Blair’s Weekly Update 11-13-2011

Doc’s Talk

Dr. Scaff did a short talk on his recommendations regarding the longest run you should do before the Marathon, the Turkey Trot, tapering, the Carbo-Loading Party, and upcoming Doc’s Talks.

The Longest Run Doing an 18 or 20-mile run isn’t necessarily a bad idea unless this is your first marathon. Doing more than 16 miles the chance of injury is much higher than the chance of improving your time in the marathon. The few additional miles will not make a significant difference in your marathon performance, but an injury will!

Turkey Trot The Turkey Trot, the best training event you’ll have this year, is Nov. 24, 2011, Thanksgiving Day.

Tapering Begins For the next 3 weeks we’ll be doing shorter runs in preparation for the Marathon. Next week Dr. Scaff will talk about the data on tapering.

Carbo-Loading Party Dr. Scaff will be hosting a carbo-loading party at his house, December 09, 2011. He’ll bring flyers for the event to the Marathon Clinic.

Coming Attractions (Doc Talks) The Sunday before the Marathon Dr. Scaff will talk about what you should do before the marathon. The Sunday after the Marathon, he’ll talk about what to do for your next marathon.

You can now read full, unabridged summaries of The Honolulu Marathon Clinic’s weekly Doc’s Talks:

1) Go to the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site (
2) Look under the “Categories” listing.
3) Click on “Doc’s Talk”.

Table Duty

Thanks to staffers Susan and Norm for the great food and drink at table. The White Group missed one their leaders, Norm and Luanne, I am sure missed her walking partner, Susan.

Apologies to Libby, who we missed last week and was part of the group that took care of the table.

Group Reports

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 minutes per mile)

15 Gr8T runners did our “cautious” 20-miler November 13th. Our fearless pacer, Andy puts it, “We Rocked. They Greys are Ready.” This 20-miler was attempted as a confidence builder, to minimize the doubt of “can I run for 20 miles?” And, “Yes, we can!” I was so impressed, so many of you actually said, “I feel fine, I feel so good!” This run was to be a no pressure, just get the distance in run, but Andy had his statistics from last year’s 20-mile run, and was determined for all of us to meet or beat that run. We did beat it! We ran the marathon route taking in Kahala Avenue and meeting Queen Kapiolani’s statue. It’s another tradition – we have to greet the Queen. We welcomed Fred to our group. As Dr. Rob said, I have a “date with the lady”, so tired or weary, he still ran strong to the finish. I inched up on her, and know she was greeting me with her “E komo mai, what took you so long?” Some of us were already tasting Waiola’s Shaved Ice our last 1 mile to finish. That was yummy, and worth 20 miles of running. Samantha’s tribute Obama with APEC by ordering the Obama special. With this run, some of us noticed “chaffing” and will need to practice using Body Glide, or Vaseline, etc. Andy recommends never wear anything “new” on marathon day, attire needs to go through several washings. Keep up your strength, mileage, health you’ve come this far with!

November Schedule:
November 6th clinic 16.25 miles (I know I wrote 14 prior, but I am sure you are all glad and proud we did 16!) Overall pace 12:06, Moving pace anywhere from 9:40 to 12:30. Did any of you have a nice “kick” at the end, and could sprint?
November 13th 20.86 miles – Overall pace 12:11 (last year’s 12:41, and we ran only 20.12 miles) running pace 9:45 to 11:25.
November 20th – (14 to 16 miles)
November 24th Turkey Trot 10 miles – then Taper, Yea! We Earned the Taper!
November 27th – 12 miles (we run the Marathon Start)

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

On this APEC Sunday our faithful staff leader Alberto lead the Silverados on a 16-mile run to the Holy Trinity Church and back. Today’s group was heavily dominated by men [Albert, Alfredo, Andrew, Paul, Steve + 2 visitors from Japan], with Tiantian as the lone female, before Lisa and I joined them at Triangle Park (bringing a little more balance to the mix). Unfortunately, Tiantian had to turn back at the gas station, still nursing an injured ankle from this past week (hope it heals quickly!). The group maintained a strong pace, and at some points went quickly through the water stops, even taking over the lead from Alberto, who is still recovering from his illness last month. We missed Paris today, who decided to do his own 18-mile run and finished in good time (3:30). Lisa and I decided to challenge ourselves on this last-long-run-weekend, and ended up doing 20 miles – unfortunately, Lisa’s timer ran out of batteries in the last mile (that’s okay, you don’t need a watch to tell you you did great)! Weather conditions were pretty decent – strong breezes along Kalanianeole and nice sun. It looks like everyone is ready to attack the marathon in 4 short weeks.

Weekday Runs: By popular demand, the Silverado midweek run will be on Thursday morning, 11/17, @ 5:30 a.m. This will be our final run at Tantalus for this training season. Please come prepared with lots of water, a flashlight, and your rain jacket. Please call/text Alberto [781-9221] if you are interested.

Mileage for weekday runs should decrease commensurate with the Sunday runs. A good rule of thumb is for weekday mileage to equal the Sunday run.

Schedule (aka The Taper Plan): Please note changes.

11/13 – 16 miles. Congrats on a great last long run!
11/20 – 14 miles; and Marathon Readiness Series half marathon
11/24 – Turkey Trot 10 miles, gobble gobble!
11/27 – Front part of the marathon route (downtown), ~12 miles. We’ll point out our race day meeting spot (with nice facilities) for those interested in starting together.
12/4 – 8 miles.

Preparations: Smile! You’ve just completed your final long run for the season. All the training is done. Now the next 4 weeks is about Maintenance and Staying Healthy. Start visualizing yourself on race day; make a plan for how you’re going to attack the course. Run a consistent pace throughout or slower in the first 6-7 miles to get a negative split? When will you take your supplements? Do you need to replenish your supply? Plan now because you don’t want to be surprised with anything (except a fast pace).

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Diane, a group member since the start of our clinic, was “volunteered” to lead the group since Staff leader Norm K. had table duty and staffer Blair preferred to play the caboose. We started off with 18 members today. Richard also “volunteered” to keep everyone within a “12:00 – 12:30 minutes per mile” range to assist Diane. Both were magnificent in their duties and should be recruited to join the HMC Staff ranks for next year! (I’ll put in a good word to Peter.) The rest of our group consisted of Aileen, Rani, Ronnie, Randy, Russel, Fumiko, Yuko, Jann, Sondra, Georgie, Mike, and Melissa. A few turned around at the shorter distances, but most stayed with the group till the second Beach Park and back – 14 miles. As tempting as it was to turn back sooner, Nelson’s Oasis was an incentive to push a little further on as per our scheduled agenda. Today’s easy relaxed run was a perfect tapering complement to last week’s tough 20-miler. Great job to everyone!!

The “front part of the marathon” is scheduled for this coming Sunday – a very relaxed 12-miler through Waikiki, Ala Moana, and Downtown.

Group Schedule for the remaining Sundays:

Nov. 20: The Start/Front part of marathon course (approx. 12 miles)
Nov. 27: 12 miles
Dec. 04 08 miles
Dec. 11 MARATHON!!

The Green Group – Beginners by Rosemary Kyte and Chris Isham

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)

Rosemary described a three week tapering from our base of 30-mile weeks. The **correct** taper plan is: week of 20 November – 24 miles; week of 27 November – 18 miles; week of 4 December – 10 miles (reference: “Your First Marathon”, pages 55-56.). Our groups ran 14 or 16 miles today. The 14-minute milers were largely a self-directed team today, doing a great job holding a comfortable pace for them all day. Rosemary and Sandra tagged along behind, pacing along with the walk/runners as needed. The sun felt hot, but it seemed to be a comfortable run overall – thanks to weeks of solid training, good pacing, and the cooler breezes we enjoy this time of year.

Chris and the Lucky 13s ran a solid 16 miles today finishing at a 12:34 pace. We had Cheryl, Noe (welcome back!), Kay, and Christine. As Rosemary pointed out, sun felt hot but we did have some good breezes. Keep hydrating; we are in the home stretch now.

Da Comment Corner

Pupus with Dr. Scaff

On Tuesday, Nov.15th from 5:30 7 p.m. Blue Hawaii Lifestyle Ala Moana at the Ala Moana Center (next to Nordstrom’s) will sponsor a Twitter up event; this is a special event in which our own Dr. Jack Scaff will give a short key note talk about his new book, Your First Marathon – The Last Word in Long-Distance Running. BHL will supply pupus and drinks and will offer members a special discount for any products including the book at a 15% discount during this time; please RSVP to We hope to see you all there!!
“Neh fo’ Real?” Part I I- (or getting to know your group leaders [some are repeats from previous years]):

Please make sure to thank your staff/group leaders for their guidance, patience and leadership. All are volunteers and many sacrifice their own goals so they can assist their members.

1. Once called a “home run hitter” in soft ball, she’s transitioned to other physical pursuits as she’s gotten” older”. What started out in 2010 as a faith journey to complete one marathon, has turned into a quest to complete four marathons within 365 days. She’s done Honolulu 2010, North Shore, and Nike Women’s in SF so far. Honolulu 2011 will complete the cycle. She could have never imagined that her initial steps of faith would lead her to such accomplishments. She’s very grateful to the HMC for the support along the way.

Who is this “newbie” leader and marathon enthusiast?

2. This leader was a jet fighter pilot for his native country; claims he never crashed any of his planes. (We’ll have to check the records.)

Who the heck is he, gosh darn it?

3. A self-described COSMOPOLITAN – he is a Certified Teacher of English and Italian as a Foreign Language. While in Japan with the US Department of Defense, he taught English and Italian in his spare time

Who is this man of the world?

4. Back in the “dark ages”, this staffer along with his teammates qualified for the State High School Tennis Championships ; he was quickly “dismissed” 6-0, 6-1 in the first round. (He and his teammates got off the plane which arrived from the Big Island and were quickly bused to the Ala Moana Tennis Courts; he was informed that he would be facing the top seed in the tournament as he got off the bus. The rest is history. It was a long week at the Pagoda Hotel. )

Who is this staffer who always “lags” behind?

Answers: Q1 –Silver Group Leader, Lynnae Lee; Q2 – White Group Leader, Sam Usman ; Q3 – Grey Group Leader, Paris Monti ; Q4 White Group Leader, Blair Hoashi

Turkey Trot, November 24th (Volunteers still needed)
The After Marathon Dinner @ Dave and Busters!! – December 12, 6:00 p.m.
(Please sign up on our sheet)

See you at the water stops!