Blair’s Weekly Update 08-21-2011

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence

So as we reach the conclusion of these talks on nutrition, what do you need?

Not much it turns out. Eat a good breakfast, a good dinner, and drink a bottle of ale every day. That should be sufficient.

Your diet should include a mixture of fats, not just vegetable oil. It should include some animal fats, which contain stearic acid (lowers cholesterol) and trans omega 3s in a better form than you can get in the pills.

Thinking that what you eat will make a difference in your running is wishful thinking. And carbohydrate loading is not necessary. Just eat real foods at regular meals.

Regarding supplements:

Each day, take: A multivitamin, Magnesium, 400 mg per day (helps with wound healing), Zinc, Vitamin D (other vitamins contain D, but take it anyway), Calcium carbonate (no need to take Fosamax if you are drinking an ale each day – pale ales, IPAs are the most beneficial), and as we get older Vitamin B12 is essential. Total cost: About 45¢ per day. Any more than this and you are taking too many vitamins and spending too much on them.

What about the gels we take when we’re running?

Instead of gels, try honey and pretzels. Pretzels contain carbohydrates and salt, are carried easily in a plastic bag in your pocket or pouch, and cost much less than the gels.

For further reading on nutrition, Dr. Scaff recommends everyone check out the daily postings on Dr. Alan Titchenal’s “Got Nutrients?” web site:

Second Bus Run – August 28, 2011

Approximately 160 runners have signed up for the run. The farthest drop off point will be the traffic lights past Sandy Beach. For first timers – no, we do not run back on the dangerous, winding and uphill Kalanianaole Highway but trek through a safer and quieter Kalama Valley, onto Hawaii Kai “town”, and then back onto Kalanianaole Highway. Beginners will be dropped off at the first beach park and will run their prescribed mileage.

A strong suggestion would be to bring a water bottle or other liquids because initially, the water fountains are few and far between. We would like to ask everyone to be at the clinic by 7:15 a.m. so we can leave promptly at 7:30 a.m. There will be no Doc Talk. Cost is $3.

Table Duty

Much mahalo to Pink Group leader and Boston Marathon finisher Rosie and her sister- in-law Ishok, for the delicious and refreshing food and drink.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace – <9:00 per mile pace)

The AG had 6 regular runners joined by 8 runners from other groups without a leader today. For many it was their first 16-miler and their first experience running a sub9 pace. The regular AG runners fragmented into subgroups. The faster group ran a 8:15-8:30 pace. The intermediate group ran 8:30-8:45 pace. I brought up the rear at a 8:45-9:00 pace. The new runners learned that if they ran faster than their capable pace, they were pretty much spent at the turnaround point of 8 miles. You should be breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, being able to carry on a conversation at all times. I reminded the group to pay attention to new chaffing points as we add more miles to the run. You will know where they are when you hit the shower and feel that burn where the sun doesn’t shine. Be sure to lubricate and/or tape these areas for the next long run. Very hot and humid so the “pee clear” reminder is always repeated. Total weekly mileage should be up to 40 miles.

Grey Group by Andy Hignite

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

Max, Byron and I took about 20 Grey group members out today for our last 14-miler. Congratulations to Jyo (our 7 year old). He placed 3rd place in his age group in the Norman Tamanaha 15K. The two boys that beat him were 14 (twice his age). Good job everyone. We are really missing Ivie and need her to get well and return to help us hold back our Grey beasts. The Silvers were also right on our heels. We ran through some scattered showers which really felt great but the sun and humidity came back with a vengeance in the end. Even with the humidity, most of our group ran strong to the end and finished a couple of minutes before all our leaders. Our runners need to remember that we are practicing for a marathon and we should be practicing the pace that we plan to run 26.2 miles.


August 7th – 13.67 miles – Running outbound Pace – 10:22, Running inbound Pace -10:09, Total Pace 12:08
August 14th – 13.75 miles – Running outbound Pace – 10:34, Running inbound Pace -10:27, Total Pace 12:03
August 21th – 14.04 miles – Running outbound Pace – 10:29, Running inbound Pace-10:30, Total Pace 12:02
August 28th – Bus Run 13 miles
September 4th – Unofficial Run up Tantalus 10 miles (5 miles up, and 5 miles down)
September 11th – 16 miles

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Today the Silverados were an orphaned group (*sniff*). HMC staffer Paris was tapped to lead the White Group, and other staffer Alberto was still on vacation. But the remaining faithful were determined to get through this run regardless. There was an exclusive group today who set out for yet another 16-miler – Tiantian, Mickey, TC, Nina, Janet and I. We were blessed with really good running conditions. What looked like could be a blazing hot day gave way to welcomed clouds to block out the bright sun. We were so happy to meet up with the other HMCers at Nelson’s pit stop – the pretzels and Gatorade were very yummy – thanks! There was a slight drizzle just as the group approached the turnaround point, but it didn’t last long. Mickey (HMC staffer in training) led the group the entire way without a timer; he’s really got a great internal pace. For the first half of the run, we covered seven miles in about 1:34 total time (13:26 pace), or a 11:36 running only pace. From mile #8-14, the group picked up the pace a bit to ~10:40, and in the last two miles they slowed down a little so that everyone could finish together. Congratulations to Nina who completed her very first 16-miler today – job well done! The entire run took about 3:25 total time (12:49 pace).

Next week is bus run so we’ll get a little bit of a break as this will be about 13.5 miles. Don’t forget to bring a sport drink or gel and a water bottle, as the water stops may be fewer. Replenishment is the name of the game at this stage of training. Consider drinking water the night before. As for breakfast… this is the time to test what works best for you.

The Silverado midweek group run this week will be on Thursday. We’ll meet at KapiolaniPark- Paki at 5:30 a.m. and go about 10.5 miles. All HMCers are welcome to join. Call Alberto if we should be expecting you (781-9221). Please make sure to do 2 homework runs of 1 hour minimum duration with a rest day in between.

Quote of the Day: “The pace is good man, real good.” –TC to Mickey, confirming that he was pacing our group well.

Thought of the Week: “A smile is a light showing the heart is at home.” Saw this inscription in a driveway along one of my runs this week. Although cheesy, it made me smile. Can others see your heart is at home?

White Group by Paris Monti

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

For this fabulous Sunday Run an enthusiastic White Group, 24-member strong, climbed up Diamond Head Rd, for a 14-miler adventure. No doubt, the cheer provided by our leader Sam, contributed to the enthusiasm and high motivation palpable all around. (I accepted Blair’s offer to run with the White Group, in his absence, with mixed feelings; I was happy since it provided more time to catch-up with my long-distance training, but it negated me the pleasure to be with my beloved Silver’s.) At the Kahala gas station, as planned, Sam turned around to conserve energy for more fun activities on this day, taking along, I suspect, few group members. At the Wailupe Beach Park, the 12-mile turnaround, seven members of our group decided to turn back, while a fearless and resilient 13-member contingent continued on to Kawaikui Beach Park to complete our set 14 miles goal and feast at Nelson’s Oasis. It was a successful run completed without accidents and under very good running conditions, considering its high summer in Hawaii. By accident, I stopped my Garmin during the run, so I won’t be able to provide exact statistics, but my best guess is that we completed the run in just over three hours, running at an 11:30 to 12:00 minute pace.

It was a pleasure to run with the White Group today, perhaps I made some new friends in the process.

Bus Run next week, $3 at the door

Blue Group by Richard Seeley

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 mi. per mile)

Andy led our 12 member group on the run this past Sunday. As usual we stay right behind the White Group until we reached the first water stop on top ofDiamond Head.

Our pace for Sundays run was 12:00 flat going out to and coming back from Waiupe Beach Park. It was a overcast going out to the Waiupe Beach Park which made the run seem a bit easier to me. Coming back was not that bad either because the sun did not break from behind the clouds until we were about 4 miles from the finish.

On a sad note; I was informed by one of our members that someone did get hurt during today’s run, and that one of our staff members stayed behind to help. I did not get the names of the person or who stayed behind to help but I do hope that everything is ok.

Andy started something new to assist us in our single file style. He will call out if the person is walking or running and that he will guide us to the left or right of that person so we stay clear. Great idea Andy, let keep it up. We should remember that we are guest in the neighborhoods that we run in. So, let me remind you that we must stay alert, give up the sidewalk to pedestrians. Let us make single file our style.

This is our 5th week of running the 12 miles in the Blue group. Next week is the bus run; please remember to be early, bring 3 dollars and your snack bars and or gels.

As we move up to 14 and 16 miles we will have to continue to do our homework. Two one hour runs twice a week or one short run on Monday Evening 20 minutes or more, and Two 1 hour runs on Wednesday and Friday. Be sure to give your body a good rest before the long run on Sunday it can make a difference on how you feel on Monday. I hope to see you all again next Sunday.

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda, Dina Schneider and Chris Isham

By Dina Schneider

Our Lucky 13s ran with a smaller pack of 10 today. The group enjoyed a lighter and slightly faster pace with soft cool winds and sprinkles for eight miles. Regrettably shortly after this point on our way back, one of our runners tripped and fell hard from an uneven sidewalk across from Grace Bible (Kahala Elementary). Church workers rushed to assist us with a first aid kit and ice bag, and George with his towel. Debbie and I stayed with the injured runner while the rest of the pack proceeded to finish another 12-mile run. (Debbie was able to join Norm’s group after for her finish as well.)

The incident is a reminder that we need to be extra careful of these patches of uneven sidewalks in Kahala (particularly Kilauea and Pahoa Ave.)—a regular running path that we can’t take for granted. So, let’s practice signaling such hazards to warn our fellow runners.

Thank you Thad, for starting the first three miles then rushing back to transport Tony for our emergency assistance. Most importantly, special thoughts are with our injured runner for a full recovery. Keep up your homework, and see you all next week for the bus run!

Boomer Norm’s Fast and Furious Eating Society and Running Bunch (the 14 minute group of the Beginners) did their first full 12-miler today by taking all of the “long cuts” out to Wailupe Park and back. We finished off the run at the actual Marathon finish line in order to familiarize ourselves with the placement of the finish line and to practice our heads up / big smile finish line poses. The long hot run was followed by a refreshing and cooling dip into the waters of Queen’s Beach. The cooling waters not only help bring your internal temperature down, but also help with cooling down the swelling of the knee and ankle joints. Eagle eye Thomas spotted the red and white stripes of the Malasada wagon on our walk back to the Park and we all enjoyed some freshly made, piping hot Malasadas. Those interested in a 5:00 PM Friday after work run at Ala Moana – please contact See y’all next week at the Bus Run. Thanks to all who helped one of our runners who had fallen and got a bit banged up.

Da Comment Corner

“The Body Knows”

Last Sunday, after completing my first 14-miler, I felt very encouraged about my conditioning – I, along with some colleagues finished very strong and my body did not feel fatigued. Wow, I thought, I found the “runner within”. (My training has been “spotty” at best.)

After feeling sooo good on Sunday morning, Sunday night was in total contrast. I started getting the chills; body aches and fever became more pronounced. Dr. S., on Monday morning prescribed antibiotics as I had an infection. (Surely exacerbated by my “go for broke” run.) With no change in my recovery by Thursday, new antibiotics were prescribed and slow recovery is in progress. I am still under the “spell” of this infection so therefore could not join my group today. But I hope to be in “tip top” shape for the Bus Run next Sunday. Apologies to my White Group members! Gosh darn it (for member Gary) – “no can fool the body”!
Stay injury free!

See you at the water stops,