Blair’s Weekly Update 11-27-2011

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence:

The Wall Street Journal article Dr. Scaff shared last Sunday noted 15,000 runners couldn’t participate in the 2011 New York Marathon due to overtraining injuries.   It’s hard to get runners to taper, but start tapering!   This is week 2 of tapering. If you’ve been running 40 miles, cut down to 24.  For week 3, cut to 13 miles.  To illustrate the power of tapering, Dr. Scaff shared a Runner’s World April 1990 article about Ken Martin who did 7 weeks of tapering and finished second in the 1989 New York Marathon (2 hours, 09 minutes, 38 seconds).


Turkey Trot:
This week’s Turkey Trot was an important training.  The mistakes you make in the first 10 miles of the marathon will haunt you in the last 6.  Doing a negative split can help reduce your marathon time as much as 4 percent.


Carbo-Loading Party:
Next week Dr. Scaff will bring party invitations. The party isn’t open to the public, but you’re welcome to bring a friend. 


The Big Talk!
Next Sunday, the final talk before the Marathon, will cover everything you need to do from then until after the Marathon.
You can now read full, unabridged summaries of the Doc’s Talks:
   1) Go to the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site (
   2) Look under the “Categories” listing. 
   3)  Click on “Doc’s Talk”.



Table Duty:

Staffer Lisa and her husband, Antonio (I hope that I got it right) took care of the fabulous table today!  Mahalo!


“Gifts” of Time, Effort and Knowledge:

This clinic is founded on volunteerism. Members, please thank the many staff volunteers who take the time to make sure that the clinic is “running” as smoothly as possible.

 A good way of “giving back to the clinic” is to volunteer to be a staff member next year!  One needs to have completed one marathon to qualify.

 A short list of HMC “Angels”:

Founder and leader        – Dr. Jack Scaff and his wife, Donna

Board                                    – Ro Kyte, Chair, Peter Garcia, Norm Uyeda, Val Ogi,  Luanne Murakami,  Muriel Taira, Stephen Zane, B.H.

Shirt Sales                           – Maile and John Burgey, and Val Ogi

Webmaster                        – Bob Lew with help from wife, Libby

Miscellaneous                 – Cliff Hand and Bruce Mullikin 


Group Leaders:

Advanced            – Les Young


Red                        -Jeff Beard

Pinks                     -Rosie Adam-Terem

Purple                  -Nelson Shigano

Grey                      -Ivie Kumura, Andy Hignite

Sliver                    -Alberto Olivas, Paris Monti

White                   -Guru Sam Usman, Joe Wong, Norm Kawamoto, BH

Blue                       -Andy Hirano


Walkers / >14    -Ro Kyte,

14’s                        – Norm Uyeda

 Lucky 13’s           – Chris Isham, Dina Schneider

And, much mahalo to the rest of the staff members who help each group remain organized and safe

 Great job and mahalo to the Weekly Newsletter contributors:

 Doc’s Talk                           -Andrew Laurence

Group Comments            -Les Young- Advanced Group

                                                -Rosie Adam-Terem, Pink Group

                                                -Nelson Shigano- Purple Group

                                                -Ivie Kumura and Andy Hignite- Grey Group

                                                -Paris Monti and Lynnae Lee- Silverados

                                                -Guru Sam and Blair- White Group

                                                -Andy Hirano and Tony Padua- Blue Group

-Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda, Chris Isham and Dina Schneider- Green Group (Beginners)

 Special thanks to webmaster Bob Lew, who takes care of the “mechanics” of getting the updates out every week to over 800 recipients.  We have readers from all over the world – our friends in New Zealand, Don and Annette Allen, Japan, China, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Australia, and Sweden to name a few.


 Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace <9:00 min. per mile)

The AG completed a 14 mile taper run.  The marathon is two weeks away.  The past 8 months of training have implanted a marathon in you.  I won’t wish you luck because all your dedicated training will carry you through a sub-4 marathon, not luck.  This is the time to enjoy your tapering runs and stay injury free.  By now you should have a plan to run a smart race.  Calculate your mile pace to accomplish you marathon finish goal time.  Run the first half of the marathon conservatively banking energy to run a faster second half (negative-split).  Stick to your hydration and carbohydrate/mineral replacement plan that worked for you during training.  Try not to accept handouts of food and drink from the spectators lining the marathon route.  You may be introducing something to your body it won’t agree with.  Remember:  Nothing new on marathon day.  If you didn’t have it in training, don’t introduce it during the marathon.  Don’t eat the stuff shoved at you at the end of a tongue depressor; it will be petroleum jelly for chaffing.  Really proud of you guys!!!  SUB-4!!!!!


Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

(Pace 9:30 – 10:30 min. per mile)

A group of four Pink runners – Bill, Alfredo, Paul, and Rosie – ran out to the first beach park for an easy 12 miler. We had perfect running weather and fervently hope Marathon Day will be like this.

Next week we plan to run 8 miles on Sunday. The homework runs should be shorter too; just two 1-hour runs this week, and less in the final week of the taper.

For those who want to spread a little holiday cheer, there is a 5K fundraiser run for IHS in Manoa on the morning of our picnic, December 18th. It’s a great way to start the day and a nice short recovery run post-marathon. Here’s the web link:


 Grey Group by Ivie Kumura:

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 min. per mile)

17 GREYS took in the front half of the marathon – 11 miles, tapering down.  The route started from Kapiolani Park, down Kalaukaua, along the beach trail, to Ward Centre, up Nuuanu Street then back to Kapiolani Park via the marathon route. All staffers were there!   Andy, Byron, Horacio and myself, along with Gannon, Malia, Samantha, Korwin, Jyo, Tosh, Lance, Satomi, Keysa, Nobu, welcomed Jamie and Guyann. Sorry, not sure about the spelling! It seems on each update, we repeat our mantras for training, but I myself need to heed that advice. What did we say we need to do as we taper?  NO INJURIES!!  We drill it in our psyche; don’t over train; be careful and don’t get injured. So, what does the fearless Ivie do?  She falls – those fire hydrants leap out from nowhere. Andy said he was able to dodge them. But, I was not alert, not watching my step and being carelessly stupid.  As usual, Horatio got my back; we got ice and added pressure and he stayed with me. My thigh swelled where I got hit. Samantha said it looked like another knee.   Good news, swelling has subsided and just turning color today. From here on out, I will run smarter.  Some advice to heed – “Watch your step,” states Horatio. “Pay attention,” says Alfredo.   And, “that means you were running on the outside; you could have fallen onto the street; that’s dangerous”, my concerned daughter admonished, in a very motherly tone.

The runners of this group have been an incredible group of GREYS; “great” is how I describe you all. Your progress has been amazing – you are all fine running greyhounds! There is no limit to your GREYtness!   Enjoy your taper; also, get your gear ready, get proper nutrition, plenty of rest and store up mental strength. Plan your marathon day start logistics.

We are still having our Wednesday, Friday runs at Ala Moana Magic Island 5:30 pm.
Date:  Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011 – PIZZA and BEER run – this is the only run we need a head count, so RSVP on this one. (Andrew arranging this one)
Time:  5:30 p.m.
Location:  Meet at the Ewa entrance of the Magic Island parking lot, across the street from the concession stand & first restrooms
Course:  Magic Island to the end of Kakaako Beach Park (Between 1 – 2 times)
Total:  6 miles (Still Tapering, it’s good for ya!)

November Schedule:
November 6th clinic 16.25 miles Overall pace 12:06, Moving pace anywhere from 9:40 to 12:30. Did any of you have a nice “kick” at the end, and could sprint?
November 13th 20.86 miles – Overall pace 12:11 (last year’s 12:41, and we ran only 20.12 miles) running pace 9:45 to 11:25.
November 20th – 14 miles – We had another date with Queen Kapiolani. Overall pace 12:31 (we had LONG stops, but who cares? We’re tapering) Outgoing pace: 10:41. Return running pace: 10:07.
November 24th Turkey Trot 10 miles – Andy was off by 6 seconds!
November 27th – 11.25 miles (Marathon Start) No real pacing tracked.
December 4th – 9 miles (Downtown again, going down Ala Wai Canal)


Silver Group by Lynnae Lee:

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Continuing our tapering schedule, 8 Silvers were led by Lynnae on a scenic tour of Waikiki and downtown that largely comprises the front of the marathon route.  Today’s run was especially important for 1st-time marathoners Andrew and Sandy.  Paris did a good job making sure the group’s pace was kept within acceptable limits.  Today’s group consisted of a core of Silvers [Andrew, James, Steve, Sandy], with a couple of returnees (Tanya and her husband Miles).  The group started out quicker than anticipated, but maintained a solid pace overall.  We enjoyed running along the beach, visited our race day meeting place, and discovered a couple of really cool water fountains along the way (thank you Sandy!).  In the end, 6 of us completed 11.7 miles returning via Ala Wai in 2:33 total time (13:05 pace), averaging a running pace of 11:07 min/mile (2:10 total running time).  Calories burned were approximately 945-1366, based on weight/gender.  Weather conditions were a tad wintery – with very strong breezes triggering the “100 pound warning” in some areas.   


Weekday Runs:  Twice for 6 miles each, with a rest day in between.  Resist the urge to go further or faster; this is tapering time.  Mileage for weekday runs should decrease commensurate with the Sunday runs.  A good rule of thumb is for weekday mileage to equal the Sunday run.

 Schedule (The Final Push to Victory):

12/4 – 8 miles.

12/9 – HMC Carbo load party @ Dr. Scaff’s home [Then sleep early, very important.]

12/10 – Silvers carbo load meal.  (Place/time TBA @ 12/4 run.)

12/11 – RACE DAY!

12/18 – HMC recovery run + potluck

 Preparations:  Today’s run showed that the Silvers are ready and in full pursuit of “U5-WELL”.  The excitement is building…everyone should have received their race #s in the mail.  Schedule time to attend the marathon expo at your leisure.  Please stick to the tapering schedule – things are supposed to feel super easy at this point.  Continue to focus on staying healthy in the next 2 weeks.  Visualize yourself on race day; set at least two goals – a doable one (ie. be able to go to work the following day), and a “stretch goal”.  Make a plan for how you’re going to attack the course and when you’re going to take supplements.  Need a pace chart?  (I can help with that.)  For those who might need help containing all their excitement for the first 6-7 miles of the course, consider running with the group.  Each person ultimately has to run his/her own race, but it may help to run together for the “warm up”.  Plan now for no surprises, except a fast pace. 


White Group by Blair Hoashi

 (Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

 Approximately 25 runners started with us this morning – Diane, Fumiko, Rani, Berrie, Randy, Russel, Jessica, Jann, Sondra, Ross, Ronnie, Darrin (minus Melissa), Janelle and mom, Richard, Dina, Lilia(a big help in keeping our group organized), Masami, Shoko(first time attendees but experienced marathoners), Lisa, and Jenei were led by Staff leader Norm with Blair as the sweeper.   I forgot to mention Janet K. from last week; hope Maurice is sleeping better. 

We did our “tapering “12 miler @12 minutes per mile and took in Farmer’s Road on the return.  

 Members -please leave Mr. /Ms. EGO “at the doorstep”; all you need to do is to maintain your current fitness level.  Our “motto” for the next two weeks – “just taper!  No injuries or the weakening of your immune system by training too hard!  You deserve to take it easy!

 Hope Melissa and Gary are getting back on track.  We missed you!  Members spending their Thanksgiving holiday in Vegas- hope you are doing your “homework runs” (Yeah, right.)  Keep warm!

 Ronnie and Jenei, hope your injuries are minor.


Members have mentioned that ingesting a small packet of mustard will help to relieve cramps toward the end of our runs.

 Rest of Schedule:

December 4:      “Icee (or Beer)” run – 8 miles (Shave Ice store too far out of our route.)

December 11:    MARATHON!!!

December 18:    Post Marathon Picnic


 Blue Group by Andy Hirano:

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 min. per mile)

It was a wonderfully cool day as the Blue Group did a dress rehearsal of the start of the marathon route.  There were only a few water stops and the cool weather made it bearable.  Going around Kapiolani Park initially, we go an idea of where Brian Clark’s finisher’s tent would be.  Andy pointed out where one can look up their official finisher’s time.  He heads to the Shiatsu tent as soon as he picks up his finisher’s T-shirt.  Next we headed to the Zoo parking lot where one can get a free ride to the start of the race.  The buses will run from 2am – 4am.  Going down Ala Wai to Atkinson – we passed Ala Moana Hotel.  That’s where the Blue Group will be meeting prior to 4am.  The Beginning Group will be there as well.  It will be a nice photo op at the Christmas display in the lobby.  Then at 4am, we’ll head to the Ewa restrooms at Ala Moana Park.  There will be a lot of Clinic folks congregating there before the start of the race.  We’ll make our way to view the start of the race just before 5am, enjoy the fireworks and watch the elite runners take off.  After about 10 ten minutes, we’ll move to the area behind the starting mat, make our way into the crowd and then start our own race.  We can do that since our time does not actually start until you cross the starting mat with your timing chip.  The course goes down Ala Moana Boulevard and up Nuuanu Street and right on King Street.  There were a few Christmas displays at City Hall and the City workers were putting up more holiday displays; more to enjoy during race day.  The first water station during the marathon is around City Hall area and the second water station is just past Prince Hotel.  The Blue Group had to endure reaching the Waikiki area to finally have a water break.  Running through Waikiki was scenic but one has to watch out for a lot of tourists walking the area.  The group couldn’t wait to get back to Kapiolani Park to enjoy some refreshments after this 12-mile route.  It was a wonderful rehearsal for the first timers on what to expect and we are ready!!! 

 Our maintenance run next week will be 8-miles to the Kahala gas station and back.


The Green Group – Beginners by Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda and Dina Schneider:

 (All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)  

Rosemary reminded the group that the physical training is all behind us; from now on the preparation from now on it is 90% psychology and 10% luck. We are on the taper plan:   week of 27 November – 18 miles, we did 8 miles today (9 miles all the way to the marathon finish line); week of 4 December – 10 miles (reference:  “Your First Marathon”, pages 55-56.).  

 The 14s did a SLOW 15 minute/mile trek out to the gas station and back.  The purpose of today’s run was to again familiarize our bodies with the slower pace of the marathon and also to continue the tapering process in order to build up our energy for the marathon.  We followed the actual marathon route from Kealaolu to Kahala Avenue and the Kalakaua finish line, practicing our picture taking poses along the way.

 Now is NOT the time to try to make up any missed training.  Now is NOT the time to start a diet.  Your body is prepped for the marathon and you can only make things worse by trying new and innovative schemes to make yourself “more prepared”.  Relax!  Breathe!  Enjoy these moments.  You will never have another first marathon – enjoy this one as much as you can.  Make plans to go to the Carbo Party.  Plan to attend the Celebration Dinner on the 12th.  Come to the picnic.  Contact your group leader if you have any questions.

 Next week – more tapering!   Last Friday run at Ala Moana Park 5:00 PM



Da Comment Corner:

Turkey Trot:

Mahalo to all of the volunteers at the Turkey Trot!   Congrats to all of the participants!  You all looked great!

Lastest Fashion Update for Marathon Morning:

1.  Wear what you have been wearing on your Sunday runs and duplicate (even if clothing a little worn and ragged – it shows character).

2.   Outer wear of the season – le gar’bage bag; white, dark green  or black preferable.  Pink or polka dots are out this season. 


Doc’s Carbo Loading Party on Friday, Dec. 9thMake sure to attend; it will be difficult to recognize your fellow runners in “regular garb”. 

 The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters – December 12, 6:00 p.m. 

Please sign up on the board. 

Clinic’s “After the Marathon” Picnic Dec. 18th(It is a great time to compare notes about one’s marathon and bid farewell to your fellow group members till next year.  Also, good time to thank your staff leaders for their help throughout the year.)


See you at the water stops!