Blair’s Weekly Update 05-06-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff called today’s talk a “potpourri” of topics.

You may not believe this, but running started here in Hawaii. Not racing, like in the Olympics, but running. Only 167 runners participated in The Honolulu Marathon in 1973. Nobody knew anything back then! Today, the 3 main schools of running, the Honolulu Marathon Clinic, Hal Higdon’s, and Jeff Galloway’s, all evolved from base training as initially done by the Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

You could walk the marathon in two days and never “Hit The Wall”. If you drink enough and your urine is colorless (once a day) and you urinate within 4 hours of your run, you will not overheat. Post-race collapse is something you can take care of. The bottom line is base precedes speed, and that is all you need to do.

The Honolulu Marathon Clinic’s basic approach to training for the marathon is Simple and works: In the first 3 months: Run 1 hour 3 times per week. In the 4th month: 1 hour 4 times per week. In the 5th month increase to 30 miles per week. Maintain 30 miles for 2 months without getting injured, and slow down in the marathon, and you’ll finish. For a better finish time, add miles in the remaining months of training. Be mindful of your pace and stick to the program and you’ll do very well.

Read at least read the sections on rules in Dr. Scaff’s book. (Or read the entire book as it has very good information on running and other topics).

Copies of Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., are available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

Next Sunday Dr. Scaff will talk about “The Beginners Guide to Injuries”.

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Sunday’s Picnic

It was well organized and well attended! Thanks to Board member Luanne , her husband, and her committee for doing such a great job at our May Day picnic! Food was plentiful and the atmosphere was joyous – a great combination! Thank you also to all of the volunteers – Burt, Muriel, Dwight, Debbie (thanks for cleaning all of our pots, pans and dishes), Susan, Rachun (with his “magical” Thai curry), Russ’ wife and Muriel’s sister (who shall be nameless ’cause I forgot), Val , Maile, Norm, Peter, Stephen and a host of others – thank you!! Was good!!!

Group Reports

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

(Pace 9:45 – 10:45 minutes per mile)

We had a really nice large group today and last week – as Bill said, “we’ve been hiring”!

We eventually split into sub-groups by distance: some ran 6.5, some 8.3, and some 10 or more miles, depending on their goals and experience.

By our clinic schedule, the Pinks should now be running about 8 miles at an average pace of 10 minutes/mile (moving time) for our Sunday runs through May. However, some of our more experienced runners are signed up for the Hibiscus Half-Marathon in early June, and so they need to be doing more miles. For all our first time marathoners, please do not feel that you need to be doing this distance! It’s too soon. Just follow the training schedule and you’ll arrive at a successful completion of the Honolulu marathon!

We enjoyed our first clinic picnic of the year. Thanks to all who brought ono food and helped out with set-up, serving and clean-up. Much appreciated!

On a personal note, mahalo to all clinic members for your support and encouragement for the Boston Marathon. I was fortunate enough to get in again and to be healthy this time! However, a heat-wave caused the organizers to issue a serious health warning so I took heed and deliberately slowed my pace to complete it in a comfortable 4 hours 36 minutes, fulfilling the Pink Group’s perpetual goals of finishing, having fun, and not getting hurt. I am so grateful to the Clinic for teaching me how to pace myself and for training in hot/wet conditions. I guess I am proof that Dr Scaff’s methods really do work if you just follow the directions! I have known that since I did my first marathon with the Clinic, and I hope you will experience this too!

A hui hou on Mothers’ Day.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal – sub-5 hour marathon)

Picnic Run: Thank you all for the wonderful contribution to that buffet line! Everything was amazingly delicious, and we sure earned our feast. We had over 20 of us, lost count as we had so many different distances; 6 miles, 8 miles, and 10 miles! Andy, Horacio, Andrew, and myself, were joined by Mike, Aurene, Theresa, Janna, Jeri, Shauna, Dr. Rob, Donna, Rob, Lance, Nobu, Jyo, Toshi, Victor, Lisa, Bill, Liane, Satomi, Cindy, Warren, Gannon, newbies, Miki, Tomoko, Kelly. We are bumping up to 10 miles, and we need to apologize for not reminding you to bring fuel for the run. Anytime we start running longer than 90 minutes, fuel replacement is important. This is simple carbohydrate, and we need to train with it, to find out what agrees with us. Start out low, adding fuel as you test your personal reaction to the calories.

April/May schedule Main Run
Total Miles Total Pace Total Running Pace Outgoing running Pace Return Running Pace
4/8/12 6.5 11:16 9:54 10:02 9:45
4/15/12 8.04 12:21 10:07 10:08 10:03
4/22/12 8.04 11:49 10:14 10:25 10:01
4/29/12 9.31 12:05 10:06 10:17 9:57

Two of us did an extra 1.8 miles (another loop around the park).

5/6/12 3 groups 7 am start did 2 miles then either 6 miles (recovery run from our 9.31-miler) –
or 8 miles. Pace of either 8:45 through 11:40
5/13/12 10 miles – bring fuel
5/20/12 10 miles
5/27/12 10.5 miles – includes Kahala Avenue, and marathon finish.

Weekday runs: Wednesdays and Fridays 5:30 p.m., Ala Moana Park, meet at the entrance of Magic Island parking lot, street-side, across the concession stand. Feel free to join us, all paces welcome

Silver Group by Paris Monti and Lynnae Lee

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

With the picnic on their minds 22 Silvers made their way to the Kahala Gas Station and back. This 8.25-mile run, which some runners had hoped to be shorter (blame it on the picnic), was very successful, given that there are no accidents to report and all runners took adequate time to hydrate at all water stops.

During the first couple miles, I tried to rein in our indomitable pace-setter Alberto, but then, sensing a feeling of lets-get-back asap, within the ranks, I stopped interfering in the natural progression of things.

We completed this endeavor in 1 hour and 34 minutes; a very good pace indeed. Our fears of the food running out before our return proved totally unfounded, as there was a lot of food left over after all had gone through the line once, twice, … The weather was perfect, a little breezy, perhaps. I’ll sign up for the same weather for next year picnic

Lynnae’s Comments:

Having cooked my potluck dish that morning, I got a late start on my run by about 30 minutes. What a difference 30 minutes can make! While I usually depend on the breezes to keep cool, it simply was not enough. The heat reminded me of how hot summer can be. So please make sure to keep hydrated and find a supplement that works well for you. We may start encountering that type of heat when we move up to 10 miles, and definitely at 12. Talk to others about what works, as there are so many choices out there.

Thought of the Week: Will run for food!

Upcoming: Kahala Avenue on the return to the park

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

About 15 runners assembled today for a short run before the picnic. Staffers Norm, Jeanelle and Violet led the group for a 6-mile run. Russ, Russell, Debbie, Bob, Sook Young, Rose, Stacey, Lisa, Gary, and a few others were part of the Whites today. The run was shortened due to the picnic. Staffers Blair and Dwight were part of the picnic crew so did not participate in the run. Blair, not having run for the past few weeks is anxious to return to the group next week and Guru Sam also returns from the mainland.

Note: There will be realignment within our group as a little faster group will be created to accommodate a subgroup of “faster paced runners”. Norm K will lead the new group – “orange” or “teal” are suggestions for the group color.

An 8-miler is scheduled next week so please keep up with your homework runs. Adding the two extra miles should be an easy transition if one has kept up with their weekday runs. As emphasized, the key to our marathon training is our one hour long “homework” runs. Currently, only two runs are advised; but in a few months, as we “up” our mileage, three weekday runs will be recommended.

Congrats to all of our members for their perseverance and thanks also for the great food additions to our picnic table. Sook Young’s Korean noodles were delicious and gobbled up quickly.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

(Pace 12:30- 13:30 minutes per mile):

The Blue Group started small with just two new folks, Quyen and Anna, but grew to 8 as we assembled at Operation Red Wing Medal of Honor Park. Joining us for the first time this year was Rose who has done a couple of marathons. Lauren, Hanako, and her son Skyler joined the group. I missed one other person. We continued with 6 miles today trailing the White Group and returning for the picnic. We talked about sidewalk safety going single file and no headsets so we can hear the traffic. At our pace we are targeting to finish the marathon just under 6 hours. Next week Andy will be on his way to Japan so the group will join the White Group. He’ll be back the following week and we will increase our mileage to 8 miles. So, see you in two weeks.


Golden 14’s by Dean Takashige

We did 6.6 miles today, burned about 612 calories and spent about 1hour and 55 minutes including our water stops. But our reward was the 1300 calories we put back once we got to the picnic.

Today you could feel the onset of summer. Luckily we had a nice breeze to keep us cool. Remember to practice drinking lots of water at our water stops. With 29 in our group today the water stops took a little longer, especially since most of the stops had one of the two fountains not working at full capacity. Try to remember to run in single file or at least watch for on coming runners, walkers, strollers, dogs… Please watch your footing since along the route the sidewalks are uneven, we would like to return with the same number of participants that we started with. We went down the 18th Avenue hill which is part of the marathon route.

Norm wasn’t with us today since he was guarding the food back at the park, but we had the help of Gail, Mel, and Sandra.

We had a few newcomers to the group, but overall we did well. I did see a slight stress on some faces due to the additional mileage, Trust that this will pass as long as you do your 1 hour twice during the week.

We did 6.6 miles today, burned about 612 calories and spent about 1hour and 55 minutes including our water stops. But our reward was the 1,300 calories we put back once we got to the picnic

Lucky 13’s by Medelyn Harkins

Thad, myself and about 20 Lucky 13s led the the way up and over Diamond Head on a sunny breezy day at a nice 12 – 13 minute pace, turning around at Kilauea Elementary School. We took advantage of the water stops and the group kept a tight single file throughout the 6-mile run. We even got compliments by bystanders on how great the group looked. The group made it back to the park and was ready for some good ono grinds. Outstanding job by the group! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Next Sunday the plan is to trek up Diamond Head and take a different route within the 6-mile run.

Keep hydrating, do your homework for the week and see you all next week. Keep up the great work!

Da Comment Corner

Bus Runs

We will be scheduling three bus runs throughout the rest of the year. Run dates in June, August, and October will be announced shortly.

We get bused from our clinic start location to various destinations like Maunalua Bay (Hawaiii Kai by Roy’s), Sandy Beach and Makapuu Point and run back to our starting location. All of the runs will acquaint us with a portion of the actual marathon route. So, the runs will be “educational”, scenic, fun, and challenging; but more interestingly, the bus ride gives members an opportunity get to know a great deal about their seat mates. The bus fare is $3 per runner.

See you at the water stops,