Blair’s Weekly Update 08-14-2011

Doc’s Talk by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Scaff spoke more on Nutrition. He noted that in the effort to control cholesterol, if you are just taking medications alone without exercising you aren’t doing any good. Exercise is essential. Also, we need fats. The heart is a fat burning organ. Deny it fat and it stops working. Athletes need more fat in their diets than sedentary people.

So what kinds of fats should we eat? The fats we’ve been told are the “good” fats (the trans omega 3s found in flax seed and sunflower extract) are not what we need. The “bad” fats – animal fatsare actually the fats we need. The skin from fish and chicken are better sources of trans omega 3s than what you find available in the pill form.

Dr. Scaff advised we not be afraid to ask questions and/or challenge the common wisdom on nutrition, which was established long before most anyone knew what they were doing in the field of nutrition.

For further reading on nutrition, Dr. Scaff recommends everyone check out the daily postings on Dr. Alan Titchenal’s “Got Nutrients?” web site:

Table Duty

Special thanks to staffer Tom for doing such a great job with table duty! The drinks and foods were delicious!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace – <9:00 per mile pace)

The AG did a 16-mile run with 8 runners. We welcomed back Donis who is recovering from her shoulder surgery. She claimed to be “crippled”, but led the group out at an average 9:05 pace. She wisely turned around at the 5-mile mark for her first day back. The group is doing well dealing with the heat and humidity. I reminded them to experiment with supplements and keep tabs of their sweat rate and rehydration. It’s an individual thing, but the norm is 10 oz. of rehydration for every 20 mins. of running. The AG runs with a lot of intensity so we never pass up a water stop at this point in training. When the weather gets cooler we will mimic the marathon water stops spaced every two miles. This was my first 16-miler and I found myself taking in almost twice as much water. The last two miles were tough, but stayed with it running a 9:15 pace. I find the last two miles to be the most beneficial part of the training. You are telling your body to put out more and how well you paced yourself makes all the difference in finishing. Make it a point to stay injury free. We are getting closer to the marathon and the last thing you need is a setback due to injury. I tend to stay more on the road where the running surface is more uniform. Be careful when you run onto irregular surfaces to pass or make room for approaching traffic. It is so easy to turn an ankle. Run hard and pee clear.

Grey Group by Andy Hignite

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

We missed a few of our members today since they participated in the Norman Tamanaha 15K. Good job everyone. We didn’t get a good count of our runners today because people were moving between different running groups. At one time, we had Greys, Pinks, Silvers and even a Red or two together. We were a rainbow. Ivie was there to get us started but she cut it short to eight due to recovering from a cold. Byron and I lead our pack out for a 14-miler with Kahala Ave. It was very humid so we made sure to keep our pace down. Remember that your mid week runs are essential to your injury free success. It is a lot easier to do your runs with other members. Ivie meets 6:00 PM Wednesday and Friday at Ala Moana Park Magic Island t run. If you can, come out and join her.


August 7th – 13.67 miles – Running outbound Pace – 10:22, Running inbound Pace -10:09, Total Pace 12:08

August 14th – 13.75 miles – Running outbound Pace – 10:34, Running inbound Pace -10:27, Total Pace 12:03

August 21th – 14 miles

August 28th – Bus Run 13 miles

September 4th – Unofficial Run up Tantalus 10 miles (5 miles up, and 5 miles down)

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

Today marked the return of our other HMC staffer Paris, finally back from his long trip overseas. Welcome back Paris! Just in time to guide our group to victory over these longer mileage routes. HMC staffer Alberto is off-island for a family reunion – hope he’s having fun. There were five members of the Silver Group who attempted their first 16-miler today – Paris, Mickey, Tiantian, Nicky, Chaoling, and Laurie. Unfortunately, Laurie had to turn back at Triangle park due to an injury – hope you heal up quickly – and Paris had to turn back early as well because he was not yet up for such a long run. So in the end, Mickey led the 3-member group to the church and back. They incorporated a couple of short cuts (why not?) along the way and covered about 15.5 miles at about an 11 minute pace. As usual, Nelson was at his usual spot with his ready supply of salty treats and yummy Gatorade. What would we do without him? Thank you!

Next week we’ll be heading out to the church turnaround for 16 miles (or ~15.5 minimum). Please make sure to keep yourself well hydrated during our runs. Consider drinking water the night before. Don’t forget to bring a sport drink or gel. Now is the time to test out what works best for you. Please make sure to bring a water bottle for these long runs.

The Silverado mini-group run this week will be on Thursday. We’ll meet in Manoa near the shopping center at 5:30 a.m. Please email me [] to get specific directions. Please make sure to do 2 homework runs of 1 hour minimum duration with a rest day in between.

The Awards Corner

Congratulations to all HMC’ers who successfully completed the Norman Tamanaha 15K race today, the first one in the Marathon Readiness Series. It was great to see so many HMC’ers participate – Gauhar, Janet, Kerwin, Tosh, Gyo, Horatio, and Tomo – everyone had big smiles on their faces at the finish line. Hopefully, your HMC training paid off along the 9.32-mile course.

Special congratulations goes out to Gyo, from the Grey Group (HMC’s youngest runner), who placed in the 14 and under category running 1:29:31.8 (9:36 pace). He was the littlest runner out there who was really tearing up the course with his dad in tow. And also to Tomo, from the advanced group, who placed third in his age group, finishing 1:03:16.8 (6:47 pace) – awesome! It was so nice to see his family there to celebrate with him.

Thought of the Day: HMCers are far ahead of many others in their marathon training this year. The hard work is paying off; keep it up!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

16 vibrant and energetic runners started off with our group this morning. Sam, Norm K, and I led a group made up of our group “regulars” – the usual cast of runners included Diane, Stacey, Aileen, Rani, Randy, Gary, Russ, Derrick, Sal, Linda and Lee, to name a few. As many group leaders have mentioned, everyone’s group size was a little less than “normal” due to the Marathon Readiness Series race taking place today. We completed our 14-mile run with an average speed of 12:35 minutes per mile (stops and walking included) and burnt off over 1300 calories. Norm K diligently paced us through the latter part of our route as Sam turned around at the gas station to complete a shorter run. The prevailing winds helped cool us off during most of our journey but there were a few spots in which the sun was extremely hot! There were a few” gazelles” in our group as Rani, Stacey, Derrick, and Russ “kicked it in” at the finish! (We know who’s been doing their homework.) Great job to everyone on finishing a tough 14-miler! Also, congrats to those who finished the 15K race!

Much mahalos to Nelson S. for the pretzels and Gatorade at the 14-mile turn around point. Your “oasis” is a lifesaver!

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda and Chris Isham

Green Groups / Beginners (All walking speeds and up to a 13-minute-mile running pace): Rosemary’s walking partner Linda was resting her knee today, so Rosemary took out a 15-minute-mile pace running group. It was hot, be we finished strong: Paul, Carl, Toyin and Joanne. Great job! “We consider 30 miles per week for three to four months before a marathon to be the minimum training required to complete the race safely and comfortably.”; from page 40 “Your First Marathon – Rules of the Road”. Well, can you believe it? We are at August and doing 12-mile Sundays, making our mid-week homework *only* 18-miles! Of, course the more weekly mileage you can safely do (day off after every running day) will speed up your talk test pace and increase your collapse point. It is never too late in the year to join the clinic, we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs. Our primary purpose is to teach, and to put into practice, the benefits of habitual endurance training

Lucky 13s had another great run today! We kept a very good pace the whole route. Since Chris missed the turn off, we added mileage on the back end by doing a marathon finish and circling the park. Final mileage was 12.56, outstanding job by the group! Please be sure and hydrate your bodies throughout the week. Your bodies need to adapt to the increase in fluids. August and September will typically be hotter and we must be able to stay hydrated! Dina will lead the group next Sunday as Chris will be out of town. Keep up on your homework!

It was a bit warm today, but breezy conditions and a high cloud cover made the day bearable for the Green 14s short 12-miler. Next week will be a full 12-miler, followed by the bus run which will cover the actual marathon course including Kahala Avenue and the finish line. Tip for today – don’t take new shoes out for a 12-mile break-in run. Loosen up the new shoes a bit by wearing them around the house.

Special Note

Green Team: I’ll be on the Big Island next Sunday (21st); but back for the Bus Run. For the Bus Run, I’ve asked Blair to arrange for a Kaiwaikui Beach Park drop, from which start we can do anything from 6 to 12 miles. The Maunalua Beach Park (Hawaii Kai) restrooms are out of commission until 2012 for a septic installation. We can get drinks (no water fountain) at the gas station in Hawaii Kai.

Da Comment Corner

Second Bus Run August 28th

Please sign up on our sheet posted on the bulletin board so we can order the proper number of buses.

Cost – $3. Mileage – approximately 13 miles from the furthest drop off point, Sandy Beach back to Kapiolani Park. No Doc Talk so we will be leaving at 7:30 sharp. Please be at the clinic start by 7:15 a.m.

Keep cool and injury free!

See you at the water stops,