Blair’s Weekly Update 05-13-2012

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff called this talk “The Beginners Guide to Injuries”.
The injuries referred to in this article are cumulative injuries, repetitive stress injuries.

First sign of an injury: Feeling good
Why? Because when you feel good you tend to go out too fast or run too much, too often.

Injury Phase 1: Fatigue
Injuries progress in intervals of approximately six weeks.

Injury Phase 2: Soreness

Injury Phase 3: Tenderness
There may be swelling.

Injury Phase 4: Death or tear or rupture of tissue
serious injuries can take up to a year to heal.

The bottom line: Avoid injuries.

Taking ibuprofen or aspirin you can injure yourself worse because you are numbing the pain. Take NSAIDs only on the days you are not running, never before a run.

You can do anything during the healing phase that does not hurt, e.g., ride a bike, swim, etc. You should be able to walk without significant pain before you start running again.

Go out for a 20-minute run, a bit slower than your training pace. If the pain is worse after 20 minutes, it’s back to rest and relaxation, walking, or riding your bike.

If the injured area does not hurt after running 20 minutes, rest a day, and then add 5 minutes until you are again running for 1 hour, 3 times per week for a month. Then go back to your regular training program. That should take care of the bulk of the injury.

For more information read the various sections on injuries in Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

Coming Attractions

Next Sunday Dr. Scaff will talk about weight.

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Table Duty

Thank you Tom for taking the helm; the fruits, cookies, and drinks were fantastic!

Group Reports

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

(Pace 9:45 – 10:45 minutes per mile)

Happy Mothers’ Day! Another big group today, joined by guests Ron (an advanced runner just getting back in), Jeff B (Red group, recovering from a cold) and Andy H (Gray? but going faster today).

Eighteen Pink group members ran 8.3 miles today at an average pace of about 9:30, faster than we had intended to go, and no doubt egged on by speedy Ron who is just passing through our group back up to the Red and then the Advanced group, and Alfredo. One member (Bill) was going to run 12 miles in preparation for the Hibiscus Half Marathon in two weeks.

It was a great day for running but it is getting warmer and there was some residual vog that affected some with more sensitive respiratory systems. However, everyone made it back to the barn with lots of energy to spare. Let’s consider today as some speed work. We need to work on holding the intended pace despite the draw of chasing the rabbits! In short runs like these, it may not matter, but in the marathon even small accelerations over goal pace can prove disastrous, as Dr. Scaff will soon explain.

Next week will be another 8-miler for the whole group. Those intending to run the half marathon may like to meet at 6:50 a.m. and run an extra three miles before the talk begins to get in some additional miles at a reasonable temperature. For these runners, the first three miles will be a warm up, and the next 8 miles can be run at race pace. For the rest of the Pinks, please do not be drawn into this scheme!

For Memorial Day Weekend, there will not be an official clinic. The Hibiscus Half Marathon starts at 5:30 a.m. on that Sunday. Pinks who are not running the half may like to get together and run 8 or 10 miles at a long, slow distance pace (9:45-10:00).

Please remember to do your homework runs of an hour twice a week, and to follow our motto: Finish. Have fun. And don’t get hurt

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal – sub-5 hour marathon)

18 Greys were present for our Mother’s Day Run! Horacio, Byron joined us, and myself, in great company of Warren, Lily, Jyo, Toshiaki, Lance, Marla, Donna, Dr. Rob, Aurene, Mike, Nobu, Bill, Liane, and Shauna. We missed Andy, and gave him a bad time for running with the Pinks. The question is, will Andy return to the GREYS? Let’s all beg and plea with Andy, we need Papa Andy. We are winding down our PTA (pain, torture and agony) months and ready to step up soon, in June. It’s always great to hear inspiring stories from our co-runners. This Sunday, I enjoyed hearing Lily’s story. Lily has just started running a year ago. Prior to this, running was difficult as she would have stomach aches (was it stitches?) Simple fix, Lily discovered the secret in breathing – deep breathing, using abdominals, and oxygenation, efficiency of breathing bringing phenomenal energy and endurance! Heard this flattens your tummy! Okay, I am sold! Dr. Scaff’s book also talks about breathing, and paced breathing examples. Running and talking, we pass by many runners, and Lily comments, “Ivie, You know everyone!” I told her, it’s the runner’s world, and we know each other. She said, “I can see you running by, and saying, hey, this year I’ll be 95!” Unfortunately, that’s sooner than I expect, but fortunately I know it will be fun to run getting there. By the way, have you read the Star Advertiser’s article, “Baby, we were born to run”? Tuesday, 5/8/12. Humans enjoy running because we produce endocannabinoids. That’s what causes the runner’s high. University of Arizona in Tucson studied this in humans, dogs, and ferrets. They were put on treadmills. Only humans and dogs produced this runner’s high chemical. I bet those dogs were greyhounds. Conclusion of the research, humans have the evolutionary drive to exercise. Modern man has learned to ignore it. Thank you GREYS, for stepping up, and running for what we were made to do.
By June, we will enter the LSD phase, of our training, adding another 1 hour run during the week, and increasing miles. Remember increase training by only 10% a week. On the week we increase the long run distance, don’t add your extra 1 hour run.

5/6/12 3 groups 7 am start did 2 miles then either 6 miles (recovery run from our 9.31-miler) – or 8 miles. Pace of either 8:45 through 11:40.
5/13/12 – 8 miles, sorry forgot it was Mother’s day, we had another recovery run. Pace 10 to 11:15 (hills) – we were doing some 9:40’s.
5/20/12 9.5 miles – Kahala Avenue and marathon finish.
5/27/12 Unofficial run, no marathon clinic, will announce what we will 5/20 and via newsletter, stay-tuned.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

There were 17 Silverados today led by various volunteer staff leaders (and their helpers) – Tiantian led mile 1 (thank you, thank you!), Lynnae led miles 2-4, and Alberto led the group on its return, with Byron joining in. It was a beautiful day, but it quickly heated up. The group consisted of regulars like Sun Hee, Evelyn, Saori, Scott, Marla and Hana. Instead of taking our regular route back to the park, we challenged ourselves with Kahala Avenue. It was long, but being in a group helped keep everyone’s spirits up. When we returned to the park, Alberto led most of the group back to home base, while Lynnae led a smaller bunch the long way around the park to tack on an extra mile. Great job everyone; we make 8 miles look easy!

Today’s higher heat index is a good opportunity to think about hydration. Summer’s right around the corner, so if you don’t have one yet, please consider bringing a water bottle on the runs. There are so many options to choose from – find one right for you. Shoes too tight? Think about how you’re lacing them. Remember, your feet will swell during your run, so make sure your shoes are a full size larger to allow for the “growth”. Or for women with wider feet, consider using men’s shoes which may have more room in the toe box. Of course, check Doc’s book for other tips on shoe selection.

Homework: Continue your 2 homework runs of 60 minutes duration with a rest day in between. Proper discipline helps prevent injury, and makes Sunday runs very enjoyable.

Upcoming: Another 8-mile+ run next week. It seems that some are very anxious to jump to 10-miles already, but we don’t want to increase too early.

Memorial Day Sunday, May 27th – Since there is no official Clinic, the Silvers will be doing a special unofficial run at Tantalus, 7 a.m. All HMCers are welcome to join. Hill training is really great for your legs, and the view is awesome!

Also on May 27th is the Hibiscus Half Marathon. It’s a good way to test your training and support a great cause at the same time, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our current training level is sufficient for this race.

Thought of the Week: Black toenails are the mark of a true runner… Congrats, you’re there!

And finally, happy Mother’s Day to all of the HMC mothers and grandmothers. Hope your day was a special one!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

The group officially split off into two groups today with Staff leaders Norm Kawamoto and Jeanelle Ponce taking over the Teal group (approximate pace 11:30-12:30 minutes per mile) today.

25 White group members welcomed back staff leaders Guru Sam (from his mainland trip) and Blair (back from his injury). Also, Staffers Violet and Rich helped lead the group. Randy, Berrie, Debbie, Sook Young and husband Pete, Russ, Russell, Julie, My, Lauren, Mayumi, Rachel, Bob, Brian, Shelly, Betsy, and a few others who will become a lot more familiar as time goes on, ran an easy and casual 8-miler, our first. The group really stayed together throughout the entire trek and the camaraderie was high. Guru Sam’s positive spirit and enthusiasm were in obvious force today. A steady 12 minute pace was maintained throughout our route; our initial climb up Diamond Head was a bit slower but we needed to warm up to get up to our 12-minute cruising speed.

As we get to the longer distances, our speed might vary according to the terrain but leaders are responsible for maintaining our prescribed pace throughout our run.

The key to maintaining our speed especially at the longer distances – homework runs. Gotta do ‘em or you’ll be lagging behind. (I know, because I‘ve been there.)

On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed our group run this morning! Due to my injury and the picnic, I missed being with the group and running for almost two weeks. It was fun today – the camaraderie of the group with its wonderful eclectic mix of personalities combined with the positive endorphins generated by our physical output, made for a fantastic Sunday morning! Thanks to all of the group members for a great morning!

Be safe and healthy (and do your “homework”)!


The Green Group – Rosemary Kyte
(All walking speeds and 13-minute-mile > running pace.)

A happy Mothers’ Day to all! Cliff and Rosemary paced about ten 15-minute milers over a 6-mile course; out to the Kilauea water jug and back. We felt the hot sun anytime we lost the cool breezes, but careful pacing and lots of water got us through. We plan to add mileage gradually through the rest of the month. Mid-week homework remains two sessions of at least one hour each. It is never too late to come join the clinic; we’ll find a pace group and distance to meet your needs

Golden 14’s by Norm Uyeda

Norm, Melanie and Sandra led a determined bunch of about 20 Golden runners on the second 6-mile run for the month of May. Unfortunately, an “oops” happened and the 6-mile run turned into a 7-mile run (my bad – Norm). Oh well, no sense going backwards … I guess all of our runs are going to be at least 7 miles long from this point on until we begin to taper. The day started off with a beautiful cloudless sky and gradually got warmer and warmer as we progressed out to the Kahala doggy park. Summer is coming and we need to hydrate – hydrate – hydrate in order to keep ahead of heat stroke and dehydration. We ran into Sam and Blair’s roving party at the Kahala water stop and briefly (very briefly) ran with them in a moment of intergroup bonding.

Next week Sunday – another 7-mile run (no sense going backwards to 6 miles) with maybe a brief stop at the Kahala doggy park. Weekday runs are still being held at Ala Moana / Magic Island on Tuesdays and Fridays. Meet at 5:00 PM at the mauka end of the Magic Island parking lot. Last Tuesday’s training run turned into a trek to see the new Avengers movie (life can’t be all huffing and puffing and sweating). Friday’s run ended up at the Hilton Lagoon Fireworks show along with several Tahitian style fire dancers showing off their stuff.

Lucky 13’s by Medelyn Harkins

Medelyn and Fiona led 20 lucky 13’s on a pace of 12:30 – 13 minute mile totaling 6.15 miles and we burned approximately 667 calories. Today was special beautiful Mother’s Day breeze. The weather warmed up a bit as we ran. We went around Kaimuki Middle School and took a restroom break. This was 1 of 3 restrooms stops as we progress into longer runs. We emphasized the importance of drinking water and hydrating as we train for the warmer days. Keep drinking….lots of water. I have to commend the lucky 13’s on a job well done on our single file and keeping it tight. Hey….we all made it back together. Great Job!!!!

Many of our runners had plans to spend with family (beach, lunch, spa and etc) on this Mother’s Day. Of course, we needed to get back safely, get home, and clean up before we meet up with our families. I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day.

Chris should be back next week and we look forward to his return.

Da Comment Corner

Happy Mother’s Day!!

See you at the water stops,