Blair’s Weekly Update 04-08-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence:

Mr. Roger Kobayashi shared thoughts and guidelines on the elements that create a Running Style that works for you.


Elements of Running Style

R     relaxed
Keep your arms and handsloose”.
Why?  When you clench your fist, your arm and shoulder muscles are under tension.

S      silent
Run silently.
Why?  If you can hear your footsteps, your feet are probably “slappingthe pavement.  That increases the impact when you land.  Generally, distance runners land on their heels and roll forward.

T     tall
Stand tall – perpendicular to the horizon.
Why?  That position requires the least amount of muscular effort.  If you lean away from the perpendicular position, your trunk muscles will have to work harder to keep you erect.

For further information on the reasons for these guidelines, read the full, unabridged summary of Mr. Kobayashi’s presentation in the Doc’s Talks:
1)  Go to the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site (
2)  Look under the “Categories” listing.
3)  Click on “Doc’s Talk”.

 Table Duty:

Thanks to Sandi for doing another great job at table duty!  As usual, everything was perfect!


Group Reports:

Red Group by Jeff Beard

(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 min. per mile)

The “Red Group” (just I!) went out for an easy 8-mile run this Sunday. It was a good day for a run – cool and breezy. I averaged just a little under 10 minutes per mile, with enough energy to run the last 2 miles well under 10 – remember, negative splits are an important part of getting our pacing down. By June, most of us will have kicked to 10 miles (at least), and, at that point, we should have our pacing down, so that we’re just adding miles each month at that pace. Our week-day runs should be for speed, the Sunday runs for distance & pace. Congratulations to all the people who came out on Easter Sunday!


Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem:

(9:45-10:45 min. per mile)

On a warm but fortunately breezy morning, about 16 of us gathered to run either 6.5 or 8 miles. Bill took a group of three runners out to the gas station and back for an eight-miler, and Rosie, and Amanda, ran 6.5 with the other 10 runners. Everyone was running well. In the shorter distance group, we ran for 1 hr 3 minutes at an average page of 9:41, with 20 additional minutes for our water breaks and conversational stops (of course in races, we’d keep moving through the water stops, so I just record actual running time.) Our group aims for an average page of around 10 mins. a mile including walking through the water-stops in races. Most Pinks do between 4 hrs 20 minutes and 4 hours 40 minutes in the Honolulu Marathon.

The first HMC picnic is May 6. We’ll be running 8 miles that day. We’ll start our 8 mile Sunday runs on April 29th. From May on, each month will see an increase of two miles on the Sunday “LSD” (long, slow, distance run), so June will be 10 milers, July 12 milers, August 14 milers, September 16 milers, October 18 milers, November – for the more experienced – maybe a couple of 19-20 milers. According to Dr. Scaff’s system, it is not necessary and it is inadvisable for first-time marathoners to go beyond 18 milers. Somehow, if you can do 18 in training, you can do 26.2 on race day!

All the Pink runners send Dr. Scaff our strongest get well soon wishes. We can all have a beer to speed on his recovery.

Rosie will be running the Boston Marathon next week Monday. Thanks for the good luck wishes! See you back at the park on the 22nd.

Next Sunday, please look for volunteer staffers Bill, Amanda, and Alex to lead the run.



GREY Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal –  sub-5 hour marathon)

20 GREY runners, on Easter Sunday! Andy is back! Our stats prove this. Andrew, Warren, Jan, Chi, Bruce, Rob, Donna, Dr. Rob, Victor, Satomi, Jyo, Toshi, Nobu, Warren, Shauna, Bill, Jan and Lily, great to see all of you. We missed Horacio, but thank you Andrew, for helping us keep safe on the streets, and free of sidewalk obstacles. We have our cheerleader, cyclist, body-boarder,  in Warren,  with words of encouragement for all of us. Jyo, is our celebrity 8 year old, finishing his first marathon, December 11, 2011, on his 8th birthday.  Jyo  was interviewed at school by the 6th grade.  Jyo  was not too happy giving up much of his lunch period for the interview.
Thank you, Roger, for our running stride guidelines (not rules). Who would think so much goes into establishing the most efficient stride? Now we are conscious of the sounds of our feet, our posture, arm movement, breathing, and how relaxed and natural we are. Just watch Jyo to know how this should look. Running should be the most natural and relaxed stride, as we were all born to run. We need to re-learn our stride, and undo bad habits. Keep on doing your homework runs, and our long Sunday run. It’ll all come back and we’ll get it again. Once we are in our zone, running effortlessly, we have got it! I noticed my shoulders stiffening and aching as I was going up Diamond Head, and realized, yep, relax those shoulders and arms!
Runner’s World always has the most inspiring stories and goals of individuals. May 2012 issue, a 57 year old female was first in her age group at 3:00:48! An 83 year old male, qualified for Boston at 81 at 4:29! 3 hour marathon? Qualifying time for a 80 year old male and for females 70 to 75 years,  is 4:55. We are on the right pace, to run forever! Let’s just keep it up!

April Schedule
April 1st – intended 6 miles. We did 8 miles! Shoe Talk Not sure anyone did a 4-miler. Our running pace was 9:30 to 11:00, and our overall pace, including stops was too difficult to include. We finally came back to Kapiolani Park at 10:09 am.
April 8 – 6.5 miles Easter Sunday! – Overall pace 11:16, Total running pace, 9:54, outgoing pace 10:02, return pace 9:45. Total running time: 1 hr 17 minutes, calories burned 795! 8 others led by Andy, extended the run to 8 miles by going around Kapiolani Park.
April 15 – 6 miles – You may do an extra 2 miles by going around Kapiolani Park at the end, If we watch our pace, we will all go 8 miles (to gas station)
April 22 – 6 miles to 8 miles– Again an extra 2 miles by going around Kapiolani Park, or as above, 8 miles to gas station.
April 29 – 7 miles – Marathon finish (this makes 8 weeks and we will be going on to Month 3 schedule, “Your First Marathon” schedule.


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 mi. per mile)

Not sure if Easter Sunday could have been better.  There were 15 Silverados today led by volunteer staff leaders Alberto, Tony, Lynnae, Sayaka, Jodee and Gannon.  The group welcomed back Tony after his 2-week vacation in Seattle, where he enjoyed family time (and took a training break).  You did a great job as sweeper, Tony, thanks.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning – the sun’s heat was tempered by the intermittent breezes.  This was our first official 8-mile run to the gas station.  The group returned via Farmers and had a chance to wish a happy Easter to all the doggies at the dog park.  Alberto did a good job with the pacing (after his usual quick start along Paki and up Diamond Head).  Sayaka and Jodee were sporting their Diva Half Marathon shirts from last week’s race – great job!  It is evident that we have a strong group this year as several are already running at least 8 miles.  That will make summer training a piece of cake.

HOMEWORK:  Continue your 2 homework runs of 60 minutes duration with a rest day in between.  Proper discipline helps prevent injury.

UPCOMING:  Another 8-mile run to the gas station next week.  While not yet necessary, for those who want to start experimenting with supplements, I suggest the gummies (ie. sharkies, jelly beans, etc.) because they are in smaller increments.  You don’t want to take more than you need.

HMCers ON THE RUN:  Best wishes to the HMCers who will be doing the Boston and North Shore marathons next week.  Training is all pau.  Have a great race and enjoy the journey!  Go get ‘em Tomo!  Show your HMC aloha with pride.

Thought of the Week:  Exploring a new neighborhood by foot can be an interesting adventure…and may take the monotony out of training.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Another huge group gathered today- 40 in total.  Blue Group leader Andy was again away so many of his group joined us.  Staff leaders Guru Sam, Norm K, Jeanelle, Violet and Blair led the lively group through a 6 mile trek while some of the more experienced runners of the group went further.  The importance of shoes, cool max tops, shorts and socks were discussed.  Sam mentioned that having a water bottle would be a handy item on our runs.

Sam also mentioned the importance of lifting our feet when running on the sidewalks around Diamond Head.  Due to the uneveness of the sidewalk edges and the incline of our route, runners typically do not lift their feet high enough and get caught up on the edges.  A bad fall ensues and debilitating injuries are common.  (This “CSI” discovery was first relayed to us by staff leader Annette of the then Blue Group a few years ago.   Not to digress but are you still wearing those colorful “Noosa Asics“, Annette?  We have a good friend who lives in Noosa, on the Gold Coast of Australia.)

Our newbies led the group through our last mile to have them get acquainted to the idea of pacing a group (a Guru Sam idea).  They did an excellent job!

Let’s remember our homework runs and make sure to show up on Sunday!



 The Green Group – Rosemary Kyte

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

Rosemary and Cliff paced about 20 “Green 15s”   up and over Diamond Head hill and return for a distance of just over four miles again, our Sunday course for April.   Cliff treated us a to scenic route on the return, diverting along the water-side of a couple beach parks.   Despite another hot day, careful pacing got us all through.

 Gold Group 14’s by Dean Takeshige:

Norm gave up the Conn to Dean to lead the pack up Diamond Head to Medal of Honor (Triangle) Park and back.. Everyone is getting used to the signals and running in single file. Today we had a nice breeze and was slightly overcast. We urged everyone to drink more than a couple sips at the water stops. Overall we did well,  total time 1 hour 11 seconds , covered 4.17 miles and burned and average of 372 calories. Thanks to Thomas for going out of his way to come from the rear position to the front to step on my heels.   Makes me feel right at home.

 Lucky 13’s by Fiona McNeill:

Medelyne was our team leader today, taking out 20 enthusiastic runners. All the runners did a great job and kept up with the group the whole time. We completed a 4 mile run, up Diamond Head to Operation Red Wing – Medal of Honor Park and back. We will continue with this route next week. We discussed the need to be cautious when we approach busy intersections such as Diamond Head Rd, crossing over to the park. When we run in large groups, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and double check the road before following everyone across the road. Remember at all times when running, to make sure the road is clear before following the group. The leaders try to make sure the safety aspect is considered, however it is difficult to watch all the runners at all times.



Da Comment Corner:


Get well Dr. Scaff; we miss you!!!!


 Good Luck in the Boston Marathon and also on the North Shore!

Clinic members Eugene C., Rosie A-T, Kozo Y., Donis, Russ Fleming (former clinic member now residing in Wisconsin) and others; we all wish you well in Boston!!!  Also, good luck to Lynnae, Berrie and a few others from the clinic doing the North Shore Marathon this Sunday!


Newsletter milestone:

In last week’s comments, I failed to mention one of the key people involved in getting the newsletter to you each and every week.  Bob Lew, our webmaster extraordinaire makes sure that  all of the “guts” of this newsletter are working properly and, ensures each and every week that all 950+ of our subscribers  receive the newsletter efficiently without any glitches or errors.  Thank you Bob and apologies!

Also, welcome new staffer Jeanelle Ponce to the White Group “writing staff”.



Our speaker today, Roger Kobayashi, spoke about running style and I thought I’d relate an observation about a runner that ran with us a few years ago.

“She ran with near perfect rhythmic grace –her long and precise strides (I’m sure after years of training) were in perfect unison to the movement of her body and arms.  Her easy relaxed form and engaging personality, made climbing up Diamond Head seem effortless and fun.   It seemed as if she was floating over the pavement.  Her running form in my humble view was flawless”.


See you at the water stops,