Blair’s Weekly Update 10-23-2011

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff spoke about the Turkey Trot and guarding against injuries that can occur in the last weeks of training for the Marathon.

Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot (11/24/2011) is the most important educational running event of the year because it trains you to know your pace. The mistakes you make in the first half of the marathon will haunt you in the last half. If you start out too fast at the beginning of the Marathon, you won’t perform as well in the second half. In the Turkey Trot runners cannot use a timekeeping device. You predict your time at the beginning of the race, and the winners are the ones who finish closest to their predicted time, regardless of what that predicted time was. Knowing your pace will aid you in successfully doing a negative split, and thus performing better in the Marathon. There are many Turkey Trot races done across the country, but the Honolulu Turkey Trot may be the only one conducted in this way, so come out and participate in this unique training event!


Now is the time of year we start seeing injuries increase before the Marathon. You’ve either got the Marathon in your body or you don’t. If you’ve done the training you can do the Marathon, so don’t push yourself at this point and risk injury.

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Table Duty

Thanks to one of the Green Group leaders, Chris for a fantastic array of goodies. The fruits, pretzels, and parties along with the ice cold Gatorade and water were the best! We really needed the extra hydration today.

Purple staff leader Nelson – your OASIS at the second beach park was much needed and very much appreciated today!

Group Reports

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

(Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

Today only Bill and Rosie were present to represent the Pink group, and since both had run a marathon two weeks earlier (Portland for Bill, and the Bizz Johnson for Rosie), they decided to have an easy recovery run of 12 miles, with nice leisurely walk breaks.

Next week we should do a 16-miler, unless you already ran the 30K, in which case the long run is already done and you can start to run on your base.

The Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day is a great opportunity to practice pacing. Over 10 miles, you listen to your body and run your own pace. The one who comes in closest to the predicted time wins… big!

We need volunteers for various aspects of the Turkey Trot and also for clean-up after the marathon at the tent we share with Brian Clark and MPRRC. If you have non-runner supporters who would like to volunteer for the cleanup, please sign up next week.

Finally, the post-marathon dinner will be at Dave & Buster’s on the Monday after. Price is $30 and signup sheets are posted at the HMC start at the park.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace 10:30- 11:30 minutes per mile)

Most of the Greys were at the PF Chang’s 30K this week. Incredible Greys! Everyone did very well! Korwin is an example of what smart training does! He did his race in less than 3 hours! Who knows what his peak is? Others doing the 30 K are Sam (Samantha), Keysa, Donna, Dr. Rob, Jessica, Rus, Satomi, Jyo, Tosh, Melissa, Augusto, and myself. We really had a GR8T time – testing out a 5 am start, a great check in point, and “testing the waters, (road)”. 7-year-old Jyo-san, as usual, is an inspiration to all of us. He was the only one entered under age 14; and he ran a perfect race! Jyo will turn 8 on Marathon Day. Jyo, takes in “Sports Jelly Beans as his fuel source and he bought his current supply of “beans” from his winnings doing a Barber’s Point run.
Everyone runs for their own goals. As we run 18 miles and longer, we realize how important it is to focus on finishing well or not finishing at all. Finishing per your own goal, is winning. In ancient Greece, the pedestal stood at the finish line with the laurel wreath to be worn by the winner. There are enough laurel wreaths for all of us! We have come this far!

We are still running Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30 p.m.; meet at Ala Moana Magic Island parking lot – 6 to 8 miles. We will make changes for the APEC dates stay tuned.

October Schedule:
October 2nd – 16 miles we did not do Kahala Avenue. Total time: 3 hrs 21 minutes. Moving pace: 9:45 to 11:32 (hills) and overall Pace (stops) 12:40
October 9th – 15.2 miles Bus Run – including Kahala Avenue. Total time: 3 hrs 18 minutes. Moving pace 8:30 (oops) to 11:35 (hills) and overall pace 12:55
October 16th – Unofficial Run: 7 a.m. start Your choice. 1) Hills Tantalus with Alberto or 2) 12 miles Wailupe Beach Park (7a.m. 1st beach stop) run to Hawaii Kai Beach
October 23rd – P.F.Chang’s 30K – 18 miler 5 am start – Way To Go, Greys!
October 30th – 16 miles

November Schedule:
November 6th clinic 14 miles (you can run more if you want)
November 13th or 20th for 20 miles – How many of you are doing the Half marathon 11/20/11?
November 24th Turkey Trot 10 miles – then Taper, Yea! We Earned the Taper!

Silver Group by Paris Monti

(Pace 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

Twelve runners started out with the Silver Group for this Sunday morning run: Alberto, Andrews, Mickey, Steve, Dan, Charlotte, Christine, Hao, Sal, Alfredo, Jean and me. At the 14-mile turnaround, Alberto and few others turned back for a shorter run, while the rest continued on for 16 miles. The weather was rather brutal on the runners, all the way; a hot splendid sun, humid conditions and no breeze to talk about accompanied the runners for the whole run. We made the most of every water stop, hydrating and recovering a bit our tried bodies. It was a safe run with no incidents. Many thanks to Nelson and Co. for truly appreciated refreshments at Kawaikui Beach Park. We completed this run of 15.8 miles in 3:26 total time and at an average 11 pace running. Total calories wasted 1830 to 1230, depending on your body weight. If all goes well, we’ll do an 18-miler next Sunday. I plan to start a little bit earlier, but Alberto will be taking off from Kapiolani Park at the regular time. See all along the route.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Our rather small group of 12 went out for another 16 miles today. Staff leader Norm K. led the group while staffer Blair held up the rear. We had quite a few members from the Blue Group join us today. Great job to members Stacie,Gary, Russel, Noe, Richard, Nobu, Dina, Elena, Richard, and Olivia on finishing a very tough run!

With no trade winds and cloud cover, it was hot and humid! Today, it was important to maintain an easy steady pace, drink lots of liquids, “re-energize” at the water stops, and replenish one’s energy sources (gels, bars, pretzels, crack seeds, jelly beans, etc. ). Without a good combination of these factors, today’s run would have been very difficult. .

Perhaps a “cooling scarf” worn by Russel (who won it in the Honolulu Marathon Clinic’s first golf tournament earlier this year) will help in cooling us off in this type of weather. Russel is never without it on our Sunday runs.

Congrats to all of our members who participated in the 30K today! Group members Rani and Jessica looked awesome coming in! Sorry we missed many of you on the course but great job to all of you!

We wish member Lisa good luck in her run in the New York Marathon in two weeks.

We are planning an 18 to 20-miler in the next few weeks. Also, a “front part of the marathon course” run is scheduled. Please maintain your “homework runs”.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

The Blue Group began its 16-mile Sunday run with about a small dozen runners. The plan is to continue this 16-mile route until the Turkey Trot. We will then have 4 weeks of 16 miles. Continue to do your weekly runs so you will be comfortable with the mileage and you’ll do well in the marathon. From Thanksgiving we’ll start to taper to 14 miles, do a 12-mile run from Kapiolani Park to the beginning of the marathon route, two weeks before the marathon, then a short 8-miler the week before the marathon. At our pace, our goal is to finish the marathon within 6 hours. As the days get shorter and there is less daylight, be careful on the runs during the early evening. Safety first! See you all next week.

The Green Group – Beginners by Rosemary Kyte, Tony Padua and Dina Schneider

(All walking speeds and 13-minute mile > running pace.)

Last week Norm led us on a tour of the marathon course start; great fun, thank you Norm! Someone asked me about headaches, and I learned that they had not been drinking enough water. Seriously, check yourself, check your training partners, if you are not drinking a quart an hour (10 ounces every 20 minutes) you are wrong! Check your habits now and be prepared to drink a lot on marathon day. Last year one of our walkers was stopped just two miles from the finish, unable to continue from lack of water. He’d been doing “just fine”; he thought training on too little water all year, but it caught up with him on the marathon.

Today Norm is off on a well-deserved vacation, and Chris had table duty, so Tony returned to pace the Luck 13s and Sandra, Melanie and I paced a 14-15 minute mile group on a mostly hot day. We spit at the 14-mile turn around, Rosemary returning with some and Sandra and Melanie logged a solid 16-miler with their group. Among our first-timers was Gayathri, a visitor from the LA Roadrunners ; she was keeping up her running even while traveling – well done!

Lucky 13s pace leader Chris prepped a terrific table duty for returning HMC runners today so the group was lead by Tony and Dina. Thad was not feeling up to par and so he ran a shorter distance at his own pace today. There were about 10 of us heading out on a sunny yet cool Sunday morning – in general, the HM Clinic was smaller today since many participated in the P. F. Chang 30K held this morning. A big welcome goes out to Alfred who visited us from the Intermediate runners and April who returns to the clinic after time well-spent with family up on the mainland. Many of our regulars came out to hit the streets on what started as a cool, slightly overcast, yet sunny run.

Da Comment Corner

Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning

The event is a great way to start off your holiday celebration – a ten mile “watchless” early morning run sponsored by the Clinic to practice one’s pacing for the marathon. Entry fee is $5 and lots of prizes for participants. Also, volunteers needed! Please sign up on the bulletin board! Certain volunteers can even do the run after their task! In addition, Team HMC members needed to challenge other running clubs.

“I went out too fast” (The After Marathon Dinner)

The above quote seems to be the most common” excuse”, I mean, reason, for many runners’ “imperfect” finish in the marathon. (I’ve said it many times myself.) Anyway, enjoy the camaraderie (finishers are now in an elite group) and commiserate with fellow finishers and runners at the annual After Marathon Dinner! This year it will be held at Dave and Busters at the Ward Complex – a great venue – centrally located, lots free parking, and a separate room just for us!! (Arcade games are on our own.) Please sign up on the board so we can get a count of attendees. It should be a lot of fun! Please thank Sensei Norm Uyeda for organizing the event!

New Clinic Photos

Ivie Kumura shared some photos of the Greys, Silvers and Whites at the Bus Run on October 9, 2011.

See you at the water stops!