Doc’s Talk 10-23-2011

Dr. Scaff spoke briefly about the Turkey Trot and guarding against injuries that can occur in the last weeks of training for the Marathon (Sunday, December 11).

Turkey Trot
We’re now in training for the Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 2011), which is the most important educational running event of the year because, it trains you know your pace.  The mistakes you make in the first half of the marathon will haunt you in the last half.  If you start out too fast at the beginning of the Marathon, you will not perform as well as you like in the second half of the race.   

The Turkey Trot is the only race Dr. Scaff knows of where runners do not win if they beat their predicted time.  The Turkey Trot is an exercise in the discipline of knowing and maintaining your pace.  Therefore, in this race, runners are required to run without the aid of a timekeeping device.  You predict your time at the beginning of the race, and the winners are the ones who finish closest to their predicted time, regardless of what that predicted time was.

Knowing your pace will aid you in successfully doing a negative split and thus performing better in the Marathon.  The most important part of the Marathon is the first 10 miles.  So don’t get caught up in all the excitement and/or try to keep up with other runners when the marathon starts or you’ll probably start too fast.

Dr. Scaff says that there are many Turkey Trot races done across the country, but thinks the Honolulu Turkey Trot is the only one that is conducted in this way, so come out and participate in this unique training event!

Now is the time of year we start seeing injuries increase before the Marathon.  Dr. Scaff assures everyone that by now you’ve either got the Marathon in your body or you don’t.  If you have done the training, you can do the Marathon, so don’t “let the genie out of the bottle” too soon by trying to push yourself at this point and risk injury.

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