Blair’s Weekly Update 04-01-2012

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff gave a few additional pointers on running shoes, and then spoke to the group on some of the dangers associated with running and the body mechanics of warming up, core temperature, dehydration, fluid loss and heat stroke, high blood pressure, salt in your diet, drinking water, and urination.

Due to the importance of this information, and the details involved, it is recommended that everyone read the full, unabridged summary of this Doc’s Talk:
1) Go to the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site (
2) Look under the “Categories” listing.
3) Click on “Doc’s Talk”.

For more information on heat stroke and fluid replacement, Chapter 9 “Ninth Month”, of Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running, by Jack H. Scaff Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.M., is recommended reading.

It is highly recommended that everyone, especially those who have high blood pressure, or those whose doctors think they have high blood pressure, or are on diuretics, read:

Chapter 22 “Hypertension – More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About High Blood Pressure,” of Your First Marathon – The Last Word In Long Distance Running.

Dr. Scaff’s book is available for purchase at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic on Sundays and online at:

Table Duty

Thanks to staffer Lisa K. for the great food and drink at table duty for the second week in a row. Your very cute assistant (daughter) was a great helper! The oranges, pretzels and pastries along with the drinks were great!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

Five AG runners started today at the second beach park and ran 7 miles to the start of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic at 7:30 a.m. Beth and Neal were running races today. Mark and Donis are completing their long runs in preparation for the North Shore Marathon and Boston. Thirteen runners joined the group at the clinic. Welcome back Nancy Poon and Ron Lake. Nancy missed last year’s marathon due to an injury and Ron just fell off the radar moving into his new house. Can’t remember the names of all the new runners, but they all had strong running backgrounds. With so many runners at different skill levels the pace ranged from 8:45-8:15/mile. Some ran 14 miles, 12 miles, 8 miles, and 6 miles. The group will stay officially at 12 miles for this month. Hopefully all the runners will be at this 12-mile basis by the end of the month. Everyone should be doing between 30-35 miles per week. Remember “Speed Kills”, run your pace and ramp up gradually adhering to the 10% rule. Avoid injury!! Start experimenting with your hydration and carb replenishing regimen to see what works for you. We will be experiencing hot running weather soon. Salt replenishing may be a factor for some to consider. Let’s not skip any water stops at least for the first seven months of training. You got to pee clear before starting any long run.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

(Pace 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

The Red Group went with 5 people on Sunday, for an easy 6.5 – 8-mile run. I chose the shorter route; others went out to the gas station and back. Most of the runners doing the 8-mile run averaged 9:30 or less – I ran a little under 10 for my 6.5 run. Whatever pace you’re doing now, make sure it’s the pace you can do a marathon at – if not, slow down! The next 2-3 months is the critical time to get a consistent pace down – after that, we’ll be working at maintaining that pace on increasingly longer runs.

It was hot and muggy, but I didn’t realize how much sun I’d gotten until I got home and took off my jersey – I could clearly see the runner’s tan/burn lines! Even on these shorter runs, we’re out in the sun for an hour/hour and a half – use your sun screen liberally!

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace: 10:30 to 11:00) (goal – sub-5 hour marathon)

22 Grey runners! This past Sunday, our group was split as to whether to do a 4-miler and go to the Shoe Talk, or miss the talk and do the scheduled 6-miler i.e. our 1-hour run. Thank you for being great sports! We ended up running to the Shoe Talk at Running Room (4.95 miles) and doing 8 miles total! Staffers: Horacio and myself (again, missing Andy) Runners were Andrew the 3 Robs, (Dr. Rob, teacher Rob, and the other Rob!), Bill (congratulations, Newlywed!), Lance, Donna, Lily, Victor, Jyo, Toshi, Lisa, Chi, Eric, Shauna, Warren, Gannon, Newbies: Trisha (thank you Miles, for telling Trisha about the Marathon Clinic), Samantha (another Samantha), oh, there were 2 other newbie males, Spikey hair, but not Miles, and Victor’s friend. You have to come out again, and I need to learn your names! Our run was a nice change in scenery through Kaimuki and Kapahulu. What a cool break of 1 hour to listen to Gaston‘s informative Shoe Talk. Coffee, water, and snacks provided! Gaston went through the features of the conventional shoes and the minimalist shoe trend (barefoot running) For the conventional shoe: 1) the toe box room (one to two shoe size larger), to avoid black toes (blisters), Purchase your shoes after about an hour run, or end of day, to allow trying shoes on when your feet have swelled. 2) the differences in cushion and support vs motion control shoes. Bring your current shoes with you, so staff could evaluate areas of wear on your shoes, for footstrike. 3) durability of shoes. How long should your shoes last? Life in shoes vs a dead shoe. This is when the cushion in your shoes no longer spring back. You could go by miles on your shoes, or time, about 6 months, if you are training for you marathon. More tips on shoes? Lisa pointed out Runner’s World March 2012 has a great Shoe Guide. I always gain something new with each Shoe Talk.This shoe talk I learned the importance of not using your running shoes for cross training exercises, like Kick Box, Zumba, or tennis, as those sports involve side to side movements, and our running shoes are designed for forward movements only. We could ruin our running shoes. Dr Scaff told us about our running feet before we buy our running shoes. So, Gaston shared tips of keeping our running feet fit. Assure proper calf stretching, to prevent tendencies of plantar fasciitis. Building strong and flexible quadriceps to avoid knee pain, and hamstrings to avoid back pain. Strength and flexibility are good areas to work on. Great shoe in to recommend cross training now. Work on these areas (don’t forget your core area!) We have lots of time to cross train. The distance and time on the road is not as intense as September rolls around. What we have to look forward to! Are you having fun yet? Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday, to hit the road again!

April Schedule
April 1st – intended 6 miles. We did 8 miles! Not sure anyone did a 4-miler. Our running pace was 9:30 to 11:00, and our overall pace, including stops was too difficult to include. We finally came back to Kapiolani Park at 10:09 am.
April 8 – 6 miles Easter Sunday!
April 15 – 6 miles – You may do an extra 2 miles by going around Kapiolani Park at the end.
April 22 – 6 miles – Again an extra 2 miles by going around Kapiolani Park
April 29 – 7 miles – Marathon finish (this makes 8 weeks and we will be going on to Month 3 schedule, “Your First Marathon” schedule.

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee

(Pace- 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

We made it to the 4th weekend, yes, a month of training. Congrats to all those who have had perfect attendance thus far. There were 25 Silverados today led by volunteer staff leaders Alberto and Paris. It was a beautiful Sunday morning with perfect weather conditions. The group started out for a 6-mile run, turning around at Elepaio. Paris did a good job controlling Alberto’s pace (slow down, slow down) to keep everyone together. We had a young runner today who came out with his mother and did a terrific job keeping up with the group. At the end of the run Paris led about 10 members of the group to the shoe talk. And the rest of the group followed Alberto once more around the park to complete about 8 miles total, no fooling. Good job!

Homework: Please make sure to do 2 homework runs of 60 minutes minimum duration with a rest day in between. This will ensure that you have the proper conditioning as the Sunday runs get longer. We need to develop the proper discipline early in the year to prevent injury.

Upcoming: Next week the group will be doing our first official 8-mile run to the gas station. You might want to bring some cash to get hydration or supplements there.

Thought of the Week: Lucky we live Hawaii and can train year round.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Staff leader Violet counted 41 runners as being part of the combined White/Blue group this morning. Guru Sam, Norm K., Violet, and Blair led this large group through their paces. After the Triangle Park stop, Blair led a small group back to the start to get back in time for the Shoe Talk geared for the more “experienced” runners. Sam led the lively group through a 6-mile trek as per our prescribed program. (Blue Group Leader Andy was again not available to take his group out.)

“Stop and smell the roses”

During the early part of our training schedule, our Sunday runs should be more fun and “stress and injury free”; meaning that we should not be” too serious” in our training yet. At this point in time (unless already experienced), a member should get accustomed to being on the road for an hour or more. Getting used to “pounding the pavement” for an extended amount of time at our particular pace requires “slow and deliberate” physical conditioning. Remember how difficult it was just to do a mile around the park when you first started? Well, we all have to build around a strong steady foundation – and the homework runs along with the Sunday runs are ones’ foundation.

Speed at this stage is not that important. As you become more diligent in your homework, your speed and stamina will improve. While the Guru and the other staff members might set a pace that may seem initially too slow or too deliberate, please remember that 26.2 miles is a long way and our training has just begun. What Sam and the rest of the leaders are trying to do is to have as many members be as injury free as possible and be able to participate in all of the “trials and tribulations”(fun and merriment too!) that you will go through in your training with us for the marathon. “Hundreds of runners” have passed through the White Group’s training who now have become prolific runners and staff leaders. So for now, take it easy, be patient and enjoy the scenery and company!

Please continue your homework runs and by all means, show up next Sunday (a very important key)!

Your best is yet to come!!


The Green Group – Rosemary Kyte

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)

Rosemary and Cliff paced about 24 “Green 15s” up and over Diamond Head hill and return for a distance of just over four miles. This was the first time running all the way up Diamond Head for many. Despite the hot conditions, careful pacing got us all through. Here’s a story about creative and committed run work out scheduling. Tom got home close to midnight after a very long day at work, and then, not seeing time in his schedule to run the next day, he got in a one hour session before going to bed. And remembering Dr. Jack’s talk today that also means Tom enjoyed elevated metabolism and extra fat burning the entire time he slept and through the time he finally ate his next meal!

Gold Group 14’s by Norm Uyeda

Paced by Dean and Norm, the Gold 13 minute per mile group went outside of the familiar confines of Kapiolani Park for the first time today. It was a hot and humid day but we all completed the 4 miles out and back which turned around at Medal of Honor Park The summer weather conditions emphasized the fact that we need to get used to drinking water at ALL the water stops. Even though our Sunday training runs are still relatively short, we MUST get our bodies accustomed to drinking water during our jogs. Don’t wait until you are thirsty because then it will be too late. We will keep at this Sunday distance (4 miles) for the rest of the month.

Lucky 13’s by Chris Isham

Lucky 13s, a group of 26 outstanding runners made it up and over the hill to Triangle Park. We talked about the need for sunglasses as well as the need to continuously drink water and electrolytes. As we discussed, it will take a while to get used to the 13 min pace for those used to going faster. People migrate between groups till they find the one most comfortable. Keep drinking water and do your homework!

Da Comment Corner

Shoe Talk Deux

Assistant Manager Gaston demonstrated his knowledge and experience with his Shoe Talk geared for the more experienced runner. The hot topic of the season – minimalist running and the minimalist shoe was covered nicely by Gaston. A crowd of about 40 runners was on hand to listen to the talk. Thank you Gaston and thank you Store Manager Lerma for setting up the talks again this year!

A bit of nostalgia: Bandana day run August 28, 2008

As I was unpacking a few of my boxes, I came across a photo dated August 28, 2008. Staff Leader Ivie had the great idea to honor our beloved Guru Sam by everyone wearing a bandana on this particular Sunday! At the time Sam was into wearing bandanas every Sunday. Ivie bought a huge box of these bandanas and passed it around to the various Intermediate runners. A photo of many of the current Intermediate runners proudly showing off their bandanas is quite a treat! Also, no one in the photo has aged one bit – must be the running!! Not sure the photo will be clear enough for the newsletter so I will post it on the bulletin board next week.

Congratulations, another milestone!

Our subscribership has grown to over 925 members and viewed all over the world! Runners from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, the Bahamas, Canada, Israel, Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, and many more throughout the world have viewed our newsletters. It is a testament to Dr. Scaff and all of his great work done on behalf of all runners.

Also, extra special thanks to staff contributors Andrew Laurence (Doc’s Talk), Les Young (Advanced Group), Jeff Beard (Red Group), Rosie Adam-Terem (Pink Group). Ivie Kumura(Grey Group), Lynnae Lee, Alberto Olivas, Paris Monti(Silver Group) Sam Usman, Blair Hoashi(White Group), Andy Hirano(Blue Group), and Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda, Chris Isham (Beginners) for all of their efforts and also their tremendous insight.

Its Origin

This “newsletter” started about 7 years ago with the intent to have some communiqué within the “then” Intermediate running group. The newsletters, I think, were being sent to less than 10 members initially within our group – Keith, Pearl, Fiona, Maka, Al, the two Molly’s, Adonia, Karen, and please excuse me if I forgot anyone else from the original list. Al mentioned a few years ago that he had a hard copy of every newsletter sent out. Incredible!

Remember Keith your plans to have hats and tops with our”then” newfound logo on it; I believe the name that was chosen was “Na Kukini Koke” (Swift Runners) – our good friend Maka came up with the name! I shall always cherish those wonderful memories!!
See you at the water stops,