauna, Gannon, Miki, Kelly, Rob, Michael, Mark, Crystal (oops, I missed some of you, apologies). We stepped up the miles a notch to 10 miles, to the fire hydrant. There was no telephone booth. Norm said we need a poster of a telephone booth, after all,  it’s tradition to touch the telephone booth at the 5 mile turn around point. We took the pace very comfortably, so we could all endure the step up. Gauge yourself with each step up in training, how did you feel post run, and the next morning? You should feel energized, proud to have had a great run, and your appetite should be craving good and healthy foods. Any aches should feel like muscles strengthening and building. You should not be crawling out of bed, or dreading the next work out. Let’s avoid burn out. We are still at mile 10. Did you think you’d get here, and having this much fun? Lively conversations going on! Ride your runners high, this week, see you Sunday! Don’t forget to bring your fuel!
Towards the latter half of this month you may add on either 1 more day of a training run, or add another 30 minutes to one of your homework runs.


Total Miles Total Pace Total Running Pace Outgoing running Pace Return Running Pace
6/3/2012 10.2 11:50  10:15 10:35 10:02

6/10/2012        10 miles, let’s do it again
6/17/2012        Bus run – 10 to 11 miles from Hawaii Kai (through Keahole and Hawaii Kai Drive)
6/24/2012       10.5 miles – Kahala Avenue, and the date with our Princess

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 mi. per mile)

There were about 15 Silverados today ready for their first 10-mile run of the season.  The group was led by Lynnae and Byron.  Alberto took a break due to a recent foot injury, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.  It started out as a beautiful day for a run, with plenty of cloud cover and strong breezes, but on the return we started to feel the humidity until the breezes started up again at Diamond Head.  The group consisted of regulars like Sun Hee, Evelyn, Ana, Scott, Summer, Kamaile, Hana, Marla, and Arnold.  Joe and Tiantian braved the elements with us despite having to deal with sicknesses (nothing like a good run to kick start your immune system).  Hana does NOT recommend the new Korean gel she tried.  Congrats to Evelyn and Arnold, who completed a half marathon for Memorial Day weekend, the Dana Hills (CA) and Hibiscus races, respectively.  Congrats also to Ana and the 12 other HMCers who joined Alberto to run Tantalus last weekend.  (Don’t think of it as “brutal”; consider it “special training”.)

HOMEWORK:  Continue your 2 homework runs of 60 minutes duration with a rest day in between.  No cheating or you will feel it on the longer Sunday runs.

UPCOMING:  June marks the start of double-digit-distances (say that 3 times fast).  We will continue at the 10-mile distance to the “imaginary phone booth” for the entire month, adding in Kahala Avenue towards the end of the month.  For those who are new to the 10-mile distance, expect some mild soreness as your muscles get accustomed to the distance.

**SPECIAL EVENT** The Venus Transit [June 5]:  Our resident astronomer Tiantian wanted to invite all HMCers to experience this rare event on Tuesday, June 5th.  Hawaii is in an optimal location to view the entire transit of Venus crossing the sun.  From noon to sunset (12:10p-6:45p), viewing sites will be set up around Oahu for the public to observe.  Locations are:  Waikiki (corner of Kalakaua and Kapahulu where Sunset on the Beach is held), Pacific Aviation Museum (Ford Island), KoOlina (near lagoon 4), and Manoa (in front of the Institute for Astronomy, Woodlawn Drive).  Special solar viewers will be available, as sunglasses are insufficient eye protection.  Don’t miss this, since the next viewing opportunity will be in 2117.  See IfA website for more info.

Important running “gear”:  It’s a good idea to carry your ID, a list of current medications/allergies, and cell phone (programmed with an I.C.E. phone #).  Safety first, always.  Let’s develop good running habits so we can enjoy this sport for years to come.

The Awards Corner:  Congrats to all HMCers who completed the Hibiscus Half Marathon on May 27th.  Runners included Arnold, Debbie, Willie, Korwin, and SatomiSatomi placed in her age group, and came within 1 minute of her target time – terrific!

HMCers on the Move:  A fond aloha goes out to Tomo Goto (advance group) and volunteer staff leader Horacio (grey group).  Both have recently departedHawaii to move on to bigger and better opportunities.  Mahalo for your friendship, encouragement, and inspiration.  We can’t wait to hear of your running pursuits in your new locations.  Please stop by the clinic the next time you visitOahu.  Aloha!


White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

30 runners made up the group today and were led by Guru Sam, Violet, Dwight, Andy and Blair today.  Our runners did an 8.5 miler today; Kahala Avenue was added since we missed doing it at the end of May.  We will usually add the Kahala Ave. stretch at the end of every month.   Russell, Quan. Duane, Debbie, Monika, Joy and sister Jan, Aileen, Sabu, Professor Brian, Bob, Jonathan, Sook Young and husband, Betsy, Rose, Shie wei, Ann, Lilia, and others (who I missed) were part of our large entourage.  For the current time, Andy’s Blue Group is starting off with us.  Toward the end of our runs, our groups split off to our respective paces.

With the addition of the Teal Group, our White Group members seem to have settled into a more comfortable niche. (And, I am sure the same for the members of the Teal Group who might have been “forced” to go at a slower pace.)   I hear fewer comments about the rapid pace and more conversation and laughter going on – a good sign that the members are settling in at the pace which is comfortable for them.  When we start the longer distances, our pace and conversation level should be….. the same.

 We are increasing our mileage to 10 miles next week as per our schedule


 The Green Group – Rosemary Kyte

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

Congratulations on 12 weeks of training completed!  We’ve completed our tour of duty on the “PTA” – the pain, torture and agony of the first twelve weeks of the first year of marathon training.  (See “Rule 2 of the Rules of the Road, page 6 and following in Dr. Jack’s book “Your First Marathon”)  This Sunday is a new month, and each new month we add two-miles to our Sunday distance.  So, our plan for the month of June is to cover 8 miles on Sundays.  And, we increase our weekly mileage goal as well.  For the fourth month we do at least four hours of training each week; likely more hours than four since we now start tracking weekly *mileage*.  We’ll give ourselves the month of June to build up to 24 miles a week.  Read ahead to month five in Dr. Jack’s book (page 27) to see some examples of five-day, four-day, and three-day weekly training schedules.  It is never too late to come join the clinic; we’ll find a pace group and distance to meet your needs


Golden 14’s    by Norm Uyeda

Dean and Norm led the Golden 14s to their first “official” gas station run. We did go out to the gas station previously, but had taken a lot of short cuts to get there.  The gang had their first initiation into the “Beer Cave” at the gas station – a 30 degrees walk-in refrigerator on a hot day just hits the spot.

The run today was cranked up to a full 8.7 miles in keeping with the new month’s increased mileage.  8.7 miles!  Our mileage is getting serious now and the weekday homework is really playing an important role in making our Sunday runs successful.  The weekday training will be even more important as we transition to the July 10 mile Sundays – don’t fall behind now!  Keep up the weekday runs as much as possible.  Running seems to be taking up more and more of your time now, but it will be worth it in December!


 Lucky 13’s by Chris Isham

Chris and Medelyn took 21 Lucky 13’s on their first 8 miler.  We ran 8.35 today at a blistering 12:39 pace.  Outstanding work by all!  Points of discussion centered on investing in your personal marathon training with the major buy in being actually registered! Another point was for those considering wearing water bottle belts to start wearing them now in order to get used to how they feel.  Finally a big “thank you” to the generous people of Kahala that provide water points for us runners.  We took also took a short side stop to visit the “beer cave” which will be a spot of refuge for us as we continue to train throughout the summer.  Keep hydrating!


 Da Comment Corner:

 Promises, promises:

Skechers USA , whose Shape-Ups shoes advertised that it would help customers  easily lose weight and tone their butt, leg and stomach muscles, must pay a  $40 million settlement for “false promises” via its ads.    (From a Time magazine excerpt)

(I guess there are no short cuts to getting in “shape”.  Remember, homework runs?)


 See you at the water stops,